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Come On Guys! Play it, you won't regret this, really, it is getting better everytime!

Spoiler for Hiden:
Megaman : Did you like Megaman Powered Up? Well! Here he goes! The same Megaman but with a charged Buster like in MMPU, featuring some things from other games and some new upgrades!

Razo: Oh? Mr.L? I wonder... Who is Mr.L. He can throw green fire balls, he can do big Jumps and hurt people with his hammer!

Mafx: This is the best for Fire Emblem Lovers, Mafx is like a Sage, but not a normal Sage, He can use melee weapons!

Tomas: Do you like Magic? Do you like Final Fantasy? Then! Here it goes! Tomas is like a Red Mage, But... He isn't a Red Mage, He's strong than that! He's an Onion Knight!

Marco Rossi: He's the same Marco Rossi from Metal Slug!

Yisus: Do you like Cave Story? Let's say this guy is Quote! Pretty cool, Huh?

Frisk: Time for some Undertale! Do you like killing monsters? Then Let's kill some players!

Megaman X and Zero: The main characters from Megaman X! They're back with their old weapons and attacks! (And some armors, Cough cough, X.)

MarioHead: Oh? A Flying Head!

Alchemist Jak: Remember Jak from KoT? Well, He's here too as a Alchemist!

XererxD: Nobody knows this guy, but I can confirm he's strong too!

Some Old Screenshots of the mod:

Download Link:

v1a Beta :

v1b Beta :

v1c Beta :

v1d Beta :

Enjoy it. :3 ENJOY THEM ALL!
Or At least try to do it.

Edit from the last edit: I need some people who can make Sprites.

W.I.P Forum / SvenClasses, W.I.P for the moment.
« on: June 10, 2016, 07:53:29 AM »
Well, I'm actually making a Classes mod, Yeah..
I'm searching for some help in coding and spriting, so, If someone is interesting, it would be good, really :3

Well, That's all, Actually, SvenClasses will be release when we(Or me) finish some bugs and glitches, and some weapons, so, Someone who is interesting in this, PM me, please, Thanks for your attention reading this. (I'm not the best writing in english.)

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