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Projects & Creative / Stardust's Workshop
« on: November 11, 2013, 05:57:59 PM »
hello, welcome, sayonara like they say in japanese
Take a look at one of my tributes/projects for MM8BDM if you have some time please!!!

> Saxton Hale Rebirth ++
> Teamwork Classes/ SHR++V3 classes
> Classes' Stage Taunt Pack
> Xover Weapons
> Damage Display

Just call it SHR++ for short

...Saxton Hale again, it strikes back (it never left through). The name of this mod is inspired by Sega's Sonic Mega Collection + videogame, a big collection including all the old Genesis Sonic games. The ++ means, it's basically SH, but... double plus because it's cool
This mod is a merging between Saxton Hale Plus Plus and Saxton Hale Rebirth. I and TailsMK4 both decided to mix our mods' names into one so that way, we don't have to come up with another other name... the title is explicit. SHR++ = SH++ + SHR
In other words, this mod mixes at the same time the potential of Rebirth and ++ so the final product is an homogenous and fun project to play

The new and future hales also have a different gameplay than "melee clones with a different rage". This is a past idea in our mod. The hale stereotype isn't a thing anymore.
More in depth, there are some more aims to make it more enjoyable and fresher. I thought we lacked of hales that have the following properties, that's why I was influenced by these parameters :

==> Hales that attack at medium range, or even long range
==> Hales that don't always OHKO
==> Hales that follow a more original pattern than a simple melee attack... each hale has his own fighting system, and his own good/bad points, they could even be complex to use ; but at least, they're NOT anymore COPIES of EACH OTHER for sure X___X
==> More Megaman-related hales.. I hope.
==> More girl hales :)

If you want to edit or use our mod for another project, PLEASE before doing so, PM me or Tails in the thread what are you up to :/

K thanks for reading :D you get the download links. u need both of them

Main game download (v2fhh) : ... Bv2fhh.pk3
Music download (v2a) : ... sicv2a.pk3

Diary of (important) updates :
Spoiler for Hiden:
21/06/14 SHR++ was updated so you can play it with the Mega Man & Bass update ; changelog is located to page 27 or something c:

2/05/14 3 months later... RIDE OOON! It's time again~~! Tails is now my partner and like he said, we are going to work on the same mode. SH++ is called now SHRebirth++ and features parts of both Rebirth and ++! We really hope this merging won't be disappointing, because not only more than 3+ new hales are available, but we also modified some old hales, and many other fixes, rebalancements and new features! Enjoy! :D
The boss descriptions were updated and shortened for less BS mode, and you can see the detailed changelog right here~~

1/02/14 : Cleaned up some parts of this post, so it's shorter. All the screenshots of the new hales are mixed into one tab.

27/11/13 : It's time~~! I release my mod SH++ v1A this day. The all-first version may be quickly updated to a second or third versions because some hales might be unbalanced =) unfortunately, my betatesting team wasn't enough big to recreate a big server :/
I'll be hosting a server with Saxton Hale ++. Due to my hate of Saxton Hale's popularity (I enjoy it, but I blame it at the same time for being the --almost-- only mode being played), I might take down my servers temporarily to force people play something else than Saxton Hale >_< it sounds silly but meh
To come back to the actual news, SH++ hasn't classes so don't be surprised, instead enjoy being able to use the skins :D
I'll be often present in my servers to receive feedbacks about balancing :D

24/11/13 : I'm getting closer to the end. The release should come soon :3

22/11/13 : Nah, it's not dead, not at all, I've on the contrary been busy working with it. I've only ONE hale left, but like Seemen and Cave Story, that's a "team" hale, so it takes more time to code, especially because EACH member has its own skills :/
I decided to give Remilia back her old theme : Diana Boncheva feat. BanYa - Beethoven Virus, because her theme, Septette for the Dead Princess, was too mainstream for me >_<

6/11/13 : Added a picture of the 5th and final hale's HUD

1/11/13 : Remilia's theme is now a 8-bit cover of her actual theme by Skutieos7 (previous theme was Diana Boncheva feat. BanYa - Beethoven Virus)

30/11/13 : Finished the 4th hale on my side

27/11/13 : Just divided the "change from the official SH" section into Gameplay and Audio/Graphic for sorting things

25/11/13 : Incoming BUNCH of screenshots ! For older or new hales, enjoy the view :D :I
Some minor stuff concerning older hales was also added to the Change from Saxton Hale section
I revealed Remilia Scarlet's theme because meh.

20/11/13 : Due to suggestions, Pissed Off Roll is confirmed to come back, after so much players wanted her cute voice back. Of course, I'm not PORoll's maker, this is SilverSin's work.

19/11/13 : Added a picture of the 3rd hale's HUD in the Screenshots section.

18/11/13 : Even more stuff in the "Changes from the official Saxton Hale" were added ; because I feel the envy to do so. Also I spoiled weaknesses for each hale. I wonder if other Saxton Hale modders around here would like to adopt the weakness system for every hale in every Saxton Hale mod ? :D
That way we could have "official weaknesses" included in other mods and that could be interesting :3

EDIT : A few hours later, SuperJustinBros convinced me that weaknesses are a bad idea, because they just make the fight more or less easy according to luck. So, totally against skills. I decided to turn off the code, but I might still reactivate it in case of if people really want them back. Until further notice, NO hale, including Scrooge, have a weakness and/or resistances.

17/11/13 : I just added some more stuff in the "Changes from the official Saxton Hale" spoiler.

16/11/13 : Okay, I know it's not nice not revealing a single hale. So here she arrives, straight from the Touhou galaxy : Remilia Scarlet is a hale. I added pictures of her, as well as a boss description.

My project is flowing quite nicely if I do say myself, on my view of the things. 3 hales on the 5 planned are already completly finished. I only spoiled one for the moment through :3
I can foresee the release date of the first playable, and enjoyable version (v1A) around the 1st December. Maybe a little later if I slowly progress on it D:

11/11/13 : Thread created. I won't spoil any hale for the moment, through two screenshots from these hales are posted in the screenshot section.
Bosses list
Spoiler for Hiden:
- Saxton Hale
- Ghost of Starman (Rebirth sauce)
- Christian Brutal Sniper (Rebirth version)
- Morshoooo (Rebirth styled)
- Slenderman (special deluxe edition)
- Captain Falcon
- Seemen
- Ninja Spy
- Ra Thor is removed. Or... replaced should I say
- Quote and Curly (Cave Story) special canon edition
- Cave Johnson
- Scrooge Mc'Duck
- Gilgamesh
SH++ v1 :
- Remilia Scarlet
- The Unknown Robot Master
- Dio Flash
- Mudkip
- Wily Tower Robot Masters (Buster Rod G, Mega Water S, Hyper Storm H)
SHR++ v2 :
- Tomahawk Talbain
- Super Macho Man
- Guts Man G
- The Ra Thor brothers
The classes
Spoiler for Hiden:
Latest name I remember calling them was Silversin Classes Redesigned.
These copywep based classes are inspired by TF2 and Silversin's classes from Saxton & Friend. The aim was to go toward more gameplay horizons, but at the same time, without having something too different. These classes most of the time trade stats (less health for more power, less speed for more armor...), and thus I think they are enjoyable enough, and at the same time, aren't the same thing as playing with YD classes.
These classes feature the Megaman main cast as characters. You can see the following picture in-game by using "help_menu" in the console, but I'll give some more informations about them below I advise to read too

==> Nothing special about Megaman, he's the exactly same standard LMS class by default. Only him can use skins!

==> Protoman, Bass and Duo don't start with the Mega Buster, but with their respective buster upgrade... a nerfed version, actually. Unlike Megaman who start with 5 weapons ; Proto, Bass and Duo all three start with 3 weapons

==> Proto Man's Proto Buster has no shield and the damage is slighty nerfed (by 20% to be accurate). So now it acts as a kind of chargeable, sniping Mega buster.

==> Bass' Bass Buster is like the copywep version, however it has a slower fire rate

==> Duo's duo fist takes longer to charge.

==> Auto's weapon acts like a stronger Mega Buster. He fires screws instead of pellets, and the big screws do more damage. Auto can help his allies by providing a large variety of products divided into 2 categories : items and parts. Switch the weapon to swap between items and parts.
> Once created, the items will stay on the map until someone picks them. They can be used at anytime
> The parts on the opposite, disappear after some time if they're not collected. When picked up, their effect instantly activate, and lasts temporarily
Auto receives bolts once in a while automatically (max : 999). With them, he can make up stuff.
Open the products window with altfire.
When opened, scroll between the list of objects by tapping altfire, until the desired object is selected.
Confirm your selection by holding altfire, and tadaaaa, if you have enough bolts, your object will be created and sent to the allies! Careful as you're slowed down while creating something.


It takes some time to handle it but once acquired it feels pretty varied and fun to use.
The list of the objects Auto can create :

ITEMS (Weapon 1)
> Random Weapon (225 bolts) : like Eddie, provides a random weapon. Eddie however has a higher probability of giving rare weapons
> W-Tank (185 bolts) : no description needed
> Beat (300 bolts) : A Beat Call-type insurer object
> Exit Unit (450 bolts) : Teleports the user to a random spawn point of the map

PARTS (Weapon 2)
> E. Analyzer (120 bolts) : draws the complete map on the automap, and display all the actors as well for some time. It's more useful than how it seems
> S. Armor (300 bolts) : reduces the damage taken of the user for some time
> H.S.D. (250 bolts) : increases the mobility of the user for some time
> S. Buster (400 bolts) : increases the strength of the user for some time

==> Roll's weapon on the other hand, acts like a faster Mega Buster. Faster missiles with a slightly faster fire rate.
By tapping the altfire, you can check a target's health. Tap it often, quickly on everyone to keep your eye on their health, and you'll be best medic of the server
If the target has full health, a mirror buster sound will play and green sparkles will spread. If the target is indeed weakened, a laser buster sound will play and red sparkles will spread.
Hold the altfire to send the healing beam. When your patient casts green sparkles, it means he/she's completly retablished :D
Boss description (some might be outdated)
Spoiler for Hiden:
Screenshots (some pictures may be outdated)
Spoiler for Hiden:
Saxton Hale gets improved graphics for his rage ! Also, forget the eyecrushing inverted color thing, it's gone :3

"Are you really the strongest man on your team ?!"

Cave Johnson is proud of showing off his new lemonz thingz

Morshu was sad because he would never catch anyone with his best bomby thing. Now, fear this, that's a real bomb !

And yeah, it IS bigger.

What do we want ? Kill all ze robotz !

Healing roll with improved graphics :D

And old guy comes back... but he's got more tricks in his hand.


Redesigned with his own rage, 2spooly4udude

And I ain't joking when talkin' about heartbeating scenes.

In open areas like this one, Remilia's rage Vampire Illusion can reveal it self quite... dangerous. Dodge that, robot mahsters ! Feel the power of the danmaku ! :D

Llama ? O_o Blame the bullets!

u can flee but no escape

sonic's the name speed's my game

she's enraged

there's no escape from the rape citadel

here he comes, and it's going to be a battlefield

I'm gonna summon mets with your junk, heatman !

sniper armor is happy because he killed a girl
good job sniper

I make them look so weak next to me lol

where's your god now

attack, my stand! attack pls yessir


did you also see the rage message like if it fades in-game ? optical illusion FTW



right on yo face :o

kawaiii as fuck

incoming water gun in 2 1

dat torchic

thx treecko ur nice

spring man is bouncing inside

well of course bubble man, water is weak to grass

ninja much wow

easy prey
must hunt down

the rage mode :D that's a lot of bars yeah, but I heard you were good so

Casting a shield

go away grenade man :v

shield points are displayed next to the health

you can add shields over shields for lotsa shields !

eating little girls it makes me feel so good

you know what I mean by "big" boulder now

Spoiler for Hiden:
Special thanks to SilverSin, Balrog, and everyone else who worked on the original Saxton Hale mode.
Special special thanks to CutmanMike and the whole devteam behind MM8BDM for creating the best Mega Man fan-game ever.
Special thanks too to my betatesters, as well as to requesters and people who brought me ideas of new characters to introduce in SH :

TailsMK4 (Partner, Betatesting, bug fixing)
Linnie (Betatesting, advising)
Celebi (betatester, resource providing)
ChaosUnlimited (ressource providing, betatesting)
FTX6004 (spriter, betatesting)
James (betatester)
Jax (coding expert)
Chaos Fantazy (betatesting)
Dawn of Mudkipz (Betatesting)
Dr. Crasger (Betatesting)
OrangeMario (Betatesting)
Fyone (Betatesting)
Dark X / Dark X of Mudkipz (Betatesting)
Kage (Betatesting and nice supporter)
SmashTheEchidna / "Gizmo the Cat" (Ressource providing)

MrL for the idea and the code that allows to choose a hale, (from Rebalanced Classes Saxton Hale)

Superthanks to Celebi for the Pokémon sounds

Diego for the Saxton Hale skin

Thanks to Lego for drawing Auto's screws rotation sprites!!

FTX for the Ninja Spy and Sniper skins, and Gilgamesh Rocket punch sprites (and the skin itself)

Frags for Ra Thers' HUDS and Cave Johnson's, too. Credits for the Slender Man newer skin

Credits to Cave Story's creators for the original sounds/sprites from CStory

Gummy for the ripping of the Rainbow Beam sound

Agent ME on the ZDOOM forums for the double jump code

Gizmo the Cat for the recoloration of Beam Surcharge
The justified Classes team for the Beam Surcharge Thunder Bolt spliting graphics

Various sounds from the YD Classes Modifications by MusashiAA

Thanks a lot to Fyone, Woohoo and the justified devteam to let me use various ressources for my Auto!!

Neslug for the recoloration of the Pokémon moves used for Ra Thor Rebirth's psychic orb

Superthanks to Lego for letting me use the Megaman HUD rune graphics :D

Remilia Scarlet : Skin and HUDs taken from Touhou Classes Mod v1d
Rage graphics/sounds taken from Drake's Project P (Touhou)

Dio Flash : Skin created by Rukifellth
HUD by Classes mod
Knives and punches sprites by Capcom, Araki, and Kit Nathaniels (Sprite Database)

The unknown Robot Master : Skin created by Copy Robot
Music by RushJet1, sounds by Classes

Dawn of Moodkipz Mudkip : Skins created by Blueiscooltoo and Sacat
HUD by Tsukiyomaru Zero
Pokémon sounds by Ankoku Flare
Some graphics by Spriters Ressource

Genesis Unit Themes from this video

Buster Rod G: Skin by Audiophile
HUD by Classes
Sounds by RPG Maker VX Ace ressources, sounds/graphics by Drake's Project P (Touhou), Classes
Rod sprites by NES Boy (spriters ressource)

Mega Water S: Skin by Audiophile too
Sounds by Ankoku Flare/Classes/Drake's Project P (Touhou)
Water and Harpoons sprites by Yawackhary (spriters ressource)

Hyper Storm H: Skin by Megaman/Mr. Joe
Power Mound blasting sound by MMU Classes, boulder sprites by Sprites INC, rock sprites ripped by Neslug (spriters ressource)
Breathing sprites by NES Boy (spriters ressource)

Tomahawk Talbain : Skin by Hinatediz, HUD by Justified classes, and Woohoo for the claws

If I missed someone, please tell me so I add your name !

or SHR++ V3 Classes
or overly classes

This is a small mod (eh), a class mod, a mix between Saxton Hale and classes mods like YD/JC. Not meant to give another view on the robot masters, it's actually simply, the classes that were designed for SHR++ V3. Due to how long Saxton Hale takes to make, I decided to release the classes separately for the moment.

These classes were redesigned with an actual aim, making them truely unique with unique abilities, and giving them all a role (and teamwork-based abilities on the top of that).

This mod is still in a beta phase so it's far from being balanced or anything.

That's pretty much it. The classes are very complex but yeah there's not much else to say.
This mod is played in 1 live, 2-teams TLMS.
Here is finally the guide/how to play the classes !! (since they were so confusing)
I try to keep it as simple and objective as possible as it's already overly complex in-game.

In a general way, classes work like this. They have a buster (default weapon), for most of them, special weapons (like in vanilla TLMS), and then have either PASSIVE
 abilities, or active abilities, on their ALTFIRE or on their ITEM.

Spoiler for Hiden:
Role : Weaponry Manager
TF2 Counterpart : Soldier
HP : 100%
ATK : 100%
SPEED : 100%

The closest class to vanilla MM8BDM. Simple and effective, very polyvalent ans easy to use in general.
Starts with 5 special weapons and the good old Mega Buster, like in a casual TLMS!
Special abilities :

ALTFIRE : Rush Coil weapon : a Rush Coil with an ammo bar! This rush coil can be summoned at long range, and be used by both you and your allies! If enemies use it,
   they'll be knocked aside (like a bumper). It's very fast and practical to use in all situations.
PASSIVES:    > As long as Megaman lives, his team gains ammo once in a while. (Can be seen with the blue ammo bar, over the HP bar.) More Megamen = more ammo. Of course
            he regens his own ammo as well.
         > Drops a few weapons when he dies (for his team to collect)
         > able to change skins ( :o ) (not really a "skill" but yeah)
My tips: Megaman is very similar to regular TLMS, play him if you want to keep things simple and traditionnal.
Keep in mind you have your Rush Coil on your altfire, it can help a lot in some situations, as an escape, for either you or an ally. Or use it to push an enemy!
That's pretty much it. Megaman's other abilities are passive, so you don't need to worry about them, they do their job.

Role : Brutal Damage Dealer
TF2 Counterpart : Pyro
HP : 55%
ATK : 160%
SPE : 100%

The very offensive class. Can deal extremely high damage in very short amounts of time ("damage bursts"), but is very fragile. An ally you want to protect.
Starts with 5 special weapons and a shieldless and weaker Proto Buster.

Special abilities :
NORMALT : Proto Strikes : Starts the round with 4 Proto Strikes in stock. When charging Proto Buster, press alt to shoot the Proto Strike. It's a large, ripping projectile.
      You'll get some Proto Strike stacks after not taking damage for some time.
ALT : Precipitation : User gets double firing speed for a few seconds, but then receives half firing speed.
ITEM : Break Mode : A mode which can be toogled on/off. When the user damages a target with an attack in this mode, this target takes extra damage for a brief time.

My tip: if you mix both your altfire and item, you'll do a lot, a lot of damage. Make sure to manage them correctly and know what you're doing (don't mash your keyboard)
It's even better if your team is around to support you. If a Duo locks enemies for you, throw all what you have, especially if you have explosive weapons.
Don't be afraid to use your proto strikes, too.

Role : Movement Control
TF2 Counterpart : Scout
HP : 100%
ATK : 60%
SPE : 140% (1.12)

The mobility class. Helps allies dodging and improve the flow of the stage. Starts with 5 special weapons and a slower firing bass buster.

Special abilities :
> PASSIVE : Double jump : user can doublejump. :)
> ITEM : Dark Portals : Item to aim and create portals at medium range. They can be used by any ally to travel until the other side (1 set of portal at the same
   time/bass player), but enemies can't use them.
> ALT : Bassnium Magnet : Bass consumes some of his magnet ammo, to attract the targets toward him closer.
   MAINFIRE DURING ALT : Mainfire during Bassnium Magnet (when a target was caught in the beam) to immediatly fling the target symetrically in relation to the user.
      Needs at least half of the magnet ammo bar to use.

My tips: Use your super high mobility (movement + doublejump) to roam in the map quickly.
Create the portal in a portion of the map you think it's very useful. You don't need to activate and remove your portal every five seconds. Just lay it somewhere
on the map it can be useful until the end of the game (for a travel over a large pit, or to skip a tall ladder climbing, for instance)
Use your attracting altfire to prevent someone from running if that can help your team attack it, but usually just fling it to force it to come back to you (or into your delayed attacks : Hyper Bomb, Ice Wall... if you're that good at positionning)
Fling them into pit, that's a solution as well.
I'd say use the standard altfire attraction if you don't have the half ammo bar for flinging.

Role : Recovery Handler
TF2 Counterpart : Medic
HP : 150%
ATK : 100%
SPE : 116% (0.928)

Doesn't start with any special weapon. To compensate, she has better stats,as well as an "overdrive" attack when she's the last woman standing.
Her main attack (mainfire) is a beam buster which does very low but continuous damage at medium range.
 Roll is probably the class that will deal the less damage. (she'll spend more time healing than attacking)

Special abilities :
> ITEM : Naolin Pulse : Roll's buster drains HP when this item is activated. This has a ammo limit. Roll regains ammo for this when her max health gets reduced.
> ALTFIRE (WEAPON 1) Healing Beam : Hold buster altfire to continually heal a target. You can look at an ally to see their current health in %.
> MAINFIRE (WEAPON 2) Love Sanctuary : Roll heal herself and allies around. Is noisy on startup, user can't move and erosion increases when using it.
> ALTFIRE (WEAPON 2) Major Recovery : Tag a target. If this ally should die, it'll be brought back to full health instantly, but the user won't be able to use
   any healing ability for some time (gray color).
> ALTFIRE (WHEN ROLL IS THE LAST MAN STANDING) Roll Mob-Up Turbo :    Damaging enemies with the buster energy fills her rage bar. When full, use altfire to start ramming
   at high speed. When catching an opponent in the slide,   mash the altfire button as fast as you can to hit the enemy a lot of times! It does a lot of damage.
My tips: Use your healing beam (buster altfire) more than your actual damaging buster. Roll is way more useful when she heals than whe she tries to damage. You should heal as long as you have some allies.
The item is here when you need a quick healing and someone is chasing you. If nobody is chasing you, you could try healing yourself with the Love Sanctuary (weapon2 Main),
especially if you have lots of allies around, or in a large server.
You have the power to give 100% hp back to someone with your 2nd wep altfire, keep in mind that, but also keep in mind you won't be able to heal at all then for some time.
When last player standing, you'll actually want to kill people on your own ; that is why the broom exists. When ramming with the broom, you take heavily reduced damage and do a lot of damage, so if you mash the altfire button fast enough, you should be able to kill your targets
fast enough before they could actually kill you and it's more worth than poking at long range for hours with your buster. Try using your broom and mash hard, really.
Role : Team Protector
TF2 Counterpart : Heavy
HP : 250%
ATK : 100%
SPE : 57,5% (0.46)

The durable, defensive and protective class.
Starts with 5 special weapons and a shorter ranged and weaker Duo Fist.

Special abilities :
ALTFIRE : Cosmic Lock : Hold altfire to charge up to 3 levels, When released user rushes forward, then press a firing button again to crush the fist to the ground.
   Seismic waves attract, enemies, lock them, and Duo steals some HP for every target caught and damage them lightly.
   The user takes reduced damage when the fist shakes the ground, but can't move or jump.
   Charge to increase rush speed, quake attraction and duration.
ITEM : Sacrifice : User can tag an ally in front with item. Whenever this ally should receive damage, user will trade his place with it and the damage
   it should take will be redirected to the Duo.
PASSIVE : User regenerates health slowly. The regen increases briefly after taking damage.

My tips: this guy is very simple. When around your team, charge your altfire and get all the enemies locked to you for your team to attack them. When 1vs1 or in smaller games,
use your special weapons.
Use your damage interception item on a fragile target of your team, like a Wily or a Proto.
A nice combo is to have your tagged ally trick enemies into attacking them, while you charge your altfire, and then release it by surprise after trading positions.
That's pretty much it! Easy and effective.

Role : Disabler
TF2 Counterpart : Demoman (:I)
HP : 70%
ATK : 120%
SPE : 115%

Starts with 2 special weapons instead of 5, ranged and melee. To compensate, his default weapon, the Evil Plasma, is stronger than most weapons.
The fire rate on his special weapons are two times slower, but he has infinite ammo for them.

His buster is the Evil Plasma : 2 orbs rotate around user, damaging enemies nearby, even when switching to a special weapon.
Hold main to catch one orb and use it as a dagger for melee damage, release to throw it as a projectile. When it returns, it doesn't damage.

Wily has 3 special orbs. He can select them by tapping altfire, then using them by holding altfire.
> Frostbite Orbs : Send a swarm of 4 orbs, bouncing and blinding the targets they hit.
> Lashing Orbs : Send a swam of fire orbs controllable like remote mines. They slow down enemies when they explode on them and also deviate their aim!
> Gravitational Orb : Charge it by sending pulses of energy on the ground. After charging, release altfire to send a lightning orb which creates a glyph when it lands.
   The allies entering the glyph get lower gravity and better air control. Enemies entering it get higher gravity and worsen air control.
   Enemies entering it will also be attracted toward the core.
   You can only have 1 gravitationnal glyph for each team!
My tips: Wily's evil orbs are very polyvalent : you can use them as melee or ranged. Note that even when switching to a special wep, the orbs keep rotating around.
You could for instance switch to fire storm and get both the fire spin and the orb rotation damage around.
Wily's weapons have infinite ammo but slowed fire rate. Some weapons are definitely better on him, like high-consuming ammo weapons such as Magnet Missile.
Akin to Bass's portals, Wily's gravitationnal glyph is best summoned in an area it helps allies, try summoning it somewhere people come frequently, try to cover
as much area as possible with it.
His fire and ice orbs have two crowd control effects, slows and blind. I'd say use them when they're available or when you feel like it, then chain with some weapon
or with the Evil Plasma Orbs.

A few extra things.
Megaman, Protoman, Bass and Duo have an energy balancer.
The special weapon randomization is different for every player.

All damage are halved. With the default damage, players would get killed too fast (Protoman could literally kill someone in no time with his kit), and and this also put emphasis on resource management (mostly ammo management, for special weapons).
Due to that, the following weapons' damage are modified to make them not broken when it comes to one-shotting too easily :
> Atomic Fire : 100 ripper ==> 120 + (15 * additional rips)
> Top Spin : Halved damage
> Hyper Bomb: 200 damage max  ==> max damage capped at 110

Also take note of the Erosion system : there's a % on your screen (next to your HP bar), this percentage is only relevant when you or your team has any healing abilities.
When you take damage, a portion of the damage taken will be reduced from your max health (your max health gets "eroded"). If the percent is 20% for instance, and you take 50 damage, then your max health will be reduced by 10. This percent is the erosion coefficient.
This system is meant to limit infinite regeneration/sustain, and thus stalling.

Link : BETA main file
Link: BETA resources ... -beta1.pk3
(you need both)

Cutstuff Discussion and Feedback / [Suggestion] A suggestion topic
« on: March 30, 2013, 08:30:57 AM »
Because I didn't find any on the forums, and I'm super-duper sure it could be very useful and polyvalent because this'll avoid the creation of a topic for one idea.
Actually, I was thinking about this idea of creating a suggestion topic because I've got a lot of suggestions for the weapons, etc. Creating a "Several suggestions for weapons" topic is confusing, and of course, creating one for every suggestion, especially if those are small details (like a fire rate, or a damage quantity...), is annoying and takes all the bunch of the bumper crop o' apples.
There's also the small factor of "shy" people who are too tired or who don't want to create a topic for their opinion, as I said because it may be because of their suggestion's relevance (interest, impact), which is too much weak or too much yeah.

...'nd so, Don't you think it can make the suggestions come more often ?

Help & Editing / Player.damagescreencolor
« on: January 12, 2013, 08:06:54 PM »
So, I wanted to give a different screen color to the player when he/she gets hit by some kinds of weapons, and I have a problem with an error. Here is my screen setting in a nutshell :
Code: [Select]
actor Megaman2 : Megaman
player.damagescreencolor "red", 0.3,"MentalSovereignty" //<== Here is the beast !
//And then follow the states and stuff...

And here is the ZDOOM wiki about the Player properties :

...what I wanted to so is to have a -rather discrete, like 0.3 suggests it- red screen flash when the player is hit by the MentalSovereignty damage type. And, it looks like my dear MM8BDM can't accept it. Here's the error it displays when I try using my project on startup~

Code: [Select]
Execution could not continue.

Script error, "MYWAD.pk3:custom/playerstates.txt" line 3:
Unexpected ',' in definition of 'Megaman2'

...unexpected "," ? Teehee, that sure is something. The formula on the Wiki says Player.DamageScreenColor color[, intensity[, damagetype]]. Maybe has it something with the [ ] ?
Through I need help with it, please~

Help & Editing / A user's mark on the A_SpawnItemEx spawned actors
« on: December 27, 2012, 11:03:23 AM »
Hello again. I'm making my first weapon, I planned it, and everything seems to be fine, but I have a problem with some actors used by this weapon :

When the user fires, it shoots an invisible spawner in front of him/her that will itself spawn waves of damages forward. That's a simple description of my weapon.
If you want a more talkative example, take the Tornado Hold : the user shoots the pod, the pod will then spawn an invisible spawner at the same place where the pod landed, and this spawner will create lifting tornados going upward, damaging enemies that go through it. BUT the user itself can't be damaged by these tornadoes.

So, here's my question, it looks really simple to answer to, but I don't know the answer myself : how can I make an actor spawned by the A_SpawnItemEx function not damage the user at the root of the attack ?

(please redirect me if this has already been asked somewhere)

Help & Editing / Actors' number
« on: December 12, 2012, 05:47:19 AM »
Lately, I wanted to modify MM8BDM. Maybe I'll do some weapon editing soon, if I handle the things.
I already had some experience with Doom modifications, so I didn't look to a tutorial, and I understood how the different shapes of the game work by comparing or just plain looking in pk3 files.
Now, I noticed that there are these numbers beginning with 100... like 10010, 10047, 10065, etc. I would like to know two things about them :
- Are they supposed to be the number of the actor ?
- Where could I find a list of these numbers, with the actors they affect ? I noticed I can see a weapon's number by looking in its programming txt file, but for example, the BassBuster hasn't any :
from bassbuster.txt, in the MM8BDM-v2C.pk3 file
actor BassBuster : Weapon

EDIT : Oh and also, another question. Not related to this topic through, but I don't want to create a second thread ;
I tried to add a custom sprite, but it appears as a ... blinking buster projectile in game ! Maybe is it related to the color palette, format, or something ?
Here's the sprite I wanted to use.
Spoiler for Hiden:
Save it to look closer, I apologize for this small size, but it's how it is supposed to appear in game.

Help & Editing / Error when trying to charge Class pk3
« on: December 08, 2012, 12:47:22 AM »
This is a strange error that I get in the Skulltag console ; it shows up when I try to play a class mod (like Yellow Devil's or the Cutstuff Community Classes one). Here is the part of the console that contains the fatal error :
S_InitData: Load sound definitions.
Texman.Init: Init texture manager.
ParseTeamInfo: Load team definitions.
LoadActors: Load actor definitions.
Script error, "CSCC-v4c.pk3:actors/weapons/megatypes.txt" line 173:
Parent type 'WrapExplosion' not found in WrapExplosionC

Execution could not continue.

Script error, "CSCC-v4c.pk3:actors/weapons/megatypes.txt" line 173:
Replaced type 'WrapExplosion' not found in WrapExplosionC looks like somehow related to Danger Warp, maybe ?
And yes, I have the latest version of MM8BDM, with MM7 in.
Could someone help me, please ?

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