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Closed / Replace low quality sound effects in core.
« on: July 31, 2016, 06:43:32 PM »


These should effectively replace the ones in core, which are of lower quality.
Included in the set are ELEVATOR.wav (Gyroman elevator sound effect), which is a suggestion of mine to replace the one currently used, and ELEVEND.wav (Gyroman elevator stop sound effect), which is another suggestion to replace the one currently used (one of the Chargeman train truck sound effects, don't know specifically which)

More to come.

Closed / MM9JEW, slopes, and Search Snake
« on: July 30, 2016, 07:54:37 PM »

Will report it.

Should this happen? Do Search Snake projectiles have an internal foolproof timer to prevent stacking like this?

And on the note of projectile stacking, it is possible to crash a server with enough projectile stacking. Just the number needed for it is pretty huge IIRC.

A timer that destroys the projectile after an abnormal period of time for cases such as these is IMO a good way to rid of this ever-lingering problem.

Closed / [Suggestion] Core CTF maps playable in non-CTF game modes.
« on: August 16, 2015, 01:09:51 AM »
As it says on the tin: allowing core CTF maps to be playable in/compatible with other game modes that are not CTF-oriented from the get go, especially team game modes such as TDM and TLMS.

For team game modes and mods, maps designed around team-specific spawns and areas should be much more enjoyable than forcing players to play team game modes in maps designed with deathmatch in mind, and thus no team specific spawns.

Anything Goes / Class Based Modification vs. Justified Classes
« on: September 05, 2014, 10:17:32 PM »
Anything Goes

Talk about anything. Keep it clean and don't post pointless crap. Topics without any hope of becoming a relatively sane discussion will be locked/deleted.

I'll start up with this before anything, as goddamn fucking usual because some of you are just way too into rebuttals and like to see everything as a malicious attack.

As an opener, I'd like to confess two things: one is that I've always wanted to make a post about this. I tried playing KY back in its old devteam days, but it never really took off, and one specific dev is a self-righteous asshole with a rich vocabulary, and then it just died, God rest its soul. The other thing is that I'm fully aware of the salt my words might produce in some people, and that a post like this can be easily mistaken for flame bait. I assure you: I won't be reading your responses because I'm interested in what you might say about this, but rather to know when to tell mods to lock this shit and tell you to take it out to the school yard. Those with open wounds looking for beef, don't step on the mine field that is topics of mine like this. That is, the huge mine with my face on it that says "don't blow it".

Do note that I'll try to point out what I see as the good and bad things about both class modifications, or what you'd like to hear: I'll try to "be fair". That won't stop me from speaking my mind, tho.

So let's begin, shall we?

I'll start out pointing the good things that I see about Justified Classes, because it's easier. First thing to note is that I have not played Justified Classes for "a long enough time", and I believe I don't need to: this will be addresed later on. So I jump into Justified Classes, and the first big and consistent thing I noticed is that fidelity is still its highest selling point. Back when JC was KY Classes, fidelity was its selling point, and when the refurbishing was made, it still is. Not to say that it's a bad thing; in fact, it's a positive thing. The amount of detail put into the aesthetics and mechanics of each class' abilities is astoudingly accurate and appealing, ranging from graphical detail to attack and ability portrayals when compared to the actual games the classes come from. That moment I tried JC Search Man (to give one example), and used that altfire, and noticed I was firing an endless barrage of missiles while I was slowly gliding...that joy, you cannot buy. Another good thing I noticed about JC Classes doesn't really steem from the mod itself, but rather on the diligency of its developers at times. I'm calling you out Fyone and co., the passion you put into getting out new content and fixing old content is commendable, and the way I've seen you handling balance discussion with the playerbase is pretty on-the-spot, not being afraid or hesitant of talking about inmediate changes planned for the next release. Not only do you strive to make as much as possible, but also to make sure that what you've set on putting out as a class is as playable as possible.

Yes, as playable as possible. This I mean very specifically, because the worst thing I can point out about Justified Classes is its flawed design philosophy, and by definition the flawed vision on what a class is. There, I said it. Let me explain.

I am part of the Class Based Modification's development team. I have been a part of class design, participated in some discussions for, believe it or not, class balance, reworks and revamps, and discussion. I have seen the process of constructing a class from a concept to a design, and finally into a playable thing. With the little time I've been a part of this development process, I can say without any doubt that the main good thing about Class Based Modification is that it gets what a class is supposed to be made for: to fulfill an specific role, with conveyable limitations, and thus advantanges and disadvantages, that could fit a player's prefered playstyle: this implies that it tries to create a gameplay for its classes. The main process of creating/balancing/reworking a class in CBM or YD Classes or Jax Classes, your choice, is mainly this: it looks at the original source in a holistic way, then decide/emphasize on an specific role that could be given to said class based on the source, and finally attempt to make it playable.

That is, attempt to. The main flaw here with CBM is that it tries to work with roles that might just not make sense with what the source offers or with what the playerbase sees as effective, or just will not plainly work or be balanced at all: with the design freedom it takes, it also puts a huge weight on itself to make the things the devteam comes up with to work, and this conflcts with some of the playerbase's visions, which eventually lead to a group of players to make contestatary versions of the CBM classes, in an attempt to "fix what the CBM devteam does not want to".

After this, it's very clear that the difference between JC and CBM is source fidelity and class playability, at least from my point of view. JC struggles to make the fidelity as playable as possible without giving up on the source, while CBM struggles to give each class a functioning and reliable role, without being restrained too much by an specific source.

The strives the JC devteam has taken to "make canon work" are commendable, but they will not be enough because of trying to be as close to the source ends up being detrimental in terms of playability: no matter what you do, the source you've chosen to hog uses a game design philosophy that just won't work if translated as literally as possible. This is something the core game's original developer understood right off the bat when making a first person shooter based off the NES Mega Man games: stuff like weapon or level translation cannot be made as close as possible to the NES games, because NES-styled/SNES/PS1 2D platformer design is not the same as PC 3D shooter design: a close direct translation, with limitations included, will not be an enjoyable experience. Some classes that you've taken liberties with are great, but many still suffer from these stubborn canon limitations. This is what I meant earlier about not needing to play Justified Classes for a long time, because I highly question if I can play a class modification that has classes with a lot of source fidelity but little actual design behind them other than "the main games did that, so it does that too". I could easily just believe that the amount of detail and fidelity JC classes have are a way to hide these class design lagoons, and just call this a "novelty mod", like that really old mod that literally remade each core weapon to behave exactly like they did on the main series games.

Not to say that CBM is free of class design problems, of course. There are always misunderstandings on why a class does an specific thing, when it has a plethora of abilities based on what the sources show that hint on a potential different role or playstyle. When JC Search Man seems to have a frontal offensive role based on its attacks and the source, CBM/YD/Jax Search Man was meant to have a long wide range and stealth playstyle. Some classes in CBM (because may I remind you, most classes prior to MM6 were made by many different people) still suffer from clear signs of imbalance, lack of direction and harmful simplicity, and the response time the devteam takes for addressing these matters is extremely mood-dependant. While they do nail what I believe a class based game is, or at least what a class should be made from and for, the delay between the discussion process and the execution of the discussion makes it seem like the devteam just plain doesn't care about balancing.

To this, I come up with this conclusion: no big surprise, I like my boy Jax and I prefer the entire role-centered and less-restrained source fidelity concept behind CBM, or at least what I'd call the concept behind CBM, and I benignly call out JC for mantaining a flawed class design philosophy of trying to stay as close to the main games as possible, or at least what I'd call a flawed class design philosophy. But from another point, I wish that CBM showed as much passion to make things look as appealing as possible like the JC peeps, or that it tries to incorporate other aspects of the characters into the class roles that were given to them and JC wasn't afraid of trying. I can see the appeal in both mods, but deep inside I wish that I could help JC to just make canon not just "balanced", but also legit classes, with defined and well-thought roles.


I guess that's it.

Now let's get it on!

Anything Goes / [SUGGESTION] 4 official MM8BDM mini expansions per year
« on: November 10, 2013, 02:03:04 AM »
I have no idea where this would go: it is relevant to MM8BDM, Cutstuff and projects.

I suggest that this community should hold four mini expansion events per year, if they haven't already, each based around the four weather stations of the year: Easter Deathmatch (spring event), Summer Deathmatch (summer event), plus the two yearly Halloween (autumn) and Holiday (winter) Deathmatch mini expansions.

Each mini expansion would use all vanilla resources that are tied to that specific time of the year:

Spring: flower fields, savannahs, unfrozen caves, dawn/midday, the rebirth of nature.
Summer: beaches, midday, the ocean and the ocean floor, mechanical underwater structures.
Autumm: decaying forests, ancient haunted structures, evening/night.
Winter: tundra, artic locations, night/day.

Anything Goes / Why I don't like Saxton Hale in MM8BDM
« on: September 06, 2013, 07:23:59 AM »
Anything Goes

Talk about anything. Keep it clean and don't post pointless crap. Topics without any hope of becoming a relatively sane discussion will be locked/deleted.

I'll start off this rant with that, just so it doesn't fly over your head.

This is going to be a rant about why I don't like the Saxton Hale modifications in MM8BDM: not an specific deviation, just the general kind of Saxton Hale mods that are apparently wildly popular nowadays. We all know how the story's going: most active servers are those that host a Saxton Hale variation, or a mixture of Saxton Hale with another less popular modification, MM8BDM is doomed, ban Saxton Hale but not really because that's mean, cabbage. Ok.

I guess I'm forcing myself to tackle some things before going straight into saying why I don't like the mod, such as how the community, specially the veteran players, perceives it. It usually goes like this: "it's overplayed, and it's hogging the player base". To make it simple, that is a matter of how MM8BDM servers are moderated. Not in the sense of bans and kicks and whatnot, but rather how they're hosted and set in the playability sense, but that's another story. What I want to focus on is to why Saxton Hale is seen by some as bad, and try to give my own thoughts regarding that.

To begin with, Saxton Hale breaks the game's context. Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch is a Zandronum engine modification of a NES Capcom series called "Mega Man". Not only dowe have Doom 2's gameplay mechanics, lore and characters to meddle with, but also can introduce NES-styled, Capcom's and Mega Man's gameplay mechanics, lore and characters. Saxton Hale is a Source engine modification of a Valve game called "Team Fortress 2". It has its own context: namely theming, gameplay mechanics and characters. Shoehorning one into the other inevitably clashes for the worst. It makes no more sense than "it's Saxton Hale on MM8BDM". Ghouls vs Humans NES fits, YDClasses fits, Contramod fits, Mission Mode fits: Saxton Hale does not, and didn't try to.

On another note, the criteria used for choosing characters, attacks, game mechanics and what not is wild territory. Translating characters like Saxton Hale, Ninja Spy, Slenderman or Cave Johnson into MM8BDM, or introducing gimmicks like teleportation and 1HKO melee attacks on a projectile-intended game, based mostly off internet pop culture, community gloating and pandering is bland, uncreative and irrelevant to the purpose of making coherent game design choices and for balancing. Saxtom Hale? Why not Mike Haggar? Ninja Spy? Why not Strider Hiryu? Slenderman? Why not Pyramid Head? All Capcom characters, some were on the NES: no need to break the game's context.

Next up is my main grind about it: Saxton Hale, the literal totality of the game mode, doesn't blend well with MM8BDM's gameplay. On the original mod, you're playing on a more advanced physics engine, and through a balanced class-based team gameplay. You can pick the kind of weapon you want (with its pros and cons), you can choose to attack/support, and the boss player has to deal with a variety of enemies. On the MM8BDM port, you're playing on an engine that is limited in lots of ways when compared to Source, and through a deathmatch free4all-conceived gameplay. All players get the same set of randomized weapons and share the same stats, you're forced to attack because the weapons were conceived for deathmatch, and the boss player just fights the same enemy numerous times. Mixing Saxton Hale with class mods just somewhat fills this gap, but it'll never fix it as it is a structural flaw of mixing two wildly different games.

The main concept of Saxton Hale is that a random player becomes a superboss (Terminator cough cough): he gains a lot of health and a very powerful attack. The rest of the players have to team up to defeat him. Many new things could be introduced with this exact concept. The current state of Saxton Hale mods just forces the TF2 mod into MM8BDM without much regard. Lego's attempt at making a Mega Man-themed superboss mode is precisely the direction Saxton Hale mods should've taken from the start. The problem is, as I mentioned above, it will not be the same as Saxton Hale without the class aspect of it, so it has to introduce a teamwork element to encourage players to protect or help their combat buddies; otherwise, it'll practically be "you vs that one guy" instead of "us vs that one guy".

So yeah, I guess that's it.

Resources / MusashiAA's Resource Pit! "sprites? psh, who needs sprites?"
« on: August 22, 2013, 01:05:17 PM »
Alright, let's make some trouble for meself!

I don't specifically know what's inside of this .rar, but it is what you see: a most-likely complete compilation of all the sound effects I've ever needed, used, edited AND made for the YD Class Based Modification. They are .ftm files though, so you'll need Famitracker to open and edit them at your liking.

Yes: both the original NES Mega Man sound effects ported straight from the games, most if not all of the edited sound effects used in YDClasses AND some attempts at making sound effects from scratch; ALL AVAILABLE FOR YOU TO MEDDLE WITH. Since I am currently working through a trial Xubuntu Live session OS, I have no clue how to check what's actually inside of this .rar (or the overall integrity of the files, given my recent issue of hard drive failure), so I would love for someone to actually tell me what in blazes I'm giving to you all in detail and for free.

Mega Man Discussion / Fangame - Roll-chan
« on: November 14, 2012, 02:36:02 PM »
Feast your eyes, gentlemen:

Spoiler for Hiden:

Made by some guy I know by many names...Tarbo, megacocorock, ionno...I just know he worked in RM7FC and RM8FC. And that it's the only fangame worth following.

Anything Goes / pretty patterns by the pool
« on: August 22, 2012, 09:19:17 AM »
Because the Screenshots thread isn't big enough for this.

Here's me and OrangeMario messing around in Hotel GBT's pool with YDClasses, making pretty patterns with gravity-affected projectiles:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Spoiler for Hiden:

he is truly the king of the ocean
Darkman 2
Spoiler for Hiden:
failed attempt

Spoiler for Hiden:

Spoiler for Hiden:

silly thing took a long time to bounc off that wall lol

And the best pics of the night:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Skins & Bots etc / MusashiAA Time! (classes-v666 leaked)
« on: June 17, 2012, 07:18:46 PM »
This is my music pack thread from now on:

Mega Man X1-2-3 Music Pack! Contains a reduced selection of tracks from Mega Man X1, Mega Man X2 and Mega Man X3!

Codename list:
Spoiler for Hiden:



The SPC Specials Music Pack!Contains a huge selection of tracks from different SNES games. Music codes follow this naming format: SPC01, SPC02, SPC10, SPC23, and so on.

Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch Sound Effect Rerip Project (Work In Progress) (Last update: August 18th, 2012):

Spoiler for Hiden:
Currently contains all SFX from MM1-6. I omitted MM9, MM10 and RM7FC because:

-MM9 and MM10 sound effects are already of good quality.

-Most RM7FC sound effects are reused SFX from previous games, so whatever.

The wad should be loaded just like a mod would be, so the new SFX replaces the old SFX.

Street Fighter X Mega Man Music Pack! Featuring most of the music found on the reknowed crossover fangame!

Codename list:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Go support A_Rival, the guy who made all these commendable covers, by buying the legit OST at any price you want.

Rockman 8FC Music Pack!

Codes are:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Secret Classes Music Pack!

Spoiler for Hiden:


Comments? Suggestions? Any issues you spotted?

Mega Man Discussion / Classic Rockman/Mega Man story Discussion
« on: May 04, 2012, 03:00:50 AM »
At first, I wanted this to be just about discussing MM2's story, but seeing how there kinda isn't a topic for discussing the story of ANY MM games, I might as well start one for Classic Mega Man stories...

At any rate, I'll start with MM2...

Quote from: "From Mega Man Knowledge Base"
Overview: Dr. Wily is back, and now he's created eight of his own Robot Masters to defeat Mega Man. Mega Man will have to stop Dr. Wily's robots and bring him to justice again.

Story (from the game):

"In the year 200X, a super robot named Mega Man was created. Dr. Light created Mega Man to stop the evil desires of Dr. Wily. However, after his defeat, Dr. Wily created eight of his own robots to counter Mega Man."

We all know the story to this: Wily is back with Robot Masters of his own to "destroy Mega Man". Mega Man destroys each of them and tackles Wily's new castle fortress factory thingamabob, and eventually reaches the mad scientist. After a long and tedious fight, it is eventually thrown at the player the shocking twist that Dr. Wily is... an alien?. Then it is revealed it was all a ploy?. Wily is defeated, begs for forgiveness as usual, BLACK SCREEN, Mega Man begins a sort of walk going somewhere while scenes show a green valley village in the middle of some mountain range going through numerous seasons, Mega Man then looks above him, and a scene shows his lonely helmet sitting in the green pasture of a nearby mountain village...then the credits roll.

Was Wily trying to conquer the world again or not?
Where did the alien idea come from? Why would Wily come up with such a thing? Why is this the eponymous "mystery of Dr. Wily"?
Were the final cutscenes meant to symbolize something? And if Mega Man was actually walking home from who knows where, why did he go to a green valley in the middle of a mountain range, if his home in MM1 was in a nameless city? Did Dr. Light just moved out of the city or something? Probably needed some fresh air for his smoker lungs?
Where did Wily's new fortress come from? It is officialy stated that Wily's fortress in MM1 was a factory, but did this one just came out of nowhere? Was it just sitting somewhere in the world? Why didn't Light get to pinpoint its location earlier?

Anything Goes / MusashiAA's Shameless Shenanigan Shack
« on: September 03, 2011, 06:53:13 AM »
Since I don't like original compositions, I will shamelessly show you doodles, covers, and other crap I'd like to show around in here.

With a little bit of magic, anything can happen. Look at your Famitracker. Now look at mine. Now look at yours again. Now back at mine. Bam, mine is better, just because.

With a little bit of "imagination", you can do anything.

Like this. Magical Doropie - Stage 2 (Import edit)

Or this. Super Dodge Ball - Russian Team Match (Import edit)

Hell, you can even pull this kind of horrid things. Super Dodge Ball - Russian Team Match (Import/Moskau edit mix)

Now watch, as no one pays attention to this thread.

I'm on a pony.

EDIT: Bonus points to anyone ('cept Famitracker connoisseurs) who can recognize the difference between the original songs and my edits.

EDIT2MUSASHINONAZO: All these edits are possible thanks to a secret ninja technique that allows me to import NSF tracks into Famitracker. So no, I did not made these songs from scratch.

Anything Goes / I don't know about you guys...
« on: February 27, 2011, 07:39:29 AM »

Just sayin'. Not that it's a big deal or anything. I'm not trying to be active again. Move along. There's nothing or no one to see here. There are no zombies in this thread. I don't plan on eating your thinking pillow and deep it in barnacle sauce. NOPE. Not at all. Why are you still here? GET OUT MAN, IM DEAD SHUSH LEAVE ME ALONE.

Mega Man Discussion / Buster-only runs: completely missing the point?
« on: October 27, 2010, 06:47:37 PM »
This is something I've been questioning myself for quite some time. Let's put it this way:

A Mega Man game, following the classic "Jump-N-Shoot" gameplay formula, is basically a game where you jump from platforms to platforms, avoiding pits and hazards, and kill any enemy that blocks your path to the end of the stage. The goal of the game, aside from clearing it, is to defeat all the bosses and copy their abilities. Said abilities are either more powerful than your default plasma gun, or more useful in certain situations you may encounter in later stages.

Long story short, the main attractive is the Weapon Copy System. The Zero, ZX and Legends series have their own approach to this, but in the end it's all about obtaining a wide arrange of weapons/abilities at your dispense.

In most MM games before X4/Legends 2, you were encouraged by the game to use those weapons, since later stages/bosses required more firepower (which you already had/ needed in order to get there). When X5 came, the games seemed to make more emphasis in the default weapons, save for a few weapons that were actually mandatory to just pass a certain stage. This is also a trend that's taking over the more recent Jump-N-Shoot games, where at least 3 out of 9 weapons are handy and fun to use.

So my questions are: isn't going for buster-only runs, missing the whole point of playing MM games? If a whole MM game can be beaten with the default weapon, wouldn't that make it the most powerful/useful weapon in the game, therefore the cheapest way to clear the game? If you're able to refill your other weapons with drops, why do people stick with the buster, when there are more efficient ways to clear a stage?

MM8BDM Discussion / Discuss your previous/last match.
« on: October 13, 2010, 04:04:18 AM »
Obvious topic is obvious. Discuss, keep it clean, use screenshots if you want.


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