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Just in case anyone wasn't aware. It's still perfectly safe to visit the site, I'd assume, but Mike probably has to renew that.

Help & Editing / Re: How to sign up to login the multiplayer game...?
« on: June 21, 2019, 10:08:21 PM »
Are you using Doomseeker? If so, there shouldn't be any sort of logging in or out necessary to play online.

MM8BDM Discussion / Re: MM8bdm Player Profiles
« on: October 23, 2018, 05:01:46 PM »
Well, shit, why not.

In Game Name: Giga or [UHF] Giga
Favorite game mode: Team DM or Team LMS. By the way, comhotel is not a gamemode, it's a map. You're thinking of co-op.
Favorite weapons: From the original set? The buster. Top Spin is great for instakills and all, and Gemini Laser is fun to get rebounds with, but the standard buster will always be my go-to since it doesn't have an ammo limit and it fires relatively quickly.
Preferred base skin: Topman? Sniper Joe? I don't really have one.
Preferred custom skin: CWU-01P
Favorite stage: None in particular. I don't keep track of stage names or layouts.
Favorite class: Gutsman in UHF. Topman otherwise.
Greatest Rival: Trust me, you don't know him.
Reputation: People keep thinking I know more about coding than I actually do. I have no idea how to do ACS, I just read the damn ZDoom wiki.
Anything else? I keep weird hours, oftentimes staying up for 36 hours before sleeping.

I moved some files around on dropbox, made a folder dedicated to doom wads, and broke all the previous links, so have a new first post!

I'd actually like to hear what people think about these piles of garbage, if they think anything of them at all.

W.I.P Forum / Re: Expand8bdm system
« on: October 06, 2018, 04:17:23 PM »
It's misspelled in the code as "TankArsenelWep". The easy way to find that out is to open the .pk3 file up in SLADE and poke through the actors folder.

Guess I'll make this a general post for bullshittery. Own up to my own actions and everything. Note: I don't like hotel servers. These next two wads were made for them.

Have two wads I made to help Unix, because even though he hosts hotel servers, he's friend shaped. They're free to be used for whatever server you want to host, though they're meant to be used with the UHF classes.

broken link - changes weapons spawned on maps so that they give class boss weapons instead of copy weapons. The only code in the file is actors/misc/WeaponGiver.txt replacing the old one, so it should be compatible with standard classes if you want to break that one. Or if you want to punk singleplayer.

broken link - removes pit respawning in UHF, like the filename says. Someone thought that bossweapon patch fixed a Galaxyman bug, so I figured I'd be more specific with my naming. Since monster rockets use pit damage, this helps quite a lot in hotels, and it's somewhat necessary for 8-Bit Death Smash. Once again, the only code in the file is in actors/ClassBaseFlags.txt replacing the old one. That means that without UHF, this does nothing.

I imagine if this thread gets big enough, I'll ask a moderator to move it to the main Projects & Creative forum, but for the moment it's just this.

So I'm probably going to be making a lot of stuff. A lot of random bullshit that I have zero expectations that anyone will actually use in an important capacity.

But I made it, so I'm putting it up here.

    newtextcolours_265.pk3 is a file that I'm willing to put more colours in, provided anyone actually wants them. Current ones after the spoiler.
    bossweapon patch.pk3 bossweapons from groundweapons.pk3 is a file that replaces the weapons pre-spawned on maps with classes style bossweapons. Used mainly for UHF, since copywep classes are supposed to get bossweapons from those in the first place, but pre-spawned weapons aren't modded by UHF to do the thing. bossweapon_patch lets you get what a copywep class is supposed to get; bossweapons from groundweapons upgrades that to (almost always) give you what the original class would have, excluding only health and gamebreaking bugs. (aka Stoneman's script starter)
    noUHFPitRespawn.pk3 does exactly what it says on the tin. If you wanna play with the UHF classes and other proprietary Doom monsters, but you keep getting respawned at the start of the stage, this is the pk3 for you! Admittedly, there aren't that many people willing to load up the doom2 IWAD after Megagame.wad.
    Created and released in one day, much like the rest of them, The GigCampaign of Pain was meant to be played with the above wads (mainly just bossweapon patch, the other two are optional; but no pit respawn replicates old behaviour) and UHF. What does it do? Well, it removes Dr. Light's house from the game (not really; just makes it unselectable from the menu) and makes you play through all the non-boss singleplayer maps as though all the bots are on a single team against you. Each new game is a new episode, including the And Bass and the Wily Tower episodes, with 9* in total. (*I of course mean eleven.) Do note that there are no proper bosses anymore, since I have legit no idea how the unknown maps function, so I made two substitutes. A map at the end of Episode 6 with a LMS challenge against 49 other bots, including one Rock, and the final map, which doesn't have Fakemen anymore, since Fakeman's bot AI is a bit slow. Instead, I replaced all the Fakemen with Rockbots. Have fun running for your goddamn life!

Original post after the spoiler.
Spoiler for Hiden:
newtextcolours_265.pk3! Wait, what do you mean that's too few colours for a new file?

Basically, I wasn't satisfied with the colours available in 260. I wanted to add my own in. I'll take requests for this, too, if you're in the same situation as me - just either give me an image or the hex codes (for example, #44aa00 = 68, 170, 0) of what you want. I'm assuming I've got 95 more color slots to work with, since all the letters have been used already. (06 through 99, and 00, though that one's reserved if the person in question wants it) Assuming this explodes in popularity, I could also start using letters as the second character in colour codes, which would add another 936 slots, for a total of 1,296. As a preface for requests, I don't particularly care about vanilla doom and its fonts, so keep them to two unique hex codes. You can find me on the 8BDM discord, with the tag Giga Otomia#2931.

Additionally, if there's a problem with me keeping the content from the previous newtextcolours in this new pk3, which I took wholesale from, then I'm sure I can just take the five lumps I didn't make out, keep the new one named TextColours6.txt and call it a patch. I'm a bit of a dick, and didn't ask for permission, but considering how public the original is, I don't imagine it's too big a deal.

Spoiler for Hiden:
[01] (that's zero one) through [05]

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