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Author Topic: Unholy Hot Fix UPDATE! v0.3  (Read 1852 times)

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May 05, 2018, 02:40:59 PM
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Unholy Hot Fix UPDATE! v0.3
« on: May 05, 2018, 02:40:59 PM »
Update v0.3 is available, featuring 2 new classes and even more changes!

So what is Unholy Hot Fix?
-A patch for the April Fool's Unholy CBM which seeks to make things HOTTER!
-Classes are attempting to be balanced around Fire Man's Flames of Destruction, which dominated regular CBM Unholy
-Not all classes have been touched, but depending on how this launch goes, we'll have more in the future!

Some fun changes:
-Knightman has discovered Ultra Instinct
-Metalman is now 300% more metal

And many more!

Changelog v0.3:
Spoiler for Hiden:
-Classes now drop their class weapon on death, rather than a copywep
--Classes without specific copyweps are excluded
--For classes with multiple weapons, and some shared copyweps:
---Time straight shot
---Shadow blade
---Dive tackle
---Dark shield -> DM2
---Slash dash
---Clown peg
---Magic card
---Magma ammo regen (4/112ticks)
---Splash speed aura
---Enker ammo regen (1/14ticks)
---Punk bounce crusher
---HSH Blow
-Replaced UBI with Eddie
-Large shot now stuns
-Projectile speed -> 90
-Timer bombs now explode mid-air while travelling
-Reverted for pressing ceremonial reasons. (anyone with a fix for world stopper please message Dav)
-Main projectile damage -> 40
-Boobeams 3 -> 2
-Ammo cost -> 20
-Laser speed -> 15
Max armor -> 175
Visibility -> 10%
-Can perform a Pharaoh Punch by using AF before a full charge
--30 damage with knockback
--Can be refired
--Has a Hexen styled sprite (Thanks HeelNavi)
-Rings now have homing properties
--SeekerMissile: 0/1-45 angle, 5 range (320 units)
---Max aquisition range reaches maximum at 352 ticks (10s)
--Gleam bonus damage reduces to 0 at 104 ticks (3s)
--Rings only start homing after gleaming once
-Rings now always gleam
-MF leaves goops of napalm on the ground
--8 damage/10 ticks, 64/32 radius, with protection
-Gold napalm bomb explosion damage 64->42
-Gravity factor 0.7->0.45
-Honk volume scales with missing health
-Knockback fudged with
--Knockback reversed on return
-MF and AF grant sin(pitch)*2.5 ZVelocity every 2 ticks
--Tip: Look down
-AF spear pickup range 322->966
-2000 hp
-Takes x2 normal damage
-Can cancel flight using item
-Ammo RD and gain/drain amounts x2
-Dash ammo regen 2->3
-Does not start with UBI
-Scatters all 6 Exodia parts on death
-Rage regen 3/6->4/8
-Rage activate delay 21->12
-Magic card MF/AF throws an additional fake card
-Magic card has a chance to spawn a bird
--25% for MF, 7.5% for AF
-Magic cards don't return
--Slow down in-flight 0.25->0.75
--86 tick duration
-New Yu-Gi-Oh card sprites (thanks Clock)
-MF/AF cooldown 17->10
-No longer is frozen when reigniting
-Reigniting does more ripping contact damage
--6 damage/2 ticks in a 128/96 radius
-Enemy plugging now speeds Plug by x1.25, rather than slowing him
-Ally plugging gives both users a speedboost
--x1.1 for ally, x1.25 for Plugman
-MF now fires the hype fire projectiles
-Fast wheel cutter damage 20->25
-Hype fire now fires a single fast wheel cutter that deals x3 damage
-Air fire gives +2.5 relative ZVelocity per refire
-Laser range 17->48
-Laser damage has falloff
--3/5/7 damage at 48-33/32-17/16-0 range
-Now has a black outline for his blob form sprites
-Gains 7 stampede ammo upon being damaged
-Stampede ammo gain during AF 1->2
-Ground slam all radii increased by x1.5
--Ground slam 256/48->374/72, quake 300->450, ground lift 128/128->192/192
-Ground lift ZVelocity 70-80->90-100
-Projectile speed -> 120
-New Class
==Weapons Archive
-New Class

Changelog v0:
Spoiler for Hiden:
-Replaced unholy bonus item on start with rush jet
-No longer uses stamina
-Tatsu delay 29->21
-Tatsu flat Z velocity +6->+12
-Shinku Hadoken delay 44->12
-Shin Shoryuken final hit damage 250->300
-Spread pattern changed
-Punch damage 110->150
-Punch explosion range 64/20->128/20
-Added explosion and quake FX for punch
-AF delay 3->2
-AF damage 15->7
-AF HUD replaced with modified DOOM chainsaw (thanks Clock and Dav)
-AF no longer climbs
--Can still stamina jump
-Chainblade -> RenderType none
-New bananarang sprites
-fires 3 boobeams per shot HEH HEH HEH
-Now fires two of everything
-Laser speed tripled, duration doubled
-Ammo regen changed from 2 per 10 ticks -> 1 per 4 ticks
-Boost ammo use 3->2
-Boost Zthrust 7->14
-XVelocity +1 while boosting
-immune to stuns, has no hitstun, lowered health
-mostly invisible, invis duration halved
-Command ammo regen 1->2
-Snakes can be commanded multiple times
-Melee poke damage 16->32
-AF projectile SmallShock->BigShock
--AF BigShock damage 70->24
-Spin now twists enemies on hit
--+40 on looping, +80 on dash
-Flash stopper now blinds
--Blind radius 512->1028
-Red (seeker) missile frequency increased from 1/8 to 1/2
-Skull rage shot is now a railgun
-Reverted to v9ah with some damage on puke
-Crystal eye unholy bit delay 4->3
-Crystal eye ReactionTime 25->38
-Gains +3 velocity when holding AF
-Holding AF causes ripping contact damage
--3 damage/tick in a 96/96 radius
-Gravity factor 0.7->0.45
-[Insert Dav changelog]
-Pebble HP 55->165
-Regens all HP upon resurrection
-Max rage hp threshold 15->235 and further on
-Is now slightly more dangerous at low health(!!)
-Wep2 delay 12->10
-Bowl speed increased by 3x
-Bowl self knockback increased by x2
-Shots now split twice
-MF ammo use 0->4
-MF ground flame pillars replaced with Flame Blasts
--MF Flame Blast reactiontime 3
-Adds 7 extra flame blast droppers around him
--Extra droppers are spaced every 45 degrees, with a 30 degree random tolerance
-Knight crush damage 21->16
-Knight crush uses modified damagetype KnightRush
--Does not stun
-Knight rush Propulsion->RollPropulsion1
-Included Ultra Instinct skins by Ivan and Zhoa
--Download here: ""
-1000 hp
-Does not get the x2 damage modifier
-Recharge ammo give 14->28
-Ammo RD reverted (3->4)
-Ceiling spikes spawn floor spikes on death
-Direct hits with AF now root
-Cube speed 32->48
-Shield range 160->200/180/160
-Shield bits ticks 4/7 -> 20/39
-Noise Crush bouncecount 2->5
-Armor amount 80->120
-Meteor count 20->30
-Meteors are now divided between 3 sets of spawn radii
--1) 300/256
--2) 600/512
--3) 900/768
-Copyvision ammo use 28->14
-Copy astro ReactionTime 18->21
-MF ending delay 36->12
-Tip: Release MF at 50%+ ammo to leap
-Flame duration 6->18
--After 6 ticks, flames now slow down for an additional 12 ticks
---Slow down is random, up to 50% less speed
--Flame damage falls off by 10 every 6 ticks
-Wave burner duration 17->24
-Dash speed 6->7
-Dive required ammo 84->56
-Dive minimum fall speed -6->-1
-Tank ammo use 2->0
-Ground dig ammo use 5->4
-X attack spawns 2 additional Xs offset to the 1st
--Additional X damage 50->20
-Air fire gives +2.5 relative ZVelocity per refire
-Last shot is stronger
-Ammo RD smoothed from 2 per 6 -> 1 per 3
-Tackle speed 100/100->175/100
-Tackle uses DuoRam damagetype
-Blobs return immediately after bouncing
-Bullets: Speed 150->200
-Shells: +2 pellets per shot
--SSG +3
-Rockets: Radius 144->176
-Cells: Max ammo 300->450, Shop ammo 120->150

Our Discord:

Made with implicit plz don't c&d permission from the CBM devs, and hopefully quality enough to hold to its legacy.

Special Thanks & Contributors:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Project Devs:
Clockman: Project lead
Sir An0n: Coder and QA
Me :P Coder

Ivan and Zhoa: Knightman
Binary and HeelNavi: Misc. Sprites

Special Thanks:
Celebi: Permission & assistance
CBM Devs as a whole: for making CBM!
Lego: For his modified version of ACC

"This is the most terrible thing I've ever played, but that's the point I guess so..." ~TSPG Admin
"What the fuck" ~Ricky

May 05, 2018, 04:03:54 PM
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Re: Unholy Hot Fix is now a thing!
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2018, 04:03:54 PM »
I'd like to point out that I technically didn't give 'full' permission.  I only offered help with coding questions or issues ran into.

Quote from: Conversation with Clock
Celebi - 04/26/2018
Ok, heres my official stance on it.
I don't want it to happen, but if you bunch do it, I'm not going be all 'ban ban'.  You can play it privately and thats fine by me.

However, if you bunch have questions or need help.  Don't be afraid to ask
I'm always willing to help

Otherwise, be prepared when the main CBM file updates, you will have to update your patch most likely.

May 05, 2018, 05:33:36 PM
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Re: Unholy Hot Fix is now a thing!
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2018, 05:33:36 PM »
I'd like to point out that I technically didn't give 'full' permission.  I only offered help with coding questions or issues ran into.


oh fug

May 23, 2018, 10:35:49 PM
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Re: Unholy Hot Fix UPDATE! v0.3
« Reply #3 on: May 23, 2018, 10:35:49 PM »
The yuge 3.0 update is here. Enjoy the pain.