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Anything Goes / Re: General Offtopic Discussion
« on: July 09, 2016, 08:28:23 PM »
In fact, there is people who can be really mean, and you will have always some extreme people because it's always easier to have an idealism without coherent limits than searching the middle of the good sens and for the real problem, and it's often bad people in cities like thug can be people who never get any happyness and way to get some culture....and it's why they sell drugs and others to get stuff and others.... :/

But if you don't punish those guys, it won't calm them anyway, because some people can be really stubborn and impossible to change (like some terrorist....).
The biggest problem are the politics who ruin everything and make everything more poor, even for the culture.... They are all the same (at least for the rich countries).

But im still not so tolerant about bad guys, at least for the one who are intentionally bad and who have a great life in fact (south of France is full of fake thugs for that)....those people need to be punished but the ones who do bad stuff because they are REALLY sad, should be helped in way.

But it seems too hard for people to understand the complex stuff. :/

General Gaming Discussion / Re: Mighty disappointed?
« on: July 03, 2016, 11:50:49 PM »
20XX is still in early access, right?

I think, I will buy it, looks like a megaman clone for a lot but it seems really well made and very fast paced, like how could be a MMZ game with more "vertical" and higher jump stuff, size character/screen looks good too.  :)

MM8BDM Discussion / Re: MM8BDM v5 Public Thread - MM9 Expansion
« on: July 03, 2016, 06:16:54 PM »
Quote from: "CutmanMike"
Quote from: "Rui"
Wait.... why was BBA Mega Man allowed to have a skin in-game?

I was outvoted I think.

Even that, you should take care, but yes, we need some stuff who can be a little bit off topic because it's supposed to be a fps for the most.
But why not, if a lot of people like it? We can play him in a fighting game x)

Forum Games / Re: Rate the avatar of the user above you
« on: July 03, 2016, 06:15:03 PM »
8/10, nice for an avatar of doomguy, maybe afer fighting hell, he can relax.
Doomguy, the guy who go in hell sometimes for fun shooting... anyway

Anything Goes / Re: New to Cutstuff? Post here.
« on: July 03, 2016, 06:13:01 PM »
Welcome and have fun, and there is a lot of special mods and stuff.  :cool:

Anything Goes / Re: Hello... I guess.
« on: July 03, 2016, 06:06:04 PM »
I don't remember you or maybe..... dont worry just have fun , trolling can be done but there is some rules for it :)

Anything Goes / Re: What is your avatar from/of?
« on: July 03, 2016, 06:04:39 PM »
Oh Balls i remember you, you were a funny cool guy! you come back to check new stuff?  :p

EDIT: Ah i forgot..
My avatar is a random pic of pig because pig are funny : > @(°(oo)°)@ rônrôn

MM8BDM Discussion / Re: Major Best Ever moderation changes
« on: June 25, 2016, 03:25:42 PM »
Quote from: "JaxOf7"
So wait just to be clear, he took the servers down, put them back up, then took them down again?

Yes, no more servers (even for megaman), it seems really dead.

MM8BDM Discussion / Re: Major Best Ever moderation changes
« on: June 25, 2016, 11:04:27 AM »

"Sorry, I took BE down. I'm generally unhappy with the way the Zandronum staff handles things. I know this petty drama doesn't affect most of you since you just use #bestever to host but they do affect me. I have to deal with these issues on a daily basis because somehow I've apparently become a large figure in this community or something.

You can join #tspg-painkiller for the same thing as BE as they use a fork of our bot."

Thanks again Jenova, i will miss BE, i hope Watakid and you will be still around, people should imagine how some admins and nice people can react to mean things, "like imagine yourself instead them, should you be happy if we do the same thing to you?"
But we can't change people anyway'.

I will miss BE because i have used it for a lot of stuff (not only mm8bdm)...i remember some nice coom with some iwad. :)

Well yeah, let's go to [TSPG] in the hope nobody will troll anymore or start mean stuff here too.

MM8BDM Discussion / Re: MM8BDM Funnies
« on: June 25, 2016, 10:59:36 AM »
Quote from: "Orange juice :l"
I post em you roast em

Spoiler for Hiden:
[2:3:35] Mr. Cargo : this is a simple concept
[2:3:38] Mr. Cargo : i flash em u smash em
[2:3:54] Mendez : i always went with "i stun them you gun them"
[2:31:15] Mr. Cargo : i root em you doot em
[2:31:35] Mr. Cargo : i lock em you cock em
[2:31:43] Mendez : i stuck them you cuck them
[2:31:54] Mr. Cargo : i freeze them you please them
[2:32:6] unfaded ->>>: you chill them i kill them
[2:32:9] Mendez : i stop them you black vs cop them
[2:32:14] Mr. Cargo : i halt them you salt them
[2:32:35] Soundwave: i shock them, you choke them
[2:32:38] Mendez : i snare them you scare them
[2:32:4] Mr. Cargo : i jam them you slam them
[2:32:57] Mr. Cargo : i hold em you scold em
[2:33:8] Mendez : i grab them you stab them
[2:33:14] Soundwave: i rope them, you grope them
[2:33:2] gcn geek: i grip em you kick em
[2:33:3] Mr. Cargo : dear top man
[2:33:33] Mr. Cargo : i pin em you spin em
[2:33:48] Mendez : i slow them you mow them
[2:33:53] Mr. Cargo : i stall them you brawl them
[2:34:] * Mendez  *
[2:34:1] Mendez : oh wait
[2:34:12] unfaded ->>>: you lag them i frag them
[2:34:15] Soundwave: i lag them, you shag them
[2:34:19] Mr. Cargo : i stumble them you [rumble/humble] them
[2:34:25] Soundwave: crumble
[2:34:3] Mendez  is now known as BlueBrawl
[2:34:31] Mr. Cargo : man that one can just mix and match
[2:34:33] gcn geek: bumble
[2:34:36] * BlueBrawl *
[2:34:37] Player: i bang them you fang them
[2:34:54] gcn geek: i lay them you slay them
[2:34:56] Mr. Cargo : i pacify them you smashify them
[2:35:15] BlueBrawl: i shock them you knock them
[2:35:25] Mr. Cargo : i neutralize you removetheireyes
[2:36:1] BlueBrawl: i pack them you smack them
[2:36:5] Mr. Cargo : i muzzle em you rustle em
[2:36:26] Soundwave: hey
[2:36:28] Soundwave: i got one
[2:36:32] Soundwave: and its gay as f
[2:36:36] Player: i gag them you bag them.
[2:36:39] Soundwave: i suck them u cuck them
[2:37:14] Mr. Cargo : i incapacitate you decapitate
[2:37:24] BlueBrawl: i shush them you crush them
[2:37:25] Soundwave: i ground them, you pound them
[2:37:26] Mr. Cargo : i sap em you slap em
[2:37:42] Mr. Cargo : the possibilities are endless!
[2:38:12] Soundwave: i target them, you forget them
[2:38:16] Mr. Cargo : too real
[2:38:4] Mr. Cargo : i trip you rip
[2:38:51] Soundwave: i roll them, you troll them
[2:38:59] Mr. Cargo : i stump em you bump em
[2:39:51] Mr. Cargo : i grip em you snip em
[2:39:54] BlueBrawl: i tape them you
[2:39:57] BlueBrawl: snape them
[2:4:2] Mr. Cargo : snipe*
[2:4:3] Mr. Cargo : did we do "i slow em you blow em" yet
[2:4:35] BlueBrawl: nope
[2:4:41] unfaded ->>>: i thought you were going to say i nip them you grip them
[2:4:5] Mr. Cargo : i grip them you whip them
[2:4:53] Soundwave: muz, i miss nipgripping groundman
[2:4:56] BlueBrawl: oh lewd
[2:41:12] Mr. Cargo : i handle em you scandal them
[2:41:3] Mr. Cargo : i attract em you infract em
[2:41:46] Mr. Cargo : i seduce em you reduce em
[2:41:49] Soundwave: i prick them, you dick them
[2:42:1] unfaded ->>>: i harm them you charm them
[2:42:15] Mr. Cargo : i weaken em you're freakin' em
[2:42:48] BlueBrawl: i dupe them you poop them
[2:42:56] Mr. Cargo : i prime em you crime em
[2:42:58] Soundwave: i dump them, you pump them
[2:43:5] [a3]mobius: i buck em you cuck em
[2:43:2] [a3]mobius: i nick em you dick em
[2:43:31] Soundwave: i nukem u dukem
[2:43:33] Soundwave: ahem
[2:43:36] Soundwave: i dukem u nukem
[2:43:45] Mr. Cargo : i chill em you kill em
[2:44:14] Mr. Cargo : i lure em you stir em
[2:44:38] Mr. Cargo : i treat em you beat em
[2:45:12] BlueBrawl: i prep them you bull them
[2:45:13] Mr. Cargo : i energize you victimize
[2:45:27] Mr. Cargo : alternatively
[2:45:31] Mr. Cargo : i paralyze you victimize
[2:45:44] Soundwave: what rhymes with rape
[2:45:5] unfaded ->>>: vape
[2:45:54] Mr. Cargo : we already did the tape joke
[2:45:57] Soundwave: oh
[2:45:58] Soundwave: nvm
[2:46:11] gcn geek: i greet em you beat em
[2:46:19] Mr. Cargo : the classic, i tank em you spank em
[2:46:36] Mr. Cargo : i buff us you snuff em
[2:46:54] Soundwave: i drill em u grill em
[2:46:54] Mr. Cargo : i heal you keel
[2:47:5] Mr. Cargo : i grill em you kill em
[2:47:14] Mr. Cargo : i stiff em you riff em
[2:48:25] * Mr. Cargo  opens thesaurus
[2:48:4] unfaded ->>>: thesaurus sounds like a nice dino
[2:48:4] Mr. Cargo : i stymie em you meanie em
[2:48:46] Soundwave: this isn't time to talk about balance
[2:48:49] Soundwave: let's make more rhymes
[2:48:58] Mr. Cargo : i crimp em you gimp em
[2:48:58] BlueBrawl: i stifle them you rifle them
[2:48:59] gcn geek: slam poetry plox
[2:49:9] Soundwave: i gimp em u chimp em
[2:49:9] Mr. Cargo : i foil em you boil em
[2:49:11] gcn geek: i strife em you knife em
[2:49:13] unfaded ->>>: what was a haiku's structure like again
[2:49:16] Mr. Cargo : 575
[2:49:18] BlueBrawl: i trick them you kick them
[2:49:18] unfaded ->>>: was it 5 7 5
[2:49:2] unfaded ->>>: woooo
[2:49:31] BlueBrawl: i ruse them you bruise them
[2:5:4] Mr. Cargo : i puzzle em you muzzle em
[2:5:23] unfaded ->>>: i dredge them you sledge them
[2:5:34] unfaded ->>>: i shock them you rock them
[2:5:45] BlueBrawl: i trick them you dick them
[2:5:49] Mr. Cargo : i mystify em you rectify em
[2:51:3] Mr. Cargo : i confound em you pound em
[2:51:19] Mr. Cargo : i stonewall em you hardball em
[2:51:26] BlueBrawl: i annoy them you destroy them
[2:51:39] Mr. Cargo : i scramble you mangle
[2:52:1] Mr. Cargo : i obstruct you destruct
[2:52:17] BlueBrawl: i clog them you flog them
[2:52:21] Mr. Cargo : i work you hurt
[2:52:34] Mr. Cargo : i crab em you slab em
[2:52:37] BlueBrawl: i twerk 'em, then you work 'm
[2:52:43] BlueBrawl: oh god
[2:52:46] BlueBrawl: that sounds filthy
[2:52:53] BlueBrawl: scracth that last joke
[2:52:59] Mr. Cargo : i pinch em you winch em
[2:53:38] Mr. Cargo : i hold em you fold em
[2:54:11] Mr. Cargo : i snag em you rag em
[2:54:36] BlueBrawl: i attract them you iraq them
[2:55:4] BlueBrawl: i bemuse them, then you peus them
[2:55:15] BlueBrawl: okay my jokes suck now
[2:55:29] Soundwave: i loose them, u moose them
[2:55:31] Mr. Cargo : i put up the barrier you make christmas merrier
[2:55:31] reidakk: that joke got old 5 games ago
[2:55:47] Mr. Cargo : we're really grasping at straws here aren't we
[2:55:54] Mr. Cargo : wait i got it
[2:55:58] Mr. Cargo : i grasp em you sass em
[2:56:] BlueBrawl: grasping at hairs, more like it
[2:56:28] Mr. Cargo : i fuss you rush
[2:56:44] BlueBrawl: i drunken them, you dunketh them
[2:57:6] Mr. Cargo : i snare em you scare em
[2:57:13] Mr. Cargo : (did we do that one?)
[2:57:14] BlueBrawl: i already made that one up i think
[2:57:36] Mr. Cargo : i bicker em you sticker em
[2:58:] Mr. Cargo : i fret em you jet em
[2:58:8] BlueBrawl: mr. cargo shouldn't you be asleep by now
[2:58:12] Mr. Cargo : no
[2:58:16] BlueBrawl: alrighty
[2:58:28] Mr. Cargo : i have more one liners to make
[2:58:4] Mr. Cargo : i stew em you screw em
[2:58:48] BlueBrawl: i pick them you kick them
[2:58:56] Mr. Cargo : i harry em you bury em
[2:59:11] BlueBrawl: i play them you slay them
[2:59:28] Mr. Cargo : i think we need a bind that picks from all these lines randomly
[2:59:38] BlueBrawl: it's possible with aliases and arrays i think
[2:59:47] Mr. Cargo : i inebriate em you incriminate em
[2:59:47] BlueBrawl: but that requires advanced binding techniques
[3::] BlueBrawl: i ice them you dice them
[3::7] BlueBrawl: no wait
[3::12] BlueBrawl: i ice them you slice them
[3::17] Mr. Cargo : i worry em you slurry em
[3::43] Mr. Cargo : i quake em you unmake em
[3::51] BlueBrawl: i prank them you crank them
[3:1:13] Mr. Cargo : i surprise em you reprise em
[3:1:15] BlueBrawl: i pest them you molest them
[3:1:15] Soundwave: geez
[3:1:23]  Sir juicy: bb confirmed for pedo
[3:1:35] Mr. Cargo : i wrangle em you mangle em
[3:2:25] BlueBrawl: i stop them you bop them
[3:2:42] Mr. Cargo : i try em you die em
[3:3:22] BlueBrawl: i fiddle  them you diddle them
[3:3:23] Mr. Cargo : i cause an altercation you begin the assimilation
[3:3:41] BlueBrawl: i trick them you bik them
[3:3:51] Mr. Cargo : i inconvenience em you depenis em
[3:3:56] Soundwave: i bik them u prick them
[3:3:59] Soundwave: :^o
[3:4:3] BlueBrawl: is there a difference?
[3:4:5] BlueBrawl: oooooooo
[3:4:11] BlueBrawl: i kid, bik is cool
[3:4:15] Mr. Cargo : i bother em you slaughter em
[3:4:32] BlueBrawl: i trip them you pip them
[3:4:51] Mr. Cargo : i concuss em you smush em
[3:5:6] BlueBrawl: i injure them you murder them
[3:5:8] Mr. Cargo : i lick em you brick em
[3:5:27] BlueBrawl: i pump them you dump them
[3:5:32] Soundwave: i already made that joke
[3:5:34] Soundwave: bb
[3:5:36] BlueBrawl: oh darn
[3:5:38] Mr. Cargo : i snuggle em you struggle em
[3:5:43]  Sir juicy: oj fam
[3:5:46]  Sir juicy: that rape
[3:5:57] Mr. Cargo : i detect em you go erect on em
[3:6:18] BlueBrawl: i pet them you get them
[3:6:35] Mr. Cargo : i notice em you s.c.o.t.u.s. em
[3:6:43] BlueBrawl: getting political now
[3:6:45] BlueBrawl: alright
[3:6:46] Mr. Cargo : yeah
[3:6:55] BlueBrawl: i stall them you wall them
[3:6:59] Mr. Cargo : i reach em you impeach em
[3:7:1] BlueBrawl: i email them you delete them
[3:7:2] Mr. Cargo : i fillibuster em you nutbuster em
[3:7:48] BlueBrawl: i report them you deport them
[3:7:55] Mr. Cargo : i veto em you pedo em
[3:8:7] Soundwave: i redo em you pedo em
[3:8:17] Mr. Cargo : i denounce em you pronounce em (dead)
[3:8:28] unfaded ->>>: i capture them you rapture them
[3:8:3] BlueBrawl: i mj them, you oj them
[3:8:47] Mr. Cargo : i hold the annuity you rack up gratuities
[3:8:47] unfaded ->>>: i me them, you you them
[3:9:5] Mr. Cargo : i immigrate em you decapitate em
[3:9:8] BlueBrawl: i corrupt them you bankrupt them
[3:9:1] Soundwave: hahahahahahahaqhahaahahaha
[3:9:16] BlueBrawl: oj no
[3:9:2] BlueBrawl: that's too real ):
[3:9:2] Soundwave: oj yes
[3:9:22] Soundwave: 1/1
[3:9:41] BlueBrawl: jk that was pretty good
[3:9:49] Mr. Cargo : i blitz em you auschwitz em
[3:1:2] BlueBrawl: i pass them you gas them
[3:1:5] unfaded ->>>: i doom them you gloom them
[3:1:9] Soundwave: i reich em u blirzkreig em
[3:1:19] unfaded ->>>: i magic little fish them you grant his every wish them
[3:1:19] =VirtuaL=: I bite them you light them
[3:1:29] BlueBrawl: i sight them you light them
[3:1:32] unfaded ->>>: i cause in reality them you they are his god parents them
[3:1:34] Mr. Cargo : i sauce em you holocaust em
[3:1:48] BlueBrawl: can bank them, you anne frank them
[3:11:2] Mr. Cargo : i confine em, you war crime em
[3:11:4] =VirtuaL=: I eye them you buy them
[3:11:12] rush x tango: i book them you nuke them
[3:11:25] BlueBrawl: i deride them, you genocide them
[3:11:31] unfaded ->>>: i sweat them you lose yourself to dance them
[3:11:33] Mr. Cargo : i mitigate em you litigate em
[3:11:48] Mr. Cargo : i sue em you screw em
[3:11:54] Soundwave: i knuckle em u chuckle em
[3:12:28] Mr. Cargo : i peruse em you defuse em
[3:12:48] Mr. Cargo : i conceal em you appeal em
[3:13:2] BlueBrawl: i rig them you dig them
[3:13:25] Mr. Cargo : i unhinge em you infringe em
[3:13:54] Mr. Cargo : ok i think we need to move onto a new subject
[3:13:57] Mr. Cargo : math
[3:14:] Rarity: no please
[3:14:1] Mr. Cargo : i inscribe em you derive em
[3:14:1] Rarity: u sum em u cum em
[3:14:1] BlueBrawl: i formulate, you subjugate them
[3:14:12] Mr. Cargo : i integrate em you disintigrate em
[3:14:28] Mr. Cargo : i stare em you square em
[3:14:44] Mr. Cargo : i stay resolute you convolute
[3:14:51] Rarity: i tangent em u fragment em
[3:15:] Mr. Cargo : that's good
[3:15:7] BlueBrawl: i factor them, you fracture them
[3:15:1] Mr. Cargo : i trig em you frig em
[3:15:22] BlueBrawl: i angle them, you strangle them
[3:15:41] Mr. Cargo : i graph em you smash em
[3:15:56] BlueBrawl: i plot them, you rot them
[3:15:59] Mr. Cargo : i matlab em you stab em
[3:16:17] Mr. Cargo : i entice em you pspice em
[3:16:23] BlueBrawl: i c them, you bully them
[3:16:46] Mr. Cargo : i accelerate em you relegate em
[3:17:9] BlueBrawl: i filter them, you blister them
[3:17:23] Mr. Cargo : i smunch em you crunch em
[3:17:32] BlueBrawl: i muz them, you buzz them
[3:17:51] Mr. Cargo : i ti-84 em you floor em
[3:18:3] Rarity: i pi em u sny em
[3:18:8] Rarity: spi*
[3:18:1] Rarity: ahg
[3:18:19] BlueBrawl: i spice them, you slice them
[3:18:26] Mr. Cargo : i already did pspice
[3:18:37] BlueBrawl: but pspice is a variation of spice
[3:18:39] BlueBrawl: you dumbo
[3:18:48] Mr. Cargo : a weak entry but fine i'll take it
[3:18:53] BlueBrawl: ):
[3:18:55] Mr. Cargo : i inhale em you fail em
[3:19:1] BlueBrawl: getting too real again
[3:19:8] Apharmd: i protest them, you molest them
[3:19:9] BlueBrawl: i grade them you degrade them
[3:19:18] Mr. Cargo : i subtract em you impact em
[3:19:29] BlueBrawl: i preach them, you teach them
[3:19:46] BlueBrawl: i testify them, you crucify them
[3:2:24] Mr. Cargo : i imply em you decry em
[3:2:34] BlueBrawl: i host them you shitpost them
[3:2:41] Mr. Cargo : dear toadman
[3:2:46] Mr. Cargo : i encapsulate em you precipitate em
[3:21:8] Mr. Cargo : i man em you can em
[3:21:27] Mr. Cargo : i defibrilate em you incinerate em
[3:21:42] Mr. Cargo : i pigsty em you stirfry em
[3:22:14] BlueBrawl: i rust them, you bust them
[3:22:45] Mr. Cargo : i grievance em you silence em
[3:23:3] Mr. Cargo : i jerk em you murk em
[3:23:14] BlueBrawl: i cast them you last them
[3:23:27] Mr. Cargo : i slap em you cap em
[3:23:35] Mr. Cargo : i tap em you zap em
[3:23:37] Temjin: I'll broom them, you doom them
[3:23:4] unfaded ->>>: i radial javellin them you draco them
[3:23:47] Mr. Cargo : i sap em you scrap em
[3:23:51] BlueBrawl: i hello them, you jay leno them
[3:23:53] BlueBrawl: because you know
[3:23:59] BlueBrawl: leno and that
[3:23:59] Temjin: i creep them, you sleep them
[3:24:2] BlueBrawl: ok that was shit
[3:24:6] Mr. Cargo : i e.m.p. em you r.i.p. em
[3:24:17] BlueBrawl: i stump them you pump them
[3:24:25] Mr. Cargo : i trap em you snap em
[3:24:37] Mr. Cargo : i kidnap em you kneecap em
[3:25:3] Mr. Cargo : i wow em you plow em
[3:25:8] BlueBrawl: i mob them, you rob them
[3:25:32] Mr. Cargo : i cabbage em you savage em
[3:25:35] BlueBrawl: i jester them, you hitler them
[3:25:51] Mr. Cargo : hey bb
[3:25:53] BlueBrawl: hey oj
[3:25:54] Mr. Cargo : this is about to get way too real
[3:25:58] Mr. Cargo : so hold on
[3:26:] BlueBrawl: alright
[3:26:4] Mr. Cargo : i enroll em you control em
[3:26:1] Rarity: oh shet
[3:26:1] BlueBrawl: let's just skip to the end then
[3:26:19] Temjin: *insert rap battle parody screaming here*
[3:26:2] BlueBrawl: i grape them, you rape them
[3:26:23] BlueBrawl: there
[3:26:26] BlueBrawl: now it's too real
[3:26:28] unfaded ->>>: i immunize them you minionize them
[3:26:47] Mr. Cargo : i flank em you shank em
[3:26:54] BlueBrawl: i gank them you prank them
[3:27:15] BlueBrawl: of course you'll have to filter out the sexual assault and holocaust jokes
[3:27:18] Mr. Cargo : no
[3:27:21] Mr. Cargo : they stay in
[3:27:26] Mr. Cargo : nobody will deny what we've done
[3:27:47] BlueBrawl: i pluck them you cuck them
[3:27:47] Mr. Cargo : i bubble em you stubble em
[3:27:59] Mr. Cargo : i back em you whack em
[3:28:] Temjin: i tumble them, you rumble them
[3:28:11] BlueBrawl: i juke them, you hook them
[3:28:28] Mr. Cargo : i drawback you blackjack
[3:28:4] Mr. Cargo : this really is enough to fill a book huh
[3:28:47] Mr. Cargo : i should get to work on it then
[3:28:57] Mr. Cargo : i have a log to work on
[3:28:58] Temjin: i cargo them, you embargo them
[3:29:3] Mr. Cargo : damn son

What happened here? What is the point?  :ugeek:

Anything Goes / Re: General Offtopic Discussion
« on: June 24, 2016, 12:27:59 PM »
Quote from: "Max"
i hate my country and its voters dude wow

How bad could it be ? Because Irlande stuff ?...i havent followed the Europe stuff'....but it seems some countries want really the same.

When i see how some stages of Megaman X4 was awesome, by exemple.
Awesome level design, original stuff, not always the same, awesome musics, a lot of details.

Remember before? Megaman was cool, especially Megaman X for the action style:
Megaman x4, split mushroom stage:

Spoiler for Hiden:

I don't know if we will get something from capcom but i suppose they are the only one who have the potential to make something good, just they dont want.
Or maybe, if there is really a megaman 11, i won't be with the 8 bit poor style (even if it's fun to play for a sunday).

MM8BDM Discussion / Re: Major Best Ever moderation changes
« on: June 23, 2016, 04:40:39 AM »
Thank you for all Jenova, i liked to play with BE....i'm sad, i will miss it  :cry:
I have hosted so much servers and mods with it.  :)
Too bad, people acted so bad, even with doom servers too....
At least, i hope people will learn lesson about it and wont do boring stuff in the others servers who are not made with BestEver.....Life is fragile, life is short, so, take care!

I'm pretty sure He has used a lot of this money to start the Red Ash project, and the animes of Red Ash and Mighty9..... and some others things we don't know.... :/
People said the level design is very bad too, i would want try it myself but i have received only the golden beck key (DLC), no idea where i can find the full game key (i have checked everywhere, anyway'

Anything Goes / Re: Same posts, same answers.
« on: June 22, 2016, 06:58:34 AM »
Quote from: "Red"
I always try imitating your broken english with my buds and im just letting you know that there's no hate at all.

We're just paying tribute to you.

Personally, i don't agree.
That's really arrogant and pretentious, especially when it's from a girl who is not from USA basically, right ? (at least for Red).
Anyway, not like if i talk with you or play with you on the you talk about "omelette du fromage" with your friends too ?
But yes, it's me who is arrogant and antisocial.  :cool:

It reminds me people in school "oooh, we joked about you but it's to be funnyyyyyy, loooool"

BiscuitSlash => Yeah i know, some people are still cool and neutral, i don't blame all the community, anyway, but there is still people who need always to talk to feel they are important and superior too. It's not my deal and i don't have ego, i don't care about myself at all, im just very bored to see how, in a megaman community, people can be so mean.

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