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Rejected / [SUGGESTION] RNC Content in Core
« on: May 19, 2014, 01:15:44 AM »
I know that MM8BDM v4 was just released, and no one wants to detract from the general excitement.  I chose this moment because now, all of CutStuff's most experienced devs are unoccupied (Aside from looking into bugs), and may thus consider this more thoroughly.

For the most part, the Rockman No Constancy Expansion Pack was enjoyed.  When it came out, it was the thing to be hosted; it seemed like every server had it installed.  But when mods like VSH came back to the top, they never became compatible with the expansion pack; and thus, it faded into obscurity, and shortly after, unplayability (With updates).
RNC will need an update and a once-over just for compatibility purposes; and, I know of no one that would object to having any more content, let alone the content of the RNC Expansion Pack, in the core.  And it is for this reason—that more people may be able to enjoy it—that I propose that the content of the RNC Expansion Pack may be amalgamated into the core MM8BDM game.

It comes to my attention that some people may not want any fanmade content alongside the core, which is, apparently, supposed to only feature content from official Mega Man games.  They may not want any RNC weapons in their core maps to damper their "official game" experience.  I once recall CutManMike saying that once the official games, he would look into adding core content for fangames, ROM hacks, et cetara; but beyond that, who said they had to put any RNC content in the core maps?  By all means, leave the RNC weapons out of the core maps; they don't belong in there anyway.  Some server RCON dedicated to adding its weapons in/taking them out of LMS's weapon rotation would be ideal, but if not, I would be satisfied to leave them out entirely (For, undoubtedly, someone would make a mod for it).  Beyond skins and bots (Which no one cares much about anyway), adding RNC's content into the core does not have to have any sort of notable impact.

But how are we supposed to incorporate the RNC campaign into the main one?
Like the weapons in the core maps, you don't.  My proposition is thus:  create a new branch of the Light Laboratory map, which can lead to Rockman No Constancy's campaign (And, presumably, the campaign of other fanmade expansions at a later date).  Its structure would likely be changed to the "save after every level" method that MM8BDM has used since v3, for constancy *Shot* with the rest of the game, if nothing else.  It could be managed by some friendly side character; perhaps Mega Man himself, or Fan or Kalinka (Mega Man being replaced with one of the other options when he gets grievously injured by King in the MM&B campaign).  They would explain that the new campaigns are new circuits for the Robot Master Tournament, which would allow them to stay topically relevant while still remaining unobtrusive to the plot as it currently stands (The Robot Mater Tourney having not been a plot point since all the way back in v1).

What about the MMPU Expansion Pack?  Why do they get left out in the cold?
Unfortunately, MMPU Expansion Pack became little more than a glorified Remix Map Pack when Time-Man and Oil-Man were added to the core.  While the MMPU content wasn't bad in any respect, it rings of redundancy, and it's not fully 8-bit besides (The music from MMPU would have to be chiptuned first).  While its campaign and maps were enjoyable, I am, in truth, unsure with how to proceed adding its content to the core.

The only objection I could think to raise against this proposal is that the content of the Rockman No Constancy Expansion Pack is too low-quality (Though I don't see how it could be; many of the A-list mappers that have been called upon to help official Expansion Packs had a hand in RNC) and would need reconstruction to the point of distracting the team from working on bug fixes and balance tweaks.  With that in mind, I think the only question left for me to ask is who agrees with me, as one thing I failed to do in preparation for this post is poll the public.

MM8BDM Discussion / Are These Resources Public Domain?
« on: September 07, 2013, 04:12:49 PM »
I've taken and distributed a lot of MM8BDM's sprites from the core for my own and others' projects.  But I've never actually stopped to ponder what exactly MM8BDM's public sharing policy is.

The people here don't seem to care that much, but I'm curious now—and so are some other people who would like to use MM8BDM's resources for their own projects.  What exactly is the policy on using MM8BDM's resources?

General Gaming Discussion / Mighty Number Nine: Inafune Strikes Back
« on: September 01, 2013, 12:55:10 AM »
There's been a lot of talk about where Mega Man is going lately, and the general consensus seems to be "nowhere fast."  With his recent inclusion in Smash4, unsureness has stirred up once more.  Regardless of whether or not CapCom can be trusted, however, I think it would be in everyone's best interest to know:  Inafune has not abandoned us.

The video explains it best, but basically, Mega Man's back—just under a brand new face.  There's a Kickstarter going on right now for the new game, and it's got a bit of a price tag associated with it, so I felt it would be a good idea to spread it as quickly as possible.  Are you excited to hear about this?

Help & Editing / Sound Effect Errors
« on: February 19, 2013, 02:57:45 AM »
I've had some issues getting my new sound effects to work for the Rokko Chan skins.  They were extracted from a compressed folder, imported into the skin file, aaand...

Invalid data encountered for texture Rokko Chan Skins.pk3:rokopain

Anyone got a clue what could have caused this, and how I can fix it?  No un-compressed downloads are available, so if that's the problem, I'm afraid I don't know what to do.

W.I.P Forum / [EXPANSION] Rokko Chan - Expansion Pack Limbo...
« on: December 02, 2012, 09:50:52 PM »
It's only been said 219,439,458,401,293,348 times that this needs to be made.
However, I'm not going to lie; I am not a very good taskmaster.  My ability in that department boils down to hunting people down and asking why they aren't working.  This expansion pack will be largely in the hands of the community--but hopefully, that won't be much of a problem, since everyone and their brother wants it.
Spoiler for Hiden:
Rokko Chan - Megaman
Volcanoman - FTX
Lightningman - LlamaHombre
Jetman - Player 1
Rollingman - MissingNo2
Forestman - Geno
Fransiska - Geno
Lancea - Geno

Rokko Chan - Joseph Collins
Hockeyman - Game&Watcher & Stevio51
Volcanoman - CHAOS_FANTAZY
Lightningman - CHAOS_FANTAZY
Jetman - Player 1
Rollingman - SmashBroPlusB
Note that any person, at any time, may step in to help with any botchat.  Credit will go to the person who supplies the most lines.
Spoiler for Hiden:
Hockey Man
Volcano Man
Lightning Man - Player 1
Jet Man
Rolling Man
Forest Man
Dr. Mad's Castle Stage 1
Dr. Mad's Castle Stage 2 - Player 1
Spoiler for Hiden:

These are posted here because weapon-makers may find these helpful.
Ice Shield - Michael712

Volcano Cannon
Function in Rokko Chan:  Rokko Chan's Metal Blade, this stupidly overpowered weapon fires a chunk of volcanic rock that explodes on contact.  The explosion lasts, dealing multiple hits of damage, and it also pierces shields.
MM8BDM Application:  Low-ammunition weapon.  Fires shots that explode on contact, with said explosion dealing ripper damage.

Lightning Flash - Lego

Jet Missile
Function in Rokko Chan:  Fires a missile that follows enemies precisely, steering itself into them at all costs.
MM8BDM Application:  Revamp of Dive Missile mechanics; moves slower, but does more damage.

Rolling Ring - SmashBroPlusB

Forest Whip - Stardust

Beetle Jet - Lego

Super Secret Something - Lego
Spoiler for Hiden:
Campaign Coding/Boss - Michael712
Sound Effects - Rey D
Music  - Thatguy74
He who wrote the mail - Rey D

Once again, I'm not going to lie—this expansion pack will not be easy.  There's a lot of sprites that need to be ripped, and more after that to be custom-made.  Progress on maps will likely be slow, since interest dies down quickly.  I don't even know all the information we should—how many Stages of Dr. Mad's Castle do we need, anyway, and if we do get a campaign going, who should the boss be?  ...Despite all this, however, I believe that the desire to make this expansion pack a reality will override all that.
...Now all I have to do is wait to be proven wrong.

Resources / CF's Sprite Junkyard - Air-Man's Sky Castle
« on: October 29, 2012, 12:18:20 AM »
Branching out from skins now, trying to help others sprite what they can't.
Hard Hat 3
Spoiler for Hiden:

I quite literally cannot deduce a pattern to the tree's leaves.  If there actually is one, let me know.
Also, rain should be plentiful, but also slightly transparent, in the upper areas of the map.

The pure-blue dot is the sky's color--supposed to be accompanied by clouds, but I couldn't capture and isolate those, so that's all we have for now.
Also, the ladders glow.  I'm sure there's an easy way to code that.
Hard Hat 4
Spoiler for Hiden:

OOPS I ACCIDENTALLY GRABBED THE TANK.  Rather than let it go to waste, I thought I'd toss it in here.
Stars were originally on the second layer of background; add them as you see fit.
Rokko Chan
Spoiler for Hiden:

Missing some frames on the lava, some tiles regarding the rocks, and a frame on the Yoku Block I can't get a screenshot of.

God, there's so much junk.  Missing the parts dropped by shattering ice blocks, the glitter before it shatters, and a small part involving the moving box segments of the background.

Only missing a few bits from the eagle-riding segment.

Not missing much of anything, but needs custom floors.
Spoiler for Hiden:
Edo Village (Legend of the Mystical Ninja)

Didn't do such a great job with the tile-cutting, but I'm quite proud for the NESing I gave it.
Snow-Man (Mega Man Rocks!)

Polar Star/Spur (Cave Story)

For the Spur's charged shot, the projectiles can be chained together, kind of like the Quick Beams in-game right now.

Mega Man Discussion / How do you type Robot Master names?
« on: October 19, 2012, 01:29:28 AM »
So I know this is like a really trivial question, and no one's really argued about it before, but I assume we all have a unique reasoning, and I was somewhat curious to hear what it might be.  Over the years of being part of this community, I've heard four different ways to write Robot Master's names--with a space, with a hyphen, writing it as one word, but capitalizing the "M" in "Man," and, again, as one word, but without the capitalization.  Exceptions, such as Proto Man and Mega Man, do occur, but those are not taken into account.

So, when writing/typing their names, how do you spell Robot Masters' names, and why?

Personally, I write them with a hyphen.  I think it's important to separate the two words making up their name somehow, but a space seems too much, because you say them as one word in spoken conversation.
In before I get flamed because this is a stupid question

Mega Man Discussion / Rockman 8-Bit Battle X
« on: October 17, 2012, 02:12:30 AM »
So this kind of got skimmed over earlier when I posted it in the Spamthread...maybe I should try a topic of its own?

Rockman 8-Bit Battle X
is a Mega Man-inspired Smash Bros.-type game being developed by folks over at Exploding Rabbit.  The plot is simple and fairly unnecessary--Dr. Wily has used technology to open portals to other worlds, in the hopes that he could tap into evils from other worlds to help him destroy Mega Man.  Of course, in his ignorance, those dimensional portals also let in heroes of many kinds.  In an effort to keep them from focusing on destroying him, Wily arranges a tournament, leading the heroes to fight each other instead of him.  Each character, in addition to having some basic attack, is planned to have 6-10 Mega Man-style weapons (Not necessarily from Mega Man games, just styled like Mega Man weapons), in addition to a Super Attack that you charge up by dealing damage to your opponents.
...Now, I'm going to be frank:  the guys over at Exploding Rabbit are kind of dreamers.  They're taking this like, "hah, we'll make this game, and we'll put all these characters in it, and it'll be so awesome," but I'm not so sure about how well they'll do the "make this game" part.  I, like any of you, would like to see an MM-inspired fangame come to life, but in this phase, Rockman 8-Bit Battle X may not be coming to life.  So please, if you could spare your coding knowledge or your weapon-balancing bats or perhaps just your spriting skill to keep some of these dudes from being just MM edits, I'm sure the folks down at Exploding Rabbit would vastly appreciate any help.

You can read additional information about the up-and-coming game, including planned characters, stages, and gameplay mechanics, here.

Now, as you saw in the Spamthread, CutManMike is planned to be in this game--I took charge of making him, for obvious reasons.
Spoiler for Hiden:
...But I've reached a block.  I've got a good amount of original weapons for him there, but I don't know what else to add.  If someone could come along and toss in some additional suggestions (Or perhaps just tell me what some of his favorite MM weapons are, because that's what the first slot was specifically reserved for), it would help me and my personal endeavor along greatly.

The WWW board / Sequelitis: MM Classic vs. MM X
« on: November 04, 2011, 02:20:35 AM »
*Looks left*
*Looks right*
How is this doubly relevant thing not posted yet?
So yeah, you've probably heard about Egoraptor's new series, "Sequelitis," by now, where he talks about games and their sequels and what made them good/bad.  They're probably most known for their notable quotables, which often double as strokes of hilarity and wind up getting ripped to use as reaction videos.
But anyway, Egoraptor released the second Sequelitis I wasn't even expecting at this point--Mega Man Classic vs. Mega Man X.

Also, below, the first Sequelitis, which was CastleVania vs. CastleVania II:  Simon's Quest below, in case it flew over your head because you didn't have Internet at the time or you lived under a rock or something.
Spoiler for Hiden:

Mega Man Discussion / Mega Man: CorRollption
« on: September 18, 2011, 08:53:09 PM »
What's that?  Everyone's making a topic to try and get attention and help for their fangame ideas and everyone's paying a whole bunch of attention to them even though I've been doing the exact same thing for forever and no one's ever paid me any heed?
[ Invalid YouTube link ]
But yeah, obligatory fangame topic time.  I'll follow Mega Man Water's layout, since it makes sense and is easy to read over.

Spoiler for Hiden:
Our story is becoming rather intricate, so if you'd like to read about it, please do so here.
Spoiler for Hiden:
Wire-Man:  The electric-themed Robot Master of the game.  Wire-Man attacks by whipping with his cable arms and firing off sparks from their frayed wiry ends.  He's of average speed, so he might be right on top of you often.
Poison-Man:  A Robot Master that specializes in liquid corrosion (AKA robot poison).  He attacks by tossing vials of it at you, and can also hide the substance within his buster bullets.
Contender 1:  Memory-Man.  A Robot Master equipped with data of Mega Man's previous fights, making him very smart and informed.  In-game, he'd react to a lot of the attacks MM performs.  In the contest because he lacks a good weapon idea.
Contender 2:  Mirage-Man.  A sneaky Robot Master with the ability to become intangible.  His fight would involve a lot of hiding from the player, but he doesn't fire often.  In to replace Memory-Man because he "has more potential to have a stage based on."  I don't like him much because he doesn't have a lot of weapon potential.
Contender 3:  Delete-Man.  A Robot Master with the unique ability to delete objects at whim.  Fighting him would involve him deleting blocks that spikes are attached to, causing them to fall from above.  In the contest to replace Memory-Man.
Fog-Woman:  The obligatory Robot Mistress of the game.  Fog-Woman produces her own fog to hide in, and attacks you while you cannot find her.  She can compact moisture from the air into ice and fire it at you as well.  Fog-Woman is unique because she is the only boss with official artwork at this point.
Tide-Man:  A Robot Master designed to fight well in both water and land.  Due to this, though, he's rather lightweight.  He attacks by firing basic rockets, pressurized water, and by flooding and draining his boss room.
Shard-Man:  Replacing Rocket-Man and was suggested by Uglyrodent.  A Robot Master that attacks with razor-sharp shards made of glass and crystals.  He wouldn't be very fast, but his weapons would break apart after firing them, essentially filling the room with a clusterfuck of bullets to dodge.
Heart-Man:  A medical Robot Master who relies on his wits to preserve his health bar.  Because of this, he would need to be rather swift.  If fired correctly, he can heal himself by attacking you.
Spoiler for Hiden:
Note:  You haven't heard of anyone on this list because--obviously--I haven't launched a real recruiting effort here.
CHAOS_FANTAZY:  Initial idea/founder and director.  Budding spriter, maybe programmer, and...idea-comer-upper.
Uglyrodent:  From Exploding Rabbit.  Drops in to help on occasion.  Spriter and theorist.
Stinkosar:  From Exploding Rabbit.  Supposedly an adept spriter in the MM style, and theorist.
Ketchupninja:  From Exploding Rabbit.  Very good theorist.
Crazy:  From The Secret Oasis.  Claims to be a spriter and coder.
Detail I forgot to add in elsewhere:  The game is planned to be made in Multimedia Fusion 2.

This is a collectively made game.  I know that there's a lot I cannot do to make this game, so I know I need to find others who are willing to do these things for me.  If you're expecting me to do a lot of the work, there's nothing I can guarantee.  Perhaps I'm just lazy, but I have to rely on others to help me make this game--after all, there's someone who can and is willing to help with the idea somewhere.  With this in mind, if you would like to help, you can find the forum I made to organize everyone here.  Note that regardless of what you can do, help is needed and much appreciated.

Help & Editing / A Stupid Question
« on: April 29, 2011, 12:14:40 PM »
A while ago, I bought into more Mega Man 9/10 DLC, purchasing Fake-Man, Enker, and both Endless Attacks.  I played them for a while, and while they're really fun, I suck at them (current MM10 record is 31 screens) .
Which got me thinking.

In theory, would it be possible to create a bunch of hallway-like map pieces, add enemies, weapons, etc., and essentially recreate an Endless Attack for MM8BDM?  I have a lot of questions about how it would work, but first, I'd like to know if anyone cares for it.

(For the record, I'm not planning to make this.  It's just a thought that came to me.)

Mega Man Discussion / Toughest Robot Master in Each Game?
« on: April 01, 2011, 12:49:06 AM »
This isn't about who was your favorite, this isn't about which one had your favorite theme, this isn't even about which one's art you like the best.
No, this topic is for which one of the sons-of-bitches was the hardest to kill for you.

Couple Ground Rules:  If you're going to list more than one, please don't take more than one from each game.
PLEASE don't take from a game in which you haven't fought every Robot Master.
I WILL allow Fortress Bosses to be mentioned, as long as A; you still post your most-struggled-with Master, and B; you've fought every Fortress Boss in that game.

With those rules--which I find reasonable--I'll begin my own post.

Winner for Mega Man 1 is...

The only thing keeping Elec-Man or Fire-Man from winning is the fact he's an evil cross between the two:  very powerful, yet a good number of projectiles.  While he's relatively easy to dodge, it's typical that you're low on lives when you actually reach him instead of falling off the Propeller Platforms for the umpteenth time (Heat-Man's tiles ain't got shit on those) , and--as we've all learned from Big Eyes--one hit's enough to royally screw you over.

The fuck?

Winner for Mega Man 2 is...

YARANAIKA?!  This guy seems easy now, but he certainly was a pain the first time around.  Ironically, he kills you in seven hits--which is the amount of ammo Crash Bomb has.  Because he jumps every time you fire, he jumps, it is annoying to hit him with his weakness of Air Shooter unless you're right beside him--which is risky in Difficult, because sometimes he jumps up and shoots by himself.  Honestly, I find him a breeze now, but I didn't know the Golden Rule for MM2 Bosses at the time:  NEVER STOP MOVING.

Also, I find Hyadain's depiction of him hilarious.  Now every time I fight him, I picture him trying to rape Mega Man using Crash Bombs.

Winner for Mega Man 3 is...

Ah, Shadow-Man...the dodgy guy that wouldn't hold still for FIVE SECONDS.  He's mainly annoying because his weakness is Top Spin--A melee weapon--but he's also annoying for his speed.  Like a lot of MM4 Masters, this guy primarily hurt you by running into you--via his half-map-crossing slide o' doom.  His shurikens aren't that annoying--rather easy to jump one and have the other pass your head--but that's not what makes him annoying.

Killing Shadow-Man was hit-for-hit, for me, anyways.  If Top Spin didn't lose so much ammo so quickly, he might be easier, but as for now, I might as well go cry in a shadowy corner.

Winner for Mega Man 4 is...

I hate Dive-Man for a lot of the same reasons I hate Shadow-Man:  fast, dodgy sonofabitch, melee weapon for weakness (Skull Barrier, if ya don't know) ...come to think of it, Dive-Man was Shadow-Man 2.0.  Instead of sliding randomly, he'd turbo-charge to RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE, his missiles can eat through your Skull Barrier ammo as you use it to block, and running into him kills you in about three hits.

A personal joke for me is "Fuck you, Dive-Man."  That pretty much sums up how I feel about him.

Winner for Mega Man 9 is...

Despite being the biggest RM in the game, Concrete-Man moves SO DARN FAST.  Not only that, his Concrete Shots--lobbed three at a time--almost always hit, giving him the chance he needs to shoulder-slam or ground-pound you, munching your health like potato chips.  His weakness is fast-moving, but one of his attacks is a ground-pound (luckily not a quake like Guts-Man) , so he can dodge it.

Overall, with the ability to kill in six hits (only three for Proto Man) , Concrete-Man is one you'll need an E-Tank or five for, weakness or not.  Shame--his weapon is really useful, too.

Winner for Mega Man 10 is...

Chill-Man isn't as fast as Concrete-Man, making him not-as-bad, but he's still annoying.  In Hard Mode, he jumps and shoots five Chill Spikes at once--while this is rare, if you're not fast enough, it can munch your health via the familiar freeze-run into combo.  His weakness--Solar Blaze--can be easy to hit him with, but only if you shoot it at one of his ground-stuck Chill Spikes.

His weakness is applicable to many situations, so he's kind of easy, but let's just say he's the only RM who killed me in the rematches.  All the MM10 RM's are relatively easy, but Chill-Man is still the hardest.

I'm tired of hearing about this argument, hence, I created this debating topic.  I put it here, because in my opinion, the final result will effect the whole of CutStuff.  Don't care, authorities?  Go ahead and lock it, I guess.


These are, obviously enough, the people that have been roleplaying over our MM8BDM servers for quite some time.  The NRP group is angry with them because--from the word of the NRP Group--they have invaded other servers and taken over them, making them RP-based by filling the four-line textbox with their RP-based chat.

NRP, AKA the CutForce
These are the opposing members to the Role-Player's shenanigans.  Led by an incognito Orange Juice, the CutForce has not disclosed their goal.  From the word of the CutForce, they haven't even decided on a goal--the only thing binding them together is their annoyance from the RP invasions.  They have been counter-attacking the RP'ers by invading their servers--donning the skin and username of "Cutman"--and spamming them with Cutman's bot chat script.

On the note of these two groups, I'd like to thank two people.  One, an RP'er, who stumbled into Fun Crusher's Duel Server after being kicked from their RP room--whose complicated Japanese name fails me--who put me in the Role-Playing group's perspective.  Two, a CutForce member, coming into Fun Crusher's Duel Server shortly after the latest CutForce invasion--who I will allow to stay unnamed if they prefer--for providing inside information on the CutForce.


That's what this topic is about!  Note that I only want solutions that satisfy both groups.  Two possible solutions that have been outlined beforehand.  One is having an RP forum created.  I would be more than willing to moderate it myself, as I am an experienced role-player myself--although I don't get to role-play as much as I'd like.  The other one is keeping the Role-Playing in separate, private servers.  This works because the CutForce won't be able to attack them, and yet they have full rights for kicking if they themselves are invaded.

Now I want a good, clean, top-hat-and-monocle debate here.  I don't want to see any slander against any one person here--especially because the leader of the CutForce has been revealed.  Now, let's all put on our serious faces, and talk this out like gentlemen.

Mega Man Discussion / CF Dumps His Fangame Ideas
« on: March 11, 2011, 11:32:34 PM »
Why?  Because everyone's doing it.  Note that none of these will probably ever become reality, as I have little experience programming and none at all with the Mega Man Engine.  Just kind of tossing them out there.


Plot:  Remember that totally flop game that Konami made called Elebits?  One of my first Wii games, good timekiller.  This concept would basically be a crossover between Elebits and Mega Man:  All other forms of power stop working, and people are forced to incorporate hunting for Elebits into their energy-fueled daily schedule.  I've decided that I'd want Elec-Man to become the main antagonist--generally sour and frustrated about how his once-amazing fusion-powered Thunder Beam has left him--but I have no idea how I'd pull it off.

Robot Masters:  Pretty much undecided at this point, as I'm still working on how the 8 Masters concept will be implemented.  Will Elec-Man build the Elebit-torturing machines himself, or will he assemble the masses or other frustrated Masters, like Solar-Man?

Other Important Points:  Because of the Elebits being needed to power Mega Man (Previously run off of solar power, if ya didn't know) , the levels would be long and rambly, and one would have to search for Elebits--using a new weapon, Elebits' own Capture Gun--to keep an energy bar sustained, representing Mega Man's current battery charge.


Plot:  This is really all I have on this one--it also involves a theorized death for Mega Man (Inquire within, because I, for one, think I'd be bashed) .  Set in X/Zero time, some natural effect--originally envisioned to be a lightning strike--gives Mega Man enough of a shock to be brought out of Shut-Down, a lack-of-power-induced, coma-like state (I really like hyphens) .  Upon *Somehow* finding X, they would--obviously to prevent every X fan from being at my neck with a Z-Saber--team up and attempt to work together.

Robot Masters:  No clue.  I need to brush up on X/Zero lore.

Other Important Points:  Due to Mega Man being such an old model, many of the weapons he receives would be attached to him--not directly programmed in.


Plot:  I'm still kind of shaky on this one.  A new robot-producing company pops up in the city where Mega and company live--which I still cannot believe is unnamed.  Upon having an upgrade--bought by Mega Man--incinerated by an angry Dr. Light, claiming "that he could make anything those money-stealing companies can," the owner--yes, a cameo of myself, or at least an alias--decides to have a friendly business competition:  he takes eight of his models, outfits them for combat, and challenges the entire Light family.  Needless to say, Mega Man's on it.

Robot Masters:  These are the ones I've actually theorized for fun.  Let's see if I can name them all.
* These were made up on the spot, just so I could have 8, and are completely subject to change.
** I cannot take full credit for these.  My friends helped me theorize them.

Other Important Points:  None as of yet--other than this is the one I think about the most.


Plot:  Basically just an alternate Mega Man universe, based on wizards in the medieval times.  Same junk, different context.

Robot Masters:  As if the name didn't shout it loudly enough, the Robot Masters--to be referred to as Spell Masters--will be based off of the 8 basic, "Battleon" elements.  I will be using Greek roots to help name them.  Pyro-Man, Necro-Man, Hydro-Man, Aero-Man, Cryo-Man, etc.

Other Important Points:  Just came up with this one today, so it probably pales in comparison to the others.

Aaand that's about it.  Now all I have to do is hope someone actually cares.

Help & Editing / Okay, I give up with the guessing.
« on: March 05, 2011, 02:54:52 AM »

So today I log on, and I see what servers have people:  Ooh, Roboenza isn't full!  I quickly exit the program, restart it using the needed .wads...and the server is gone.  Pretty much all of them are.  The only ones I can see is an empty One-Flag Capture the Flag server, and an empty Deathmatch server titled "Hahaha," using the 1-B version of MM8BDM--No wonder it's empty.

After what looks like a preset period of time, I go back in to look for it, I see it, SAME THING HAPPENS AGAIN.

So yeah, I'm really mad about this.  Does my connection just suck, or what?

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