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Bugs/Suggestions / CTF Maps- Suggestions/Reworks
« on: August 15, 2016, 11:23:21 PM »
Hey there!

After playing ATF/CTF for a little bit recently, i feel that most maps could use a bit of a revamp or at least newer weapon placement.
Generally the mode itself isnt that popular, i know, but its still a classic of first person shooters and bringing a few new weapons and layouts to the table would at least help the mod become a little more lively, even if for a little bit.

Here are some things that i can think of so far:

WEAPON VARIETY: Now that we have megaman 9 weapons in the game, i noticed there are alot of older weapons prominent on most maps, and a lack of some utility weapons. For example, theres not many maps that contain scorch wheel from what i seen, which would be a nice weapon to get a speed boost to distract enemies or cap flags faster to push pressure on the enemy team. It seems that most weapons are more so geared to be offensive, with a lack of the more defensive weapons. there aren't many shield weapons availble, and with skull/leaf shield's revamp, it would be a nice weapon to include in CTF for defensive plays.

MAPS AND FUNCTIONALITY: While stock deathmatch maps have pretty neat gimmicks, such as thunder claw and clown orbs to latch and swing across, magic/clown trains, and roadster environmental hazards. While they should be more prominent in vanilla deathmatch maps, it would not hurt to spice up CTF a bit more with some of these (although, i dont think the clownman panels would work out well...). Another thing i feel is that it could benefit off of the newest textures from V4 and V5 to help liven up the maps a little more. Not many of them really utilize that many textures from the newer megaman games because they weren't available at the time.

The layouts do need a bit of rework as well, like icyfort for example:
Spoiler for Hiden:

The arena is generally wide open here with the little paths in the river in the middle, which dont allow much room for movement and falling in hampers the flow of the map a little bit. there also isnt much cover out here save for the two cubes in mid and the blocks at either fort.

Another personal gripe is this:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Blocks aren't red, its all blue. Just a personal texture gripe but sometimes it throws me off. idunno, maybe im dumb.

And finally the mid section of clash in the city needs some improvement as well. It looks nice but this doesnt flow very well:
Spoiler for Hiden:

I'd honestly suggest removing the middle pillar, put down two instead with spike pits around them as well. This helps the flow above the surface a bit more while presenting a bit more of a challenge in the underwater section for combat. I'd also recommend making these bars be unable to shoot through the whole length, but still provide some open windows for firing through.

(thanks sonicfam for getting these screenshots btw)

This is just what i generally think so far, and when i get a bit more time, i'd be glad to come up with some potential changes/ideas for a few maps to help improve on CTF.

W.I.P Forum / ATF- Assault The Fort
« on: August 12, 2016, 02:54:22 AM »

Assault The Fort is a mod that aims to replace CTF Flags with Batteries or Cores that each team must protect and destroy.

Both blue and red team sport a battery core where their flag would have been. The goal is to protect their battery while destroying the enemy team's battery.

The cores look like these:
(Battery Core sprite may be changed in the future)

Both of the batteries are stationary and defenseless on their own, however each battery comes equipped with a shield that will soak up the damage for them, and these shields replenish themselves over time as long as they are not being attacked. Each core does not receive any damage at all until the shields are depleted.

The mode was originally designed with at least 2 or more members per each team in mind, and with proper coordination in planning attacks to destroy the cores.

If you would like to try the mod for yourself, we have a vanilla version and a version that contains a semi-dedicated class pack for more team-styled game play.



Damage Patch for classes:

Note: The damage patch should be loaded after the classes are loaded, otherwise the batteries will get destroyed by each class very fast!

Spoiler for Hiden:
Ehibika: Initial Core Coding, Creator of Classes and balancing patch
JaxOf7: Vanilla Core ACS, Shields and V5 Patching, Vanilla balancing
Dimpsy: Creator of Slick class, tester
Jakeinator: Creator of Chemist class, tester
SonicFam1102: Title pic texture, tester
LordDamager: Core Sprites, Tester

If you have any suggestions/balance ideas, please post them here!

Stand ready to defend your core.

W.I.P Forum / Insanity classes!
« on: April 03, 2014, 10:47:58 PM »
Due to differences inside the mod with the other members, i am leaving the classes mod, as well as several others. i also request that an admin please close this thread. the remaining members of insanity classes will start their own thread in the future.

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