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Anything Goes / Re: General Absence Thread
« on: January 20, 2017, 12:32:30 AM »
Post here if you are disillusioned enough to believe you're important enough for people to care about your absence.

I'll be quick.

My father passed away rather suddently a month ago, my family is in shambles, we're barely getting by emotionally.

I got a job that stresses me over, taking away my night time, and I refuse to have a bad sleep pattern because of it.

I have no time to dedicate myself to games, mod development and what not (I'm off work today, sick, as I'm typing this).

For some stupid reason, I've decided I'm disillusioned enough to think it's worth informing people I don't really know that I won't be an annoying part of this community any longer. I would say I'll miss you, but I can't cuz I don't know you that well. I would say it kinda leaves a hole in my heart, but I'm not worried about it cuz I'll find a way to fill it up, I always do.

Recent CBM discussions and watching from a distance as a lurker on the 8BDM Discord server have made me realize how vain it is for me, in my current situation, to care about such things as this in-game community and its forum subset's workings and members, especially with the uninterrupted trend of a number of people downplaying my contributions after years of dedicating myself to it. No worries though, I'm not vengeful: what good is there into making something, if it won't get any use?

If anyone feels the need to ask me about stuff, I'm still willing to help and talk, and I'll try to reply in what little time I can muster to give: I'll stay in the 8BDM Discord, albeit muting it on my end. I've had good talks and laughs, and have met really good people in here. I've seen members of this community grow from being obnoxious newbies, to reach positions of respect I myself haven't even reached nor ever dreamed of reaching. In my years here, I've been surpassed and downplayed by most, and considered and respect by few. In my own view, I'm standing over a negative score on this community, so given my situation I see no point in keeping count any further.

Projects & Creative / Re: Justified Classes v4a
« on: January 06, 2017, 07:32:49 PM »

Projects & Creative / Re: Justified Classes v4a
« on: January 02, 2017, 07:34:57 PM »
Code: [Select]
[03:34:08 pm] Network traffic (in bytes) caused by actor code pointers:
[03:34:08 pm] AirWall 28006
[03:34:08 pm] AirWall2 1705
[03:34:08 pm] Airman 7400
[03:34:08 pm] BigHealthC 8
[03:34:09 pm] BigHealthGiver 108
[03:34:09 pm] BlackManHoleBombExplosion 12976
[03:34:09 pm] BubblePop 2260
[03:34:09 pm] BusterRodG 90830
[03:34:09 pm] BusterRodGIllusion 24181
[03:34:09 pm] BusterRodGIllusion3 8172
[03:34:09 pm] CentaurFlashC 9429
[03:34:09 pm] Centaurman 66
[03:34:09 pm] ConcreteBlockC 1072
[03:34:09 pm] ConcreteShot1 135
[03:34:09 pm] ConcreteShot2 135
[03:34:09 pm] ConcreteShot3 648
[03:34:09 pm] ConcreteTackle 34303
[03:34:09 pm] ConcreteTackle2 4316
[03:34:09 pm] Concreteman 4144
[03:34:09 pm] DarkShieldShot 44259
[03:34:09 pm] DarkShieldShotReturn 37757
[03:34:09 pm] Darkman2 2779
[03:34:09 pm] Duo 1488
[03:34:09 pm] Dynamoman 4002
[03:34:09 pm] FakeDeathFX 94724
[03:34:09 pm] FallingPillar 249659
[03:34:09 pm] GRod1 35829318
[03:34:09 pm] GalaxyBlackHoleBomb 1191
[03:34:09 pm] GalaxyTPBegin 48552
[03:34:09 pm] GalaxyTPDest 715
[03:34:09 pm] Galaxyman 1144
[03:34:09 pm] HiveGrenade 11963
[03:34:09 pm] HiveGrenade2 2720
[03:34:09 pm] HornetJetSpawner 25704
[03:34:09 pm] HornetManChaser 552
[03:34:09 pm] HornetManChaser2 739906
[03:34:09 pm] Hornetman 1431
[03:34:09 pm] HyperStormH 673
[03:34:10 pm] HyperStormHVacuumFX4 6824
[03:34:10 pm] ItemFog2 8484
[03:34:10 pm] KnightCrusher 593110
[03:34:10 pm] KnightReturner 61193
[03:34:10 pm] KnightStop -1443448073
[03:34:10 pm] Knightman 20735
[03:34:10 pm] LaserTridentMan 112
[03:34:10 pm] LaserTridentMan2 112
[03:34:10 pm] LightningBoltMan 67490
[03:34:10 pm] LightningBoltSummonerMan 7344
[03:34:10 pm] LightningOrb 2968
[03:34:10 pm] LightningRod 13051
[03:34:10 pm] MagmaManBazookaB2 448
[03:34:10 pm] MagmaSpawner 24739
[03:34:10 pm] Magmaman 154
[03:34:10 pm] MegaWaterS 957
[03:34:10 pm] PlugManBall2 192
[03:34:10 pm] PlugManBall22 48914
[03:34:10 pm] PlugManBallStart 144
[03:34:10 pm] PlugManBallStart1 32165
[03:34:10 pm] Plugman 7412
[03:34:10 pm] ReSolidifier 11138
[03:34:10 pm] SWaterCannon2 119
[03:34:10 pm] SkullBit 89505
[03:34:10 pm] Skullman 1161
[03:34:10 pm] SmallHealthC 88
[03:34:10 pm] SmallHealthGiver 1182
[03:34:10 pm] SplashBubbleGiver 58870
[03:34:10 pm] Splashwoman 1161
[03:34:11 pm] TeleportFog2 124811
[03:34:11 pm] TempPitProtector 1568
[03:34:11 pm] TornadoBlowMan 41456
[03:34:11 pm] TornadoBlowSummonerMan 5440
[03:34:11 pm] TornadoDamagerMan 466
[03:34:11 pm] TornadoDamagerMan2 30166
[03:34:11 pm] TornadoManBlowShot 1116
[03:34:11 pm] Tornadoman 5229
[03:34:11 pm] UraPillarRock 9688418
[03:34:11 pm] Uranus 5412
[03:34:11 pm] WallStunConcrete 13778
[03:34:11 pm]
Network traffic (in bytes) caused by ACS scripts:
[03:34:11 pm] Script 150: 500
[03:34:11 pm] Script 512: 6864479
[03:34:11 pm] Script 516: 1288
[03:34:11 pm] Script 527: 14715
[03:34:11 pm] Script 533: 23080
[03:34:11 pm] Script 544: 59729
[03:34:11 pm] Script 563: 234
[03:34:11 pm] Script 564: 27957
[03:34:11 pm] Script 570: 2640
[03:34:11 pm] Script 581: 383
[03:34:11 pm] Script 587: 7129
[03:34:11 pm] Script 977: 17971480
[03:34:11 pm] Script 987: 2142
[03:34:11 pm] Script 997: 259634
[03:34:11 pm] Script 998: 27663

dumptrafficmeasure log posted as is.

Please, try testing your mod before asking the community how to fix it.

Rejected / Re: [Suggestion] Better MM7 Final Boss Music
« on: December 08, 2016, 04:54:21 PM »
I like it. A little too heavy on toms, but it's cool. Some more polish on the arranging aspect would make it cooler.

General Gaming Discussion / Re: Xenoblade Series (Chronicles, X)
« on: December 02, 2016, 04:35:21 PM »
Xenogears is incomplete, and this was usually the fate of XenoRPG games: they are far too ambitious.

While I haven't played Xenogears myself, I've seen plenty of speedruns of it (17 hours, by the way), and it looks to be pretty damn cool and thrilling, though it is heavy on cutscenes. Xenogears really stops being fun when Disc 2 hits: the Chair of Exposition almost inmediately takes over, and you're just submitted to watch cutscene after cutscene after cutscene after cutscene with some little isolated dungeon/hallway walk/fight sprinkled inbetween. If you're invested in the story, then it's not so bad...but it virtually stops being a game for a really long while until a very, very late point in the story, where everything interesting has already happened and was shown in cutscenes only. This final progression of the game is speculated to have been chosen cuz Squaresoft at the time cut funds for Xenogears' development, which was taking a long time for just a one-off project, and diverted it all to Final Fantasy 8 since its predecessor was a huge success and raised the bar to surpass.

MM8BDM Discussion / Re: Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch V5 - STORY OVERHAUL!
« on: December 02, 2016, 04:25:17 PM »
Should probably change the topic title to "Waiting for Zandronum 3.0 release". Though v5b is probably still being worked on, so this is not a situation of "it's complete, we're waiting for Zand 3.0 and then we inmediately release".

General Gaming Discussion / Re: Xenoblade Series (Chronicles, X)
« on: November 16, 2016, 06:35:08 PM »
Can we also talk about the other Xeno games (Xenogears, Xenosaga)?

Xenogears' music was composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, the man behind games such as Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, and Graffiti Kingdom. I love the music in Xenogears. Just wanted to bring that up.

Anything Goes / Re: General Offtopic Discussion
« on: October 31, 2016, 02:50:00 PM »

Projects & Creative / Re: Class based modification (v8d)
« on: October 31, 2016, 04:43:34 AM »
I have frames for Flame's alt fire and all of Charge's animations, and I got started on Burst's bubble frames and Shade's swoop (that thing's a bitch). I'm not sure if they're on this computer, though; if they aren't, the quickest I can get them to you is around Thanksgiving.

Edit: Also have Bright's Flash Stopper frames somewhere, just wish I knew about this over the weekend while I was actually home, haha

Wow, that was fast.

BTW for graphical reference, these are SOME of the frames I had in mind that we could use rotations of:

We already have Shade Swoop rotations thanks to DarkAura/Cutmanmike, since we're adding that attack next release. Speaking of next release, it's gonna be v8e: given that we had too much fun adding new things and fixing others, v9a is still prolly some ways ahead. We have some partial design mockups for the rest of the MM9 bunch:

Max made a basic Concreteman not long ago so there's something to work over, we've discussed and set on some design mockups for Plugman, Tornadoman and Splashwoman (theory only for now, can change in the future), while we've had the design mockup of Jewelman set long ago.

Projects & Creative / Re: Class based modification (v8d)
« on: October 31, 2016, 01:40:23 AM »
low priority Request time:

Spoiler for Hiden:
Dynamic = multiple frames for a fluid animation, like Timeman's Time Slow

Rock: missing kick frames on walking-on-ball attack, and ball dropping frames.
Roll: missing broom swinging and bucket firing frames.
Dr. Wily: missing frying pan swinging frames
Sniper Joe: missing grenade throwing frames

Gutsman: missing punching frames?
Bombman: missing bomb holding frames

Flashman: missing Time Stopper firing frames (used in MM2, can be dynamic)

Hardman: missing rocket boosting frames (used in MM3)
Snakeman: missing climbing/poking frames
Sparkman: missing proper altfire spread firing frames (used in MM3)

Brightman: missing bulb throwing frames, and proper Flash Stopper firing frames (last ones used in MM4, can be dynamic)
Dustman: missing proper Dust Bitter and Dust Buster firing frames (he fires them from his buster arm, not from his vacuum)
Diveman: missing proper Dive Mine firing frames?
Skullman: missing proper Skull Barrier firing frames (used in MM4, can be dynamic)

Gravityman: missing proper Gravity Hold firing frames (can be taken from MM5, can be dynamic)
Waveman: missing proper Water Wave firing frames (used in MM5)
Gyroman: missing proper flying frames (used in MM5, can be dynamic), extra sprites used for takeoff (used in MM5)
Starman: potential improvement of firing frames (used in MM5, can be dynamic)
Chargeman: potential improvement of tackling frames (used in MM5, can be dynamic)

Flameman: missing proper altfire firing frames (used in MM6).
Knightman: potential improvement of firing frames overall (see MM6 sheet)
Plantman: missing proper Plant Barrier frames (can be improved, see MM6 sheet)
Tomahawkman: missing proper feather firing frames (used in MM6)
Windman: current firing frames are wrongly animated, altfire firing frames can be improved (see MM6 sheet).

Freezeman: missing proper Super Freeze Cracker frames (used in RM7FC)
Junkman: missing proper punching frames (used in RM7FC), potential improvement of Junk Armor firing frames (can be taken from RM7FC)
Burstman: missing altfire trapping bubble frames (used in RM7FC)
Springman: missing proper Spring Punch frames (used in RM7FC).

Tenguman: missing proper Tornado Hold firing frames (used in RM8FC)
Clownman: should mainfire firing frames show his arms attached to his body, despite Thunder Claw being made up of Clowman's arms? Should altfire firing frames show both arms, despite Clownman visibly burrowing one arm for this attack (look at RM8FC sheet for reference)? Shouldn't the swing attack have swinging frames (see RM8FC sheet for reference)?
Frostman: missing punching frames? (seen RM8FC sheet for reference)
Grenademan: potential improvement/inclusion of Grenade Spreader firing frames (see RM8FC sheet for reference)

Good luck making these:
Burnerman: missing proper Burner Dive charge frames and Bear Trap throwing frames
Coldman: missing proper Cold Shoulder firing frames and Cold Field firing frames
Dynamoman: incorrect altfire firing frames (in MM&B, the projectile is ejected from his buster arm like Tenguman's Tornado Hold), could use a second firing frame for mainfire firing (see MM&B sheet for reference)
Magicman: missing proper Magic Ball throwing frames

oh btw we kinda got the other mm9 dudes' design mockups at least somewhat done and decided on, still none made yet, go and play jc mm9 when it updates in the meantime

and pirateman steals because he does what he wants, he's free

So I just realized:

Mothraya, the Cossack Stage 1 boss pays homage to Toho's kaiju, Mothra.

Then I thought "where's Godzilla, then". Well, it's in Slash Man's stage: the gian t-rex that chases Mega Man, called King Gojulus.

And then I thought "what about the Wily Stage 2 boss", and yup, he and his babies are based on Daiei Film's Gamera, another famous kaiju.

And then I thought "well, there must be more!", and I assume Mecha Dragon is coincidentially the closest we'll ever get to a homage of Toho's King Ghidorah.

MM8BDM Discussion / Re: Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch V5 - STORY OVERHAUL!
« on: October 27, 2016, 03:31:20 AM »

FINALLY, we'll be able to fight the true final boss of the Chapter 4 campaign.

Spoiler for Hiden:

Closed / Re: [Improved Sprites] Proto Shield Front
« on: October 23, 2016, 05:30:28 AM »
I said non-pointed because it would convey more accurately the shield's hitbox. But I guess there's no point in doing that.

Closed / Re: [Improved Sprites] Proto Shield Front
« on: October 23, 2016, 12:48:53 AM »
In some instances it's pointed, in some it isn't, probably because of design inconsistency between sprite artists and pencil artists, and between them and the original pencil designs for MM3, which are honestly kind of outdated: MM7 and MM8 art style, both sprite and pencil, are way more elaborate than Inafune's MM3 art style. Drawing styles evolve, and with them inevitably old character designs redrawn in newer art styles.

Go with non-pointed.

MM8BDM Discussion / Re: Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch V5 - RELEASED!
« on: September 19, 2016, 11:53:35 PM »
Maybe if the museum was like, two structures besides one another, one with an exhibit of robot masters, and the other using MM&B's intro stage as basis.

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