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Spoiler for Hiden:
*Severely reduced size of ACS files.
*Added custom intermission graphic. (it's the same as core, but PURPLE)
*Added custom intermission music. (only works when "compat_oldintermission" is set to "true")
*Obituaries fixed
*Updated Clash-NC skin by Dio-ZX
*Added two more invisible frames to Spin Wheel
*Added Jax07's versions of Za Warudo and Ice Circle
   -Za Warudo is a multi-hit AoE that stops enemy movement with each hit.
      Sponges weapon pick-ups akin to Time Stopper.
   -Ice Circle lets you slip across floors as if they were icy and bounce off
      walls while the shield is active (Think of a slippery, weaker Scorch Wheel.)
      Ice Circle is also shot as a floor-hugging projectile after
      use that rips through enemies.
*Rumbling Bang code updated slightly.
   -Projectile now moves slightly forward and causes an earthquake when
*Updated all Color Translations to match RNC's recent update and edited the
   HUDs, weapon sprites, and voxels accordingly.
*Re-re-re-ripped music to sound less ear-rapey
*Removed Mecha Dragon sound as core file now has it
*Cleaned up sky-boxes.
*Fixed RNCDW3 Gravity flags not working properly

*Adding a story was a mistake

*Map used for setting up campaign parameters.

*Fixed/Re-aligned some textures

*Post actor updated with an argument toggle for 'Off' state.
*Post voxels updated
*Platform sprites and voxels updated

*Darkening 3D-Floors are no longer 'killing fields' (again).
*Block Monster LineDefs added to teleporter and most of the ladders.
*Fixed/Re-aligned textures some more.
*Added a crystal to the center-west Shiny Beam area.
*Script for center-west Shiny Beam area adjusted.
*Added Script-activating LineDefs for Shiny Beams due to the code for Quick
   Beams being altered causing beams to clip through the crystals.

*Wire Adaptor replaced with Eddie Bomber

*Smoothed out colors on snowy actor voxels.
*Re-done Wily Snowman sprite rotations and voxel

*Replaced Tornado Hold with Laser Trident

*Became less of a lazy fuck and added ACTUAL arrows to the belt textures.
*Replaced Wire Adaptor with Treble Sentry
Map Pack

Hotfix to get some of the major things out of the way.

CSCM v5c-h1 Download
REMIX v5c-h1 Download

Big change is, of course, the pack split. CSCM and REMIX are their own separate entities as REMIX is a more serious map-pack compared to CSCM.

Another update is that CSCM17, which is the Buster Rod G. map, was moved to REMIX as MMWTBRGX and the empty spot in CSCM is currently filled with a new map by Xhatahx.

Other changes include bug fixes and remedying screw-ups.

Sure, go for it!

The main reason I salvaged this and the No Constancy Expansion and brought them back to surface was to re-make it to the point where it could, once again, be accepted by the community and played as much as all the other maps. Yes, all these maps were battered by the sands of time, but by bringing them to everyone's attention, they could all be revised by those who made them. All the new possible gimmicks that can be devised as well as the host of experience that the map authors have gained or the past years can be utilized to make their map's less simplistic and more complex. As Gummy said, CSCM is a safe haven for new/in-experienced map makers. It's a way for them to show off their creativity without the fear of the more serious criticism that other collaborative map packs function on. They can then look back on them in the coming years and say, "I know how I can improve this." I know this is coming from someone who hasn't done a lot in terms of originality for more than that time-frame, but I personally hope to achieve exactly that feeling, especially in mapping. Heck, I might end up pitching a map for this at one point because of this. I'll possibly end up achieving the exact same thing for CSCAT which is the same thing, but for the game's weapons.

Splitting the pack, I can absolutely agree on. Since the Remix maps have a higher quality than most of the CSCM maps, it's better to keep them separate.

In terms of judging maps and such, I personally believe I can't do that. My main concern is that I can't really explain the reason why I would reject it. I can be flat about it and say that it's too small, too open, too claustrophobic, lack of weapon variety, among other common criticisms, but of course I'd never be flat with a decision like that. It's a combination of that, the possibility of the submitter's persistence, and the concern of whether or not the submitter will challenge the logic behind my judgement. I'd be more comfortable having a select few to help with judging.

I'll release both of the packs separately once I get a few decisions out of the way for the maps currently in them.

IT'S HAPPENING! AFTER 5 YEARS OF WAITING! [Exclamation3.txt not found]

Spoiler for Hiden:
---ALL MAPS---
v5b compatability
MM8, MM&B, and MM9 weps sprinkled into most of the maps.
Map Cards added for all maps
Sector damaging scripts fixed.
"Block Monster" LineDef settings added to areas where it was needed/missing.
Teleport fixes
LineIdentification relacements
Various musics re-ripped and/or looped

--CSCM01 "Wily's Kourtyard"--
Music chaned to 7DW4MUS from core

*NEW*--CSCM03 "Offsite Training Grounds"--*NEW*
Revised map design by Blaze Yeager

--CSCM04 "Wily's Kottage" a.k.a. "Messatsu's house, possibly"--
Music changed to 7DW1MUS from core

--CSCM06 "Frost Processing"--
Wall directly above ladders extended outward slightly.

--CSCM07 "Fireball Deathmatch"--
Pit script added underneath 3D Floors

--CSCM08 "Knight in the Castle"--
Music changed to MWSMUS from core
Fire Trap fix

--CSCM11 "Castle Crashers"--
Moved outside ladder inward slightly

--CSCM13 "Scarlet Devil Mansion"--
Layout symmetry attempt (possible revert)

--CSCM14 "Chaoischer Garden"--
Most of custom textures removed as core textures can be used.
Various spawn points were moved around to better suit bots

--CSCM15 "Dog Man"--
Yashichi cubby hole made inaccessible.
Removed file-bloating example text from TEXTURES file.

--CSCM17 "Buster Rod G. (CSCM)"--
Map re-named "Buster Rod G. (CSCM)"
Music changed to core BRGMUS
Snakey actor/textures swapped to darker variants used in core's MMWTBRG.
Custom textures no longer clash with core's MMWTBRG textures.

--CSCM18 "Flame Processing"--
Fixed oil pit script

--CSCM19 "Her Man"--
Map design improved by Jakinator
Removed file-bloating example text from TEXTURES file.

--CSCM20 "Sea Base Alpha"--
Custom Met sprites removed in favor of core sprites.

--CSCM21 "Outback Garden"--
Long wall holes now inaccessible.

*NEW*--CSCM25 "The King's Dimension"--*NEW*
Revised map design by Jakinator

--CSCM28 "Starlit Playground"--
Guts Lift fix
Fixed floor-lowering script triggers
Copied spring script from MM7SPR for "bounce house"

--CSCM29 "Twin Castle"--
Replaced GeminiManStatue custom actors with RobotMasterActor from core.
North-East outside pillar made inaccessible

--CSCM30 "Gold Man"--
Removed file-bloating example text from TEXTURES file.

--CSCM31 "Skyscraper Grief"--
Updated oil pit script

--CSCM32 "Green Hill Zone"--
Removed Monitor actors and replaced with core weapons/items:
   Speed-Up -> Charge Kick
   Invincibility -> Skull Barrier
   Shield -> Jewel Satellite
   Eddie -> Eddie Summon

Added portals between upper and lower area
Core BubbleSpawner actors replaced with custom BubbleSpawner actors so bubbles do not
   appear to float out of the water.

Removed most of the custom textures as they are now in core.
Added voxels for the Wily Lift

Giant Snakey floor gimmick updated.

Removed AIRSKY textures (Leftover from old sky-changing script)

Updated texture-swapping script.

Sector_SetWind effect added to rails.

Replaced majority of custom textures with newer core textures
Ported over texture-checking script for boats.
Minor map edits.

Floaty water removed
Teleporters in upper area pushed into floor.

Updated oil pit scripts

Spring scripts copied over from core
Ceiling springs removed (script doesn't make the player bounce that high anymore)

Unnecessary teleport areas removed.

Hanging Tires can no longer be erased by Proto Shield

Fixed Guts Man G

--Known Bugs--
Certain projectiles cannot be shot through the portals in MM1DW2X, MM2BUBX, AND MM2DW2X
   *Bass Buster/Treble Boost
   *Laser Trident
   *Scorch Wheel
   *Ice Wall

Using Lightning Bolt while transferring through the latter-mentioned portals will crash the game.

Lag on MM5CHAX due to the train script if there are too many players/bots at once.
Map Cards will be missing some information that I haven't found while I was tending to this pack. Music replacements/updates are possible provided that the maker of that map, if still in the community, approves it.

MM6TOMX wasn't included in this pack as the file was corrupted when I tried to open it in DoomBuilder.

One last major note for anyone who wants to host this pack: MAKE SURE THAT MM1DW2X, MM2BUBX, AND MM2DW2X ARE REMOVED FROM THE MAP LIST WHEN PLAYING ANY MODE THAT INCLUDES A COPYWEP LOAD-OUT! (CBM, UNHOLY, ETC.) There is a very nasty bug that involves using Lightning Bolt around the portals that are used in these stages that can and will cause the game to crash. Fixing the bug is something I cannot do as it would involve making replacement actors from the core and that'd ruin its compatibility with other mods.

If ya have any music info that I missed, have access to a non-bugged MM6TOMX map from a previous build, or other problems come up, PM me or poke me on Discord to let me know.

Closed / [Music] CTFMUS7 Update
« on: August 14, 2017, 05:07:48 PM »
Ever since Mega Man Unlimited got released, the music for MMCTF07 never got updated to the official piece of music that Kevvviiinnn wrote for the game.
I ripped the music and provided a download below for it.

The Map Card information would also need to be updated.

Music file

- Stage 29
- N/A
- Kevvviiinnn

- Cyclical Rampage
- Mega Man Unlimited
- Kevvviiinnn

Anything Goes / Re: Cutstuff Shorts
« on: August 12, 2017, 05:24:10 AM »

Rejected / Re: [Oversight] Various pits not triggering Beat Call
« on: July 07, 2017, 05:42:32 AM »
It's unfortunate that Beat Call is ignored to this extent. I personally would like to see more use of it, but I can agree that it's lack of appearance is due to that most of the map being created are all indoors with no pitfalls, lava, and/or the like. I was kind of surprised that the Party Balls didn't have it as a drop, but I can understand the reason why, being the latter. The only possible method of getting it in maps that don't support it would be "randomizer" mods like ye olde ?-Box mode and there's a slim chance that it might also get worked on. I could suggest combining it with Beat Support, giving Beat Call some offensive value, or just scrapping the item all together, but I doubt that will happen, however. I'd prefer that the script be fixed just in case.

Also updated FP with more affected maps.

Rejected / [Oversight] Various pits not triggering Beat Call
« on: July 04, 2017, 06:34:58 PM »
Since the scripts for the pits and Beat Call were changed for v5b, outside-area pits in some of the levels (mostly ones where Beat Call is not available) were not altered to have Beat Call function properly. Instead the player becomes invulnerable to the pit damage and Beat Call says inactive.


*Has no pits, but Beat Call makes you immune to damage from the non-lethal oil ponds
**The underwater spike pits register as "drowning" in the code and shouldn't activate Beat Call.
***Works fine on the lava pools, but not any of the pits

MM1BOM, MM2AIR, MM2MET, MM3MAG, MM4BRI, MM5GRA, MM6WIN, MM8CLO, MM9TOR, MMCTF13, MMCTF24 uses the old script, but Beat Call still functions.
Spoiler for Hiden:

v2a is now live and available to download!
v2a hotfix 1 is now live and available to download!

Map Pack:

v2a-h1 Change Log:
Spoiler for Hiden:
--- Map Pack ---

*More compression and organization.
*Altered Skybox camera in RNCAIR to match the Expansion.
*Fixed brightness-tranferring 3D floors being "killing fields" in RNCQUI.
*Tweaked Shiny Beam script slightly.

--- Expansion ---

*More compression and organization.
*Fixed left-most spike pit not insta-killing players in certain areas.
*Fixed brightness-tranferring 3D floors being "killing fields."
*Tweaked Shiny Beam script slightly.
*Repalced Crash Bomb pick-up in RNCCLA with Remote Mine.
*Replaced Quick Boomerang pick-ups in RNCQUI with Plug Ball.
*Fixed weapon pick-up text missing exclamation points.
*Added new HUDs for Za Warudo, Rising Sun, Spin Wheel, and Ice Circle.
*Several adjustments to Spin Wheel's coding to help reduce visual obstruction:
   - Added spawner actor similar to Screw Crusher's coding
   - Added invisible frame
   - Increase forward recoil (5 > 10)
*Fixed floaty Ice Circle actor not being floaty in RNCDW3.
*Fixed script not swapping Mega Buster for Rock Buster upon respawn.
*Added sprites for Item-1NC and Item-2NC because I forgot to test everything w/o Voxels.
*Fixed frag limit for Wily stages during campaign. My bad. ( ,_ ,)
v2a Change Log:
Spoiler for Hiden:
MM8BDM v5b compatability!

Map Pack available for download that has the RNC weapons replaced with their core counterparts.

Voxel Pack? What Voxel Pack? There's never been a Voxel Pack!

*Added Item-2 NC with voxels

*Added Item-3 sprites and voxels in the event hat it gets added to the core in the future.

*Added AltFire states for all weapons, because that is now a thing.

*Hard Buster: Re-named Rock Buster.

*Delay Flame: Projectile states altered so it thrusts upward intervally and fires instead of stop, thrust up, then fire.
            Added OilPitIgnite to projectile.

*Ice Circle: States altered to behave akin to Leaf Shield, staying up for a limited amount of time.
       IceCircleFX spawners moved to "Flash" state.
       Added weakness to Thunder Claw, Plug Ball, Thunder Wool, and Electric Shock while active.
       Added immunity to Ice Wall and Chill Spike while active.

*Proto Charge: ColorTranslation and flashing Buster HUD effects moved to "Flash" state.
              Added OilPitIgnite to projectiles.
         AltFire rapid-fires uncharged shots.

*Rising Sun: No changes.

*Rumbling Bang: Trail effects altered to be truer to in-game.

*Spin Wheel: No changes.

*Wind Slicer: Added death sprites for projectiles.

*Za Warudo: Revamped (copy/pasted) coding to function like CBM-FlashMan's Time Stopper,
              including effect spawner and exact state freezing.

Revised Heat-NC skin provided by FTX6004
Revised Clash-NC, Bubble-NC, and Flash-NC skins provided by DarkAura (me)

MAPS (Collective)
*All transporters are fixed so they no longer crash the game when used.
*Block Monster LineDef parameters added/removed/alter/fixed/etc. (All maps)
*Ladder-climbing speed lowered from 30 to 27. (All maps)
*Textures re-colored. (All maps)
*Map Cards added (All maps)
*Higher quality music with loops (thanks to Xhatahx for re-ripping the music)

MAPS (Individual)
*Title Map added with (beta) intro.
*Added arguement check to MegaHair to change sprites.

*Voxels added for Yoku Blocks
*Yoku Block script altered: Blocks do not spawn immediately as the map loads.
                     Both blocks do not spawn at the same time, but alternate.
*Line Identification special removed from border LineDefs.
*Added custom sloped rail textures.

*Voxels added for Yoku Blocks
*Pillars by Rumbling Bang can no longer be climbed upon.
*Texture-switching script altered: First texture swap triggers after 4 minutes (8,400 tics.)
                     Second texture swap triggers 32 seconds (1,120 tics) after the first.
                     Script parameter added to change what colored Yoku blocks spawn.
*Yoku Block script altered: Blocks do not spawn immediately as the map loads.
               Different-colored blocks spawn based on texture script.
*Transporter fix.
*New hiding spot for Yashichi.

*Arguement added to plant actors to switch to RNCFIN colors.

*Full rotation sprites added for Post and Platform actors.
*Voxels added for Platform.
*Transporter fix.

*Transporter fix.
*New water texture.

*Yashichi area blocked off so no one (such as CBM-MetalMan) can hide in there.
*Custom oil drop actor added.

*Glass 3D-Floors altered for the areas around the Shiny Beams.
*Shiny Beam script altered: Timing altered so the beams appear to light up the crystals they are fired at.
                Warning arrows altered to look 8-bit.
*ShinyBeamShooterUp and ShinyBeamShooterDown combined with ShinyBeamShooter to fire forward/up/down depending on an arguement check.

No major changes.

*Pillars no longer crash the game when in view.
*Rotations added for Mecha Dragon NC

*PikoPiko room re-textured.
*Added custom Small Health and Large Energy actors with disabled gravity for conveyor belts
*Added custom Mirror Buster Giver with disabled gravity for conveyor belts.

*Transporter fix
*Added altered weapon/pick-up actors with flipped sprites and disabled gravity for the upside-down areas.

*No major changes.

*Heavily altered script beyond defeating Super Wily.
*Re-done post-Super Wily room.

*Shaved off more than 50% of the "map."
*Added character/map actors and altered script to make the sequence seem less static.

Re-write intro (depending on if it's even good enough to begin with)
Figure out how to make Delay Flame work w/o having to use scripts.
Overhaul end credits sequence into something new (no need to have map-by-map credits since
   Map Cards do exactly that)
Re-code Super Wily.
All-around re-tweaking.
Additional MM2-style outro after Super Wily.
Add in Super Wily skin when I get IAmAMedalHunter's permission to do so.
Code Item-3 (only if it's gonna be implimented in the core pack in the future.)
OVERHAUL ALMOST EVERYTHING! (basically re-make the whole pack, sans maps.)
Other thing not mentioned here.

If you find an issue that needs to be addressed, PM me here or prod me on Discord.

Don't know how to. Was hoping someone that knew how to would lend a hand.

I've been working on re-booting the RNC-Expansion for quite some time. I'm about 95% done with it and just need to fix several things with and might (doesn't mean I 100% will) release it before the end of the week, provided that I get Max's permission/stamp of approval to do so.

Closed / [Improved Sprites] Flash Man
« on: May 28, 2017, 01:35:31 AM »
Flash's overall skin design is kinda bleh, so let's (attempt to) fix that.

Major changes to skin:
*Buster orientation on front-facing sprites, [A1], [B1], etc., sprites switched from left to right to stay true to the canon.
*Thinned the head on front-facing sprites.
*Skin tones changed to be more accurate to the in-game sprites (Doom Color #215)
*Stance on standing frames altered (one leg facing forward, slightly outward, other leg facing to Flash's left.)
*Design of back/diagonal and back frames tweaked.
*Shine on forehead crystal changed to white.
*Front pain sprite is mirrored.
*Height of [B4B6/D4D6] and [B5/D6] shortened by 1px.

Anything else I missed, lemme know.

Fix'd, hopefully.

I definitely considered making Great Tengu CBM-compatible, but I was waiting for the next CBM update to show up in the event that I needed to make exclusive sprites for the compatibility.

Since the update is TBA, I might as well. And, luckily for me, I made it in advance.


+ Added CBM-Compatibility for Great Tengu skin

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