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Maps / REAL Pack - v1a
« on: May 27, 2019, 11:36:26 PM »
see it works because it's like the REef and ALpacka, get it?

The REAL Pack

A 15 map strong pack of smooth goodness brought to you by LlamaHombre and yours truly, Thunderono!  This pack is the combination of The Reef (previously known as the WetPack, my own pack) and Alpacka, Llama's own pack.  I can't actually think of anything else to put here, so let's dive right in!

Reef screenshots
Spoiler for Hiden:
REEF01 - Ocean's Facade

REEF02 - Sky Charger

REEF03 - Clogged Drain

REEF04 - Gale Field

REEF05 - The Observatory

REEF06 - Belly of the Beast

REEF07 - Collision

REEF08 - The Apex

REEF09 - Chaos Alley

REEF10 - Eden

Alpacka screenshots
Spoiler for Hiden:
ALP01 - Egg Corridor?

ALP02 - Brinstar Depths

ALP03 - Mad Castle Outskirts

ALP04 - Wily's Kidnapped Castle

ALP05 - Ghost House III

Grab it from TSPG or Dropbox!

Music and asset credits can be found within each pack's respective README in the main pack's pk3, as well as usage restrictions.

Thanks for playing!

Closed / MM5CHA wind issues
« on: October 01, 2016, 11:33:55 PM »
So MM5CHA makes use of small sectors running alongside its rails that blow players off.  This is intended to keep players from avoiding instant death by saddling the side of the rail.  That's all fine and dandy (though it can make for some very frustrating deaths when you're on the side of the train and the rail sucks you off), but this only applies to one half of the rail.  While the back of the train is fine, the inside halves of the rails on the main part of the train do not use this.  I have a fix and a suggestion.

First off, a screenshot to show the type of thing that can happen:
Spoiler for Hiden:
And a shot from GZDB to prove this isn't some weird engine bug:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Highlighted sector is the sector that uses wind

The fix is to just add another sector on the other side of the rail to blow players off.  However, I have a suggestion to make this system a little more bearable.  Since the rails tend to pull players off of the track, you could change the direction of the wind on the outer portion of the rail to blow players back to the train.  The new sectors would also blow into the train to avoid this annoying issue.

Maps / Mirror Mode
« on: September 15, 2016, 11:00:05 PM »
a.k.a "Thunder ruins everything"

Hey everyone!  How're we enjoying v5?  Had a chance to get comfortable with the new maps?  Maybe you've spent a lot of time memorizing existing layouts and mastering them down to every pickup and turn?  Great!

Let's mess all that up.

Introducing Mirror Mode, an exhaustive pack that flips every* map in core on its heels.  In case you haven't played Mario Kart or don't know what a mirror is, Mirror Mode takes existing levels and flips them on an axis.  This can be very disorienting for players who rely on memorization.

A few things to note:
    -It's very possible that some of the offsets are still bad.  I tried my best to fix texture offsets and usage, and while I succeeded for the most part, there are likely still issues scattered throughout the maps.  Realistically speaking, it's difficult to catch everything.  Sorry!
    -It actually doesn't matter if I flip a map vertically or horizontally, since they yield the same result.  I got asked a few times during development and figured I'd establish that here.
    -Originally, I was going to make a version that replaced all of the core maps with these, so that you could play the campaign in mirror mode.  Unfortunately, since all the textures are defined in the map files themselves, this would cause a lot of filesize bloat and I ultimately opted not to go with it.  There's probably some hacky slade wizardry I could do, but I wouldn't know where to start.

Grab it from TSPG here!
Dropbox mirror
Some screenshots:
Spoiler for Hiden:

*It technically isn't every map.  I left some maps out due to generally high symmetry or overall lack of difference when flipped.  Full list of exceptions in the spoiler:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Additionally, I didn't mirror any CTF maps.

Mapcodes are the normal mapcode, followed by an R.  For example, MM9FAK would become MM9FAKR.

Closed / Outdated Screenshots in Map Select
« on: August 01, 2016, 12:03:57 AM »
It's a pretty minor gripe, but a few of the screenshots don't reflect the current versions of the maps.  These maps are:

MM7SLA (Relatively minor but still worth mentioning)

This could also be a good opportunity to revise some of the shot locations, as quite a few don't show off the map very well.

Maps / [Small Map Pack] WetPack v1b
« on: October 04, 2015, 05:18:22 PM »
This topic and project are now obsolete and should be disregarded.  To find the most recent version of this project, go check out the REAL Pack!

So with Rozpack v4 and PBJ recently released, and with v5 on the horizon, there sure are a lot of maps floating around.  Surely we don't need any more, right?

Of course we do.

Introducing the WetPack, a brand new pile of six funky fresh maps for the pleasure of your playholes.  This has been a project of mine since early summer of last year, and it pleases me tremendously to have it released.  Even if one person enjoys one map in this pack, I can consider it a success.

But enough talk, let's get wet!

Grab v1b from Best-Ever!
Dropbox mirror

Previous versions:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Spoiler for Hiden:

WET01: Peninsula Outpost

WET02: Ravine at the Peak

WET03: Clogged Drain

WET04: Stronghold of Dreams

WET05: Joyful Isle

WET06: Belly of the Beast
Spoiler for Hiden:
WET01 (Peninsula Outpost)
-Added to the pack.

WET02 (Ravine at the Peak)
-Added to the pack.

WET03 (Clogged Drain)
-Added to the pack.

WET04 (Stronghold of Dreams)
-Added to the pack.

WET05 (Joyful Isle)

-Volcano and canyon sections removed.
-Buildings on the southern end of the town swapped places.
-Etank building got a chunk carved out of it, teleporter added in its crevice.
-All non-playable rooftops are marked with white, while playable rooftops are marked with blue/red.
-Balcony added to northwestern building, rush coil moved to the balcony.
-Awkward jump stairs on the northeastern side replaced with walkable stairs.
-Teleporter to balcony added to the northern side.
-Party ball added above the southern street.
-Random block monster line removed from northeastern wall.
-New route and geometry added to the northern side to make up for the loss of a route to the high ground.
-Various weapon layout changes.
-Music changed to Yoshi Star Galaxy.

-Added railings to the center bridges.
-Added some nice friendly bats to look at in the center room

-Fixed some weirdness with offsets (How in the world did I miss this)

-Tweaked the rock overhang section a bit

-Added WET06 (Belly of the Beast)

Spoiler for Hiden:
Q: Oh my god Thunder why did you call it the WetPack
A: Initially, a lot of the ideas I had for the maps involved water taking a very dominating role in the map.  As time went on, I abandoned a lot of those ideas as I discovered what was doable in this engine, and the name sort of lost its weight.  Ever still, the pack had already been established as the WetPack, and quite frankly, I think it rolls off the tongue better than the ThunderPack or the OnoPack or something silly like that.

Q: Why are there two boss themes for five maps?
A: I liked the variety.  That aside, the alternating scheme for boss music I have set up works well enough for the maps.  I probably won't be adding another boss theme for v2, whenever that happens.

Q: Isn't WET05 your I.N.S.P.I.R.E. map?
A: Indeed it is!  Being my first experience with custom textures, I figured it would be appropriate to try and keep the map relevant.  That map's in a bit of a precarious spot, however.  I'll see how the revisions are received.

Q: What's that brown face thing on this map?
A: That's a Kabu!  They're from the Kirby series.  I hid one in every level, so see if you can track 'em down!

Music credits and such are all in the readme.  Thanks for downloading, or if you didn't, thanks for looking at the pretty words on this page!  If you didn't do that either, then frankly, I don't know what you're doing here.

As always, feedback is well appreciated!  My goal here is to make a pack that people can enjoy, so I would need to know if people actually enjoy it.

Anything Goes / Character Catalog
« on: January 07, 2014, 12:44:53 AM »
Hey everyone!  Welcome to this little topic.  The general thing behind this topic is that it's meant to house characters you think of in that crazy mind of yours.  The thread is for documentation purposes mainly, but it's there.

Let's see some rules!
1. Keep it clean.  This is a rule of the board itself, but PLEASE, don't make any adult-oriented characters.  If they gobble dicks for a living, don't specify.

2. Please post characters that are relevant to Cutopia.  Any posts that don't follow this rule prior to this rule existing have grandfather immunity, but if a character is posted with their own planet or dimension, they're not going on the front post.

3. No existing characters.  That is, if a character already exists in a franchise, don't bring that shit here. Good examples of this kind of character can be found here and here.  Other than that, anything is fair game.

4. Don't be a donglord.  It's one thing to have an unusual or silly character, but it's another to just go overboard.  A lot of examples can be found on the first page of this topic.

5. As much as I REALLY think it isn't necessary to say, don't be an ass to somebody about their character.  The point of the topic is to create an environment where there aren't any holdups about posting something.  It doesn't matter if it's actually bad or not-- if you think something's wrong or shitty with the character, keep it to yourself.  You're free to discuss it with your peers as much as you please, I can't stop you there, but don't bring it up to the creator.  If it seems like an actual, genuine product that they spent time on, and it had some similarity with some other thing, it doesn't need to be brought up.  At all.  Same thing applies to groups and locations.  If it's a serious product, don't act in a manner that could potentially discourage them from posting in the future.

Do you like maps?  I like maps.  We've got a REALLY BIG map of Cutopia RIGHT HERE:
Spoiler for Hiden:

Use this template in your character submissions, please:
Backstory: (Optional)
Weapon/Other Abilities: (Optional)
Other: (Optional)

If you want to create a location, all you really need to include is the name and a brief blurb about what the place is.

If you are creating a group of people but slightly specifying about each member, please leave the bio of each member in a single spoiler to help me determine that it is indeed a group and not a bunch of separate submissions.

Try to put at least some effort forth in your characters.  I'm not going to deny anyone the right to be on the front post unless they blatantly break one of the rules, but it would be great if you had some intricate character instead of Laser McKinghead who fires nukes from his toenails.

Resubmissions of old characters are allowed, as revising them is kind of impossible at the moment.  And by all means, don't be afraid to post a character.  Nobody here's judging you.

Cutstuff War submissions part one
Cutstuff War submissions part two
Spoiler for Hiden:
This thread's submissions:
Alexis (xColdxFusionx)
Alphonse McGraw (xColdxFusionx)
Annette Navya (xColdxFusionx)
Antares Satevis (Barlowe)
Argus (TGOT)
Arle Giskell (xColdxFusionx)
Arni Morres (Thunder Electros)
Arnold Trigholms (Jennifer)
Astraea Satevis (Barlowe)
Azalea Herb (Hilman170499)
Beatrice (Hilman170499)
Beef McWall (Galactan)
Baldwin Blade (Hilman170499)
Bleegott (TGOT)
Bot Commander (Hilman170499)
Botas and Rotas (Dr. Freeman)
Brown Viper (Hilman170499)
Butthurt Magoo (Watzup7856)
Cain "Stryfe" Stryfier (Jakeinator)
Caleb "Cold Fusion" Felderson (xColdxFusionx)
Candice Macoome (Chuggaafan1)
Captain James "J." Charleston (Barlowe)
Carbin Slen (Thunder Electros)
Celeste Alaron (xColdxFusionx)
Chief Silicius (Hilman170499)
Citri 7025 (TGOT)
Claw Droid ver. 2 (Hilman170499)
Cleanis (Davregis)
Corvus de Umbra (Hilman170499)
Count Nostalgia (Dr. Freeman)
Crystal Naylor (Gumballtoid)
Dale Herb (Hilman170499)
Dethros Starblaze (Kirbysonic)
Dictator Birdbot (Spikeboy/Colonel Servbot)
Dick Kickem (TGOT)
Dimitri Strelnikov (Galactan)
Drilvee (Ceridran)
Doctor Albus Castle (Barlowe)
Doctor Freeman (Dr. Freeman)
Dr. Fred (TGOT)
Dr. Ghostpants (SmashBroPlusB)
Dr. Ian Robotno (Dr. Freeman)
Dorothy Borden (Laggy Blazko)
Dorothy Dridge (Rui)
Drameda Anderson (Korby)
Dranat Earstey (Thunder Electros)
Edward Guardia (Hilman170499)
El Groovy (Hilman170499)
Elena Ampere (xColdxFusionx)
Elly Cynsis (Jennifer)
Fendrel Antartus (Hilman170499)
Gale (Barlowe)
Gaton Preyld (Thunder Electros)
Galactan (Galactan)
Geinas Manhemn (Kirbysonic)
Geoffrey Gorschelt (Barlowe)
Goldfish Man (Galactan)
Gunther Berger Toidenheimer (Gumballtoid)
Hamil Kroah (Thunder Electros)
Mr. Handy (Rui)
Holy Queen (Kirbysonic)
Iris Ashliel (Jennifer)
Jaleheim (Kirbysonic)
Jodien (Rui)
Jolene Subomie (Chuggaafan1)
Judge Stempien (Dr. Freeman)
Juliana (xColdxFusionx)
Julius D. (Barlowe)
Juri Kitai (xColdxFusionx)
Kaminari no Kami (LarissaFlash)
Katrina Humboldt (xColdxFusionx)
Korben "Korby" Flint (Korby)
Lance Wyvern (Hilman170499)
Leland "Lilypad" Herb (Hilman170499)
Lily Naylor (Gumballtoid)
Lisa Clay (xColdxFusionx)
Lison (TGOT)
Lucille Fiora McGraw (xColdxFusionx)
Lungei Nesenthry (Thunder Electros)
Lygana McVee (SmashBroPlusB)
Lyge Salfrum (Dr. Freeman)
Mack Bootler (Gumballtoid)
Mad Max Madson (Galactan)
Malia Marcelette (Rui+)
Maple Naylor (Gumballtoid)
Maria Delmar (xColdxFusionx)
Mark Brown (TGOT)
Marn Goakes (Thunder Electros)
Master Zhi (Hilman170499)
Meilene Smashfield (SmashBroPlusB)
Metal Maiden (Kirbysonic)
Mirabel Antartus (Hilman170499)
Naomi Baaluxahl (Jennifer)
Nicklaus Toidenheimer (Gumballtoid)
Nido Nakano (SmashBroPlusB)
Noir Argona (Barlowe)
Phenixio the Human Blazehawk (Hilman170499)
Phineas Kappason (OJ)
Plus (SmashBroPlusB)
Prof. Mechanus (Hilman170499)
Prince Veldein (Kirbysonic)
Q-Man (TGOT)
Radical Larry (Dr. Freeman)
Rainflake (TGOT)
Reigame (Kirbysonic)
Reli Kirona (Thunder Electros)
Richard Sheridan (Gumballtoid)
Ronald Doodington (Magnet Dood)
Rudolph Hitler (Gumballtoid)
Russel (Lego)
Sandy Naylor (Gumballtoid)
Sarah Navya (xColdxFusionx)
Sendrel (Galactan)
Sir Cale (Dr. Freeman)
Spencer "Swuff" Phantos (Thunder Electros)
Spritia (Hilman170499)
Stacatto (Dr. Freeman)
Stanley Duff (Galactan)
Stanley Hikari (Beed28)
Stanley O'Mann (xColdxFusionx)
Synthia Integrus (Barlowe)
Tadao Yamamoto (Hilman170499)
Tex Slim (Jman)
Thatguy74 (Barlowe)
Trace Erlaca (Thunder Electros)
Travis B. Swordicus (Jennifer)
Twill Ti'aets (SmashBroPlusB)
Valerie Wilma Toidenheimer (Gumballtoid)
Vanessa Saralein (xColdxFusionx)
Vargan Adante (Thunder Electros)
Veltelka Veltiem (Kirbysonic)
Vestra Kroy (FiniteZero)
Vyasto Varrez (Kirbysonic)
William A. Truman (TGOT)
Wingman Walter Winderly (Magnet Dood)
Winston Naylor (Gumballtoid)
Zabel Cerin (Solar Equinox)
Zack Tesoro (Blutorus)
Zero (Zero1000)
Zoey Dunson (Thunder Electros)

Spoiler for Hiden:
8BDM Coliseum (Colonel Servbot)
Ampere Manor (xColdxFusionx)
Bayou Shadpool (Laggy Blazko)
Carbotanium Forest (Hilman170499)
Castle of the Guy (Barlowe)
Castle OPEUS (Kirbysonic)
The "Citadel of Disrepair" (TGOT)
Duel Dome (Galactan/Ceridran)
Gerlera Central Power Plant (Barlowe)
Granito Suleo (Hilman170499)
Guardia Cemetary (Hilman170499)
Heart Station (Rui)
Hunter's Lodge (Gumballtoid)
Lucky Nothing Casino (Colonel Servbot)
Oblivion Realm (Kirbysonic)
Pachyderm (Jennifer)
Pryona City (Thunder Electros)
Qniversity (Thunder Electros)
Salburr Forest (Gumballtoid)
Sheillo City (Dr. Freeman)
Space Station Omega Žet (Galactan)
Sylvan City (Zero1000)
Tinilo City (Dr. Freeman)
The Turbulent Falcon (Jennifer)
The Witherwalkers' Stronghold (TGOT)
Xiroga City (Gumballtoid)


General Gaming Discussion / Steam Greenlight
« on: December 09, 2012, 06:19:07 PM »
So Valve's been doing this thing lately where people post their games onto the Greenlight page and the community votes to see if the game would be any good on steam.

If it gets enough votes, Valve adds it to steam.

So I was thinking that we could use this to try and recommend good games in the Greenlight to each other?

Anything Goes / The guess that map forum! (Poll on until 12/31/10)
« on: December 11, 2010, 12:39:35 AM »
This is a new mini game on the forums. I'll kick it off by posting this pic of a glitch area found in one of the maps in chapter one while spectating.

MM8BDM Discussion / Post your server's adress here!
« on: December 08, 2010, 12:57:41 AM »
Please do this so that the people who don't have Doomseeker to enjoy multiplayer.  (Note-i have Doomseeker, i'm just doing this to help out.) :mrgreen:

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