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Shade's Cave of Skins and Music
Oh hey. This is where you can download various skins and music packs of mine...Although you probably figured that out by now.


Shade Guy

It's me! I made a personal skin, based on a character of mine dressed in grey, which you may/may not have seen around Cutstuff.


Breve is a fan-made Mega Man Killer designed by me. He's also a class in CSCC. However, I will be honest; I have pretty much abandoned this character. Feel free to use this skin, but don't expect me to be using it.


This music pack contains the soundtrack to Pictionary (on the NES; don't ask me how it worked), composed by Tim Follin, who is a total boss.
Song list:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Journey To Silius
This music pack contains the soundtrack from Journey To Silius. This one was originally looped by Kenkoru, although I made a couple of edits.
Song list:
Spoiler for Hiden:
"JTSTIT is the amazingest NES song ever"~Kenkoru
Super Mario Bros. 3: Alternate Reality Edition
This music pack contains multiple songs by Shnabubula, all based on songs from the Super Mario Bros. 3 soundtrack. Shnabubula has made 'alternate reality editions' of other video games, which should be available to listen on Youtube.
Song list:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Mighty Switch Force!
This music pack contains multiple tracks from the downloadable DS game Mighty Switch Force. I have not played the game itself, but I believe this pack has most of/all the stage themes.
Song list:
Spoiler for Hiden:
MSFMUS1 - Caught Red Handed
MSFMUS2 - Launch Hearts
MSFMUS3 - Love You Love You Love
MSFMUS4 - Jive Bot
MSFMUS5 - Whoa I'm In Space Cuba
MSFMUS6 - Apprehend Them!
MSFMUS7 - Yummy
MSFMUS8 - Break Up Take Down
Mega Man 3 - VRC6
This music pack contains the Mega Man 3 soundtrack, as covered by RushJet1 using the VRC6 expansion chip. He even added extra songs (for example, the Doc Robot stages have their own version of the original RM's theme), plus some of the tracks are in stereo!
Song list:
Spoiler for Hiden:
8 Robot Masters
Doc Robot Revisited stages
Dr. Wily stages
RJ1DW2 (this is a cover of some MMGB song)
Multiple themes extracted from the 'boss rush' track (RM-specific boss theme + interlude)
RJ1DW4A (the theme that plays in between boss themes in the original track, pieced together)
Boss themes (RM boss, Doc Robot boss, Fortress boss, Dr. Wily, Gamma)
Misc. themes (title theme, stage select, weapon get, password, credits)
RJ1TITLE (this is the only track I let fade out, since the transition from end/beginning would have just been too awkward)
Mighty Switch Force! 2
This music pack contains multiple tracks from the downloadable DS game Mighty Switch Force 2. Sounds just as sweet as the first game's soundtrack.
Song list:
Spoiler for Hiden:
MSF2MUS1 - Got2BAStar
MSF2MUS2 - Soft Collision
MSF2MUS3 - Exothermic
MSF2MUS4 - Glow
MSF2MUS5 - Dalmatian Station
MSF2MUS6 - The Afterblaze
MSF2MUS7 - Soak Patrol Alpha
MSF2MUS8 - Rainbow Love Zone

Help & Editing / Node Building Problems in Doombuilder 2?
« on: June 17, 2011, 07:37:26 AM »
Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I've been having some problems with DB2. Whenever I am working on my map and I save, an error pops up saying 'Nodes cannot be built yadayadayada cannot build the expected data structures', then my antivirus program says it has found some dangerous file named 'zdbsp.exe' and then says the threat has been removed. Also, whenever I test my map, it shows up in the console saying something about the 'BSP Tree is incomplete'.

This has only started happening when I swapped configurations to  MM8BDM V2B.

So...What do?

Projects & Creative / [Map Pack] SHARP (Version 3b - Hotfix)
« on: June 07, 2011, 04:19:26 AM »
Welcome! This is my thread for the map pack SHARP: a collection of my maps with edited maps from the old map pack, Vortale's Roboenza Pack.

This pack currently contains a total of 20 maps; 15 maps by yours truly, along with 5 of Vortale's maps, refitted for DM.
SHARPv3b replaces 1 map and includes content introduced in MM8BDMv4a.

Maps included:
Spoiler for Hiden:
15 SHA maps
SHA01-The Esplanade
SHA02-Frozen Fantasy
SHA05-Tree Junction
SHA06-Desert Mission
SHA07-The Real Drain Fortress
SHA08-Completed Cartography
SHA09-A.I. Plant
SHA10-The Cold And Bitter End
SHA11-The Birds
SHA12-The Land Up Above
SHA13-Cliffside Smash
SHA14-Astro Cuba
SHA15-Tower Of Gold
5 VRP maps
VRP01-Vortale's Bunker
VRP02-Frozen Dock
VRP03-Cloud Control
VRP04-Cave Of Wonders
VRP05-Last Hope
Screenshots + Map Descriptions:
Spoiler for Hiden:

My first proper map ever, now with 77% less cramped-ness and pits everywhere.

A winter landscape with industrial corridors connecting snow-covered areas. Orange platforms that raise and lower on intervals are a highlight.

One of the first '3D floor hell' maps; what this map lacks in length and width, it makes up for in height. Focus on avoiding the lava at the bottom!

Explore SHARP's equivalent of the underworld! Jagged paths and caves surround an ominous castle...Okay, it's not really that ominous but-OH LOOK BATS! Spooky!

A larger map with all sorts of things going on. Fight inside the interconnecting caverns on opposite sides of the map and everywhere in between.

Based on a map from the obscure FPS Timesplitters 2! Check out the caverns and structures outside, and ponder about where all that sand is coming from inside.

This map features a combination of 3D floors and flowing water to construct the feel of an interior to this sewer/sea base hybrid.

Follow the water currents around this multi-layered facility in the jungle and you may find a way to the fenced-off Gravity Hold.

Another factory that doesn't seem to have a purpose! Follow the conveyor belt, but be sure to get off before the end.

This map utilises custom textures, similar to Vortale's last entry in SHARP. The two sides of the map act as a 'flipside' to one another.

Hey, look at all those birds perched around...watching us...waiting. Using Gravity Hold around them should be amusing.

Funny how SHARP's equivalent of fluffy cloud heaven is shaped like Australia. Creator bias, maybe?

MMCTF13 reimagined as a Deathmatch map! Forget about capturing flags, this is all about scoring frags!

Look, there's girders, quicksand...giant flowers...and a colour-changing sun...? I swear, this map's theme has no constancy -- I mean, no consistency.

Based on Shade Guy's favourite level from Kirby's Return To Dreamland! Now you too can run across golden bridges over a sunset.

The first of Vortale's 5 revived maps. On opposite sides of the corridor lie the wintery landscape outside and a tunnel leading deeper into the bunker. Side rooms are scattered throughout.

Take a ride on the various boats and machinery in this dock!...Okay, they won't go anywhere, but at least the boat bobs up and down. Tunnels surround the dock, hiding all sorts of items.

Vortale's entry into the second Cutstuff mapping competition. It's like Cloud Man's map, but with more symmetry and none of the gimmicks!

Explore a series of winding tunnels, leading to pits, lava and an underground steam. Glass doors that appear and disappear on intervals block off secret areas.

Vortale's use of custom textures here really creates a sense of desperation as players fight inside and outside the ruins of this burning city.
Music Codes/Credits:
Spoiler for Hiden:
SHAMUS1 - Try Harder (Original) by Rushjet1
SHAMUS2 - Snowbank (Original) by Commandycan
SHAMUS3 - Fire, Fighting and Science Clubs (Cover) by 8BitDanooct1
SHAMUS4 - Running Hell (Cover) by Gamefreakdude
SHAMUS5 - Bushroot Stage from Darkwing Duck
SHAMUS6 - Flame Repellent (Original) by FearOfDark
SHAMUS7 - Wire Sponge Stage from Mega Man X-Treme 2
SHAMUS8 - Ninja Cop Saizou - Sewer Stages (Cover) by PureSabe (Used in Rockman 4 Minus Infinity)
SHAMUS9 - Artificial Intelligence Bomb (Original) by Naruto
SHAMUS10 - Rainbow Resort Stage from Kirby's Adventure
SHAMUS11 - Kirby's Star Stacker - Extreme (Cover) by ??? (Used in Rockman 5: Air Sliding)
SHAMUS12 - Dandilion Ride (Original) by FearOfDark
SHAMUS13 - Scaling The Dragon Fortress (Original) by FearOfDark
SHAMUS14 - Mighty Switch Force! - Whoa I'm In Space Cuba (Cover) by Jayster6721
SHAMUS15 - Kirby's Return To Dreamland - Castle Area (Cover) by NewAgeRetroGamer
VRPMUS1 - Mega Man X - Sigma Fortress 1 (Cover) by Coatlesscarl
VRPMUS2 - Mega Man X - Chill Penguin (Cover) by Coatlesscarl
VRPMUS3 - Mega Man X - Storm Eagle (Cover) by Coatlesscarl
VRPMUS4 - Theme 2 from Journey to Silius
VRPMUS5 - Lufia 2 Boss Battle (Cover) by Coatlesscarl
SHABOS1 - Oppression (Cover) by Commandycan
SHABOS2 - Excerpt from Super Mario Bros. 3 {Alternate Reality Edition} (Original) by Shnabubula
VRPBOS1 - Golden Sun - Saturos Battle (Cover) by Coatlesscarl
SHARPEND - Excerpt from Mega Man X Title Theme (Cover) by Coatlesscarl

Spoiler for Hiden:
General - New weapons/items added to MM8BDMv4a included in various maps. Weapon changes will not be listed for each individual map.
SHA02 - Some orange platform paths extended so players cannot jump across while platforms are lowered using straferunning.
SHA03 - Bubbles altered: cannot hold down jump to bounce higher, bounce SFX added.
SHA07 - Pits near the entrances to the sewer interior replaced with solid ground.
SHA08 - Completely new map since old SHA08 is now the base for MM6CEN in the core. SHA08 is now Completed Cartography: my entry into the Finish That Map! competition.
SHA11 - Railings added around the centre pit in the spiral staircase room.
VRP02 - Minor details added to the edges of the snow floors.

All maps are now in UDMF!
New maps! SHA11-SHA15 included
SHA01-Insignificant visual edits.
SHA02-Insignificant visual edits.
SHA03-Insignificant visual edits.
SHA04-Skybox added (still pure black though).
SHA05-Updated to use Wood Man's new floor textures (as of MM8BDMv3b).
SHA08-Now uses transparent 3D floor water, with a colorsetter when in water. 'Teleport outside the map' glitch fixed.
SHA10-Dive Missile is no longer reachable without using the pit teleport.
VRP01-Stairs near the underground train changed to functional stairs. Insignificant visual edits.
VRP02-Midtex bridges replaced with 3D floors.
VRP03-Outside area overhauled. Should be a lot harder to fall to your death now. Glass platforms now use invisible 3D floors.
VRP04-Various steps changed to functional stairs. Midtex bridge replaced with 3D floor.
VRP05-Slopes inside blue building changed to functional (but slightly dilapidated) stairs. Ballade Cracker's ledge has been visually        edited and lowered.

New maps! SHA05-10 included.
In general-MM8 content included in most maps.
SHA01-General tweakings, mainly visually.
SHA02-More general tweakings, mainly visually.
SHA03-Even more general tweakings, mainly visually.
SHA04-'Safety rails' added. Death pit in the middle expanded to emphasise 'this is a death pit'. Plus some general tweakings.
VRP01-One very minor visual thing changed. Minor texture edits.
VRP02-Boat area edited slightly.
VRP04-Minor texture edits for Software users. That's right, I care about you guys!
VRP05-Ladder leading to Ballade Cracker has been replaced by one larger slope.
Old Downloads:

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