Welcome to the new Cutstuff.net

If you’re reading this message, then the migration has been a (perhaps partial) success. Cutstuff.net has officially moved over to another affordable server. What does this mean for the blog and my projects? Well not a lot really, but I figured it was also time to do a bit of spring cleaning. As you can see there’s been a few changes, which I will explain in detail.

The Main Blog

What you’re looking at now will mainly be my personal blog. I will update things about my projects, post my thoughts on various topics and possibly rant and whine about things from time to time. It is indeed what you call a blog. You will be able to find information of what I’m working on, what projects have been completed and so forth. You may notice some pages missing such as the GVH character information pages. These pages I feel are no longer needed and only make things awkward to find, so they have been intentionally not been backed up. If you have a problem with this, feel free to contact me.

The MM8BDM Blog

You may be wondering where all the MM8BDM information has gone. As the MM8BDM modding community grows, it can be difficult for modders to get the word out about their creations. For this purposed I have created a separate blog, which will be updated by certain members of the community to spotlight new mods, videos and other user creations of MM8BDM. Hopefully this will give the users a one stop hub to find what they’re looking for, and check out new ideas. Official release notes will also be posted there, as well as on my personal blog.

The Forum

The forum should not be effected by the move and should have exactly the same layout as before. One or two forums may be moved around or created but nothing major should be effected.

If you’re wondering why the migration had to happen, check out this topic.


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