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Quote from: "Alucard"
I saw the Screenshots thing, with the secret effect. Is that the new one? If so, please put it in vC...Please?

Don't worry, It's already in. It's so secret that I won't put it in the hub if I include it. :evil:


MM8BDM Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: June 28, 2011, 10:43:04 PM »
Quote from: "Ivory"
Question about spoiler, don't open it up if you don't want to be spoiled.
Spoiler for Hiden:
So does that Yashichi get spawned, or does the maps Yashichi  actually become alive and chase after you?

Answering that question:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Yes, the Yashichi comes to life. But if the map doesn't have a Yashichi (Dr. Light's Lab, for example), one will spawn. :evil:

MM8BDM Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: June 28, 2011, 10:14:55 PM »
If you've been to the Projects fourm recently, you'll notice I've been messing with Roll's Chaos Generator. :evil: Well, I know when I've come too far when I've programed in this effect:


Spoiler for Hiden:

In Soviet Russia, Yashichi finds you!
And yes, touching it kills you.

Quote from: "Gummywormz"
Be sure to remove skull barrier from that infinite new base weapon thing.

Don't worry, Skull Barrier was already off the list. ;)

Quote from: "Korby"
Time Stopper doesn't refill from ammo anymore, I think, so it won't be affected by Infinite Ammo.

I think.

If it's Centaur Flash, well, Chaos Generator!

New Base Weapon doesn't even give you Time Stopper. I will probably remove Flash Stopper, Centaur Flash, Rain Flush and Gravity Hold.

Also! When Jelly World happens, Time Stopper now gets replaced with Skull Barrier, so there's that.

Quote from: "Muzaru"
**************************Wishlist for new version...
Spoiler for Hiden:
-Plantman goes back to his old version- fast buster, less damage.... Maybe even give his buster like 7 damage of splash...OLO.
-Knightman gets rape crush back, but with much slower fire rate, less range, and he gets slower movement and either that or no more of him forgetting to lower his shield before swinging... but the old large sheild.
-Iceman gets a speed boost, but less traction to make him seem to ice skate everywhere.
-Crashman takes off his Addias and puts on his Nikes (runs slower than megamang... now that I think about it... Why does he run so fast???? megamang ran faster. He only jumped quickly.. now that I think about it, quickman wasnt that fast on ground, he only ran a little faster, but jumped really fast.) also make him scared to shoot his bombs.
-Needleman gets Idea'd by that one good idea by that Muzaru guy....8D
-Fireman eats too much fast food. (slower...)
-Skullman plays nicely with others, and umm... just does less of whatever he does.... Shield blocks only one hit, slower recharge, but can throw it and have it fly slowly... or something like stun his enemies weapons for a second...I dunno...SOMETHING TO HELP DUST V SKULL.
-Tommahawk decides to throw with his bad arm again... but wears his good headdress.
-Flashman Gets more range, faster fire rate, larger spread, but forced cooldown... To simulate burstfire or something...
-Geminiman's clone is less anti social... if there was a way to make him spawn your laser in front of him instead of his or something...
-Magmang gets twice the stopping power, if you hit them with mags up close before they go all homing, increased damage, but mags only branch in one direction, instead of the homing... and gets magpull back, what he has now... IS A LIE >.> ....
-Guts hits his toes when aiming down.
-Megaman stops taking his time with his charged shots. and if you can, make them multi hit if thats a good idea, like 6 hits of 10 of course.
-Make Broto's sheild heavier.
-Add jitterskull.
-Hardman discovers pills that make him harder... More fisting damage or make him as fast as quickman.OLOLOOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
-Starman should stop being happy about huggin' but no more standing still to weecharge.
-Wahwee makes a noise when charging, flies slower, but gets his rape face wiener gun back.
-Dustman gets all bustery, but less likely to toss his junk around.
-Ringman cant have 20 rings out at once anymore... OLo... aw.. Nvm.. pretend you didnt see this.
-Waveman gets invisible water waves, but they do the animation thing on whoever they hit and hold them in place for a bit.
-Stoneman gets bigger rocks.
-Pharaohman gets faster uncharged primaries, but less time flying, and does so slower.
-Gravityman gets buster that does more damage the more distance you have, and if you stand still for a second, but slower running speed.
-Elecman does pk thunda a little softer.
-Cutman gets safety scissors.
-Yamatoman stops using plastic spears.
-Centaurman decides to flash more people, but stands still to whip whatever he has to whip out.
-Bill Cosby.
Gotta sleep dont know what else to say..

LAMO!! :lol: That was the most epic funniest thing I've read this week. Sadly, I don't think Yellow Devil will make those changes any time soon. :p

If anyone's curious, here's the current changelog for Version C! :D

Spoiler for Hiden:
-I may or may not add a hub for choosing your own setup (the poll is there for you to decide).
-NEW BASE WEAPON: Whatever becomes the base weapon will now have infinite ammo. This feature may be removed. New Base Weapon also no longer gives out Rain Flush, Flash Stopper, Gravity Hold, Centaur Flash or Junk Shield anymore.
-JELLY WORLD: You can no longer get stuck on two way teleporters after being killed once. Time Stopper is replaced with Skull Barrier, as it causes a crashing issue due to the nature of Jelly World.
-GUTSMAN G RAMPAGE: Gutsman will no longer attack the same player in quick succession, and will now target other nearby players.
-Two One new chaos effects! Ouch! Stop touching me! No, you stop touching me! Ow!

I'll likely release this next week, to give the poll some time to run.

Glad you like it! :D

Now then, I've been getting reasonably good feedback on this, but now I want to know; does anyone want a hub map where you can choose your own chaos effects? I've built one right now and it works (besides the primitive interface) perfectly (although the server host needs to use "CHANGEMAP" to acually use the effects). However, it is optional, and you don't need to visit the hub if you still want the random element of the Chaos Generator.

MM8BDM Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: June 27, 2011, 10:26:05 AM »
Cool, Bowser's Castle 3 from Super Mario Kart. :cool:

I assume that it's going to be played in Race Mode, then.

I have uploaded a new version for you all to try! And yes, I finally managed to get Gutsman G in this time round! :cool:

Download link is in the first post.

Projects & Creative / Re: [RELEASE] Roll's Chaos Generator Upgraded
« on: June 24, 2011, 08:44:57 AM »
Quote from: "Gummywormz"
Write a replace for gustman g that has -NOBLOCKMONST set.

I accually did that, but if he went into a non-deadly pit (like in MM3DW1, the water pit with the teleporter), he wouldn't be able to escape.

Maybe I'll try going down the Kyorown route and have multiple copies of Gutsman G that dissapear over time. They'll have to move really slowly, though. :p

Quote from: "KillerChair"
How about some other effects.
Like teleporting people to random spawn locations every 30 seconds or so.
Or random fire trap spawns, a bit like the quick beams.
Or reversed controls! Back = forward and stuff like that. And the jump and fire button swapped around.

Nice ideas, I'll try them soon. But the random teleporting may completely break some maps, mainly with water like MM3GEM (there was a reason CutmanMike removed the Exit Unit from that stage). Also I don't think it's possible to swap the jump and fire buttons.

Quote from: "CutmanMike"
As this is a completely different version, I would appreciate it if you named the version something different other than 2 as I do plan to update this eventually.

How about chaosgenerator-upgraded vB.wad for the next version?

Projects & Creative / Re: [RELEASE] Roll's Chaos Generator Upgraded
« on: June 23, 2011, 08:33:41 PM »
Quote from: "Gummywormz"
No guts man g?

I am dissappoint.

I accually tried adding him in (there is evidence of Gutsman G in the DECORATE file) but I couldn't find a single good way to do it (if he fell into a pit, he would get stuck). :(

After downloading and playing the original Chaos Generator release, I was hooked on what it could do and the crazy matches it could result. So I decided to tweek and add more and more features.

Note: From Ver. I onwards, all releases will be handled by Xhatahx, not me. He has taken over development of this mod now.

How to run
Simply add chaosgenerator_upgraded_vm.wad. That's it!

About the Hub
The Chaos Hub's map name is CHAOSHUB, and to return there, someone will have to do a map vote to it. The current "Master" can only pick any of the Chaos Effects while the other players wait. The Master can also reset the reels, any misc options and choose which level to go to. Also, note that not all Chaos Effects are compatible with each other (e.g. you can't have Half Damage AND Double Damage), so the hub won't let you pick incompatible effects.

Change Log
Spoiler for Hiden:
Changes in Ver. M
+ EDDIE BOMBING RUN: New to Ver. M! Eddie roams around the map and drops bombs everywhere.
+ HALF SPEED: New to Ver. M! All players now move at half speed. It's surprisingly tense.
* LOCK ON AUTOAIMING: Can now be used in CTF.
* CHAOSHUB: Better organized the Disable Effect section.
+ The ground feels a little unstable...

Changes in Ver. Llet's just make that beta into version k
* Hopefully MM8BDMv5b compatible.
* EXPLOSION DAMAGE, COLLISION DAMAGE: No longer insta-kill you in Instagib when using NEW BASE WEAPON.
* POWER DRAIN: Increased the effect's rate.
* GAMEBOY MONOCHROME: No longer changes the sky.
+ Fixed E and W Tank behavior.
- Fixed Roll's dialogue not being displayed in online matches.

Changes in Ver. K-beta-hotfix.wad
+ Now works in LMS!
* Hopefully fixed bugged chaos effect teleportation behavior.(e.g. Kyorowns, Eddies)
+ Made the reel show Evil Yashichi.
+ Replaced the Gemini Man capsule with a capsule that shoots a fake Time Stopper.
- JELLY WORLD: Removed.
+ PICKUP INFLATION: New to Ver. K-beta! Health and ammo pickups are doubled.
* CHAOSHUB: Fixed a typo in the New Base Weapon section.(Blzzard Attack)
* CHAOSHUB: Made the New Base Weapon hallway (slightly) shorter.
* CHAOSHUB: Made the New Base Weapon dark weapons darker.
+ CHAOSHUB: Added a selection reset in the New Base Weapon section.
* CHAOSHUB: Will make the future weapons chamber accessible only with Sakugarne.
* CHAOSHUB: Made the master HUD message look the same on every screen.
* CHAOSHUB: Added invisible walls to prevent bots from getting everywhere.
* CHAOSHUB: Now gives the players the Instagib palette in Instagib mode.
* CHAOSHUB: Replaced the MM9DW3 "mugshot" with a better sigil.
* CHAOSHUB: Replaced the Bass mugshot with an Auto mugshot. Thanks, Geno!
+ CHAOSHUB: Made Ultimate Gauntlet accessible. Sorry for accidentally blocking it off.
+ CHAOSHUB: Hid a Rock Force section somewhere.
+ NEW BASE WEAPON: Can now be used in Instagib. Certain weapons(e.g. Magnet Missile, Plug Ball) can't be chosen because they'd be broken.
+ NEW BASE WEAPON: Can now give players Rock Force weapons if you add on the Rock Force wad.
* WAVE BIKES: Now works like the actual MM5WAV wavebikes in air.
+ WAVE BIKES: Can now be used with Invisible Players.
+ DOUBLE FIRING RATE, SPREAD FIRE, VAMPIRISM: Can now be used with each other.(Zandronum 3.0 required)
* EARTHQUAKE: Now shakes MM9 aesthetics.
* LOCK ON AUTOAIMING: No longer locks onto mets.
* FALL DAMAGE, IRON FEET: Can no longer be used with each other, since Iron Feet nullifies falling damage.
* FALL DAMAGE, IRON FEET: These effects are disabled on stages where it won't work/will get you trapped.
- REGROWTH: Can no longer be used in LMS, since it's contrary to how LMS works.
* REGROWTH, POWER LEAK: Decreased the effects' rate.
- INFINITE AMMO: No longer takes Time Stoppers.
+ IRON FEET: Now works on spikes.
* IRON FEET: Now drains health while on dangerous surfaces.
* MET SWARM: Added a death timer to mets.
* MET SWARM: Removed the mets' item drops.
* MET SWARM: Decreased the amount of mets.
+ Added a new section to CHAOSHUB which allows the master to disable effects that they don't like. Lock On Autoaiming is disabled by default.
* Help! I can't tell Shadow Man, Grenade Man, and Tengu Man apart!

Changes in Ver. J
+ Easter eggs added to 2 stages.
+ INFINITE AMMO: New to Ver. J! All players are given infinite ammo(and have their Time Stoppers taken)
+ IRON FEET: New to Ver. J! Sector damage, like bottomless pits and lava, are completely nullified.
+ ENERGY DROUGHT: New to Ver. J! Health and ammo pickups disappear while weapons stay.
+ MET SWARM: New to Ver. J! Mets teleport in and attack whoever's around.
* JELLY WORLD: Fixed a bug with Plug Ball and Conrete Shot. Enjoy it while it lasts.
* CHAOSHUB: Fixed a bug that made the New Base Weapon weapons in the hub disappear in LMS.
+ CHAOSHUB: Removed Black Hole Bomb from New Base Weapon.
+ CHAOSHUB: Added Junk Shield to New Base Weapon.
+ CHAOSHUB: Will add a MM10 weapon to New Base Weapon.Since when did I have the Time Skimmer?
+ CHAOSHUB: Added MM7STR to the level selection.
* CHAOSHUB: Replaced MM2DW3's "mugshot". Thanks, Geno!
* CHAOSHUB: Removed stray blue pixels around the random level "mugshot".
* CHAOSHUB: Flags? My flags are better hidden now!
* CHAOSHUB: The master is now randomly selected.
+ CHAOSHUB: Added a hud message to declare who the master is.
+ CHAOSHUB: Non-master players are now transparent.

Changes in Ver. I
* Full(?) MM8BDMv5 compatibility.
* CHAOSHUB: Added the MM9 and MM2 Dr. Wily levels.
* NEW BASE WEAPON: Can now give out the new MM8BDMv5 weapons, except Tornado Blow.
+ REGROWTH: New to Ver. I! Players are healed over time.
+ POWER LEAK: New to Ver. I! Players are damaged over time. Deja vu... (Inspired by BiscuitSlash)
* CHAOSHUB: Flags? I don't need no flags!

Changes in Ver. H
* CHAOSHUB: Map updated to the newer UDMF format. We hope this means something.
* NEW BASE WEAPON: Can now replace the buster with the new MM8BDMv4 weapons except Lightning Bolt and Treble Boost.
* PARTY DEATHS: Updated with MM8BDMv4 items and weapons.
* EDDIE STORM: Can now give out MM8BDMv4 weapons. Their teleporting exit effect that was broken was also fixed.
* JELLY WORLD: No changes, but due to engine bugs at this current time, Jelly World won't bounce stuff into the air on maps using the newer UDMF format. Use the MM8BDM Legacy Pack by Linnie if you still want to bounce, as those maps are still in Hexen format.
* KYOROWN SWARM: Spawning rate reduced.
* GUTSMAN G RAMPAGE: He should no longer toss players into certain instant death areas such as pits and lava, depending on Block Monster linedefs.
* EVIL YASHICHI: Should now correctly spawn from where the map's actual Yashichi is placed. Also introduced its two distant cousins.
* INSTAGIB: The DOUBLE SPEED and REVERSED CONTROLS reels now take the new Instagib speed increase in consideration.
* Fixed Time Stopper overlay.
+ Added new section to CHAOSHUB which allows the current master to choose what weapon replaces the Mega Buster for when the NEW BASE WEAPON reel pops up. The selection works like picking a reel and is thus reset back to 'random' when the reels are reset through the reset portal or for when the server moves back to CHAOSHUB again. Weapons that are darkened cannot be selected to be the new base weapon, such as Time Stopper or Astro Crush.
- Removed Rollbrine.

Changes in Ver. Hell
* Fixed Time Stopper overlay.
* Some of the Effect icons have been swapped around.
* Made Crash Man's map crash the game when accessed.
* NEW BASE WEAPON: Attempts to give you weapons that don't exist yet in MM8BDM.
* WAVE BIKES: Speed increased.
* DOUBLE SPEED: Speed increased to beyond Sonic the Hedgehog levels.
* EXPLOSIVE DEATHS: Now with more explosive power!
* GUTSMAN G RAMPAGE: Can now kill in one hit.
* JELLY WORLD: Now much more bouncy than before!
* RANDOM FORCE BEAMS: Rate of fire increased.
* EDDIE STORM: Now drops Time Stopper, M-Tanks and IG Metal Blades exclusively.
* EARTHQUAKE: Now you can hear the ground rumbling!
* GAMEBOY MONOCHROME: Now forces Tengv Man music on ANY map now.
* COLLISION DAMAGE: The touching damage has been increased to insane levels.
* DARK LIGHTING: The darkness is now sliiiighly darker.
* DEAD RISING: The zombies have upped their pace slightly.
* ULTIMATE GAUNTLET: Now makes the game crash.
+ Added some music that goes with everything, and overides every music in the game. This feature cannot be turned off.
- Removed Rollbrine.

Changes in Ver. G Hotfix 1
* CHAOSHUB: No longer spams "sv_noexit false" constantly.
* GUTSMAN G RAMPAGE: Damage dealt to players nerfed.
* LOCK ON AUTOAIMING: Due to unpopularity with players, it is no longer selected randomly and can now only be selected at the hub, much like Ultimate Gauntlet.

Changes in Ver. G
* Full MM8BDMv3 compatibility.
* NO LONGER REQUIRES chaosgenerator-2.wad! I have merged the two together, so you don't need to load that anymore.
* SINGLE PLAYER: Improved. The Chaos Generator will be inactive at Dr. Light's Lab and any of the credits maps. Certain effects will also no longer be chosen on the Unknown map (Wave Bikes, Jelly World and some others). Change the console variable "chaos_nosingleplayerlimits" to 1 to override all of this.
* INSTAGIB: Certain effects can no longer be chosen in Instagib. Such effects will be marked off in the hub.
* CHAOSHUB: islobby flag readded to MAPINFO definition, as I probably think that it's fixed in Zandronum. If not, and causes major crashing issues, notify me and I'll make a hotfix.
* CHAOSHUB: Some big layout changes to the main room.
* CHAOSHUB: The boss mugshots over the stage portals have been replaced.
* CHAOSHUB: Only the Master may choose any of the reels now instead of the first one.
* NEW BASE WEAPON: Can now give out the new MM8BDMv3 weapons, except Astro Crush and Time Slow.
* WAVE BIKES: Can no longer be used with Invisible Players, since the Wave Bikes didn't turn invisible.
* JELLY WORLD: The wobbling has been changed (yet again). You can also no longer get crushed between floors and ceilings. Certain weapons have been fixed to work with Jelly World (Water Wave, Wind Storm and others).
* EDDIE STORM: Fixed for MM8BDMv3.
* KYOROWN SWARM: Fixed for MM8BDMv3.
* GUTSMAN G RAMPAGE: Can now be attacked! Hurt him enough and he will be forced to teleport elsewhere. He is immune to Force Beams, being crushed and Fire Traps. He also now has a unique sound effect for teleporting.
* EVIL YASHICHI: Fixed for MM8BDMv3.
* DEAD RISING: The zombies now despawn if out of sight of players for long enough. They also die if they step onto a black floor or lava.
* EARTHQUAKE: Now uses a simple screenshake instead of moving the entire level. Because of this, you can use this and Jelly World together!
* BOUNCY TERRAIN: Can no longer appear in Duel or LMS game modes, as it wouldn't reset when the map resets for a new round.
* DARK LIGHTING: Fixed so it properly goes away when the map resets in LMS and Duel modes. As a result, the darkness no longer "moves" in and out.
* ULTIMATE GAUNTLET: Zombies say hai.
+ LOCK ON AUTOAIMING: New to Ver. G! All players lock onto each other. HOWEVER, it doesn't seem to work in CTF mode. :(
+ ANGRY BIRDS: New to Ver. G! Everyone is given a permament Beat Support.
+ Frag counter added above the reels. Set "chaos_cl_hidefrags" to 1 to disable. The frag counter is automaticly disabled in CTF modes, and during the Single Player boss battles, EXCEPT against the Doc Robots and the Robot Master endurance.
+ CHAOSHUB: Now supports CTF game modes! Playing in CTF will give you an alternitive portal room which leads to the CTF maps.
+ CHAOSHUB: New music, taken from Mega Man 10.
+ CHAOSHUB: Special misc options added! They can also be changed in the console.
+ NUMBER OF EFFECTS (chaos_numberofeffects): Want to have only two chaos effects? Or only one? Then use this! You cannot turn them all off or it will defeat the purpose of having the Chaos Generator loaded. This will only take effect at the beginning of the match before the reels start spinning. In the Hub, the reels that are disabled will be crossed out.
+ OLD JELLY WORLD (chaos_oldjellyworld): Weither to use the old Jelly World as featured in the original chaosgenerator-2.wad release, which only moved the floors. I don't find it as exciting since it did not bounce you about, but if the current Jelly World ends up blowing up the server online, use this one instead.
- Removed Rollbrine.

Changes in Ver. F
- HUB: Moved the EXPLOSIVE DEATHS and COLLISION DAMAGE effects from the hazard modifiers to the player modifiers.
- DEAD RISING: Hopefully fixed a bug which prevented them from spawning on certain maps, such as MM5CHA.
- FALL DAMAGE: New chaos effect, but it may be worthless on low lying maps, such as MM1CUT.
- DARK LIGHTING: New. It may be too dark for software users, though.

Changes in Ver. E
- HUB: The EVIL YASHICHI has been moved to the main room in the hub with the rest of the effects. The ULTIMATE GAUNTLET is still hidden.
- HUB: Made an ATTEMPT to fix an odd crash some of you may have been having when exiting the hub to a stage. Beware that this fix is NOT gaurenteed.
- NEW BASE WEAPON: Fixed bug(?) where it causes major lag if it replaces the buster with nothing, which shouldn't be happening in the first place.
- JELLY WORLD: It's more bouncy now.
- KYOROWN SWARM: They have more clean spawning behaviour, and should also stop appearing in pits. Also fixed a bug if they spawned on a bouncy floor (e.g. MM7BUR, MM7SPR). Due to this, they can now be used with the BOUNCY TERRAIN effect.
- GUTSMAN G RAMPAGE: Vastly improved teleporting behaviour, now he no longer gets stuck in a single area in a multi-floor stage (e.g. MM5CRY, MM2QUIX, MM2DW2X). Gutsman G also teleports if he steps onto a black or sky floor (e.g. death pits).
- COLLISION DAMAGE: Fixed bug where killed players still caused collision damage in the spot where they died but didn't respawn yet. Also, the players are solid again, as it caused issues with stuff, notably Item-1.
- DEAD RISING: New for Halloween! A horde of zombies invades the stage, and although they die easily can can easily build up in swarms.

Changes in Ver. D
- The hub now only lets the Master pick the first chaos effect. Anyone can choose the remaining two.
- The hub now has a random stage feature.
- EDDIE STORM and KYOROWN SWARM can now be used with each other and with either JELLY WORLD or EARTHQUAKE.
- PARTY DEATHS: The release of items are now synced with Player explosions.
- EXPLOSIVE DEATHS: The death explosions now have a proper obituary.
- EARTHQUAKE: Players are shaken about in random directions while they're on the ground.
- GAMEBOY MONOCHROME: New chaos effect. Try and guess what weapon the enemy is using now!
- THIN AIR: New chaos effect. You move much faster when you jump, but you get less control in midair.

Changes in Ver. C
- HUB: A new Hub! You can choose your own chaos setup here, or ignore it and keep the element of randomness.
- NEW BASE WEAPON: Whatever becomes the base weapon will now have infinite ammo. This feature may be removed. New Base Weapon also no longer gives out Rain Flush, Flash Stopper, Mirror Buster, Gravity Hold, Centaur Flash or Junk Shield anymore.
- WAVE BIKES: Slightly altered icon.
- JELLY WORLD: You can no longer get stuck on two way teleporters after being killed once. Time Stopper is replaced with Skull Barrier, as it causes a crashing issue due to the nature of Jelly World.
- GUTSMAN G RAMPAGE: Gutsman will no longer attack the same player in quick succession, and will now target other nearby players.
- COLLISION DAMAGE: New chaos effect.
- EARTHQUAKE: New chaos effect. Note this is not the same as Jelly World!
- BOUNCY TERRAIN: New chaos effect. Combine with either Jelly World or Earthquake for maximum insanity.
- ???? ????????: New bonus chaos effect, but it supposedly cannot be chosen in the hub. Be afraid... be very afraid... Hey look, the Yashichi is following me. I wonder what it wan-- *dies*

Changes in Ver. B
- DOUBLE SPEED: Scorch Wheel no longer overides this.
- REVERSED CONTROLS: New chaos effect.
- RANDOM FIRE TRAPS: New chaos effect.
- GUTSMAN G RAMPAGE: New chaos effect.

Changes in Ver. A, from chaosgenerator-2.wad
- Effect Names below the chaos boxes are always displayed rather than just the first few seconds of the match.
- NEW BASE WEAPON: May now give you MM7 weapons, as well as a Proto Buster, Bass Buster or the Super Adaptor.
- LOW GRAVITY: Fixed gravity issues on Bubble Man and Dive Man stages if low gravity wasn't used.
- FLIGHT: Beat Call and Rush Jet can no longer overide flying.
- JELLY WORLD: Now moves the ceiling, also moves the level to larger degree, making players and items bounce.
- KYOROWN SWARM: New chaos effect.

Spoiler for Hiden:

Latest Version Download (Ver. M):

Old Versions:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Ver. L Downloads:

Ver. K-beta-hotfix Downloads:

Ver. J Downloads:

Ver. I Downloads:

Ver. H Downloads:
(Mirror via

Ver. Hell (April Fools' edition) Downloads:

Ver. G Hotfix 1 Downloads:

Ver. G Downloads:

IMPORTANT NOTE: All older versions down below was designed for MM8BDMv2, and is mostly compatible with MM8BDMv3a, however, due to the new weapon energy colour changing script conflicting with Thing Tag 999, which this mod uses, this has broken Eddie Storm, Kyorown Swarm, Evil Yashichi and Ultimate Gauntlet. Avoid choosing these effects, or play on MM8BDMv2c instead.
(REQUIRES chaosgenerator-2.wad TO BE LOADED FIRST!)
You can find chaosgenerator-2.wad HERE! Thanks, Korby!

Ver. F Downloads:
(Mirror via Best Ever)
(Mirror via Mediafire)
Thanks Lego!

Ver. E Downloads:
(Mirror via Mediafire) Thanks Rolan!

Anything Goes / Re: Hello everyone!
« on: June 21, 2011, 03:00:38 PM »
Quote from: "KillerChair"
And i apoligize for not making all of my maps bot proof.
I have stages with death pits all over the place which bots tend to walk into.
My stages are focussed on multiplayer ;)

Simply edit the lines to block monsters. That's how you can stop bots from killing themselves. ;)

Anything Goes / Hello everyone!
« on: June 20, 2011, 08:14:55 PM »
Hello everyone, long time lurker here, but my first time posting! :)

I play MM8BDM, although sadly offline, but I like creating and downloading stuff, and destroying bots. I may upload some of my own stuff in the future.

So, hello everyone!

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