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MM8BDM Discussion / MM8BDM V5D - Released!
« on: December 01, 2018, 09:22:51 PM »

Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch V5D is here! This version is mainly a bug fix/cleanup build to provide several improvements for players and modders before V6 development goes into full gear! It also includes several revamped weapons, maps and skins. We also added some new post-game dialogue to prepare you for V6! Check out the patch notes below for more information!

Change List:

Spoiler for Hiden:

Proto Buster, despite being routinely nerfed, is still an incredibly powerful and oppressive weapon. So we're making it take longer to charge up to warrant its fast and powerful projectile.
- Required Weapon Charge for Charged Shot: 24 > 36

Bass Buster is a powerful tool for creating pressure. It can feel overbearing, so we've added a mechanic that causes its bullet spread to become more erratic the longer you fire without stopping. A small delay after letting go of fire was added to eliminate potential abuse cases and further reduce pressure.
- Weapon Behavior: After firing several bullets in a row the weapon's random spread will increase up to a cap.
- Weapon Behavior: A 28 tic delay has been added upon letting go of fire.

Gyro Attack is a weapon that has players of the community split on one specific mechanic of it. Its double hit allows it to deal double damage if timed precisely before hitting a player, making it a 2 Hit Kill in specific scenarios. We're reducing the damage on the split as a result.
- Weapon Behavior: Split Gyros will now give players protection from further Gyro Attacks for 2 tics.
-- Double Hit Damage: 54 > 40

Dive Missile is oppressive, particularly on large maps like MM2AIR. This should help resolve a lot of the frustration that comes with fighting the weapon without making it worthless as an offensive tool and a check to mobility.
- Weapon Behavior: Dive Missile can find a target [at any time > only within the first 4 tics of its life]

== ICE WALL ==
We know at least one person will complain about this, but it was a strange mechanic that we didn't feel had a place in the game.
- Weapon Behavior: Ice Wall no longer clips to the top of walls upon being spawned.

The rework put Skull Barrier in a much healthier spot than the potentially everlasting immortality, but it still feels a little too oppressive. As an attempt at taking it down a peg, it'll stay up for less time and take longer to put it up again. It's possible these changes aren't enough, and we may have to follow up again later.
- Skull Shield Duration: 175 tics > 130 tics (Roughly 10 seconds down to almost 8)
- Skull Barrier Cooldown: 70 > 80

Mega Ball is probably the most awkward weapon to use as a weapon, so we've added a whole bunch of mechanics to help with that.
- Weapon Behavior: Mega Ball now copies the player's momentum as it is spawned. Holding fire will automatically fire the ball.
-- Altfire: Spawns Mega Ball with the same behavior as pre-5d versions.
- Initial Firing Delay: 9 Tics > 6 Tics
- Delay After Kick: 23 Tics > 26 Tics

"Rolling Cutter spawns a damager every tic and those damagers are rippers that can hit twice. Although this change seems small, it will reduce cases where you are brought to 0 HP instantly. Sweetspots will still kill you instantly, though."
- Projectile Damage: 12 > 10

Fun fact, Black Hole Bomb was tied with Hornet Chaser as the slowest projectile in the game, and one of the few that players can truly outrun.
- Projectile Speed: 10 > 12

- Explosive Damage: 10 > 8
- Direct Hit Damage: 4 > 5
- Explosion Radius: 85 > 64

- Tornadoes Spawned: 15 > 30
- Tornado Spawn Rate: Every 8 tics > Every 4 tics
- Tornado Damage: 20 > 10
- Tornado Vertical Speed: 20 > 40
- Tornado Lifting Speed: 20 > 40

- Vertical Thrust on Spawn: 0 > 10

- Mid Shot Damage: 25 > 15
- Main Projectile Damage: 30 > 20
- Fragment Damage: 12 > 7
- Weapon Behavior: Traveling fragments no longer spend any time with NOINTERACTION on.

- Projectile Gravity: x900 > x15
- Weapon Behavior: Water Wave can now travel up slopes.

- Has a new firing sound effect.

- Item Behavior: Wire Adaptor will now pull you directly to what you hit without the force of gravity getting in the way.

"A new server variable to play around with in case you're playing with bots or scenarios where players are affected by Block Monster lines that eliminates the Block Monster lines used for keeping bots from swarming into a mosh pit in certain maps."


== MM1ICE ==
- Reworked by Rozark

== MM2FLA ==
- Adjustments by LlamaHombre and Korby

== MM4PHA ==
- Reworked by Ivory and Copy Robot

== MM6FLA ==
- Adjustments by CutmanMike


-Added the mapper tools MM8BDM_BeatPitSector and MM8BDM_TeleportEntrance. Add BeatPitSector to a damaging pit sector to enable support for beat call. TeleportEntrance is an easy way to set up an Actor Hits Floor teleport sector using MM8BDM's teleport script.
-New chapter artwork for Chapters 1 and 5 by Pegg.
-Added new configuration options to the launcher to allow players to define paths to Zandronum, MM8BDM.pk3 and megagame.wad. Leaving them blank will use the current directory of the launcher.
-Added Training to the New Game menu.
-SV_InfiniteAmmo now works with most weapons.
-Credits for baiis8bit changed to famitard.
-Fixed HUD Ammo numbers crashing online players.
-Fixed Galaxyman NPC's color palette.
-Fixed Proto Buster's charge color palette.
-Fixed a cropping issue on Alien's skin.
-Fixed Rush Marine duration being used up outside of water.
-Fixed Wave Burner not consuming ammo correctly outside of water.
-Fixed Magicman not showing the intro to the MMWT chapter if you selected the MMWT chapter.
-Fixed Training not functioning properly.
-Fixed Bass's boss fight having a butt laser.
-Fixed Beat Support not appearing online.
-Fixed an out of bounds exploit on MM1GUT.
-Fixed a sticky ladder on MM9GAL.
-Fixed teleport fog colors not resetting on death.
-Fixed some bad Block Monster lines on MM5CHA, MM5GRA, and MM5CRY
-Fixed an issue where Beat would not function on MM5CHA.
-Fixed texture offset issues on MM9TOR. Again.
-Fixed an issue with Plugman's mugshot.
-Fixed painstate spam when using Beat Call against a pit surface.
-Fixed Super Adaptor crashing servers in certain scenarios.
-Fixed some minor texture issues on MM7STR.
-Fixed Quickman, Dustman, Dr. Wily, and BBA Megaman from being oddly silent in bot matches.
-Added hansungkee's sprites for:
   -Solar Blaze
   -Evil Robot's death
   -Duo's skin, with adjustments by Pegg
   -Napalm Man's skin
-Changed behavior of Sticky Platforms to be smoother online.
-Added a missing frame on Air Shooter.
-Added a missing Block Monsters line on MM9MAG.
-"core_translations" made clientsided to improve server loading speed slightly.
-Added missing //$Titles to certain weapons.
-Added rotations to the Shademan Knight prop by Copy Robot
-Added new inventory flag to prevent fall damage from making you vanish on death.
-duofistboss renamed to DuoFist_Campaign and moved to evilrobot.txt
-Time Stopper will now always deal 5 damage.
-Added some textural updates to MM6DW1 by Watzup7856
-Proto Buster's shield now utilizes warping.
-Added the "intensePlaying" bool to fix intense music constantly replaying itself.
-Tornado Hold can no longer carry you through thin 3D Floors.
-MMCTF24's blue poles given +FORCEYBILLBOARD.
-MMBCOL Ice Machines now properly take frags from players.
-Dark Man boss battle damage and animations tweaked slightly to improve clarity/difficulty.
-Megaman Playerclass now starts with "mm8bdmplayer" inventory.
-Added a new postgame cutscene in Dr. Light's lab.


Download from MEGA

MM8BDM Discussion / MM8BDM V6 - Development begins!
« on: October 23, 2018, 04:16:27 PM »

After a short(tm) break, the Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch team will now begin development of version 6, also known as the Mega Man 10 expansion! This time the project's development will be lead by Dr. Freeman, with assistance from Korby and myself. The expansion will contain all that you can expect from a MM8BDM core expansion: New weapons, maps, skins, campaign, etc all based on Mega Man 10 content, along with some new surprises sprinkled in! In addition, we are also planning to release V5D to fix some annoying bugs that have persisted for far to long, which may also include some bonus map changes and other minor tweaks. Stay tuned for more info on that, and be sure to report anything you'd like to be fixed/changed in the bugs forum as soon as possible!

Please post any questions/concerns/hype in this thread and we will try to be as transparent as we can as we move forward with MM8BDM's development. Thanks for sticking with us, and hope we will have something to tease you all with sooner rather than later  :)

Cutstuff Discussion and Feedback / Hiatus
« on: December 16, 2017, 01:35:37 AM »

This is a small announcement to say MM8BDM development is on hold and I am going on hiatus for, at the very least, half a year. During this time I will no longer be making or helping out in other MM8BDM or Doom projects. With Mega Man 11 being announced for late 2018, this is the perfect time for me to move on to something new while we wait for the game to come out and see how it's going to fit into 8BDM's development. In truth, 8BDM development has pretty much been frozen for months as many of the staff have either moved on to other projects, have full time jobs or are still completing their education. Sorry to disappoint any fans who were looking forward to playing the next version any time soon. The community and modders have been keeping 8BDM alive and will continue doing so even in my absence.

Projects & Creative / MM8BDM Fishing!
« on: December 02, 2017, 03:06:04 PM »
I made a fishing mod for MM8BDM. Currently only compatible with CBM and Comhotel.

Wait, what?

This mod injects into comhotel and allows players to go fishing in any body of water. For those who don't know, hotel maps are generally large open maps where people just hang out and talk or kill each other without any other goal. I found them pretty useful for practicing certain classes in CBM but I always thought it was a shame there wasn't an extra reason to be there, something to gain. Well now there is, you can go fishing! Fish range from useless to doing cool stuff in the game. One fish might allow you to shoot projectiles your class isn't meant to, or give you a temporary buff. Rarer fish might do things such as give your character a permanent visual upgrade, or summon a pet that follows you around!

Getting Started

Talk to Auto in the lobby of the hotel to get started, he'll give you a fishing rod. You use the rod by using the inventory item the same way you would use e-tanks etc. Use it over a body of water and wait patiently. When the fishing bobber vibrates, press use item again to reel in the goodies! Common fish have a grey border around them, and can be traded in to auto for upgrades which slightly reduce the amount of common fish you find. Rarer fish have blue borders and usually have an effect if you activate them. Gold borders are reserved for very rare items!

You can drop fish for your pals even if dropping is disabled! Use the new command dropfish followed by the fish you want to drop i.e dropfish spicyshrimp

Some fish are only obtainable in certain bodies of water. This is why comhotel was the perfect map choice as there are a TON of different places to fish from, some you may not expect. Fish everywhere! You never know what you'll find. Who knows what is lurking beneath the waves...?


Works in Coop and Deathmatch (be careful in deathmatch, you lose your fish if you die!) Requires comhotel and CBM. In the future these requirements may be lifted. There is usually a server up for comhotel + this mod so keep an eye on doomseeker.


Comhotel -
Hotel Fishing -

Happy fishing!

MM8BDM Discussion / Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch V5C - RELEASED!
« on: October 22, 2017, 04:11:09 PM »

Time for a new version once again! This time we've calmed down a bit and didn't decide to remake half of the singleplayer campaign  :shock:. V5C is mostly a bug fix/cleaning update as a lot was changed in the previous version and many annoying little bugs came with it. Meanwhile Zandronum 3.0 actually got released, so the final updated Zandronum version is included instead of some random beta build. In terms of new content, Pirate Man and Clown Man's maps have been completely remade! Check out the notes below for more details.

Change Log

Here is a more detailed change log. It does not include all minor changes and fixes.

Spoiler for Hiden:
V5C Patch notes (V5 SPOILERS):


- Added optional ammo/health counters to the HUD (toggle them in mm8bdm options).
- Teleport effects now copy the player's current colours.
- Removed Handicap from the Player Setup menu to avoid new player confusion.
- Fixed map cards being unviewable by players online using the map card button.
- Fixed duplicate sprite entries for Enker etc.
"This allows mappers to use the main pk3 file as their resource file again."
- Added TRAINING map compatability for class mods.


- Fixed lives count being ignored when fighting Gamma.
- Fixed Pharaohman bot not appearing in MM7SLA.
- Fixed certain bots not chatting.

- Fixed a bug that could softlock the game if you defeated MM? in his jumping animation.

- Reduced health of Met Daddy slightly.

- All Dark Men now drop a Big Health on death.

- Extended reloading time slightly and added sprites for it.
- Projectile speed lowered slightly.


- Fixed HUD throwing frames using an incorrect arm sprite.
- Added Health/Ammo counters to the HUD (can be turned off in mm8bm options).

- Fixed a bug where holding fire would negate the oil slider effect.

- Improved explosion sprite.

- Fixed ammo usage numbers.

- Added Altfire.

- Now fires the correct projectile if you don't have enough ammo.
- Fixed altfire being allowed when out of ammo.

- Fixed Plant Barrier vulnerability status when using the weapon.

- Junk Counter piece damage lowered by 2.

- Damage per tic lowered by 2.

- Added altfire.
- Added a buffer between firing additional big drills.
- Fixed an issue where big drills could NOCLIP up terrain.

- Corrected colours.

- No longer ignores armor.

- Fixed icon colours.

- Damage per tic lowered by 2.

- Added deselect frames to prevent shooting your own shield on weapon swap.
- Now takes 10 seconds to respawn instead of 30 (in line with other buster upgrades).

- Now takes 10 seconds to respawn instead of 30 (in line with other buster upgrades).

- Visual fix.
- Length reduced.

- Now triggers when using Altfire.

- Fixed an issue where bombs could get stuck in the sky.

- No longer allows players to pick up weapon energy if all their weapons are full.

== MAPS ==

== CUT MAN ==
- Fixed incorrect grey colours.

== WOOD MAN ==
- Team spawns moved.

== MM2 WILY 1 ==
- Optimizations.

- Removed needless pit.

- Teleport pits no longer transfer projectiles.

- New stage by CopyRobot.

== DUO ==
- Extended beach slightly.
- Removed death sea and replaced with invisible walls.

== MR. X ==
- Team spawns moved.
- Jump pad outside of the window now boosts you up to the taller buildings where Laser Trident is.
- Added a sloped floor to show where the jump pad drop is.
"This is to give a third option to accessing the rooftops without having to climb up the lower buildings to reach the taller ones."

- Team spawns moved.

== MM7 WILY 4 ==
- Guts Man G AI changed to no longer cause conflicts with mods using -NOTARGET.

- Fixed bad blue team start location.

- Team spawns moved.

- New stage by Caprice.
- Increased mine respawn time.

- Improved Monster Block lines.

- Improved Monster Block lines.

== PLUG MAN ==
- Fixed bad blue team start location.

== CTF ==

- Improved death water clarity.

- Replaced fake oil pools with Plant Man water.

== SKINS ==

== FIRE MAN ==
- Front fire frame fixed.

- Fixed sprite alignments.

- Colour changes by Gumballtoid

== QUINT ==
- Fixed incorrect mirrored side frame.
- Updated sprites to match Mega Man's by FTX.

- Offset fix.

== MISC ==

- Reorganized scripts. TOOLS.acs added to contain useful scripts modders can utilize. GLOBAL.acs contains all scripts required for the game/weapons/items to function. WEPACS.acs is solely for scripts that use the weapon pool.
- Terminator graphic size increased.
- Fixed duplicate entry WILYCRI in musics.wad
- Fixed boss/intense music not playing when a player disconnects/spectates.
- Fixed Intense music not working unless the pointlimit was equal to the winlimit.
- Default intense music is now MM6 Wily theme instead of no intense music.
"Intense music triggers when only 2 players are left standing on TLMS and both teams are one win away from victory."
- Many prop sprite fixes.
- Many typo fixes.

View in raw text format.


Download from MEGA


Stay tuned for further details on V6.

Projects & Creative / Mission Mode Returns! - Basic Edition
« on: September 29, 2017, 03:38:26 PM »

For those who missed out the first time, Mission Mode is a 4 level singleplayer/co-op Mega Man experience. Play through 4 different maps with enemies, bosses and weapons from the Mega Man universe!

(old) VIDEO

Spoiler for Hiden:

This is a build of Mission Mode that is compatible with V5B, and hopefully all future versions of MM8BDM. I get asked to be able to play this a lot and updating it for every new version of MM8BDM is a pain, so this version does not include any of the new player classes or unique weapons. You can play as the base class only. However, this means that other class/weapon addons should be compatible with this for people who want to experiment. Other than that, the mod is mostly unchanged.

For single player:
Download the file below and add it to the MM8BDM launcher using the "add file" button. Launch the game and away you go!

For server hosts:
The starting hub map name is MMSPHUB. I also recommend the game mode to be survival to add some challenge and a reason to not die, but cooperative is supported to. If you do not specify, the hub map will force the game to cooperative.


Let me know if there are any issues. It's been a long time since this has properly been tested with lots of players so there may be a couple of things I missed.


What is it?

Single Draft Mode is an add-on for CBM. It restricts what classes can be played and generates a random pool of classes that you are allowed to play as. Attempting to play as a disallowed class will boot you from the game. It supports LMS, TLMS and Duel. The mode is flexible and can be customized using it's custom settings which you can find below. By default the classes and amount of classes you can choose is randomized at the start of each match, and remains the same until the end of the match.

Server Settings

I STRONGLY recommend changing sv_lmscountdowntime / sv_duelcountdowntime to at least 12 seconds, so players have time to choose the class they want. Also if you're using duel, consider turning off sv_forcerepsawn so that dead players have time to decide if they want to pick another class out of the pool.

Here are some settings you can customize the game mode with:
    * singledraft_poolsize - Set how many classes players can choose from. If set to zero it will be randomly chosen from 5 to 16. (Default 0)
    * singledraft_reseteachround - If set to 1, the pool will be randomized after each round rather than each match (LMS only. Default 0).
    * singledraft_custom - If set to 1, the game will use a custom pool. See below for details. (Default 0).
    * singledraft_teamdraft - If set to 1, each team will have a different pool of classes to choose from. (Default 0).

Servers can set up their own custom pool of classes (up to 30) by using the following CVARs. If they are set to "" or an invalid class, it will generate a random class for that slot. Note that the game will still set up a random pool size so you will have to specify a singledraft_poolsize value too.
    * singledraft_slot1 - Class name for the first slot of the pool.
    * singledraft_slot2 - Class name for the second slot of the pool.
    * singledraft_slot3 - Class name for the third slot of the pool.
    * singledraft_slot... - etc etc up to 30.

If team draft is enabled, you can customize each team's class loadout:
    * singledraft_wslotX - Class name for Wily team (replace X with the slot number)
    * singledraft_cslotX - Class name for Cossack team (replace X with the slot number)
    * singledraft_kslotX - Class name for King team (replace X with the slot number)

Here is an example of a server that wants to set up a pool of electric based classes only:
Code: [Select]
singledraft_custom 1
singledraft_poolsize 4
singledraft_slot1 elecman
singledraft_slot1 sparkman
singledraft_slot1 cloudman
singledraft_slot1 dynamoman

Here is an example of a server that wants to set up a pool of heavy classes only:
Code: [Select]
singledraft_custom 1
singledraft_poolsize 6
singledraft_slot1 gutsman
singledraft_slot2 hardman
singledraft_slot3 stoneman
singledraft_slot4 frostman
singledraft_slot5 concreteman
singledraft_slot6 hyperstormh

Here is an example of a server that wants to set up a pure e-sports arena:
Code: [Select]
singledraft_custom 1
singledraft_poolsize 1
singledraft_slot1 slashman

Known issues

    * If you choose a class right before the round starts, Zandronum may decide to kick you for user info change flood. Not sure how to fix, for now just suck it up and type "reconnect" on the console to get back in there!


Download Version 1c from TSPG

Tutorial Collection / [V5B] Setting up editing tools for V5B
« on: May 24, 2017, 04:43:21 PM »
Some of you may get a few errors if you attempt to edit V5B in Doom Builder or try to compile ACS using some of the new scripting functions. I have uploaded an editing package to help solve these issues.

Download here:

Doom Builder

Those familiar with Doom Builder may have encountered errors while trying to load the v5b pk3 file into their resources. This is my fault, so apologies for that. You will have to point it to the new pk3 included in the zip file above named "v5b-resourcepack.pk3". This is essentially v5b without the duplicate entries that are causing the errors and all irrelevant files (music etc) removed. Go into Game Configurations, select ZDoom in UDMF format and add the pk3. Remove any other mm8bdm pk3's in this list of files. See the screenshot below for what it should look like.

Doom Builder Scripting

For scripting, you may notice some functions do not work (especially if you are trying to add map cards). You need to manually add these to Doom Builder's acs. Find your way to the Doom Builder 2\Compilers\ZDoom directory and extract the files in the acs folder of the v5b-editingpackage zip into the ZDoom folder. Overwrite all files.

Slade Scripting

Repeat the steps above but for the directory SLADE is pointing to for it's ACS. You can find where that is by going into SLADE's Configuration -> Scripting -> ACS.

Let me know if you have any questions!

MM8BDM Discussion / Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch V5B - RELEASED!
« on: May 22, 2017, 11:16:59 AM »

V5B is finally here! Additional versions usually mean some map changes, maybe some minor tweaks here and there. But during the downtime of waiting for Zandronum 3.0 (which we are still waiting for...) I decided to go back and revamp the singleplayer bosses and story. This was something I originally had no intention of doing, but Ivory convinced me that people care about the singleplayer experience and the earlier content does not reflect the quality of the newest content. In a way it was like playing through time, you could see how the team and I got better with each new version of the game. But as cute as that is, it pains me to see new players fighting bosses like the Guts Dozer and Met Daddy so it had to be done. It took many months out of my life to rework everything but it's something I alone had to do. Hopefully it has been worth it!

The engine has also updated to Zandronum 3.0 beta (see here for more details on that). This gives modders quite a few new tools to play with. I won't list them here as many of you already know what they are and have been patiently waiting for a chance to use them.

But enough talk, it's been too long! Scroll down below and grab the download link!


New Features

    * Revamped Story + Singleplayer Campaign! Fraglimits are lower, story is more fleshed out and more terrifying bosses await!
    * Easy Mode! For players new to FPS or have difficulty with the game. It makes bots and bosses weaker!
    * New revamped training map! Visit auto to check out it's new features!
    * More weapon and item reworks, including Junk Shield, Remote Mine, Wire and more!
    * Lots of updated older maps, including Wave Man, Gyro Man, Magic Man and more!
    * New maps! Wily's fortresses continue to appear! Mega Man 4, 5 and 6 now all have Wily Stages! (not included in campaign)
    * Don't forget CTF! Now we have 25 CTF maps!
    * Many, many, MANY map/weapon/skin tweaks and adjustments! Too much to list! You'll have to discover most of the new changes!

Change Log

Here is a more detailed change log. There are NO SPOILERS here. It does not include all minor changes and fixes.

Spoiler for Hiden:
V5B Patch notes (V5A SPOILERS):


== Light's Lab
+ Massive plot/cutscene updates to the introduction of each chapter.
"Beaten the game already? Hmm... Maybe someone in the lab can help you with this predicament!"
+ You can now view letters via the letterbox.
"Letters are obtained by playing though the campaign."
+ You can now watch back older intro sequences via the TV in the living room (requires certain chapter unlocks.)
+ Added a new intro sequence that replaces the old MM2 intro.
+ Auto's training moved to a seperate training map.
+ Tweaked a few of the Roll lines to match The_Broker's.
+ Added an option to skip cutscenes when entering a boss stage if you have already beaten them.
+ Improved in game menu selection responsiveness.
+ Removed sub-bosses from Boss Attack.
+ Added a lives system to Boss Attack.
"This makes getting the Boss Attack trophy much more bearable. A true boss rush including all sub bosses and optional bosses may appear in a future version!"

== Training
+ Moved to its own map: "TRAINING".
+ You can now select inventory items in addition to a player and bot weapon.
+ You can now choose form 4 different arenas: Default, flat, water and low gravity.
+ Sniper Joe's AI can now be changed: Bot (normal), Sentry (will not move but will fire at you) and Sleep (no action).
+ Added health numbers and damage values on the HUD for both player and the bot.
"This overhaul of the training room should allow players to try out weapon/item mechanics with ease."

== Campaign
+ Major story update. Includes new cutscenes, bosses and more!
+ Fixed flags not getting unset after finding a hidden boss fight (screwing up the campaign main boss).
+ Frag limits lowered for most maps.
"The standard is now 10 frags. This number increases for small maps where the kill frequency is higher."
+ Added an "Easy" difficulty to the main menu. This slows down/weakens bots and gives you a 50% damage reduction against bosses.
"Easy mode and Normal mode share the same save data so you can choose when switch between the two."
+ CVARINFO added and all cvars changed to use them. They are converted upon entering lightlabs.
"The new format is MM8BDM_xxxx instead of Secret_xxxx"
+ Tweaked DMFLAGS and DMFLAGS2 to include spawn protetction etc.
+ Reduced the save data time to 10 tics instead of 1 second.
+ All NPC chat should now use the user defined chat colour.
+ Credits sequences can now be skipped by holding the fire button.

== Yellow Devil
+ V5B Boss update.

== Guts Dozer
+ V5B Boss update.

== Doc Robots
+ V5B Boss update.

== Met Daddy
+ V5B Boss update.

== Dark Man 4
+ V5B Boss update.

== Gamma & Robot Master Gauntlet
+ V5B Boss update.

== Enker
+ V5B Boss update.

== Punk
+ V5B Boss update.

== Ballade
+ V5B Boss update.

"The above bosses have recieved a major overhaul or rework as part of the V5B story update, which aims to put the content of older quality bosses on par with the current ones."

== Bass
+ Second phase overhaul by Lego.

== Evil Robot
+ Flying mode changed to regular flying due to 3.0 engine changes.
+ Arena is now slightly smaller so corner camping is less effective with certain attack patterns.
+ Giga Tornado damage reduced.
+ Giga Astro Crush hitboxes tweaked.
+ Giga Ice Wave 2 length decreased slightly.

== Buster Rod G
+ Now has more vulnerability time after landing.

== Mega Water S
+ Now only knocks you into the pool twice over the course of the entire fight (instead of 3 times.)
+ Harpoon speed decreased slightly.

== Genesis Unit
+ Added weapons.
+ The Genesis Unit now only do their special attacks after losing health, instead of every few seconds. They will always do their 3 special formations but never repeat them.
+ Reduced Mega Water S's harpoon damage.
+ Reduced Hyper Storm H's ground pound damage and removed stun.
+ Reduced attack time of all Genesis Unit basic attacks.
+ 4 Health and Weapon Energy pickups now spawn after each phase.
+ Fixed a bug where Buster Rod G's staff would go through and behind him (alpha phase.)
"These changes speed up the fight and make it easier. The weapons also add some player choice on how you want to fight them."

== Proto Man Boss
+ Added a checkpoint after Proto Man's initial dialogue.
+ Now faces you and has a slight delay when he's about to do a "juke shot".

== Mega Mech Shark
+ Added checkpoints for all phases.
+ Added visual barriers (same as Evil Robot's) for each phase.
+ Shark Joes slightly less vulnerable to laser trident.
+ Health missiles no longer drop health upon hitting you.
+ Missile patterns are now less annoying.
+ Phase 1 now loops on the final missile pattern, no longer granting you infinite health.
+ Sky floor no longer thrusts you backwards.
+ Dragon bones no longer have an invulnerable hitbox.
+ Dragon Fireballs now only spawn 2 trails instead of infinite until they reach the map boarders.
+ Dragon Fireballs do slightly less damage.
+ Shark Mouth now stays open longer after a laser phase allowing extra damage (Slightly increased defense versus weapons because of this).
+ Shark Gold laser attack now fires 2 projectile spinners at once with an increased delay between them.

== Police Chase
+ ??? now gives player health before the fakemen helicopters are introduced rather than after that phase.

== Fake Man (after chase)
+ Increased Mega Buster damage factor by 0.1
+ Now takes additional damage when falling onto an Ice Wave.

== Time Paradox
+ Quint takes extra damage in phase 1.
+ Adjusted the fast stomp for less player OHKO potential.
+ The first Road Attacker in the MMX phase drops a Big Health.
+ Road Attackers in the MMX phase spawn less frequently.
+ Road Attackers now steer correctly.
+ Moved the player spawn in the MMX phase away from the edge.
+ Quint will now always try to start his final rage attack at the sides of the arena (it was extremely hard to dodge if he happened to do it in the middle).
+ Fixed Quint Helmet duplication bug.
"Still no checkpoints. I want this fight to be the "Ruby Weapon" of the game. We won't make any bosses harder than this one."

== Credit maps
+ Added missing members.
+ Renamed Dr Light tv texture.


== Player
+ Fixed pain sound sometimes not playing while firing a weapon and getting hit.
+ Removed redundant frames (used by old bosses).
+ Changed FrozenDeathFX's size so the chunks to appear correctly.

== Flight/Freeze Inventory/Weapons
+ Weapons that now invoke flight/freezing now use scripts to handle them instead of watcher actors.
"This is only important for modders. The scripts now keep track of how many SetPlayerProperty effects have been applied to the player and only disable them when they have all been turned off. See core_flyplayer and core_freezeplayer for details."

== Base Weapon + Misc
+ Most weapon hud sprites now use recoloured megaman hands instead of their own sprites.
+ Weapon sprites now respect widescreen resolutions.
+ Added a "no ammo" sound when you attempt to fire a weapon with no ammo.
+ Added altfire state support. By default using a weapon's altfire will fire it's uncharged shot rapidly for you. Some weapons have specific altfire uses, read below.
+ Added fortegigasgospel's edited weapon icons.
+ All Shield weapons now use A_Warp to show their graphic instead of spamming inventory items.
+ Fire weapons now spawn an AOE "ignition" damage.
"This damage type deals no damage by default but is used for detecting if nearby objects should be ignited (oil)"

== Mega Buster
+ Now has WEAPON.ALLOW_WITH_RESPAWN_INVUL to allow sv_respawnprotection to work in both the campaign and online with servers that enable it.

== Proto Buster
+ Shield now uses multiple small hitboxes instead of a single large one. Should improve shield accuracy.
+ Shield Hitboxes moved to directly infront of the player rather than to the side.
+ Added a shield effect when a projectile is blocked.
+ Changed Buster Shot damage and sprites to match Mega Buster shots.
+ Gave the different charge shots "ProtoBuster2" and "ProtoBuster3" damage types.
+ Gave the shield +NOGRAVITY.
+ Changed to 1 tic A_Refire detection.
+ Added Altfire.
"Proto Buster's shield has had an innaccurate hitbox that sometimes blocked projectiles behind the player etc. This was due to the hitbox always being a large square. Changing it to multiple hitboxes gives it a more thinner rectangle shape.
In addition, we found the hitbox of the shield being slightly to the left was unintuitive (mainly to the user) so we've moved it directly to the front."

== Super Adaptor
+ Changed to 1 tic A_Refire detection.
+ Added altfire.
"This means letting go of the fire button should be more accurate instead of potentially 1-2 tics from actually firing."

== Laser Buster
+ Changed to 1 tic A_Refire detection.
+ Added altfire.

== Arrow Buster
+ Added NOINTERACTION on initial frames to prevent OHKO "kisses of death".
+ Changed to 1 tic A_Refire detection.
+ Added altfire.

== Duo Fist
+ Changed to 1 tic A_Refire detection.
+ Added altfire.

== Treble Boost
+ Added altfire (does not activate flight).

== Super Arm
+ Made picking up animation smoother.
+ Added an additional duplicate frame to the rock for voxel alignment purposes.
"Though we decided in the end to not use a Voxel for this weapon, mods can easily add one."

== Time Slow
+ Added proper weapon cooldown.

== Atomic Fire
+ Now consumes 15 ammo instead of 16 allowing for two full charge shots per full ammo.
+ Changed to 1 tic A_Refire detection.
+ Added altfire.

== Leaf Shield
+ Thrown shield is no longer a 14 damage RIPPER and now deals 20 flat damage instead.

== Bubble Lead
+ Slope and 3.0 fixes.

== Air Shooter
+ Projectile now uses +DONTEXPLODEFLOOR.

== Time Stopper
+ Reworked: Time Stopper now freezes all enemies in a large radius around you for a few seconds. You can switch weapons after using this.
+ No longer classed as a "Super Weapon".
"Super Weapon means it goes away on pick up and has to respawn."
+ Ammo refill rate changed to 0.25. This includes W-Tanks (but not M-Tanks).
+ Eddie can once again give you Time Stopper.
"Time Stopper was always treated as a cute gimmick weapon. Due to feedback we've decided to make it an actually useful weapon in Deathmatch that is worth your time obtaining."

== Top Spin
+ Fixed ammo incorrectly taking 5 ammo and requiring 2 (now requires and takes 4).

== Search Snake
+ Slope and 3.0 fixes.

== Hard Knuckle
+ FISTA0 changed to FISTQ0 (conflicts with zand sprites)

== Pharoah Shot
+ Changed WeaponCharge to PharaohCharge to see a visual on the charge up on the ammo bar.
+ Raised FX slightly and added force XYBillboard.
+ Added altfire.

== Drill Bomb
+ Added altfire (To fix default altfire).

== Flash stopper
+ Added weapon effect.
+ No longer classed as a "Super Weapon"

== Skull Barrier
+ Skull Barrier now only lasts 10 seconds instead of indefinitely.
+ No longer classed as a "Super Weapon"
+ Added an additional active+switching state for quicker weapon switching while activated.
+ Bots now fire Mega Buster shots from this weapon instead of using Skull Barrier incorrectly.

== Gyro Attack
+ Added altfire (Ignores splitting command). Using primary fire will cause all gyro attacks to split.

== Wind Storm
+ Fixed Wind Storm in LMS being flagged as ranged.

== Centaur Flash
+ No longer makes you invisible forever in Possession.

== Knight Crush
+ Damaged lowered to 7 damage per tic from 10.

== Freeze Cracker
+ New sprites.

== Wild Coil
+ Changed to 1 tic A_Refire detection.
+ Added altfire.

== Scorch Wheel
+ Added altfire.
+ Changed speed up method to a Powerup rather than SetActorProperty.

== Junk Shield
+ Reworked: Junk Shield now creates a temporary barrier that gives the player 100 armor. If the armor absorbs 20 damage, it will explode into many projectiles in a large radius (up to 5 times).
"Junk Shield was a rather uninteresting weapon that created some awkward situations for map creators where they would have to include electric weapons to help counter it. This version aims to create a weapon similar to Leaf Shield that counters enemy fire, but in a different way."

== Mega Ball
+ Should no longer be able to OHKO people.

== Homing Sniper
+ Updated sprites.
+ Changed to 1 tic A_Refire detection.
+ Added altfire.

== Water Balloon
+ Majority of the contact damage moved to the AOE splash.
+ AOE splash radius increased slightly.
+ Projectile radius increased slightly.

== Ice Wall
+ Added +DONTREFLECT and changed the projectile speed value to 0.
"Minor tweak to prevent problects with reflecting an icewall."

== Copy Vision
+ Added altfire (Using altfire does not create a copy or redirect it.)

== Lightning Bolt
+ New Sounds.
+ Added proper weapon cooldown.
+ Changed projectile actors to THRUACTORS instead of RIPPER.

== Remote Mine
+ Remote Mines can be placed without them detonating if one has hit the ground, up to a cap of 5.
+ Remote Mines now stick to enemy players and other shootable objects.
+ Altfire detonates mines manually without having to reach the cap of 5.

== Wave Burner
+ Added altfire (To fix default altfire).

== Concrete Shot
+ Added +CANTSEEK to the block.

== Magma Bazooka
+ Fixed Magma Bazooka's ammo bar not flashing when at maximum charge.
+ Changed to 1 tic A_Refire detection.
+ Added altfire.

== Black Hole Bomb
+ Ammo bar now flashes when Black Hole Bomb is in use.
+ Added fail effect.

== Screw Crusher
+ New projectile sprites.

== Ballade Cracker
+ Damage reduced to 30 from 48.
+ Now takes 3 ammo per shot instead of 4.

== Sakugarne
+ No longer classed as a "Super Weapon"
+ Added altfire which performs a jump cancel.
+ Added effects.

== Item-2
+ Greatly increased speed up time.

== Tango Roll
+ Increased radius slightly.
+ Increased wall bounce factor (doesn't lose as much speed after bouncing off of a wall).

== Wire Adaptor
+ Rework: Now fires an aimable grappling hook that pulls you towards where it lands. Can attach to certain objects as well.
"Wire was not the most exciting item to find since it was essentially just a two use Rush Coil that required a ceiling. This version has many extra uses without feeling redundant."

== Treble Sentry
+ Now works correctly in team modes.
+ Increased projectile speed, damage and accuracy.

== Beat Support
+ Added effects.
+ Added a "not ready" icon when Beat is on cooldown.

== Eddie
+ Eddie now attempts to give you a weapon you currently do not own and is not on the map.

== Eddie Bomber (NEW)
+ Eddie Bomber summons eddie to unleash a barrage of bombs onto the battlefield. He flies forward dropping bombs, then turns around for a second bombing run.
"I wanted to add an alternative for Tango Roll for maps that are too wide open or are lacking walls."

== Reggae
+ Rework. Reggae now litters the battlefield with Skull Tanks, which damage players that pick them up.
"Reggae performed a horrible practice of forcing weapons away from the player, something that should not be done when we have complicated weapons that perform all different kinds of tasks (i.e giving flight and keeping track of it). Having to design weapons with Reggae in mind is difficult/impossible, so we did away with this mechanic. In addition, the usefulness of teleporting a player a way and taking their weapon was questionable."

== MAPS ==

== Global
+ Team starts have been added to every single map.
"This should solve issues with spawning too close to the enemy team in LMS. Servers must enable this with sv_useteamstartsindm."
+ Added effects to fan jump pads.
+ Added a way for mappers to add "Map Cards" to their maps (see MAPCARDS.acs)
"This can be disabled via the options menu for players."
+ Added a new actor MM8BDM_Water that can be added to maps to easily define a MM8BDM water sector.
"Setting the z height of this actor will set a global water level for the entire map. Giving it a TID will set it for sectors with the same tag and allow you to add different water levels in your map."

== Wily Waterworks (MM4DW1)
+ New map by CutmanMike.
"This map brings back the old MM1FIR with some slight tweaks and new textures."

== Skull Labratory (MM5DW1)
+ New map by Dr. Freeman and Thunderono.

== Wily Outpost (MM6DW1)
+ New map by Watzup7856.

== Elecman
+ Fixed player 1 starts.

== Fireman
+ Fire pillars are now effected by Concrete Shot.

== Timeman
+ New conveyor belts.
"Conveyor belts now have little arrows on them to show you the direction they will push you."

== Bubbleman
+ Fixed some remaining instakill sectors and misc fixes.

== Crashman
+ New textures.

== Heatman
+ Changed a little level geometry and textures for clarity.

== Metal Man
+ New conveyor belts.

== Wily Castle (MM2DW1)
+ Added a missing Item-2 pickup.
+ Fixed a HOM behind the castle.

== Needleman
+ Added second skybox (50% chance to change on OPEN)

== Brightman
+ Removed pits around the outer areas of the map.

== Stoneman
+ New paths and weapon layout changes by CutmanMike.
"The new areas are to give players more choice on where they want to go rather than only having a mostly linear path to follow."

== Gyroman
+ New map by Lego.

== Waveman
+ New map by Magnet Dood.
+ Fixed bubble platforms clipping into players standing perfectly still.

== Gravityman
+ Added missing block monster lines.
+ Layout changes by CutmanMike.
"The upper areas were always prime camping zone in LMS. This new path adds a new way to get up to those areas that replaces the dead end by the teleporter."

== Plantman
+ Removed redundant monster block lines.

== Mr. X
+ Added missing block monster lines.

== Ruined Street (MM7STR)
+ Added extra measures to make sure certain classes cannot leave the map.
+ Replaced cardboard cut out tree/bush props with real actors.
+ Merged a lot of sector numbers to improve performance.
+ Removed MM7STR music file.
"This should reduce frame drops for those experiencing them on this stage."

== Freezeman
+ Raised spike pit floor for clarity.
+ Added a new spike actor to replace the hundreds of linedef textures for spikes.
"This should reduce frame drops for those experiencing them on this stage."

== Slashman
+ Earthquakes are now less intense.
+ Added additional block player lines on high cliffs.

== Junkman
+ Lava pillars now kill you when flying through them.
+ Lava pillars are now effected by concrete shot (but they do not solidify the lava floor.)

== Turboman
+ Added boxes to climb ontop of the garages (except the skull barrier one) so it's possible to shoot players hiding up there.
+ Minor texture fixes.
+ Roaders now bump players into the air and do minor damage instead of heavy ripping damage.
+ Roaders now only have randomized speeds if their arg[0] is not zero.
"This fixes a problem with older maps using Roaders"

== Cloudman
+ Middle Room now has two ladders (They were placeholder green pillar textures before) for more ways to the elusive third floor.
+ Middle pit removed.
+ Replaced lower area ladders and the middle section with jump pads.
+ Lowered the teleport destination area so it's possible to see and shoot players camping there.

== Shademan
+ Removed a redundant block monster line on the cliffs.
+ Other minor fixes.

== MM7DW1
+ Changed Yashichi sector to be impassible and made logo transparent instead.

== MM7DW4
+ Replaced centaur flash with gravity hold.

== Duo
+ Map changes by Ivory.

== MM8DW1
+ Fixed missing monster block lines.

== Coldman
+ Updated ladder texture to stand out more.

== Magicman
+ New map by Rozark
+ Updated ladder texture to stand out more.

+ Added more block monster lines.

== Magmaman
+ Script 3 now terminates correctly instead of looping endlessly.
+ Fixed a line that should have had monster blocking.

== MM9DW3
+ Fixed Petit Devils not spawning online.

== Fakeman
+ Yashichi update.

== CTF ==

+ Added new CTF flag sprites.
+ Flags are now 64 units tall.
+ Added CTF Radar.
"This adds a new HUD element when playing CTF that points you in the direction of both flags. This is to help put the focus on the objectives instead of turning into a bad game of hide and seek. Can be disabled by both server and client."

== New Maps

+ Removed MMCTF04
+ Removed MMCTF19
+ Added MMCTF04 "Lost Riches"
+ Added MMCTF19 "Trackside Tussle"
+ Added MMCTF21 "Dueling Caves"
+ Added MMCTF22 "Korboo's Haunt"
+ Added MMCTF23 "Water Works"
+ Added MMCTF24 "Coterminous Crusaders"
+ Added MMCTF25 "Sky High Skirmish"

== MMCTF08 "Edge of the Dam"
+ Removed instant death water from the upper area near Rain Flush.

== MMCTF17 "Deserted City"
+ Removed a lot of 3d sectors to (hopefully) improve performance.

== SKINS ==

+ Added CopyRobot's updated sprites for Guts Man.
+ Added CopyRobot's updated sprites for Doc Robot.
+ Added CopyRobot's updated sprites for Enker.
+ Added Dimpsy's updated sprites for Megaman-Hair.
+ Added Dimpsy's updated sprites for Bomb Man.
+ Added Dimpsy's updated sprites for Cut Man.
+ Added Dimpsy's updated sprits for Magnet Man (with help from Pegg, Valo and Blaze)
+ Added Hansungkee's updated sprites for Bass.
+ Added FTX's updated sprites for Fire Man.
+ Added FTX's updated sprites for Burner Man.

== MISC ==

+ Added an option to the launcher to disable automatic command line saving.
+ Added an option to the launcher to disable voxels.
+ MM9 Robot Master skins now use BOSSPAIN like they did in MM9.
+ Added Mushashi's high quality sounds.
+ Added Skulltag's runes for compatability.


+ Ice Wall (Weapon)
+ Spinning Top (Top Man Stage)
+ Concrete Shot (Weapon)
+ Guts Lift (Guts Man Stage)
+ Wily Barrels (MM2 Wily Stage)
+ Astro Platform (Astroman Stage)
+ Trap Platform (Shadowman Stage)
+ Item-1 (Item)
+ Item-2 (Item)
+ Plant Platform (Plant Man Stage)
+ Oil Container (Oil Man Stage)
+ Cold Cylinder (Cold Man Stage)
+ Count Bomb (Top only)

"Voxels can be disabled in game or via the launcher. They are currently buggy in software mode but may be fixed in future Zandronum versions."

View in raw text format.


Download from MEGA

Download from Cutstuff


Special thanks to the MM8BDM team who helped out in this version. This build was mostly handled by myself due to all the singleplayer stuff, but it could not have been completed without the artists, musicians, coders and testers who took time out of their day to help me keep this passion project updated. Thanks must also go out to the many community contributions we received (mainly in the art department). Your names will appear in the credits (and your medals are in the cutstuff post)!

I hope you have a blast playing the new stuff. Watching and hearing about people enjoying this monster of a Mega Man fangame is what keeps me going. MM8BDM V5C, if it is required, will not be a massive content package like this one and will just fix any remaining bugs. After that, I will back down for a while and allow the dev team to start working on V6. We may even have some new positions opening up in the future so stay tuned!

Looking to submit some improved/additional sprites to MM8BDM? That's great! HOWEVER due to the huge amount of submissions for minor sprite tweaks, it's important that you submit your new sprites correctly.

PNG files for sprite sheets!

A simple one but jpgs, gifs or any other compressed format is not suitable for raw sprites. Use PNGs!

Use the correct colors

I can't stress this enough as many sprites submitted have incorrect palettes or introduce new blacks and whites into the sprite. This is mostly important for skins or sprites that are cyan/blue, which usually means they will use translations in game to change their colors. Here is an image containing the correct colors for reference:

You can use graphic program's fill tool to check if you are using the correct colors!

Show a comparison

If you are submitting updated sprites, always include a comparison image (zoomed in if possible) to show what is different. This helps the development team decide if they should be included. Here is an example:

Submit a WAD or PK3 file!

Again if you are submitting updated sprites, try adding them to the game first! I know most of you are capable of doing this yourselves and it saves me a lot of time. Use SLADE to create an empty pk3 or wad file containing the new sprites. The sprite names/offsets aren't too important if you don't know what they should be. Here is a tool to help you split your sprite sheets into individual files, which can help speed things up a bit.

Please follow the guidelines above or your sprites will not be submitted for the core game!

MM8BDM Discussion / MM8BDM V5B using Zandronum 3.0!
« on: April 19, 2017, 01:26:39 PM »

Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch V5B is currently using a beta build of Zandronum (the engine MM8BDM uses). We have ensured the beta build is stable enough for V5B's release, although there may be some remaining non-gamebreaking bugs left. Feel free to report anything you find in the bugs forum!

When you download MM8BDM from (this page), it will always be packaged with the latest version of the Zandronum beta. If a new one is released but you have MM8BDM V5B already, you can find the latest Zandronum beta from here under Development Builds. You should download this and extract it to your MM8BDM folder if you are getting incorrect version errors when connecting to servers.

TSPG (the service hosting most played MM8BDM servers) are now forcefully running a beta version of Zandronum. You can find instructions on how to join these servers via Doomseeker below.

Spoiler for Hiden:

Check "Testing Releases" and set a directory to store them (your mm8bdm folder is a good location). Now when you try to join a server running the beta, you will be prompted to download the beta. After doing so you should be able to join any server running the beta. You skins folder will not be copied across so you may have to do that manually.

Please post here if you have any questions regarding Zandronum 3.0 and MM8BDM!

Tutorial Collection / (V5B) Creating Map Creator Cards for your maps!
« on: January 24, 2017, 06:29:25 PM »
Map creator cards are little boxes that pop up for players at the start of each map to let them know who created the map, what song is playing and where the song is from. They can be toggled off by player clients. They can also be used to define what boss music/victory music will be played in the map, without the need of including a complicated script for every map. Core MM8BDM will handle them with a global script but mappers can easily include their own by defining them in an OPEN script! Here's what they look like in game:

Spoiler for Hiden:

To define a map card, paste the following code into an OPEN script in your map. You can use a new OPEN script or one you happen to use (but it should not be looping).

Code: [Select]
SetCvarString("mm8bdm_map_creator", "NAME");
SetCvarString("mm8bdm_map_icon", "ICON");
SetCvarString("mm8bdm_map_background", "BACKGROUND");
SetCvarString("mm8bdm_map_musicname", "MUSIC NAME");
SetCvarString("mm8bdm_map_musiccomposer", "MUSIC COMPOSER");
SetCvarString("mm8bdm_map_musicgame", "MUSIC GAME");

SetCvarString("mm8bdm_map_bossmusic", "BOSS THEME");
SetCvarString("mm8bdm_map_victorymusic", "VICTORY THEME");
SetCvarString("mm8bdm_map_intensemusic", "INTENSE THEME");

Replace the second argument (the text in CAPS) to customize the card. Note that you can use color codes here for non-graphic entries if you like:

mm8bdm_map_creator - The name of the creator of the map.
mm8bdm_map_icon - 32 x 32 icon. This can be any core graphic or new graphic in your wad/pk3 file. For some examples look in the mm8bdm pk3 under patches/faces. They don't have to be robot master mugshots, be creative! Default is MAPCARDI.
mm8bdm_map_background - 264 x 92 background image of the card. You can make your own or use one included in the mm8bdm pk3. Click here for an image gallery of all title cards and their graphic codes. Default is "MAPCD10".
mm8bdm_map_musicname - The name of the default song of your map. Note that it is not actually set here, this is just for player convenience without having to look up the name.
mm8bdm_map_musiccomposer - The composer of the default song of your map.
mm8bdm_map_musicgame - The song/movie/whatever your default map music is from.

The following are unrelated to the map card and can be used on their own to define music for your map:

- The music code for the Boss music you wish to play when the game is almost over.
mm8bdm_map_victorymusic - The music code for the Victory theme you wish to play when the game is over.
mm8bdm_map_intensemusic - The music code for an "intense" scenario. Currently used when both teams are tied in TLMS and only 2 players remain.

Now let's look at an example of a map card that works in V5B:

Spoiler for Hiden:
#include "zcommon.acs"

Script 10 OPEN
SetCvarString("mm8bdm_map_creator", "Crazy Dave!");
SetCvarString("mm8bdm_map_icon", "MAPCARDI");
SetCvarString("mm8bdm_map_background", "MAPCD10");
SetCvarString("mm8bdm_map_musicname", "Pure Emptiness");
SetCvarString("mm8bdm_map_musiccomposer", "A \cvblue \c-creature");
SetCvarString("mm8bdm_map_musicgame", "Biomind");

SetCvarString("mm8bdm_map_bossmusic", "FAKEBOSS");
SetCvarString("mm8bdm_map_victorymusic", "MM1VIC");
SetCvarString("mm8bdm_map_intensemusic", "MMWTFBOS");


Events / MM8BDM Tournament at MAGFest 2017
« on: December 27, 2016, 05:58:40 PM »

A Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch tournament is being held at MAGFest on the 7th of January at 10PM EDT. Arranged by HalfEmptyETank for the Mega Man-athon 5 which is an event to help raise money for Charity. Details of the tourney are as follows:

This tournament will be held on version v5a of Megaman 8-Bit Deathmatch, obtained from This will be held in Deathmatch mode over the course of 10 six-minute rounds.  The top 5 players of each round will be awarded points (1st place gets 5 points, 2nd gets 4 etc) each round. Most points after 10 rounds wins. Ties will be handled in a playoff round, if needed (one more round consisting only of those players who are tied).  The rounds will be casted and streamed from the Mega-Manathon next door to the LAN room.
    All Magfest LAN General Tournament Rules apply, this is a flex attendance event.

    Default map list included with MM8BDM.

High Participation Precautions:
If more people sign up for this event than can comfortably compete on one server, entrants will be divided into X groups for the base number of rounds with the top 1/X players from each group moving on into a finals group (where X will be decided at the start). Example: We have 20 entrants but want no more than 12 per server. We divide the players into 2 groups of 10 and the top (5) of each group move on to finals group.

You can find more information about Mega man-athon at where everything will be taking place (stream/donations etc).

Cutstuff Discussion and Feedback / Cutstuff Medals - Guide
« on: October 04, 2016, 09:06:12 PM »
The little medal images under usernames are awarded to people when certain conditions are met. Medals are created an distributed by myself. Here is a list of the medals and how they are obtained:

Medals obtained by directly supporting the website.

Obtained by donating to to keep the site alive! (See main page for donation link).

Medals awarded to those for contributed to Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch and it's official expansions.

MM8BDM Contributor
Obtained for contributing to the original core MM8BDM game.

MM8BDM MM7 Contributor
Obtained for contributing to the MM8BDM Mega Man 7 expansion.

MM8BDM MM8 Contributor
Obtained for contributing to the MM8BDM Mega Man 8 expansion.

MM8BDM MM&B Contributor
Obtained for contributing to the MM8BDM Mega Man & Bass expansion.

MM8BDM MM9 Contributor
Obtained for contributing to the MM8BDM Mega Man 9 expansion.

MM8BDM MM10 Contributor
Obtained for contributing to the MM8BDM Mega Man 10 expansion.

MM8BDM Fan Expansions
Medals awarded for completing a fan expansion.

Justice League Member
Obtained for contributing to the Mega Man Rock Force expansion.

Medals awarded for specific events and competitions. See the events forum for ongoing events that allow you to obtain these. Grey medals are for runner ups. If you are starting an event and would like a medal to be awarded for the winners, PM me!

Obtained by taking part and winning a speed runner competition.

Obtained by taking part and winning a mapping competition.

Obtained by taking part and winning an art competition.

Obtained by taking part and winning a weapon/class creation competition.

Obtained by taking part in a fun event.

Obtained by taking part and winning a battle competition.

Haunted Holiday
Obtained by taking part in the 2016 Nightmare before Christmas event.

Obtained by taking part and winning a Target Breaking competition.

Obtained by taking part and winning a Silent Fall competition.

Retired Medals
Medals that will no longer be distributed.

MM8BDM Extender
Obtained for contributing to any MM8BDM special expansions (such as Halloween).

GVH Engineer
Obtained for creating a Ghouls vs Humans map for the official map pack.

Obtained for being the first one to find a leaked MM8BDM SGC demo.

Time Lord
Obtained for being the first to find the secret of the MM8BDM V5 trailer.

Obtained by beating CutmanMike in a duel.

Anything Goes / MOVED: Bass' resource manufacturing company
« on: October 01, 2016, 03:55:55 PM »
This topic has been moved to Resources.

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