Ghouls vs Humans


Ghouls vs Humans is the successful Skulltag mod which brings the horrors of the Ghoul’s Forest into the Deathmatch arena! Two teams each with 5 unique player classes and over 30 maps to do battle on, GVH consumed players and has been played constantly for over a year. Expansions, patches and new features keeps the battle between Human and Ghoul going. Now with v3 all the expansions are merged into one single package. There’s no better time to join the slaughter!

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  • All new class based gameplay.
  • Team based death match or last man standing support.
  • Other game modes unsupported but playable.
  • 10 unique player classes. Five humans and five ghouls from the infamous Ghoul’s Forest 3.
  • 30+ specifically designed maps for GVH with new graphics, textures and music.
  • Compatible with almost any other deathmatch maps.



GVH (v3 and onwards) is now maintained by Carthief.

Visit the GVH release topic here

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