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Bugs/Suggestions / Training is broken
« Last post by Nether_T_Hedghog on Today at 05:41:34 AM »
I decided to do some bug digging and started with the training area. Getting there was fine.

I tested the weapons for me and none of them showed even on the picture down in the bottom right.

I tested the items and they did not appear below my health bar.

I tested the weapons for Sniper Joe and none of the weapons worked for him.

The only things that did work were the stage type and what mode Joe was in.

As for how this happened I have no idea.
MM8BDM Discussion / Color Names (a old post made new)
« Last post by Fire Peas on Today at 03:32:13 AM »
ok so, the old Color Names thread has already been made before, but i tried that and it didn't work.
 so i still don't know how to do Color Names. maybe someone who has understanded the current version can give me a good working Highly Detailed explanation.
Forum Games / Re: Conquest of Mechanus [Beginning]
« Last post by bass44 on November 22, 2017, 05:01:16 AM »
We need to stock up on materials from the general store. There might be something they have that could be crucial to our victory.
Projects & Creative / Re: [Classes]Mega Man Unlimited Classes v1a
« Last post by GameAndWatcher on November 21, 2017, 03:57:34 PM »
When I use the mod in v5a or v5b it says that tankman is replaced with semistrong armor or something.
The last post here was from 4 years ago. The current version of this mod doesn't work with the current version of 8BDM.
Projects & Creative / Re: [Classes]Mega Man Unlimited Classes v1a
« Last post by Smashor on November 20, 2017, 09:56:14 PM »
When I use the mod in v5a or v5b it says that tankman is replaced with semistrong armor or something.
Mega Man Discussion / Re: What's Megaman's future?
« Last post by TGVaporeon on November 20, 2017, 03:01:33 AM »
What's his future? Well, getting captured by Dr. Wily and turning into Quint of course! :mrgreen:
Skins & Bots etc / Re: Hil's Souvenir Stall(Updated self)
« Last post by Hilman170499 on November 19, 2017, 06:52:14 PM »
Quad necro-posting, but my skin is now compatible with BBA Mega. Hooray!
Don't worry, though. You can still use this pupper with Magma.
Anything Goes / MM8BDM Player Profile Cards
« Last post by Hernan23Pro on November 19, 2017, 04:15:00 AM »
Basically,when there's no CBM TLMS server to play and im bored,i do some easy sprite work,and i got this idea.

Hello,this is a simple project to help share your game preferences and likes in the forum,without need of playing.
No exact description for it,what i can say?They are just some little signature trainer cards for free use.

Here's a example that i did for myself:
Spoiler for Hiden:

You must see some weird icons or things in the example image,if not,congratulations.I'll explain this the shortest i can:
Spoiler for Cards:
As of now,i only have 1 sprite,MM8BDM General:

And this are the features of it.

-That purple square is space used for the portrait,separated in Background and Avatar (or Character)
-Favorite Weapons: The 10 most liked/used weapons of the user,mentioned below.
-Favorite Class: If you play CBM (and most MM8BDM players do),you can add the character you mostly use or like.
(If you don't have any,or not play with CBM,just place ''None'' in here.)
-Favorite Music: You have a preffered map music?boss music?Quint stage?Use this to add the ones you like more.
(As it says in the card,2 songs is the maximum limit.)
-Favorite Map:Almost the same than Fav. Music,but with specific maps,without need of liking the music too.
(Again,2 maps is the limit.)
-Other obvious things like the name.You can add colors and new text colours to the name(Sorry,i haven't found a link,im gonna change that later.)
Spoiler for Portrait:
Here is the Background sheet!

From left to right:MM1,MM2,MM3,MM4,MM5,MM6,MM10,MM1 Alt.,MM1 Alt. (Custom shading). (MM9 is much like MM3.)
And here are the Avatars! From Cut Man to Fake Man!
Spoiler for Big image:

We can divide the image into:
Main:Mega Man,Mega Man (Hair),Proto Man,Proto Man (MM5),Proto Man (MM5 Fix),Break Man,Break Man (Fix),Break Man (Custom),Roll,Roll (RockBoard),Bass,Bass (RM7FC),Mega Man (Copy Robot).
MM1:Robot Masters: (MM3):Cut Man,Cut Man (MM3),etc. Time Man,Oil Man,Bond Man (Custom MM3).
MM2:Robot Masters:Quick Man/Crash Man/Metal Man/Heat Man (Fix),Quint (Custom),Quint.
MM3:RMs:Magnet Man (Fix),Doc Robot (Anonymous),Doc Robot,Doc Robot (Background),Break Man (MM3).
MM5:RMs,Dark Man 1-4.
MM6:RMs:Tomahawk Man/Knight Man/Yamato Man (Fix).
MM8:RMs,Duo,Original Duo,Evil Robot.
TWW:Genesis Uint.
Extra:Maestro (Custom),Maestro,Enker (Soccer),Punk,Ballade.
Robot Owners:Dr.Wily (Icon),Dr.Wily (CTF Icon),Dr.Wily,Dr.Wily (RockBoard),Dr.Light (Icon),Dr.Light,Dr.Light (RockBoard),Dr.Crossack (Icon),Dr.Crossack,Dr.Crossack (RockBoard),Mr.X (Icon),King (Icon),King,King (Background).
Fake Man.
As you can see,i still have some free space for more avatars,if you can help me fill it,i should like having:
-A Mr.X face avatar.
-BBA Megaman avatar.
-CBM Rock avatar.
-Ballade (Alt) avatar.
-Maybe a Alien avatar.
Spoiler for Weapons:
This is the most essential and important part of the card,it shows you 10 weapons that you can order.You should already know them,if not,you should consider leaving the community.

The image is self explanatory and is already listed,but there are some custom icons of mine that should look confusing:
-The very-first icon,the one that looks like a lemon,is the all known Mega Buster,not the chargeable one,though.
-The fifth Main weapon is the Proto Buster Upgrade,represented by the fully charged shot sprite.
-The cyan punch is,you guessed,Duo Fist.
-The line of pellets that comes after Duo Fist is the Bass Buster Upgrade,haven't known how to sprite it,sorry.
-Do you know that there is data of Water Shield in the game?Its weapon 3 in Extra line.
-Sincerely,im not convinced about the Hard Knuckle with ''corrected'' palette,you decide.
Spoiler for Form!:
After 10 minutes of reading,here you have,the form for order!

Should you make me a Profile Card?
Name: (Rememb you can use text colours and new text colours in here using \c)
Portrait background:
Portrait avatar:
Favorite weapons: 1.
Favorite class:
Favorite song: (You should use the code names,as seen in the example,you can use the changemus command to see the name of the song)
Favorite map: (You can see the code names in offline skirmish or in console,when entering a map.)
Projects & Creative / Re: Class based modification (v8d)
« Last post by Unknown on November 18, 2017, 11:17:44 PM »
I tried to get the most recent class modification, but a security check won't let me. What am I doing wrong, if anything?
General Gaming Discussion / Re: Ultimate Knight Windom XP
« Last post by Lou Fulvio Laranjo on November 18, 2017, 05:14:27 AM »
i downloaded the game but it's not in english. but i manage to go to the online section, but how to lan with friends? please reply cuz my birthday is coming and i need to play it with friends. or can i have the link of the game>? please

please approve this admin. theres nothing wrong with it huhu
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