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W.I.P Forum / Sc Johnson's YD patch(Bandaid (1b))
« on: December 13, 2015, 09:33:45 PM »
Its been a while since the last update to YD/CBM, so here is a pk3 with some tweaks to help change the flow a bit.


The PK3-

Make sure to load this after V8b of classes

V1b really focuses on background stuff, with a couple balance changes thrown in.
I missed a couple things in this thread, sorry about that. ;-;

Projects & Creative / MBPX, a mod aimed at small scale MM8BDM!
« on: March 22, 2014, 10:25:27 PM »
Hi, if you're reading this... Then you might like MM8bdm or mods... or even... MM8BDM mods! 8DDDD
Then there is a good chance that you have come to the right place!

This is... MBPX!

A mod that wants to make you feel good about using all the weapons, by introducing a few new elements to our favorite Mega man first person shooter these include.
A few of these may not be so new.
-Hurting the effectiveness eating contests.
-Improving the performance of less used weapons.
-Adding a risk to using common weapon combinations.
-Speeding up the general pace of small scale MM8BDM. (I hope)

I hope to see players come up with crazy strategies, and hopefully this makes MM8bdm a bit deeper.

Changelog- Vanilla to 1a

Spoiler for Hiden:

   -Running Backwards is now slightly slower than running forward
   -Health pickups no longer heal you instantly(with the exception of Eddie), and Big Health slows the player down while healing them.
   -Many weapons also have a window where you can swap weapons almost immediately after firing.
   -Many weapons also have higher amounts of slowdown and some even have A_Stop in their painstates.
   -Collision boxes have all been adjusted to fit the sprite of the projectile projectile they are displaying.
   -Additional Obituaries for specific parts of attacks (Guts debris, firestorm hug, Mirror Buster, etc)
   -Armor system for slightly reducing damage of attacks(-25% damage from atomic fire if you are using atomic fire, or -20% if you are using Bubble Lead. This also works the opposite way, for up to an additional 35% damage. Air shooter will deal 35% more damage against Crash Bomb, 25% less against itself and 20% less against Leaf Shield.

   Mega Man 1-

      FireStorm- (Firestorm Shots)Now a low damage ripper with a large collision box
            (FireStorm Barrier) Visuals have been changed, now rapidly hits for very low damage.
      Hyperbomb- The explosion now hits multiple times, takes a moment to expand to its full radius. Can now also be aimed, and has increased range.
      SuperArm-  The grouping on the debris has been spread out a little.
      IceSlasher- Slows the target by a large margin for a few seconds.
      TimeSlow- Increases the user's speed by 50%, can be forcefully interrupted with electricity based weapons.
      OilSlider- speed can be altered with directional input, doing so forces your remaining time on an oil sled to decrease faster. Made slightly harder to control, oil pools now cause enemies to

      ThunderBeam- Damage on melee ranged shots decreased and consistency decreased, maximum damage on perfectly aligned shots increased.
      RollingCutter- Maximum damage slightly decreased. Banked shots still often result in a one shot kill.

   Mega Man 2-
      AirShooter- Damage per tornado reduced, can still kill with two uses of +attack. The projectile will no longer die when it hits the floor.
      AtomicFire- Damage on half and full charge reduced, the full charge will rarely fail to kill, unless the target is also using Atomic Fire.
      BubbleLead- Climbs down walls and moves a little faster, damage reduced a little can also be aimed.
      CrashBomb- No longer locks a target in place during the explosion, only when hit directly by the projectile, 3 consecutive shots kill, whereas 2 and one miss can result in a 4 shot kill.
      LeafShield- Now deals damage around the user, also fires off automatically if you are moving when the extra ammo bar depletes.
      MetalBlade- Damage slightly reduced.
      QuickBoomerang- Now auto curves upwards while on the ground or downwards while in midair.
      TimeStopper- requires you to fill it with ammo before you can use it, you no longer lose it after using it however.
   Mega Man 3-
      GeminiLaser- Is pretty much the same. 8D
      HardKnuckle- Now holds the user in place and quickly gains speed, ignores all barriers(Junk shield) and defense buffs...other than the weapon armor thing listed above.
      MagnetMissile- Now only homes in for a split second after the user releases +attack button(Think Drill Bomb).
      NeedleCannon- Hud now shows the influence of the spread on each shot when fired.
      SearchSnake- when they are fired at the ceiling, they will fall, also slightly faster and can be aimed.
      ShadowBlade- Returns when it hits a wall, damage reduced a little.
      SparkShock- Can no longer lock other players in stun with consecutive shots, can be cancelled sooner.
      TopSpin- only consumes a little ammo per whiffed use, will use ammo for every time it deals damage to an opponent, also can ignore most painstates.

   Mega Man 4-

      DiveMissile- Maximum range reduced, damage slightly increased.
      Drillbomb- Damage slightly reduced on direct hits, damage increased when detonated in mid air.
      DustCrusher- Has a small delay before the bits spawn movement speed decreased. Damage on bits has been increased, damage on the large shot decreased.
      FlashStopper- No longer blinds targets... If an enemy is aiming at you, you lock them down for about 3 seconds, you can only use the megabuster during this period.
      PharaohShot- No longer deals radius damage, can be cancelled before firing. Pharaoh hold no only deals very high damage to those above you.
      RainFlush- The pod can deal damage. The radius hits even more, the radius grows depending on how high the pod gets before hitting an obstacle, or the ceiling.
      RingBoomerang- Deals more damage while returning than when fired, the shots quickly move then stop repeatedly.
      SkullBarrier- Now can only block one hit, but has multiple uses on a full bar. Can also deal damage to opponents. Wont negate falling/Drowning damage.
   Mega Man 5-
      ChargeKick- Aerial ChargeKicks no longer give you a boost of momentum forward, but can be cancelled quickly after firing. Grounded ChargeKicks end faster after hitting a target, but lock the user in forward momentum and on the ground.
      CrystalEye- About the same. 8D
      GravityHold- Deals more damage to grounded targets than aerial ones, pops enemies upwards.
      GyroAttack- No longer splits into two shots, just redirected left/right depending on which direction you are strafing(no direction will cause it to travel forward). More damage on redirected

      NapalmBomb- A little more range, a little less damage.
      PowerStone- Does not spread out as much.
      StarCrash- Will block a single shot and no longer has a time limit, but will disappear when it is hit. It makes the user immune to radius damage while active.
       WaterWave- Only fires three pillars, damage per pillar increased and can be cancelled after firing one pillar, but not after three.
   Mega Man 6-
       BlizzardAttack- Sits in place for a short amount of time before flying forward, damage increased.
       CentaurFlash- Lower rof and damage, locks enemies in place based on how much health is missing.
         FlameBlast- Can still spawn a pillar after hitting an opponent.
      KnightCrush- No longer a ripping projectile, and starts to slow down a little bit after it is fired.
      PlantBarrier- Can block a single hit, heal rate drops after the first second, can also hit an opponent to regain additional health.
      SilverTomahawk- Wont die after it hits the ground.
           WindStorm- now throws opponents around, has a special animation when it kills opponents.
      yamatoSpear- Ignores all barriers/def buffs. Rate of fire has been reduced slightly, no longer a ripper, spread has been altered, and the hud hints at where the next spear will go.
   Mega Man 7-      
      JunkShield- Range is no longer decreased while moving forward, takes more ammo per time you damage an enemy with the barrier.
      DangerWrap- about the same 8D
      NoiseCrush- Charged shots deal much less damage, but it is much easier to fire consecutive charged shots. rebounds are also much easier to catch, and are directed at you.
      ScorchWheel- No longer boosts movement speed, only pushes you forward while on the ground, can deal melee damage, also deals radius damage when a grounded shot hits a wall.
      ThunderBolt- 1 less damage on direct shots, damage on split shots increased.
      WildCoil- Spread changed.
      SlashClaw- Stays with the player that spawned it a little better. Damage is more consistent, range decreased, ignore most painstates while slashing.
      FreezeCracker- Damage on main decreased damage on projectiles increased.
   Mega Man 8-
      MegaBall- Dies when it hits a target.
      AstroCrush- Can be directed a little.
      FlameSword- Damage decreased, aerial FlameSword can quickly cancel into a grounded one.
      FlashBomb- Damage decreased, slows targets down further on direct hits.
      HomingSniper- Now spreads in a * pattern, deals slightly less damage.
      IceWave- No longer travels in a straight line, moves much faster, pillars deal ripping damage, hitting a target with the spawner freezes them for a moment.
      TornadoHold- Deals less damage to opponents near the propeller, much more damage near its max range.
      WaterBalloon- slightly more spread.
                ThunderClaw- Rof increases on hits, but only for the next hit, damage reduced, projectile speed increased.
   The Mega Man Killers -
      BalladeCracker- Deals full radius damage near its explosion, travels a little slower
      ScrewCrusher- No longer bounces, wont die on the ceiling, and can be aimed.
      MirrorBuster- You can no longer swap weapons while the barrier is active.
      Sakugarne- Damage lowered, radius damage range decreased, now ignores most painstates, and is faster overall.

   The Busters-
      LaserBuster/Upgrade- Replaced with the BassBuster/Upgrade.   
      ArrowBuster/Upgrade- Replaced with the ProtoBuster/Upgrade.
      DuoFist/Upgrade- Replaced with the SuperAdaptor/Upgrade.   
                SuperAdaptor- Damage and range on charged fist slightly reduced, control on aerial boost increased.
      MegaBuster- Damage slightly reduced, projectile speed increased, and slows targets down slightly.
      ProtoBuster- Damage on charged shots decreased slightly, shield only appears when not firing, has a short delay before shield is raised/lowered
      BassBuster- Locks the user in place, deals slightly less damage, spread decreased, fires in bursts.

   The Assist Things, and Items-

      TrebleSentry- Rof damage of shots lowered, speed of shots increased, and deals very high damage when it is spawned, and has a melee attack.
      Tango- Slightly less time before it flies forward.
      Etank- Heals you quickly while preventing you from taking action during this.
      Wtank- About the same
      Mtank- About the same
      Eddie- In duel, drops special health/ammo pickups, buster upgrades, or assist items, in the other modes its about the same.

W.I.P Forum / Scavenger Mode ... or something
« on: April 08, 2013, 05:11:59 AM »
A work in progress... Here is...
Scavenger Mode
name subject to change
A very basic Dm/Lms mod with a few notable differences from vanilla...

    -Killing other players gives you health, but the amount is determined by what struck the final blow... as in the harder it is to kill with, the higher the reward.

    -The amount of health on maps has been greatly reduced and the amount of ammo has been increased.

     -Some Weapons/Items have been altered/removed. ... test0b.wad ---as the name implies, it is currently still being tested/tweaked.

Hope everyone that tries it, enjoys it! 8D

Help & Editing / Controls lock up regularly only with Skulltag...
« on: June 15, 2011, 03:11:53 AM »
This has been happening for the past few months now(since around February), and I don't really know why...

It seems to happen randomly....
-----My controls suddenly stop and only repeat what I was doing... For times ranging between less than one second to almost a minute.... If I was jumping and/or firing... or just running, I would keep doing that until it decided to stop... So on a stage like gyroman I would keep respawning and running off, and my keyboard wont respond, and neither will my mouse...But the sound and all that keeps on going... I tried other games(D2,GVH,SC,CS2D,Quake,C&C,Ect), and it only seems to be skulltag related stuff....
 Please, to any who may be able to... Halpifiy me....

Help & Editing / How do I keep bots from running off?
« on: May 22, 2011, 10:09:13 PM »
How do I set the linedef thingies to prevent bots from falling?

Maps / Muzaru Makes things!
« on: January 15, 2011, 05:16:12 AM »
This is a thread for the maps I make.
...Just so you know...

**Complete Maps**

UFTM01- Champers Gonna Champ
Spoiler for Hiden:


MMCTF55- Hesitation
Spoiler for Hiden:

MM4SKURE- The remake of Skullman that needs testing...
Spoiler for Hiden:

Please give feedback, so that I may make these thingies better.
Links fix'd.

MM8BDM Discussion / What if the Zombis Had Abilities?
« on: December 25, 2010, 04:11:06 PM »
What if those of which have Roboenza had certain abilities...
They wouldn't consume any type of ammo, just your remaining time alive.
My Suggestions are being able to run, some type of ranged attack, and a charge(I guess this could be mixed with the run anyway)...

Help & Editing / Where is this new Roboenza map pack?
« on: December 23, 2010, 06:48:07 AM »
I don't quite know...
I hope its not right in my face.

MM8BDM Discussion / Roboenza Friendly Maps
« on: December 07, 2010, 03:53:45 AM »
I was wondering if there would be any Roboenza friendly maps in the near future... Kinda like the new capture the flag ones...
Though I doubt it....
First post by the way.

By Roboenza friendly I mean, created specifically with the mode in mind.

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