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Anything Goes / I'm gonna have so many unread messages
« on: December 24, 2015, 02:36:37 PM »
Cutstuffers! I disappeared from both the forums and Skype a few months ago, and while I could list reasons why of varying legitimacy, possibly the truest and simultaneously worst reason is that I don't really have one. But since it's that time of the year and I live in the future, I felt I ought to end my absence and be the first person to wish everyone a merry Christmas in this topic, seeing as it actually is December 25 for me now.
I'm going to be fairly busy over the next week but I'll properly check through the forums and log onto Skype soon to see what I've missed.

Well! It's unfortunate I was caught out more or less by process of elimination. Korby brought up a solid case against Llama, so besides it being extremely problematic I would have loved to see such detective work done for myself. And mind you Korby, I do view the topic logged out 90% of the time, but I suppose I was online that one time in preparation of replying. Omni viewing the topic simultaneously was a coincidence, but the connection between us ended up being right anyway.

I liked to think I had a good idea of what my opposition was capable of re: abilities, though the results indicate I had a skewed understanding of what was going on, or even when people would use the abilities I did know of. It didn't help that my 25% passive attack resistance never actually succeeded, nor did Gizmo's 50% vote resistance actually working when we wanted him dead! Rozark was kept alive after the reset because he was so dead-set on killing Gizmo, but Gizmo's survival and then targeting of Rui not only set us back immensely, but pointed Rozark back in the right direction, after which point it was too late.

In other words, Gizmo for townie MVP. And screw RNG.

For fun, here's the set of roles I submitted to Ivory:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Actual Cannibal Shia LaBoeuf (youtube video/internet exaggerated persona of real-life person): Hollywood superstar who is, well, actually a cannibal; roams the woods, kills for sport and eats all the bodies. Also makes a mean motivational speech.
Skill(s) would be focused on his cannibalism and/or motivational speeches which force players to "do it" (what "it" is is up to you). Could be a murdering role, or could just rely on eating bodies left over by other killers.
Spoiler for Hiden:
Burgie (let's play made-up character, Game Grumps): "A floating burger with eyes, smiling, floating from right to left across the screen". Occasionally superimposed onto game footage on request by the Grumps just for fun. Also can be used as a censor, for example once appearing onscreen to obscure login info.
Skill(s) would be focused on his ability to appear anywhere and/or block information.
Spoiler for Hiden:
Question Hound (webcomic character, Gunshow by KC Green): Inquisitive dog with a nice hat. Best known for starring in KC's one-off page 'On Fire', which gained some internet popularity and was spread across social media, unfortunately often without crediting the author.
Skill(s) would be focused on asking other players questions and receiving information.
Spoiler for Hiden:
Reset Man (webcomic character, MS Paint Masterpieces by DisgruntledFerret): A Mega Man OC test model robot also nicknamed Polka, in-universe built by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily that predates both Proto Man and Mega Man. Very meek, though with his ability 'reset mode' he is able to swap his consciousness with a mysterious alternate persona, something he does usually when he is too cowardly to deal with the situation 'himself'.
Skill(s) would be focused on his 'reset mode' to choose from a list of abilities, perhaps from other players' roles, perhaps randomly, perhaps strictly dead players, or even perhaps making use of roles that were submitted but not selected for the game? Up to you.
Spoiler for Hiden:
Rosemaster (webcomic character, Cucumber Quest by Gigi DG): Plant-themed villainess and powerful magic user on a planet full of bunny people. Capable of controlling both minds and flora growth, and instantly learning the names of others. Likes toying with her opponents. Not fond of carrots.
Skill(s) would be focused on her mind control and ability to learn the names of others. If you're able to balance Rosemaster's power being doubled under special conditions, you could also incorporate her pursuit of the Hocus Crocus from the comic's plot into gameplay somehow. Perhaps another player has it, or other players are required to be mind controlled to collect it, or something else.
Spoiler for Hiden:
Quad City DJ's (music artist): A producer duo known on the internet best for their work on the Space Jam soundtrack, the theme song of which having been mashed up with every piece of music imaginable. Well-versed in both slamming and jamming.
Skill(s) would be focused on 'mashing up' players with the Space Jam theme song, or perhaps even with other players, to some effect.
Spoiler for Hiden:
bees.mp3 (youtube video): Bees bees, b-b-b-b-b-bees bees bees, bees bees! An apple that rapidly and jaggedly rotates, increases and decreases in size, forever emanating an alluring 27-second loop of someone repeatedly saying "bees". I don't know. Do you?
Skill(s) would be focused on its constantly-playing music having some effect on players.
Spoiler for Hiden:
Farore (video game character, Zelda franchise/dead horse): Preferably a word-for-word recycling of the role SmashBro faked in Zelda mafia, though alter the skills for balance's sake if needed.
Voice of the Wind Farore

You are Farore, Oracle of Secrets! You appear in The Minish Cap and both Oracles games.

Active Ability: Once per day phase, you may target one player. If that player is part of the Mafia, that player is incapacitated for the rest of the cycle, and all of their actions are negated. You will not be notified if this ability succeeds or fails, unless it is blocked by another player's ability. You may not target the same player twice in a row.

Passive Ability: During the end of every night phase, you will randomly receive one secret piece of information. You will be notified of a player who has taken an action during that night phase, as well as what type of action they made. You will not be notified of their alignment or abilities.

Forum Games Archive / Re: SUPER HAPPY FUN CUT-IN-LINE MAFIA 3 {Day 7}
« on: August 12, 2015, 09:46:41 AM »
If we're citing Chaos Generator effects as evidence, it should also be pointed out that Galactan was stunned by Mike and unable to do anything on night 6. This may be an alternate explanation as to why there was no night kill then. Not to sway the vote away from Llama today of course -- the evidence is pretty damning after all -- but that may be the next step if the source of the night kill comes up inconclusive today.

##Vote LlamaHombre

Forum Games Archive / Re: SUPER HAPPY FUN CUT-IN-LINE MAFIA 3 {Day 4}
« on: August 08, 2015, 08:59:56 AM »
A hunch? How about some evidence?

I was looking back at votes and so far there have been two instances of suspects having an extra vote on their end-of-day tally:
Quote from: "Ivory, in his vote tallies,"
SmashBroPlusB: 4 (Super Raveman [dead and revealed to have no vote-boosting abilities], Ceridran [likewise], Korby)
BiscuitSlash: 4 (BiscuitSlash, Zero1000, Korby)
The common factor here appears to be Korby. This would normally be fine, and I'm obviously not going to accuse him solely on the basis of having what seems to be a vote-boosting passive special. Such a special isn't an immediate admission of guilt; after all, two confirmed townies, SmashBro and Rozark, both have vote-altering abilities. However, what I'm concerned about is the context in which Korby's double vote was used yesterday! The votes for BiscuitSlash and Zero1000 were 2 to 3, when Korby voted for BiscuitSlash to "stop [Zero1000] from dying". Personally, I interpreted this as being done with the intent of tying the vote so that no one dies. Beed stating the obvious that the votes appeared to be tied 3 to 3 indicates to me others interpreted it this way also. But when Rui came in and seemingly broke the tie, it turns out he was actually reinstating it! Korby made the vote count 4 to 3, not 3 to 3.

I dunno man, it looks like you were secretly ready to kill someone under the guise of preserving two lives. Seems sneaky to me.

##Vote: Korby

« on: July 22, 2015, 05:40:16 AM »
Looking forward to another Squidward-pocalypse. Count me in.

General Gaming Discussion / Mapping Privilege.
« on: June 16, 2015, 10:26:49 AM »
To be honest I was somewhat fond of the SnapMap feature because it reminded me of Timesplitters 2's map editor which was my first ever experience with mapping for first persons shooters, hah. "Nostalgia glasses" with a different result?

I think what's important to recognise is that promotion for this game is, in the vein of E3, still very much in its most basic 'showy-off' phase. Developers think the setting and the finishers look good so they show it off by having the (scripted) player move slowly and get them to use finishers as often as possible. As suggested by Lego however finishers don't seem to be an integral part of the game and I also noticed players running much faster during the SnapMap part of the trailer so I imagine the maximum movement speed is more akin to that.

The speaker briefly acknowledges the Doom community as "one of the most active and creative in gaming", but it is more telling that he follows it with: "Now with Doom SnapMap we're putting that power of creation in the hands of every player". In other words, 'now we're letting everyone else get a taste of what was previously available only to a few dozen individuals with too much free time on their hands using external modding programs'. SnapMap is for the 'everyone else'; the speaker calls it a "built-in gateway" and I am fond of seeing it as such. It may not have all the tools that Doom Builder has, but surely anyone that grows enthused enough about mapmaking will reach outwards to other modding tools anyway?? Especially if the game does become externally moddable then I imagine SnapMap being a great stepping stone towards that. The instant-sharing nature emphasised seems like an exciting alternative to a community dominated by a handful of map packs made by equally as few content creators anyway.

So, when taking public transport home today, one building I had never seen before with pixel art in the window caught my eye. Taking note of the place's name, I looked it up when I got home and it turns out it's a video game themed bar (with arcade machines, themed cocktails and the like) that just opened a few days ago! Video game themed bars themselves aren't a brand new concept I know, but I was pleased to have found out about the place just as it opened. Furthermore, I wanted to share the particular pixel art that caught my eye: a fairly poor Mega Man sprite edit.

Worse is that the image I found off the place's Facebook page was also a JPEG. I'm sure the management can run a bar better than they can sprite, but still. Ironically, the quality of the sprite likely contributed to the place standing out enough for me to notice it, so perhaps it was to the management's benefit?

Events / In which I reveal myself as Roc's Creation.
« on: May 26, 2015, 03:20:40 AM »
Hey everyone! Good job to all the entrants, and congratulations to Blaze, Rozark and especially LlamaHombre! It's good to see those who have contributed to the core of 8BDM (or will go on to contribute) stop to give the community some more of their time to show off their skill. Each map had its criticisms, but I trust users will be able to learn from the feedback provided and keep improving. After all, this competition wasn't for maps to go into the core or anything, and some entrants (along with some would-be entrants) already had the only thing the competition was able to physically reward, medals, so hopefully the feedback and experience was worth it.

So, I was the third judge. I contributed a good portion of the feedback in Max's post, but I wanted to add something about a certain trend I observed in the INSPIRE entries.

Ex-expansion leader Ivory often commented that there was a 'map-size creep' in 8BDM core mapping. To an extent this was often said jokingly, though it did have some merit. As official content for 8BDM continues to be made, there is an increasing but inevitable demand for size and complexity. While certainly considered a good map, no one would accept such a small and simple layout design like MM3SPA if it was introduced to 8BDM as an expansion map now. It would be wasted potential! Why make a basic layout for [upcoming MM9 robot master/fortress map] when you can give it so much more depth? After all, [upcoming MM9 robot master's/fortress' original stage] was so cool! Surely it must be done proper justice? Hell, even MM3SPA had 3D floors introduced to it as of 8BDMv3a. I do not criticise this attitude, but highlight it to show I understand it is an inevitability. We come to a time in this game's lifespan where there are 90+ maps, and each one must be more unique than the last to justify its addition to the game. Even a map I'm currently preparing for the core is pretty complex.

Now, let me appropriate this to the custom mapping scene. While of course custom maps are not in an accumulative pool where each map must be more unique than the last in the same sense core maps are, seeing as the core maps set the standard for all 8BDM custom maps to follow (love or hate them, no mapper here would be making 8-bit textured blocky levels if the core maps didn't exist), it makes sense to argue that the expansive size-and-complexity mapping attitudes I highlighted previously are going to be mirrored in custom maps also. These attitudes as such have reached their logical extreme in...
Spoiler for Hiden:

(sorry Duora for singling your map out, I'll get to others soon enough)
So what gives mappers the ability to make maps so goddamn tall? Functional steps. Slopes. Jump pads. Movement across elevations becomes so much smoother and easier that we forget how much elevation-to-elevation player interactions are alienated. With mapping, Ivory had a golden rule with stairs requiring jumps, which was referred to a few times in the judge feedback: 3 jumps max; after that number climbing becomes awkward, excessive and unwieldy. 3 jumps allows for a maximum of 192 units, possibly 224, to be climbed, and that was as much height variation as was acceptable at the advent of 8BDM mapping. Originally, no core map had any variation smaller than 32 units. This is exemplary in the original Cutstuff Doom Builder 2 mapping tutorial published in 2010:
Quote from: "CutmanMike, giving a pointer for making "authentic looks MM8BDM maps","
Floors and ceilings are are 32x32 - You may notice that every map in MM8BDM is fixed to a 32x32 grid in a way. Every floor matches the Mega Man tiles. You should try your best to level out your maps so that they follow a 32 pixel height format. To understand what I'm talking about, when you raise a ceiling or floor you get the red ! textures. Use these !'s as a guideline to know how low/high a ceiling/floor is to match the tiles, as they happen to be 32x32 map pixels.
Functional stairs and slopes were introduced to the game with the release of 8BDMv2a where they were featured in maps like MM7DW3, and various staircases in pre-existing maps were changed to either of these two. These additions were acceptable because some 32-height stairs in core maps, even if they followed the 3 jumps rule, just plain sucked to climb as they often had to be climbed frequently and high player congestion made it even worse. The important thing about this though is that even if they were functional stairs, they still conformed to the 3 jumps rule of their 32-height stair predecessors, meaning height variation remained at a comfortable range of 192-224 units. The main issue arises when maps are begun using functional steps from the get-go.

This is all to make my main point: mappers are now too comfortable with functional steps.
With the 3 jump rule much less relevant now, due to most movement across elevations being done without a single jump required, the maximum height variation between significant elevations of 192-224 units is mostly no longer a factor in mapping. What mappers forget though is that this maximum is still important to adhere to! If players are going to interact with each other across elevations, the ideal is to not make the variance too high. Arguably, the ideal is 96-128 units but with the advent of 3D floors and tunnels that's not always possible to do comfortably, at risk of making 3D ceilings too low. Nevertheless, my inspiration for height variation comes from maps like MM3DW1 and MM8DUO where most variation does come under this range. When I made MMBKIN, those were the two maps whose height variations I tried to emulate, and not to be too much of an egotistical douche but opinions of that map seem to be generally favourable so I'd argue it's a worthwhile sentiment. Height advantage is vital, but making height variation too high can actually diminish this advantage. Height variation is wasted if the person above has to aim down too much, or walk too close to the edge to actually see their opponent. But nevertheless, because the three jump rule is now mostly irrelevant, this ideal range of height variation has become more ignored and unaware mappers have fallen into the trap of using functional steps and its ilk too much, seeing them as limitless resources.

The obvious example of this in INSPIRE is, as I hinted at previously, INSPIR02. Using functional steps and slopes at various places to do the dirty work, along with a good heaping of jumps, this map is incredibly tall. This is of course redundant since this is addressed in the judge's feedback and everyone and their mother has complained about it previously, but for the sake of example I really want to stress the point. For how big the map is, players are hardly ever able to fight each other at reasonable distances.
Other maps with excessive height variation:
Spoiler for Hiden:
INSPIR04 - Breathing room is obviously required underneath 3D floors, though in areas like the blue room there is some space to raise the floors slightly. The bigger issue is that the blue and green rooms lack sufficient open horizontal space to complement this rise of 160+ units. Elevation-to-elevation player interactions are thus inhibited as players on the upper floor must aim too far down and stand too close to the edge to shoot at their opponents, wasting height advantage. There is much more open horizontal space in the red room which as KD said makes interactions more comfortable.
INSPIR05 - Addressed in judge's feedback.
INSPIR06 - Main issue here is that the second floor is so high up that there is zero interaction between the two floors.
Even INSPIR03 probably has room to make several of its staircases 32 units shorter and lower any corresponding 3D floors by the same amount.
Of INSPIRE, INSPIR06 is unfortunately the epitome of everything I've discussed regarding expansive mapping attitudes. This map has 3D floors placed extremely high up. This map has extremely tall functional stairs. This map has extremely tall 3D floor functional stairs. I can hardly blame Watzup because this is his first map, and it's otherwise a very commendable first attempt, but this point needs to be made for everyone else: these are the attitudes new mappers are born into. I fear that amid all the maps getting unreasonably bigger and more complex, new mappers will see excess (though they won't consider it excess!) as the norm and emulate it.

Another point I want to address is excessive use of 16-height steps as decoration. As standards for detail in maps increase, mappers have grown to become fond of differentiating their differently-textured floors by putting them on slightly different elevations. Used in moderation this is fine, and it's a practice I myself often do, but it's important to recognise the possible drawbacks of this when used inappropriately. Using 16-height steps with 32-height steps nearby can cause obstructions in player movement (INSPIR01 - addressed in judge's feedback, INSPIR04 - 16-height step before 32-height step leading to Yamato Spear in red room tripped me up a few times). Generally excessive use can ruin the usefulness of floorhugging weapons like Bubble Lead (INSPIR04), Ice Wall (INSPIR05) or Water Wave (INSPIR07), and, to an extent, just makes the map look untidy (I have criticised pre-v3b MMBBUR's random little steps in the past for this reason). Arguably INSPIR07 is an exception to this point of untidiness since the random steps blend in better with the map's more detailed GBA textures, but for the rest a reminder: you are dealing with 8-bit textures sorted in-game mostly as 32x32 tiles. Small steps I find are aesthetically acceptable when grouped together as staircases but otherwise random steps up and down mostly just seem out of place.

Thank you to anyone who read all of this. I felt it was important to properly articulate what I saw as a growing issue in the 8BDM mapping scene. A size/complexity creep is inevitable in a sense, but don't go too wild with it.
Spoiler for Hiden:
[25/05/2015 5:27:42 PM] King Dumb: MM3SPA is like
[25/05/2015 5:27:52 PM] King Dumb: my favorite elevation-based duel map
[25/05/2015 5:27:56 PM] King Dumb: so intense the whole time
[25/05/2015 5:28:03 PM] King Dumb: and 80% of it comes from the elevations
[25/05/2015 5:34:52 PM] Shade Guy: dat pit man
[25/05/2015 5:34:59 PM] King Dumb: it's like
[25/05/2015 5:35:09 PM] King Dumb: the map where Rush is most important
[25/05/2015 5:35:13 PM] King Dumb: out of any map
[25/05/2015 5:35:39 PM] Shade Guy: the pressure of trying to climb back out would be non-existent if the pit was deeper and the ladder was replaced by a jump pad
[25/05/2015 5:35:48 PM] King Dumb: exactly
[25/05/2015 5:36:01 PM] King Dumb: and I could see some people advocating for such a replacement
[25/05/2015 5:36:36 PM] Shade Guy: It's what I fear might be attempted if someone tried to make a map like it nowadays at least

Anything Goes / Re: General PJSalt Discussion
« on: April 06, 2015, 05:12:26 AM »
Spoiler for Hiden:
Hey everyone, I wanted to drop by again and give an update of some non-8BDM work I've been doing. I'm a musician! Well, that's not actually a new development but what is a new development is that I'm actually doing something with it! During my summer holidays at the start of this year I started doing some street performances for cash. Amazingly, while playing I was invited to come rehearse with a person's band. In fact, I did a gig with them last night! Nothing too big of course, just at a local bar, but it's still exciting for me since to me it's a new environment and something I would love to explore more.
The spoilered video above is an example of another thing I've explored over the past few months, which is (admittedly fairly basic) music recording. This is just a recording of me covering a hopefully-familiar tune (with a spliced together backing drum beat), but I do have some more substantial content I'd like to upload soon.

Guess what? Since Zandronum caused a bunch of compatibility errors with pre-existing MM8BDM maps, v1g can no longer be the last version of IX-Pack! I'll get to releasing v1h soon with teleporter fixes, but in the meantime:

If hosting IX-Pack v1G in MM8BDMv4c servers, please remove IDM09, IDM22, IDM25, XDM04 and XDM09 from the map rotation to avoid potential crashing.

Thank you. I'd also like to ask, does anyone have any suggestions/bug reports (besides the previously-mentioned teleporter issues)? It would be ideal if I could do more to warrant the 30+ MB redownload.

Projects & Creative / Re: [Map Pack] SHARP (Version FrankerZ)
« on: April 06, 2015, 03:55:27 AM »
Hey everyone, Zandronum v2 is out now and I've been hardly working working hard on getting SHARPv3c ready. It's become more of an imperative that I do so now that the new ZDR version causes crashes in certain maps thanks to the way 'actor hits floor' is now handled, but simultaneously I do want to take time to include some substantial content besides teleporter fixes in the new version. In the meantime:

If hosting SHARPv3b in MM8BDMv4c servers, please remove SHA08, SHA12 and VRP01 from the map rotation to avoid potential crashing.

Thank you. Also, here's another before/after screenshot of the redone version of SHA02 (although again, still a WIP):
Spoiler for Hiden:


Anything Goes / I feel like I'm in more need of highlights.
« on: March 13, 2015, 01:14:42 PM »
Hey kids, figured I'd pop in and be the first one to wish Magnet Dood a happy birthday on the forums. I noticed I missed a few birthdays also (including our once-supreme overlord Ivory!), so happy belated birthday to those folks too.

As people may have noticed, I disappeared for a while during my summer holidays (which ended a few weeks ago but then I got comfy with the idea of being absent). I still kept up to date with the forum but I didn't log into Skype for at least two months! Cripes. Anyway, I've still got some 8BDM work I want to finish, so I figured I should try and maintain more of a presence in the meantime. So, what's up?

Projects & Creative / Re: [Map Pack] IX-Pack {v1g released}
« on: January 04, 2015, 04:11:48 AM »
Double post, but with very good reason. IX-Pack v1g is released! On top of that, IX-Legacy v1c is released! Here is the complete changelog:
Spoiler for Hiden:
IX-Pack v1g: Shade Guy takes the wheel
-In General - MM&B weapons and items added to various maps (and MM8 weapons to XDM maps). All maps converted to UDMF format. Script and linedef actions edited/removed where the new format allows/requires. Global music scripts updated to core standard. Software issues in most (if not all) maps fixed.
-For maps with deep water - All water updated to core standard (transparent 3D floor water instead of transfer heights).
-For maps with ice physics - All ice floors updated to core standard (sector_setfriction script instead of Hexen ice sector effect).
-IDM01 - Missing impassable line fixed.
-IDM03 - The power of UDMF compels you! A total of two sectors (guard raised floors) offsetted by 16 units.
-IDM06 - Magfly sprites removed from .pk3 because of redundancy. Magfly colour translations changed to correspond to Magfly actors in MM3MAG.
-IDM07 - Visuals updated to use MM6CEN underwater graphics introduced in v4a.
-IDM09 - Cossack arches changed from midtextures to slopes to correspond with visual updates to MM4DC1.
-IDM13 - Some flats changed and some bridges changed from walkable midtextures to 3D floors to correspond with visual updates to MM5STO. Death pit obituary changed to "x fell too far."
-IDM18 - Missing impassable line fixed.
-IDM20 - Variant of SHADBAR texture defined so the gates return to how they once looked.
-IDM21 - Visuals updated to use MM2WOO flats introduced in v3b.
-IDM25 - Bubble bouncer given bounce sfx. Minor edits to the girders.
-XDM03 - Death water obituary changed to "x can't swim".
-XDM04 - Bridge functionality changed from bridge actors to walkable midtextures. Railing next to Treble Sentry pushed to edge.
-XDM06 - Transfer heights bug fixed. Impassable lines added to the tops of the sandfalls indoors.
-XDM07 - Outer hallways made slightly narrower.
-XDM08 - Visuals updated to use MM6CEN underwater graphics introduced in v4a. Fences added alongside map boundaries.
-XDM09 - Visuals updated to use MM5STO flats introduced in v3a. Water recoloured to resemble the Napalm Man waterfall texture.
-XDM10 - Map redone! Map layout by Mr X, weapon and item placement by Shade Guy.
And since IX-Legacy v1c has a bunch of maps added to it since the last version, here's an updated list of contents for it:
Spoiler for Hiden:
I-Deathmatch maps
IDM01L1 - Sand Canyon prior to IX-Pack
IDM01L2 - Sand Canyon prior to IX-Pack v1D
IDM03L1 - Sky Way prior to I-Pack v3
IDM03L2 - Sky Way prior to IX-Pack
IDM03L3 - Sky Way prior to IX-Pack v1D
IDM04L1 - Wave Trench prior to I-Pack v3
IDM04L2 - Unreleased Wave Trench intended for I-Pack v3
IDM04L3 - Ocean Lab prior to IX-Pack v1D
IDM05L1 - Pharaoh's Tomb prior to I-Pack v3
IDM05L2 - Pharaoh's Tomb prior to IX-Pack
IDM06L1 - Decommissioning Plant prior to I-Pack v3
IDM07L1 - Oceanic Ruins prior to I-Pack v3
IDM08L1 - Unreleased Gravity Core intended for I-Pack v1
IDM08L2 - Gravity Core prior to I-Pack v3
IDM08L3 - Gleaming Overworld prior to IX-Pack v1E
IDM09L1 - Glacier Valley prior to I-Pack v3
IDM11L1 - Gravity Mines prior to IX-Pack
IDM11L2 - Gravity Mines prior to IX-Pack v1F
IDM12L1 - Silent Bog prior to IX-Pack v1F
IDM14L1 - Cosmic Station prior to IX-Pack v1C
IDM16L1 - Molten Lair prior to IX-Pack v1E
IDM17L1 - Cut Trench prior to IX-Pack v1C
IDM17L2 - Castle Cutenstein prior to IX-Pack v1E
IDM20L1 - Cliffside Fear prior to IX-Pack v1D
IDM21L1 - World Tree prior to IX-Pack v1C
IDM23L1 - Skull Arena prior to IX-Pack v1E
IDM25L1 - Missile Base prior to IX-Pack v1C
X-Deathmatch Maps
XDM01L1 - Blade Man prior to IX-Pack
XDM02L1 - Wily's Space Fortress prior to IX-Pack v1E
XDM05L1 - Whomp's Fortress Remixed prior to IX-Pack v1E
XDM06L1 - Sand Sea prior to IX-Pack
XDM07L1 - Alpha Sector prior to IX-Pack v1E
XDM10L1 - Underground prior to IX-Pack v1G
XDUEL00 - X Satellite (Mr. X did not want this map to exist outside the Legacy Pack.)
Now, unless there are any big content updates made to this map pack (doubtful since both founders have now left the community), this will probably be the last version of IX-Pack. There's little point making another release and getting people to redownload a 30+ MB file if any minor bugs come up that can be fixed. So, thank you Ivory and Mr X for making a combined total of 35 quality maps with IX-Pack. See you all on another thread.

Anything Goes / Re: General Absence Thread
« on: December 12, 2014, 02:01:05 PM »
I'm leaving in the morning to stay at a friend's holiday house all week with a group of friends. Since my 3v3 TLMS tourney team is waiting for The Wuonejos vs Sapphire Fist to happen before we can organise our next game, hopefully I won't be delaying any matches.

Projects & Creative / Re: [Map Pack] SHARP (Version 3b)
« on: December 02, 2014, 01:37:10 AM »
Check the first post yo. I added a list of music codes and credits there after last time someone asked me about music. These are the the credits for SHA05-6 respectively though, since you asked:
Quote from: "Shade Guy, on the first post,"
SHAMUS5 - Bushroot Stage from Darkwing Duck
SHAMUS6 - Flame Repellent (Original) by FearOfDark
Since this topic has been bumped, I may as well announce my next plans for this pack. The next version will be SHARPv3c and will feature overhauls to the original trio of SHA-- maps. A redone version of SHA01 has already been completed and was hosted as part of this year's Mapchella event thanks to Mendez. I am currently working on redone versions of SHA02-3; the latter is still in early WIP stages but I've done enough work on the former to show a before/after screenshot (although it is also still a WIP):
Spoiler for Hiden:

In addition, SHA14 will be replaced by the Dual map Gospel and I made for Knux's event. Furthermore, people who only liked the original SHA14 for the game its stage music came from should not fear! This will be the new music for SHA14:
Spoiler for Hiden:

I noticed Duora was no longer using this track in DRSG so I jumped at the opportunity to include it in my own pack.
The new version should be ready to release whenever I finish work on these last two map overhauls...whenever that will be. I'll keep you guys posted.

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