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W.I.P Forum / [Expansion] Mega Man World - Public Beta 2 Released!
« on: July 21, 2016, 12:19:23 AM »

Mega Man World is a WIP Singleplayer/Co-Operative Mod which aims (at some point in time) to have stages based on all the Robot Masters from the Classic Series, as well as unique weapons for each of the playable classes. There are also special items hidden in each stage which can be equipped by visting Auto's Shop in the Hub map.

Currently, the Mod is unfinished and possibly buggy. There are only 6 maps from MM1 at the moment as well as a special boss fight for one Robot Master. I intend to fix any bugs and possibly add the remaining maps as well update the mod in the future with new maps and new weapons!

Click here to download!

Changelog from previous version:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Fixed a minor script numbering error which caused an Execution error when trying to run the game.

Spoiler for Hiden:

Discord Invite Link:

W.I.P Forum / [Project] Cutstuff Summer Holiday
« on: July 23, 2011, 04:24:38 PM »
Okay so, a few people over on skype were thinking of doing a map in which we take CutStuff members, give them custom skins and put them on a Map which consists of a beach, a Hotel Lounge, A 1st floor, and A rooftop.

Here is a current list of whose in this map. (These people were chosen by the people over on the skype chat! please dont hurt me......)

Spoiler for Hiden:
JC - Working on Computer (Heatman)
SSW - helping someone with an injury (Flashman)
Kapus - Injured fellow (Kapus)
CMM - Lifeguard (CMM)
YD - Fishing (Yellow Devil)
Thatguy - Surfing (Enker)
Raveman - Dancing (Airman)
Mess - Asleep with a book on his face in the server room (Metalman)
Myroc - Reading (Darkman 3)
Obby - Sleeping on a bed (Jupiter)
Blaze - Cooking food (on beach) (Blazeman)
Llama - Playing on his computer (flameman)
TGOT - Sunburnt (Darkman 4)
Lego - Building with Lego (Brightman)
CopShowGuy - Running on beach (Fakeman)
Press Start - Racing with CopShowGuy (Topman)
Fupoo - Sand Sculpting a Sand Roll + Splash Woman (Snakeman)
Flanny - Being Chased by a Shark (Fujiwara No Mokou)
Chugga - Riding the shark chasing flanny
Bikdark - Troll fighting with Muz (Pheonix wright)
Muzaru - Troll fighting with Bik (darkman 2)
Savior - Playing Volleyball (Elecman)
Kackebango - Playing VolleyBall with Savior (Windman)
-Ran: Playing on a NES while talking to himself (Ran)
KirbySonic - Drowning (starman.item)
T's Inventions - Sitting on the pier watching through a telescope (Doc Robot)
DTD - Bartender (Marine)
Cvideo, Copy and Combotron - At the bar (woodman, Copy Robot and Toadman)
Kenkoru - Passed out at the bar (Dr. Cossack)
Huegmanhueg - Drunk Hardman
Omegazerox12 - ON HIS ALMIGHTY SHIP (Megaman.exe)
Megaman - sitting on the pier (Megaman)
Ivory - buried in sand on beach (Crystalman)
Orange Juice - Scooba Diving (Auto-Unknown)
Brotoad - Hotel Desk Manager (Shell Adaptor Toadman)
Korby - Fixing the toilets (Pharoahman)
Celebi, Sonia, Rawk - Rooftop Pool (classic Roll, Splashwoman, Tomahawkman)
Mr. X - In a room which has "Do not Disturb" on the door (Mr.X)
King Yamato - Locked in the Janitor's closet (Yamatoman)
Orangemario - Trying to open the locked door (Orangemario)
Chimeraman - Sleeping in the lounge (custom, sprites done)
EpicKirby - In the lobby (Blackmage)
Anjo - WINNING somewhere (On a hill taking a leak on Tsuki's Grave) (Gavial)
Roc - Swimming in the Ocean (Uranus)
Vortale - Mapping (Snakeman)
Mango - In a tree (Francessa)
King Dumb - Parked his trolley outside the Hotel (Commandoman)
Ninja Sister - Hiding at the back of the hotel (Rockman Trigger)
Turbodude - In the bar drinking E tanks till he passes out (Turboman)
BlueBrawl - Looking off into the distance (colton)
FCx -  Ice cream vendor man (QuickIceMan)
KillerChair - Mr. Janitor (Freezeman/Chair)
Balrog - Doing a Cannonball in the rooftop pool (Balrog?)
Hunter Orion - Riding a Jetski (HelmetLess protoman)
And lastly...
A statue of the GVH hunter near the hotel

Please try to contribute to this project as much as you can! We over on the Skype chat would like to make this as much as a success as possible!

Don't forget to tell us what skin you will be using if you are in this!

Help & Editing / Doom Builder + SLumpEd acting wierd?
« on: May 28, 2011, 08:10:25 PM »
Okay, this something very weird that happened to me. One day I wanted to continue one of my maps (the one which had the oil pits + wave bikes), but when I opened it with Doom Builder, the map was gone. This was strange at first, so I opened it with SLumpEd, and it game me an error:
"Not a valid Doom file!"
At first, I was pretty freaked out at this, however I had a backup of the map. I openend my backup and... the same thing happened. What went wrong?

I did not toy with the wad. The furtherest I've gone is added a third Oil Script, but this was not on my back up. If the file is corrupt, then how could it be corrupt on both my backup and on my computer? Please help...  :|

Help & Editing / Oil Pits + Wave bikes?
« on: May 22, 2011, 06:02:43 PM »
Hey Guys, I'm making a Map for my up coming CTF Map pack, and I wanted to make a map with Oil Pits and Wave bikes. Sadly, when I tested it, when a flame blast hit the oil pit, I got shot upwards somehow. I activated Chase Cam, and then I saw that when a flame blast hit the oil pit, it did the "explosion" of when you crash into a wall and you get shot upwards.

Proof of what I said here:
Spoiler for Hiden:

It's in a spoiler for a reason.

For those of you who just read this topic to see the picture, it's not done yet, But it soon will be.

Help & Editing / Guts Lifts. How do they work?
« on: March 08, 2011, 12:41:16 PM »
Hello all, I currently am having problems with Guts Lifts. I did everything just like it was done in Gutsman's stage but the Gutslift only goes 1 way and it doesn't come back.
Here's what I get:

Spoiler for Hiden:
Code: [Select]
Unknown Top Texture '--' On first side of Linedef 983
Unknown Top Texture '--' On first side of Linedef 984
Unknown Top Texture '--' On first side of Linedef 986
Unknown Top Texture '--' On first side of Linedef 987
Unknown Top Texture '--' On first side of Linedef 988
Unknown Top Texture '--' On first side of Linedef 995
Unknown Top Texture '--' On first side of Linedef 1073
Unknown Top Texture '--' On first side of Linedef 1074
Unknown Top Texture '--' On first side of Linedef 1076
Unknown Top Texture '--' On first side of Linedef 1077
Unknown Top Texture '--' On first side of Linedef 1078
Unknown Top Texture '--' On first side of Linedef 1083
Unknown Top Texture '--' On first side of Linedef 1085

Any suggestions on what I should or could do?

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