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W.I.P Forum / [Co-Op] Ice Cream Quest
« on: January 28, 2019, 11:26:56 PM »
Github Repository

Ice Cream Quest is a co-op / single player megawad. It is a spiritual successor to 2ndcoop, but is not constrained by satire / memes / jokes. The goal is to have (decent) quality level design while focusing on a more traditional co-op experience rather than anything too advanced like MMSP or Obstacle Course.

I hope to have a somewhat open development process where when things are done (or mostly done), they will be uploaded so people can experience it or give feedback. Currently, all the level themes and music are planned out. Level design is still ongoing. I will again be uploading previews and such to the github repository linked above. Check back occasionally if you want to try out some levels. And please remember to give feedback!!

Spoiler for Hiden:

GW Artisan is a series of single player modifications aimed to deliver something "different". This "different" can be good or bad, but generally its stuff that isn't thought of as traditional single player content in terms of both MM8BDM and other FPS games such as DOOM itself.

Basically: something more than shooting stuff.

Pregnant Mega Man Give Birth a Baby
Download 1
Download 2

Wow! Mega Mna is pregert you must drive to the hospital and then save the baby. 1.5 stages and 1.5 bosses (technically) for April Fools.

Spoiler for Hiden:

Mega Man 89:P

Download 1
Download 2

Some stupid single player maps and a boss for April fools. 8 stages and 1 boss.

Spoiler for Hiden:

Sexy Butt Quest

Download 1
Download 2

Sexy Butt Quest is a map where you try to touch all the sexy butts before Guts Man punches you.

Note: no sexy butts are present in this mod.

Spoiler for Hiden:

Sexy Butt Quest 2

Download 1
Download 2

Sexy Butt Quest 2 is a map where you try to touch all the sexy butts before Guts Man punches you.

Note: no sexy butts are present in this mod only ...him.

Spoiler for Hiden:

Mega Man Buys Crumpets at Tesco

Download 1
Download 2

Help mega man buy crumpets at Tesco

Spoiler for Hiden:

More coming soon...

W.I.P Forum / [Community Project] MM8BDM Repainted (MM6 Textures Started)
« on: September 14, 2016, 03:43:39 AM »
Poll: Should weapon HUDs be replaced?

NOTE: This will not work by adding it to your skins folder. You must add this as a file in the launcher. You can also set up Doomseeker to add the file. Go to Options > Configure > Zandronum. In the custom parameters box, add the file by typing "-file path/to/8bdmrepainted.pk3"


Current Projects:

Mega Man 6 Textures (0% Done)

Mega Man 4 Props

Completed Projects
Mega Man 1 Textures
Texture Definitions

Mega Man 2 Textures
Texture Definitions

Mega Man 3 Textures
Texture Definitons

Mega Man 4 Textures
Texture Definitons

Mega Man 5 Textures
Texture Definitons

Mega Man 1 Props
Mega Man 2 Props
Mega Man 3 Props


CTF Textures
Texture Definitons

What is MM8BDM Repainted?
MM8BDM repainted is a community mod that replaces every asset in the game with ones submitted by members of the community. They can be edited or brand new.

This will be done in a rotating process based on asset type and series. All textures will be done, followed by music, sounds, and props. They will be rotated when the previous project gets completed.

User Process
Go to the basis folder and you can view all the assets for that particular series. Go to the submissions folder to check if something has been submitted for that texture, and if not, you can edit or submit something. If you can't submit using Google Drive, you can PM me here or contact me via Discord.

No gore, sexual content, or generally illegal things
No copyrighted material
There is no reserving of anything. Everything is free for all.
Feel free to submit as many things as you want when there are a lot of things unclaimed.
When submitting content, please give it the same file name as the asset you are replacing.

Texture Submissions Needed
Spoiler for Hiden:

Prop Submissions Needed
Spoiler for Hiden:
1000 watt, dompan, skeleton joe, moby, pharoah torch, dive stream, gyotot

Closed / [Suggestion] Add a parameter / SVAR to disable LMS Randomizer
« on: August 11, 2016, 11:02:13 PM »
I'd like to able to disable the LMS randomizer on a per map basis. This would allow users to give special weapons on individual maps, and not worry about accidentally giving weapons in classes mods.

(I'm only really suggesting this so that LMSGames can be completely isolated and not have to change any of the core's code. The boss music script already has this option.)

DECORATE and ACS Modifications / DIRP / DX Classes [v1b]
« on: July 25, 2015, 05:38:00 AM »
Download 2

Here are some random classes I made. Some of them are serious (Hoopa, Air Man DX, Hard Man DX), while some of them are jokes (Charge Man DX, Crystal Man DX). That's it really.

Class Descriptions:

Spoiler for Hiden:
Crystal Man DX
Main Fire: Bouncing crystal that splits into 3 crystals that splits into 3 more crystals
Alt Fire: Summons a portal that summons random bouncing crystals.
You also passively summon bouncing crystals.

Bubble Man DX
Main Fire: Fires a bouncing bubble lead that fires regular bubble leads when it hits the ground
Alt Fire: Fires a bouncing bubble lead that fires spouts when it hits the ground

Flash Man DX
Main Fire: Fires a series of explosions in an arrow shape
Alt Fire: Stops time and then summons a bunch of explosions in the area

Hard Man DX
Main Fire: A punch that continues to hit if you hit an opponent
Alt Fire: Hold it to charge a long range kick. Use the alt in the air to do a jump kick

Air Man DX
Main Fire: Air Tile Shotgun. Charge it to increase spread
Alt Fire: Air Tile Wave
Get 3 frags without dying to get an air tile fountain

Hoopa-Unbound / Ring Man DX
Main Fire: Fires a ripping HyperSpace Hole
Alt Fire (HyperSpace Fury): Fires short range punches. If a hole is active, it teleports you to that hole.

Charge Man DX
You are literally a train (Ram people and speed up over time)

Blizzard Man DX
Main Fire: Fires a floor hugging, fast moving snowboard
Alt Fire: Short range snow flurries

Napalm Man DX
Main Fire: Napalm bomb that summons flames in a radius
Alt Fire: Fast, rapid fire shoulder missiles

Time Man DX
Main Fire: Time Arrows that alternate directions
Alt Fire: Speeds you up while slowing nearby enemies down

Projects & Creative / [Program] ZDoom Resource Randomizer (v1.2)
« on: February 22, 2015, 11:03:14 PM »
Download / Source Code

ZDoomResourceRandomizer is a program that allows you to randomize resources in MM8BDM / ZDoom mods. It scrambles up given TEXTURES, SNDINFO, ANIMDEFS, LANGUAGE files, and sprites and outputs them as a pk3 file.

You need Java 7 or later to run this program. You can use it as a command line utility or just launch it to get to the UI.

Spoiler for Hiden:

DECORATE and ACS Modifications / Gummy's Micro Game Modes
« on: July 14, 2014, 02:52:34 AM »
These modes are designed to be simple to pick up and play. They are meant to serve as a quick distraction from the bigger mods and to add more variety to the servers. As a result, these probably shouldn't be played too often.

Scone Quest
Download 1
Download 2

You have entered the scone zone. A strange dimension similar to our own, but ruled by the evil scone master. You must collect all the scones then kill the scone master to win.
Requirements: Last Man Standing
Recommendations: Play with MM8BDM Repainted (please go revive that mod) or copious amounts of drugs.

Download 1
Download 2

Description: Run and knock people around randomly whilst screaming. Use skins like Auto-Unknown or Burner Man to add to the silliness! I don't know! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Requirements: Buckshot must be enabled
Recommendations: Somehow get a decent amount of people to add to the chaos. aaaaaa_nolineblock can be set to true to disable line blocking.

123 Death Portable
Download 2

Description: It's 123 Death from LMSGames, but it can be played on any map. You get a random weapon every few seconds and only have a limited amount of time before it is taken away.
Requirements: LMS or TLMS
Recommendations: Set sv_lmscountdowntime to 6 or so (it's not done automatically this time). The anticamp command is still here. Also, you can set the amount of seconds each person has to kill with OneTwoThreeDeath_weapontime (default is 12)

Bloodthirst Mode
Download 2

Description: You must damage people to stay alive. Kill people to get rewards. This should help increase the pace and eliminate some camping.
Requirements: No classes or weapon packs
Recommendations: LMS/TLMS is a bad idea. Possession won't work. You probably also want to set sv_losefrag to 1. You also need a decent amount of people.
Customization: The entire mode is customizable with the following CVars:
bloodthirst_gainamount - How much of the meter you gain per hit. (Default: 5)
bloodthirst_startamount - How much of the meter you start with (out of 100). Note that the value is offset from 5. So setting it to 20 is actually 25.(Default: 40)
bloodthirst_takeamount - How much of the meter to take away each time. (Default: 1)
bloodthirst_takerate - How fast the meter drains per second (35 / bloodthirst_takerate). (Default: 4)
bloodthirst_automanage - Auto manages the above svars. There is only support for when there are less than 6 players and more than 6 players.

Download 2
SuperHot in MM8BDM (or anything DOOM related, really.)
Requirements: SINGLE PLAYER ONLY...
Reccomendations: Use in instagib for more fun, or coop / invasion.

NOTICE: If you've played any of these mods before, you must clear out their cvars from your ini file. If it won't start up after that, just try running it again.

W.I.P Forum / [Game Mode] QInvasion Public Beta 2
« on: August 21, 2013, 07:12:29 AM »
Download Public Beta 2 Revision 2

QInvasion is an implementation of the invasion game mode from Zandronum. It uses Mega Man Single Player (Strength in Numbers, specifically) monsters as well as maps that open more the more progress is made by the player. The goal is to have one map per robot master, with a boss at the end (not the robot master itself, however).

I also wish to keep development of this mode as open and accessable as possible. There will be private betas to insure quality, but public betas will be made available frequently. You do not have to be an experienced coder or mapper to contribute to this expansion. Please see below for guidelines and what is available.

I will need sprites for various enemies, especially those from later games. I will put any special requests below, but usually anything is acceptable as long as it meets the following guidelines:

* The enemy must be from a main series game. Nothing from hacks or fan games.
* Original enemies are fine as long as they are original in both attacks and appearence.
* Sprites do not have to be blue and cyan.
* If you are unsure about whether an enemy is needed, please post about it first.

Spoiler for Hiden:
Cat mini boss from top man's stage
Top throwing enemies walking + shooting sprites

Only a few maps will be available for claiming at a time. Guidelines:

* Please claim a map by posting in the thread or contacting me first.
* You do not have to code any part of the map or monsters. It would be appreciated if possible, though. There will be a coding tutorial for the basics below.
* Please make areas for where the monsters will spawn in and the parts of the level that will change for each wave appearent.
* Maps are to be set up for 8 waves.
* Feel free to throw in interesting gimmicks and such. Just don't make them bother the player too much.
* I reserve the right to change or reject maps.
* Only 1 map may be claimed at a time. Please do not drop maps then pick another right away.

Map Availability:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Guts Man - Available
Ice Man - Available
Oil Man - Available
Time Man - Available
Elec Man - Available

Top Man - Taken by Gummywormz
Hard Man - Available
Snake Man - Taken by The Doc
Magnet Man - Available
Gemini Man - Available
Spark Man - Available
Shadow Man - Available
(Mega Man 2 will be available after Mega Man 1 is done. Since Needle Man was already done, I thought it would be best to finish Mega Man 3 first.)

Spoiler for Hiden:
Coding an invasion map involves a lot of different aspects of modding, but is overall quite simple. Let's start with the ACS. ACS will allow you to alter your map based on the current wave. Here are the 2 main scripts you need:

script 4 OPEN
   Until (wave_c(2)) Delay(1);
   ACS_Execute(1, 0);
   Until (wave_c(4)) Delay(1);
   ACS_Execute(2, 0);
   Until (wave_c(8)) Delay(1);
   ACS_Execute(3, 0);


function bool wave_c(int num)
      return TRUE;
   return FALSE;

The function simply gets the current wave and should not be altered. It is of note that the function is for the wave that's starting. For example: wave_c(3) means the start of wave 3. The ACS_Execute lines executes the scripts that change the map.

Now for the invasion spots. There are 2 parts to this, DECORATE and in the map itself. There are 3 kind of spots used by this mod: fly spots, land spots, and heavy spots. Land spots are used for walking enemies, fly spots for flying enemies, and heavy spots for boss enemies. This is a typical invasion spawner:

actor ScrewBomberSpot : CustomMonsterInvasionSpot 1202
//$Category MM8BDM-InvasionSpots
DropItem "ScrewBomber"

As you can see, dropitem is used to decide which enemies to spawn. You can add the same line multiple times to weigh 1 enemy in favor of another. Please refer here on how to place a spawner in a map and set it up properly.

Spoiler for Hiden:
pb2 > pb2r2:
(Hopefullly) Fixed crashes relating to spread mets.
Various layout fixes.
Added a campaign. If the game kicks you out to cut man's invasion every time, use this.
pb1 > pb2:
Added a "safe zone" to each map so you don't spawn in a horde of enemies.
Added Bomb Man's Invasion (Gummywormz)
Added Fire Man's Invasion (Gummywormz)
Cut Man's and Needle Man's Invasion pickup layout has been fixed

Crystal Eye splits on enemy death again.
Fire Storm's shield hits invulnerable enemys.
Mega Buster is now undroppable. Added 2ndcoop hud because why not.

Added 15 or so new monsters.
Monsters are no longer affected by Leaf Shield, Centaur Flash, or homing weapons
Added +NOVERTICALMELEERANGE to puyopon. (English: Puyopon can now attack from
any height)

You regain all your ammo if you die on survival.
sv_unblockplayers is now forced on.

Spoiler for Hiden:
* Needle Man now blocks the previous entrance to the map. Go around the side where the large platform is and enter from there.
* Fleas tend to escape from Bomb Man. If there's any monsters left, check the edges of the map with chasecam.

Spoiler for Hiden:
Colton - Red Latern
Fire Met - The Player
Hothead (walking sprites) - TheBladeRoden
Killer Bullet - Mega Man
Gyro Crushers + Rembakun + Giant Springer - Magnet Dood
Watcher - Brawlman9876
Sniper Joe Armor + Hammer Joe - Kackebango

Enemies from MMSPSIN (heavily nerfed) and 2ndcoop. New enemies are based on these.
Wave Checking function and script by Zalewa(?) (from Delta Invasion).

Cut Man's Invasion - Gummywormz
Bomb Man's Invasion - Gummywormz
Fire Man's Invasion - Gummywormz
Needle Man's Invasion - Original Layout by CutmanMike, editted for invasion by Gummywormz

Blaze, JaxOf7, SmashBroPlusB, TailsMK4 - Testing and feedback of private betas.

Projects & Creative / [Classes]Mega Man Unlimited Classes v1a
« on: August 09, 2013, 12:41:18 AM »

This classes mod features the robot masters of Mega Man Unlimited, and some bonus classes. Bots with custom chats are also included (but may be buggy).

NOTE: Please do not play on maps with low gravity water such as Ice Man's stage. Stages like dive man that are always underwater should be fine. This should be fixed in v3b of MM8BDM.

Classes Included:
Spoiler for Hiden:
TankMan - Fire: Tank Arsenal, AltFire: Tank Ram
CometWoman - Fire: Comet Orbit (Rotates when you hit a player), AltFire: Comet Dash
GlueMan - Fire: GlueShot, Hold to charge for more glue
JetMan - Fire: Jet Missile (Hold to turn into a homing shot), AltFire: Fly (Press fire to drop bombs when flying)
NailMan - Fire: Nail Buster, AltFire: Nail Shield (Press alt again to send your head out. Press fire to have it return to you.)
TriNitroMan - Fire: Nitro Blast, AltFire: Party Cracker
YokuMan - Fire: Yoku Shot, AltFire: Cloak (Get hit when cloaked to feign death.) Items regen slowly when you have full ammo.
YoyoMan - Fire: YoYo Cutter (Aim at the ground to extend your reach.), AltFire: Sends a yoyo cutter along the ground with no range limits.
RainbowMan - Fire: Rainbow Beam, AltFire: Rainbow Arrow. Press Fire again with a rainbow arrow out to activate the arrow's flash.
Shampoo - Weapon 1 Fire: Dumpling Bomb, AltFire: Delivery Box Blowout (stuns enemies) Weapon 2 Fire: Spade / Dagger Weapon 2 Altfire: switches firing modes
HammerMan - Fire: Hammer Toss, AltFire: Hammer Stomp (Stuns enemies and sends a powerful, fast wave forward)
MysteriousCharacter - Fire: Dash (Hold to extend reach), AltFire: Shield, Altfire + Main Fire: Shoryuken

Spoiler for Hiden:
Jaxof7 - MysteriousCharacter class, additional coding.
FTX - TankMan skin
Linnie - Yoyo Man and Jet Man skins.
Blaze - Nail Man skin.
Copy Robot - Yoku Man skin.
Geno - CometWoman skin.

General Gaming Discussion / Steam Summer Sale 2013
« on: July 11, 2013, 07:28:39 PM »
Well, it's that time of year again where our wallets shrink considerably. The thread will updated with all the daily / flash / community deals. Feel free to ask for / give recommendations or trade the summer sale trading cards here.

Complete Sale List:

(Games in bold are recommended)

EDIT: So day one has passed, and so far it seems that all the trading cards will be daily deals throughout the sale. Any game without a discount on it also seems to be likely for a daily deal.

Current Flash Sales:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Serious Sam 3 - $3.99 (Series is discounted too as usual)
Scribblenauts Unlimited - $4.99
Amnesia - $3.99
Assassin's Creed Series
Skyrim - $35.99

Current Community Choice Options:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Civilization 5 - $20.10
Age of Empires Series
SimCity 4 - $6.00

Current Daily Deals:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Football Manager 2013 - $9.99
System Shock 2 - $2.49
Mark of the Ninja - $3.74
The Secret World - $14.99
Crysis Series
Devil May Cry - $24.99
Sleeping Dogs - $6.24
Orcs Must Die 2 - $3.74
Orcs Must Die - $2.49
Rising Storm - $9.99
Alan Wake Series - $2.99

Reus - $4.99
Dishonored - $10.19
Castle Crashers - $3.74
Max Payne Series
Dust: An Elysian Tale - $7.49
Killing Floor - $3.99
Sins of a Solar Empire - $9.99
Warhammer Series
Wargame Airland Battle - $19.99
Terraria - $2.49

Past Flash Sales:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Day 1 Part 1:
Dragon Age Origins Ultimate - $8.99
Skyrim Legendary Edition - $35.99
Counter Strike Global Offensive - $5.09
GRID 2 - $29.99

Day 1 Part 2:
Cities XL Platinum - $7.49
Dark Souls - $7.49
Bastion - $2.24
Euro Truck Simulator 2 - $9.99

Day 2 Part 1:
Saints Row 3 - $5.00
Football Manager 2013 - $19.99
Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition - $3.39 (The price is wrong on the front page. Makes sense because 50% off coupons were made readily available.)
Civilization V - $14.99
Little Inferno - $4.99

Day 2 Part 2:
GTA IV - $4.99
BIT.TRIP Runner 2 - $7.49
XCOM: Enemy Unknown - $9.99
Far Cry 3 - $23.99
Legend of Grimrock - $3.74

Day 3 Part 1:
God Mode - $6.69
Super Meat Boy - $7.49
Magicka - $4.99
Bully Scholarship Edition - $7.49
Sleeping Dogs - $12.49

Day 3 Part 2:
Batman Arkham City GOTY - $7.49
Garry's Mod - $2.49
Farming Simulator 2013 - $9.51
Ys Franchise - $5.09 Can't recommend this enough
Tropico 4 - $5.99

Day 4 Part 1:
Hitman Absolution - $6.24
Battlefield Bad Company 2 - $5.99
Kinetic Void - $6.79
L.A. Noire - $9.99
Blood Bowl Chaos Edition - $7.49

Day 4 Part 2:
Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 - $4.99
Rain Slick Precipice 4 - $2.49
Lords of Football - $10.19
I Am Alive - $5.09
Universe Sandbox - $1.99

Day 5 Part 1:
Torchlight 2 - $4.99
Spec Ops The Line - $7.49
TrackMania Canyon - $9.99
Poker Night Franchise - $2.49
The Swapper - $7.49

Day 5 Part 2:
Trine Series - $3.99
Pro Evolution Soccer - $13.59
Testament of Sherlock Holmes - $9.99
Mass Effect Series - $5.99
Left 4 Dead Series - $4.99

Day 5 Part 3:
Organ Trail - $1.24
Mirror's Edge - $5.99
Bioshock Series Again
Star Wars Franchise
Natural Selection 2 - $6.24

Day 6 Part 1:
b]Unreal Tournament Series[/b]
Deus Ex Series
Primal Carnage - $5.09
Fear Series
Crusader Kings Series

Day 6 Part 2:
Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 - $4.99
Galatic Civilizations 2 - $4.99
Don't Starve - $8.99
3D Mark - $8.49
Carrier Command - $8.24

Past Daily Deals:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Bioshock 1 and 2 - $4.99 Each
Bioshock Infinite - $29.99
Endless Space - $10.19
Antichamber - $6.79
Hotline Miami - $2.49
Call of Juarez Gunslinger - $10.04
Don't Starve - $8.99
Toki Tori 2+ - $9.89
Defiance - $13.59
Left 4 Dead Bundle - $7.49 ($4.99 indivdually)
Scribblenauts Unlimited - $4.99

FTL - $2.49
Darksiders 2 - $9.99
Anno 2070 - $14.99
Sniper 2: Ghost Warrior - $4.49
The Walking Dead - $6.24
Surgeon Simulator 2013 - $3.39
FEZ - $4.99
Just Cause 2 - $2.99
Call of Duty Black Ops 2: $29.99
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - $6.24

Tomb Raider - $12.49
Mars War Logs - $9.99
The Witcher - $2.49
Witcher 2 - $4.99
Borderlands - $4.99
Borderlands 2 - $10.19 (...again)
Resident Evil 6 - $19.99
Resident Evil 5 - $4.99
Resident Evil Operation Racoon City - $7.49
Age of Empires III - $13.59
Tomb Raider Franchise - Too many games to list, but some are on sale for like 80 cents so...
Age of Empires 2 HD - $9.99
Might and Magic Franchise - Again, too many >_>
Might and Magic Heroes 6 - $10.19
RPG Maker VX Ace - $23.79
Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army - $5.09
StarDrive - $10.19

Remember Me - $29.99
Sims 3 - $14.99
Portal Franchise - $4.99
FallOut Franchise - (Too many games)
Sanctum - $2.49
Sanctum 2 - $7.49
Sanctum TD - $0.99
Hitman Absolution - $6.24
ARMA II - $4.41
Eador - $11.99
Total War Shogun 2 - $7.49

And always remember the golden rule: Never buy a game until the last day unless it's a daily deal / flash sale / community pick.

Projects & Creative / [Game Mode] LMSGames Version 1e
« on: June 24, 2013, 02:51:59 AM »
Download 1
Download 2
Download Full OST
Github Mirror (This is supposed to be a zip file)
Github (Click download ZIP at the bottom, then extract it and load all the files in SLADE)
LMSGames is a mode similar to Mario Party, or Icon of Party / StupidLMS. The goal of each level is to survive, or get to a goal first. This release contains 31 maps.

Discord Chat

Note to server hosters: please set sv_chasecam 1, sv_lmscountdowntime to 6, and mm8bdm_sv_nolmsweapons to true

v1e Changelog:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Capped ???'s health to 8 in the first form
Fixed lms02
v5b compatibility

v1d Changelog:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Fixed lms05 not damaging players
Fixed the chase_dist warning from not working
Shrunk the size of modok and nightmare classes

Added solar.code's lms29x patch
CVARs now defined properly
All classes now have player.maxskinsize set.
Removed connect sound as it was before the official one
Nerfed the gotta go fast wild card from 20 speed to 10
Sue is no longer cut off for reals

Added a few mm9 weapons

Fixed the issue with the skybox in the beta

Disabled Jelly world because it was broken for some reason

Fixed lap string

Coal Shot no longer has a glitched HUD

Added a melee attack to the star rod. Just get up close and use it

Halved the size of the map
Halved the amount of switches to press

Halved the charge penalty to 25 damage.

Snakes now do 10 damage but do not stun in order to encourage shooting the ufos more or something like that

Added mm9 weapons

Changed the arena to a circle

Added mm9 weapons

Nerfed fire balls
You now take less damage from ice spikes.
??? now has more time to be hit.

Fixed teleporter crash

Fixed the star man getting frozen at the start
Reduced count down time to 10 seconds
Increased time bonus by 10 seconds.
Increased slash claw range.
You now get nets for killing players.

v1c Changelog:
Spoiler for Hiden:
*LMSXX's boss was hyper nerfed and adjusted:
     *LMSXX's heart stopper "Random Damage" was changed to reversed controls.
     *Changed damage type on spawn ball to not kill creepers / ghouls
     *Reduced velocity on flame vortex
     *Capped form 1 hp at 16
     *Added screamers
     *Added a fail safe (for when she doesn't spawn at first and everyone is frozen.)
     *Fixed flame vortex's radius
     *Form one should no longer happen while form 2 is.
     *Adjusted form 2's HP (930 * player count, cap at 11000)
     *Adjusted form 1's HP (2+player count) *Reduced number of ice spikes

*Adjusted Death Run's layout again
*Anti-camp'd Death Run
*Fixed Musical Elevator's Wind Storm being able to kill people
*Fixed some weapon obituaries
*Airmanaga in LMS30 changed from 1 row to 5
*Microgockroach is now the correct size.
*Sped up the evil yashichi
*Removed rock harden's weapon sounds
*Jelly World is consistent across both forcewildcard and regular wildcards.
*Added a chase_dist warning for values below 360
*Increased the size of NightMare Orb's arena
*Buffed the attack speed of both NightMare forms
*Giant Telly and Nightmare Orb get invulnerability while dashing
*Lowered Air Man Tile's health cap.
*NightMare should no longer kill itself with quick beams >_>
*Added new health bonus sprites (SuperJustinBros)
*All skins / classes have proper blue and cyan colors.

v1b Changelog:
Spoiler for Hiden:
* lms25 got replaced
* Added lmsxx...
* Added new CVar "LMSGAMES_DISABLEANTISPEC" that disables the anti spectator / mini game extension script
* Added new debug alias "wheredidmyghoulgo" if xx's boss decides to disappear.
* Added new CVar "LMSGAMES_XXHARDMODE" that controls hard mode in lmsxx. Please don't turn this on. It's really buggy and the fight is difficult enough already >_> <_<

* MM8BDM v4 compatibility
* Explodeall doesn't trigger the mini game extension script.
* Micro charge man's size increased.
* Fixed player sounds not working in some cases

NightMare Upgraded:
* Made it so he actually teleports.
* Made the 2nd phase arena a bit bigger.

Musical Elevator:
* Fix the Wind Storms staying in mid air / going underground even though that was fun and chaotic.

City Escape:
* Reduced respawn time on the boost rings

Pharaoh Man Scavenger Hunt:
* Disabled the going through players script.

Magical Flight:
* Reduce the weather frequency so there's a short period between each effect.

Space Train:
* Gave the conductor very slightly more HP (10 more)

Ring Robbery:
* Lowered the rate at which rings are taken away to maybe fix some miscounts.

Giant Telly:
* Buffed his health a little. Double tellys appear at 16 players instead of 24

Death Run:
* The lava not refreezing issue fixed.
* Fixed the starting point so it's even with the first platforms.
* Fixed the script that checks the activator's existence.
* Added a reminder to the activator to activate traps if he hasn't already.
* The activator can only enter the "arena" if another player has entered first.
* Moved some platforms closer in the lava section
* Added another set of platforms to the thunder claw section
* Boss should no longer be invincible. Gave players in the arena deathweapon just in case.

Maps / Light Lab Remixed
« on: April 01, 2013, 02:17:39 AM »
Download 1
Download 2

This is a simple wad that improves Dr. Light's lab in several ways. There's nothing too big aesthetically so no screenshots.

* Improved Bot Weapon training AI.
* Improved Dialogue.
* Skin and map selector improved graphically.
* Improved weather. Snow has a wind effect and rain has thunder. Each weather also gets their own music.
* Readded the boss rush (might be a little buggy...)

W.I.P Forum / [Co-Op Map Pack] 2ndCoop (fix)
« on: October 07, 2012, 09:01:01 PM »
Mirror #1
Mirror #2

What's this about?
2ndcoop is a very serious map pack that allows you to save your favorite (and not so favorite) WADs from destruction at the hands of the evil trolls. 25 levels and 5 secret levels are playable at this time.

Can I contibute a map / be a beta tester?
We are not accepting maps or testers at this time. What we do need, however is:
* Par time submissions. Simply post a screenshot of the level complete screen and I'll average out the best scores for a future release.

General Tips:
* Don't start the maps through the offline skirmish menu.
* PLEASE set the skill to ultra-violence / 3 or lower especially on servers.
* If server lag becomes a problem in map08 / map06, try setting "compat_limitpain 1".
* Playing with "All enemies must be killed to exit" on is generally not recommended.
* Fly / Swim Up / Down is needed for the second secret map. The use key is required for a non-level secret in Map03.
* Switches with skulls on them are shootable. The red circlular switches can be stepped on to activate them.
* sv_unblockplayers 1 and sv_nomonsters 0 is pretty much a requirement. sv_sharekeys 1 and sv_samespawnspot 1 are recommended if the mod is too difficult.

Not Bugs (PLEASE read before reporting something (including things related to the difficulty of the levels / getting stuck in levels!)):
Spoiler for Hiden:
B: I don't get a wave bike when entering the pipes online!
A: I don't know how to fix this at the moment. All sections with wavebikes can be completed without them. Just enter the water directly after exploding.

B: Mets get stuck / won't target me online!
A: Mets are currently coded so that they lock on to one target at a time. If someone doesn't kill the met before passing by it, it will not target another player until the player that passed it comes back into range. All sections that involve needing to kill all mets to proceed have failsafes so you won't get stuck if someone dies or disconnects.

B: Map03's fan fiend section is impossible!
A: You can shoot the fan fiends...

B: Map03's wave bike section acts weird / is hard.
A: Shoot a blue orb to turn it red and jump to reverse gravity. Shoot it again to turn the gravity back to normal. It gets easier once you kill all the tellies.

B: I switched gravity in Map03's wave bike section and died. The gravity is now reversed and I can't retry the section!
A: The first platform is unaffected by gravity. Crash and land on it then shoot an orb back to normal.

B: Map03 is pretty long and crazy in general...
A: I am aware. An overhaul to the checkpoint system and this map are planned at some point.

B: Map05's roboenza weapon is glitched online / I pick up the roboenza capsule and nothing happens.
A: I have no idea what causes this. You can still use the weapon as normal. Just shoot the wall up close and you'll climb it.

B: What do I do in the lava / cauldron room in Map05?
A: Hit the switch on the other side, there are invisible platforms to jump on. After that, go back to the cauldron area and light them with flame blast.

B: I still get pushed when out of the water section in Map35!
A: Suicide / die. There is no penalty for dieing in that map.

B: There is no exit / im stuck in x level!
A: There is no getting stuck.

Shots of Screenieness:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Projects & Creative / [Weapon Pack] D.I.R.P. v6a
« on: April 09, 2012, 02:15:25 AM »
D.I.R.P. Weapon Pack:
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3

D.I.R.P v6 is a weapon pack for MM8BDM designed to be as chaotic as possible. It features 158 new weapons and 6 new items. The weapons are randomly replaced within the maps. The LMS randomizer has also been tweaked to give you the new weapons. You can use the server variable "dirp_AllWeps" to change whether you want to see only D.I.R.P weapons or both the base weapons and the D.I.R.P weapons.

You can also play in "Scramble Mode" which gives you 3 random weapons and a rune every 30 seconds. This can be enabled with dirp_scramble 1 and dirp_scrambletime to set the time (in seconds) between each weapon set.

Instagib mode is also replaced by a mode in which you get a weapon that fire every projectile in the game.

Weapons Included:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Included in v1:

Form of Mist - Turns you into mist, which allows you to pass through players and
become invisible.

Shock Mine - Leaves a mine on the ground that shocks players who touch it. It can
be shot.

Thunder Wool - Just like mm10's version so yeah..

Spell of Darkness - Darkens your enemy's screen for 10 seconds

Speed Gear - A gear that revs up and goes along floors and ceilings. Slows down and stops
after a while

Aqua Punch - A powerful, close range attack that pushes enemies away from you.

Leech Seed - Leave an area of plants that drains life from anyone in contact.

Bullet Seed - A machine gun of seeds that get faster the lower your life is.

Oblivion Buster - Stops you for a full 2 seconds and then explodes violently,
making anyone near you very dead.

Heal Block - Prevents anyone hit from healing for 10 seconds

Lightning Chain - Upon hitting a player, it will hit others in a radius around them.

Flurry Spread - Sends weak projectiles in random directions around you.

Shadow Force - You are invisible for a while, then cause a radius attack.

Magnet Drill - Upon hitting the ground, it explodes into 8 homing, floor hugging drills.

Boulder Cracker - It shoots rocks that bounce and do damage dependant on how high you are.

Blazing Soul - After 2 bounces, it turns into a homing shot.

Blast Freeze - Send 3 massively damaging pillars of ice at a low fire rate.

Bomb Sniper - Upon hitting a player, it sends a bomb in front of and behind the player.
The bombs can hurt you too so don't go spamming it in people's faces.

Flame Spout - Goes out a bit, then starts spewing flame projectiles everywhere.

Cross Flame - A melee attack that upon hitting a player, causes a ripping fire projectile
to come from behind the player you hit. Use it for combos.

Included in v2:

Dizzy Bomb - A fast, spinning projectile that causes the enemy to have reversed
movement 20% of the time.

Gimmick Star - Charge it to fire a bouncing projectile. From the NES game Gimmick!

Cross Light - Fires 3 projectiles that spread out slightly. The two side ones
go out in a wave pattern.

Drill Torpedo - Fires 3 ripping drills. The side ones hug the floor. From the
Rockman 4mi expansion that's dead.

NMG - My old CSCC class alt. A rapid fire machine gun of swirling needles.

Tackle Shield - A shield weapon that fires a constant stream of tackle fires
around you.

Wave Guide - Fires a harpoon that upon hitting a wall, fires Water Wave backwards.

Crystal Mine - Fires a mine that explodes after a while and sends fires Crystal

Fizz Bomb - Fires a soda can that explodes and leaves residue. Getting hit with
the can or residue will slow you down.

Paint Gun - A simple spread weapon that allows you to paint the level AND the town!

Pop Corn Cannon - Fires a kernel that explodes into more kernels in a large radius.

Double Napalm - Fires 2 Napalm Missiles that go horizontally to opposite ends of
the screen.

Pin Missile - Fires a column of needles quickly.

Phoenix Rod - From Heretic. Fires a slow, but powerful and explosive phoenix at
your enemies. You can hit yourself with it, however.

Ice Spike - Fires a spike that shoots 8 icicles after a bit.

Cloud Bomber - Fires an ascending projectile that drops bombs.

Fade Launcher - Fires a projectile that gets stronger and harder to see the farther
it goes.

Twist Laser - Fires a ring of lasers that go off in random directions after a while.

Perfect Chainsaw - A melee weapon that fires a chainsaw when held. If you have
enough ammo left, you can release it and fire high speed projectiles.

Sky Uppercut - Upon hitting an opponent, it will knock you and your enemy to the
sky and continue damaging him. You can also use it to combo and reach high places.

Quad Missile - Fires four slow, but powerful missiles in a square around you.

Coal Shot - A rapid fire weapon that gets more powerful the more you use it.
Using it too much will cause an overheat and damage you.

Danger Field - A fireable shield that reflects players and projectiles.

Gravity Hole - When charged, it creates a vortex that fires shots in a circle

Stone Wall - A pushable projectile that can fire 3 bouncing projectiles if you
fire again while it is up.

Equalizer - Boosts speed and damage depending on your remaining health.

Magic Balloon - Fly until you get hit.

Shock Guard - Protects from (most) spikes once.

Anti-Homing Device - Prevents homing attacks from working on you.

Gambling Dice - Summons a single die that does various things depending on the
number rolled.

Included in version 3:
Side Star - Summons 2 Star Crashes that bounce at high speeds and rip.
Super Arrow - It's from Mega Man 5.
Comet Launcher - Lobs an explosive comet ahead.
Volcano Hand - Mid-ranged flame thrower that forces you to stand still.
Ice Shurikens - Quickly fires shurikens in a v pattern.
Triple Zap - Aim three bolts of lightning ahead.
Shatter Stone - Summons a guts block that breaks backwards.
Scatter Balls - Summons balls that bounce at high speeds after a bit.
Frost Bomb - A bomb that sends ice around when it explodes.
Thunder Fang - A mid-range ripping attack that stuns at the end.
Stealth Rocks - Summons a ring of rocks.
Hail Shotgun - A mid-range shotgun.
Frenzy Plant - A long range attack that travels along the ground.
Head Crash - A melee attack that gets stronger with each boulder.
Apex Laser - After a delay, high speed lasers will fire.
Hammer Tail - Summons rocks around you.
Gem Cannon - Follows the ground after a while and explodes.
Spike Ball - A boomerang that stops for a bit. Charge it up to send a high speed ripping ball.
Optic Laser - A multi-hit laser.
Delay Buster - Waits at the beginning and the end.
Fractal Laser - A laser that splits upon hitting a wall.
Dimensional Wave - Summons 5 projectiles in a sine wave. Each projectile is aimable and the last one can pierce armor.
Sizzle Rocket - A high speed bouncing rocket that explodes 3 times.
Pursuit - Fires a bullet that on impact with a player, dashes you forward.
Thunder Chain - A short range chain of electricity that splits on the floor.
Rakuhouha - Charge to 9 large blasts of energy ahead
Noteable Shot - A short range projectile that explodes 4 times on impact with a player.
Pharaoh Sacrifice - Summons multiple pharaoh shots that home in on players.
*Toad - Turns players into weak frogs. You can cancel your weapon on fire.
Recycle Inhaler - A short range melee attack that can be held down. It turns players into items when they die.
HCR Boomerang - Hold to keep the boomerang in place.
Water Cutter - A fast, high damage laser.
Rush Cannon - A high speed, instant kill attack that can only be aimed once.
Pharaoh Shotgun - Fires 5 pharaoh shots.
Spark Manbow - Hold it down for a melee. Hit the floor to stun players, or other surfaces for a ripping explosion.
Hell Wheel - Go through people at fast speeds.
FireWorks - Jumps 3 times, firing fireworks around you.
Fridge Buster - Fires random health and energy capsules.
Stone - Gives you temporary invinciblity for a few seconds.
Drill Arm - Pushes you forward. Hitting a wall sends rocks behind you.
Laser Missile - A dive missile with a laser trail.
Dust Vaccum - A projectile that pulls players towards you.
Ring Toss - A high speed bouncing projectile.
Quake Skull - Explodes and causes blindness and dizzyness. It can hurt everyone, including yourself.
Sun Spark - An attack that splits upon hitting a wall.
Rain Flood - Summons a pool of water that boosts jump height
Glue Shot - Stuns players and can be used as a platform.
Tank Arsenal - Fires a missile, a floor hugging object, and a grenade forward.
Jet Missile - A rapid fire attack that can lock on to enemies when charged.
Yoku Attack - A ripping, homing projectile that causes enemies to turn into items on death.
Yoyo Cutter - A boomerang that can go along the floor.
Rainbow Beam - Press fire again after firing to cause a long lasting explosion.
Hammer Toss - An arcing hammer.
Dumpling Bomb - A rapid fire bomb.
Nail Shield - Reduces damage except damage cause by explosions.
Comet Dash - Dashes you forward.
Nitro Blast - Sends 3 explosions forwards.

Included in Version 3b:
Piaofu Feng - Hold it to lift yourself up slowly. Release to fire a wind storm.
Rakuhouha - A buster that fires 2 shots at once. Charge it to send 9 powerful shots forward.
Noteable Shot - An arcing shot that explodes 3 times when a player is hit by it.
Pharaoh Sacrifice - Summons Pharaoh Shots that go forwards after a short delay.

Included in v3c:
Water Shuriken - Sends 1 - 5 fast projectiles forward.
Ice Shards - Summons random ice shards quickly.
Tri Attack - Fires fire, ice, and electric attacks in succession.
Blaze Kick - Flings you back upon hitting an enemy.
OctaZooka - A powerful cannon that darkens the enemy's screen.
Night Daze - A radius attack that darkens enemy screens.
Giga Drain - A Melee weapon that drains opponents health.
Moon Blast - Summons a moon straight down that explodes.
Freeze Dry - A short range freeze thrower. Great for finishing people off.
Ice Beam - Fires an infinite length beam.
Self Destruct - Does high damage in a radius at the cost of 30 health.
Fell Stinger - If a player is hit with a random crit or dies to fell stinger, the player gets 10 critical hits.
Will-O-Wisp - Causes burn damage.
Magnet Bomb - Fires 3 powerful homing shots.
Leaf Storm - Sends quick ripping projectiles.
Wild Tornado - Spins you around in place while dealing wind storm damage.
Teleport - Sends you flying at a random angle.
Charge Beam - Fires up to 5 shots at once depending on the charge length
Water Spout - Fires water up that splashes into a radius on the floor.
Bee Order - Increase armor when up, if you have less than 50 health it will heal you, otherwise it sends homing bees.
Steel Wing - Fires two ripping projectiles at large angles.
Seed Flare - Fires a ring of seeds around you.
Fire Blast - Becomes a shield for a bit, then summons a high damage projectile that explodes multiple times.
Fire Ball - Summons a fire ball that shoots random sub shots everywhere
PK Fire - Summons a floor hugging projectile that turns into a ripping flame blast when hitting an opponent.
Serious Bomb - Sends a powerful bomb with a large radius forward.

Included in v4a:
Jump Kick - A melee attack that drops you down and stuns enemies. Only works in the air.
Fire Fly - A homing attack that stops every so often
Suguri Dash - Dashes you forwards and repels all projectiles in range
Hyper Space Hole - Hold it down to fire a projectile. Release to teleport to it.
Egg Bomb - A homing attack that only seeks every few seconds. Hugs the floor.
Water Pulse - A projectile that expands into an AOE when it hits a player
Boomerang Bomb - A crash bomb that reverses itself.
Explosive Hadouken - A ripping projectile that explodes upon hitting a player.

Circuit Breaker - An explosive projectile that fires forwards and backwards.
Solar Flare - A projectile that splits into 3 suns after a bit.
Pulse Stopper - A medium range, slow ripper that turns into a shield when you are near it.
Crypt Cloak - Turns you invisible but causes waves to appear when you jump
Charade Clone - Fire once to leave a clone and turn invisible. Getting hit returns you to the clone. Firing again causes the clone to come near you and explode.
Phantom Fuse - A long, explosive projectile that you can guide.
Virus Outbreak - Blocks attacks around you. Fire to expand the shield, leaving you vulnerable for a bit
Shock Gauntlet - Boomerang that stuns opponents in a medium range.

Included in Version 5a:

Ionic Slash - A rapid fire, low damage weapon.
Heretic Mace - Rapid fire weapon that shoots many low damage bouncing maces
Friendly Dolphin - A ground projectile that jumps occasionally
EMP Blast - Short Range blast that teleports other players away.
Lightning Storm - Move to store power. Charge up to 3 levels, resulting in an arrow, blast, and laser
Sugar Cube - A mid-damage projectile that splits into ripping pieces after hit
Evil Eye - Gains damage and slows enemies down the less health you have
Power Tree - A simple tree platform that blocks projectiles and is solid.
Reverse Grenade - A reverse flash bomb

Included in v6a:

Porcupine Bomb - An attack that splits into 8 poison needles.
Wraith Rings - Fires 6 fast but weak homing shots.
Skull of Thanatos - An explosive homing weapon.
Anguish Cannon - A large ripping projectile.
Catapult Of Doom - Quickly fires many explosive projectiles affected by gravity.
Cepheus Tower - Creates a tower that sends 3 shockwaves in rapid succession.
Archon Cube - A fast bouncing cube that occasionally sends shockwaves.
Geno Blast - A chargeable weapon that sends powerful blasts from the sky in a radius around your player.

Spoiler for Hiden:
v5b compatibility
Added 8 (or 9...) new weapons
Instagib mode has been replaced by "Ultimate Weapon" mode, where you fire almost every weapon in the game at once. Don't get toasted!

Bee Order - Bee Order no longer heals if the user is affected by Heal Block
Heal Block - Becomes Z Heal Block if used in lms
Ice Beam - No more hitstun
Shock Gauntlet - Head damage nerf from 10 to 5. No More hitstun on the chains
PK Fire - No more hitstun. Damage nerf from 13 to 10
Seed Flare - Damage nerf from 17 to 12
Solar Flare, Spark Manbow, and Rainbow Beam - They now refresh your screen from darkness / blinding effects upon firing them

Fixed issues with death and pain states missing function calls.
MM8BDM v5a compatibility
Added 8 new weapons and 1 new item



All weapons are now in folders
All obituaries were fixed, projectiles that didn't have obits had them added
All MageStaffFX projectiles updated to use a_seekermissile
All A_BishopMissileWeave projectiles updated to use A_Weave
Split SBARINFO into horizontal / vertical
Optimized / got rid of some old code



Added Scramble mode! This is similar to Lego's old 8 - 10 weapons buckshot mode. You get 3 random weapons and a rune.
It is compatible with any game mode, enabling it only stops the weapons from appearing. Enable buckshot to disable health and weapon energy.
Set dirp_scramble to 1 to activate. Set dirp_scrambletime to how often (in seconds) you want the weapons to change.

Added some old OpenGL dynamic light defs I had lying around. (Also added new ones for v4 of MM8BDM.)
As a result of the above, I stuck the old halloween lights script in. Same CVAR as before. (You have to set halloween_lights to 0 to enable, silly but consistancy is important...)
Added a weapon help system. Bind "wephelp" to a button to use it.
Added Rune Icons



Runes are no longer given in LMS.
Eddie now respects dirp_allweps
LMS was broken because it tried to use the old cvar. 10/10 go me.
All weapons have proper slot numbers. Some of them are a bit weird due to the nature of the weapons, though.

Coal Shot's 2nd bar on the horizontal hud isn't off to the side anymore!

Laser Missile - Main Missile 10 from 12
Trail from 5 > 7.
Increased trail amount > 3 from 1

Giga Drain - Recovery per hit > 3 from 1, Made projectile more random

Jet Missile - Homing shot damage 15 from 17
The missile is fast and precise, but only seeks if a target is on your screen.
Speed nerfed from 65 to 48

Magnet Bomb - Damage 8 from 12
The missile has less range but has better tracking

Dizzy Bomb - Increased vertical weave. Damage Buff 35 from 30

Aqua Punch - Speed increased to 5 from 3

Danger Field - Reflection no longer outlasts the projectile

Leech Seed - Now with actual draining! Time out halved from 85 to 40. You are protected from leech seed for a bit after being damaged

Steel Wing - Increased horizontal range. Damage from 12 ripper to 15 ripper

Twist Laser - Speed nerf from 30 > 15. Decreased time spent spinning. Trail now spawns properly

Dimensional Wave - Now weaves the way it was intended to. Buff from 6 to 8

Freeze Dry - Now slows enemies down. Range increase to 50 from 40

Fade Launcher - Now properly goes forward

Moon Blast - Damage buff to 35 from 25. Ammo buff from 7 to 4

Magnet Drill - Nerfed time of the homing drills from 60 to 40

Tackle Shield - Increase radius

Paint Gun - Nerf from 10 damage to 8

Thunder Chain - Buff from 3 to 6 ripper, Increase split chance, nerf ammo > 5 from 4

Bee Order - Nerf 7 damage from 12

Skulltag recently moved their master server, causing people to get network.getpackets errors or not see servers at all. This totally not copied guide will show you how to switch over.

There are 2 ways to do this. First way is to open your skulltag-username.ini file. If you have any active servers, shut them down. Open said skulltag-username.ini file in notepad and find the following line

Code: [Select]
and change it to

Code: [Select] the file and you should be good to go.


Open doomseeker, go to options then configure. Go to engines, then click on skulltag.

Change the masterserver address box to

Code: [Select]

Click apply and then ok.

Start IDE, go to the options tab. Go to "Master Server Addresses"

Under skulltag change the address to

Click on apply and you should be set.

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