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Author Topic: Ghouls versus Humans Arcade - MM8BDM Stylized GvH  (Read 181 times)

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May 23, 2020, 06:41:28 PM
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Ghouls versus Humans Arcade - MM8BDM Stylized GvH
« on: May 23, 2020, 06:41:28 PM »
Halloween came a bit early this year...
Spoiler for Music:
Ghouls versus Humans Arcade

Largely inspired by GvH NES and previous attempts at keeping that mod alive, I felt like there was a demand for some ghouls action. However, previous attempts also ended up feeling a bit lacking in trying to design for and with MM8BDM's maps and overarching design. GvH Arcade aims to take the ghouls design and adapt it better to MM8BDM's environment through various means to push it into being a mod that's more accessible and understandable when compared to other MM8BDM mods.

One such design choice is implementing a daybreak timer for standard TLMS that allows ghouls to keep their iconic high mobility and unrestricted design while also not giving them a win condition for stalling the match out. Similarly, humans have been redesigned to focus on more specialized concepts in the way that more traditional classes might be designed, emphasizing a sense of teamwork for them compared to the ghoul side.

Alongside this goal of accessibility, the in-game menu offers easily viewable change-log menus, class-helps for informing players on how classes work, and various user options to improve the individual's experience such as toggling jump-scares, changing class control schemes, modifying how gore looks, and a death hint system for some added info when you die to a class.

Current Classes
Spoiler for Classes:

Megaman - Your standard MM8BDM TLMS Megaman, though he only gets 4 weapons rather than 5, opting not for a close ranged weapon.
Arthur - Seeing a fairly good facelift from his GvH NES counterpart, Arthur now focuses on his shield and high damage lance shots, making him a good class for punishing bad approaches.
Ghostbuster - While redesigned from his older counterparts, Ghostbuster is still good at denying mobility from ghouls and making them easy targets for others to deal with.
Simon Belmont - A newly designed human, Simon has various tools for keeping ghouls away and heavily threaten their approach
Cyborg - The most mobile human with a rapid fire plasma rifle and a jetpack for hovering over some more deadly grounded ghouls.
Mario - Another newly designed human that specializes in applying DoT and slow debuffs that highlight ghouls and make them obvious.

Evil Robot - A ghoul analogue to Megaman who deals bonus damage when compared to him and gains close range weapons, but does not gain ranged ones.
Sjas - Your standard harassing ghoul who makes Wily UFO sounds as he moves and threatens to scream at whoever he's close to.
Mr. Stay Puft - A newly designed tanky ghoul that regenerates flat health for each instance of damage he takes, making him better against rapid attacks than strong ones.
Creeper - The classic toe threat as he crawls along the ground, capable of stunning and blinding people into a deadly grab.
Jitterskull - With a tricky movement system, Jitterskull is still as unpredictable as ever, but now he has the benefit of 8-directional movement.
Boo - Another newly designed ghoul that incites paranoia by summoning decoys and giving humans a paranoia that mimics other ghoul sounds.
Spoiler for Screenshots:
Spoiler for Bustin:
Spoiler for Holiness:
Spoiler for Poor Guy:
Spoiler for Funny Ghoul:
Spoiler for Metal Cruncher:
Spoiler for Boo:
Spoiler for Credits:

Trillster - Main development
JaxOf7 - Supporting backend code (Invisual, ProjCode, SpawnFunc, ClassSelect, etc) and work from previous GvH NES
Ehibika - Work from CSCC:DC
Celebi - Work from CBM
CutmanMike - Work from previous GVH and CBM
Russel - Work from previous GvH NES
Megaman - Work from previous GvH NES
xColdxFusionx - Work from previous GvH NES
Korby - Work from previous GvH NES
Carthief - Work from previous GvH


Trillster - General icons and huds
Pegg - Framework for huds and icons, Mario huds, Staypuft huds
Tatoonie - Simon huds and Holy Cross rotations
Ehibika - Framework for Boo huds
Maxine - Staypuft skin
TheBladeRoden - Mario skin
LlamaHombre - Boo skin
Dimpsy - Old Simon skin
Celebi - Work from CBM
Rukeifelth - Simon skin and work from previous GvH NES
Megaman - Work from previous GvH NES
Russel - Work from previous GvH NES
Korby - Work from previous GvH NES
Hansungkee - Various sprites


Celebi - Work from CBM
MusashiAA - Work from CBM
xColdxFusionx - Work from previous GvH NES
Russel - Work from previous GvH NES
Kristian Vasquez - Ghostbusters Theme Song Cover

Additional Help

Korby - Testing and initial concepting
MusashiAA - Initial concepting
CutmanMike - Database advising
Pegg - Testing
Ehibika - Testing
SmashBro - Testing

Download v1ch Here!

For any inquiries or feedback, you can contact me at either the 8BDM Discord ( or on Discord at Trillster#2887

May 24, 2020, 12:08:23 AM
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Re: Ghouls versus Humans Arcade - MM8BDM Stylized GvH
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2020, 12:08:23 AM »
I've expressed this elsewhere, but I think this mod's incredible. It's an undertaking to make GvH work in a MM8BDM environment, but I think this is the most natural it's ever felt. The spirit of both games feel well and alive here, and the new features, classes, additions feel right at home.

Keep up the good work, very much looking forward to playing as Hunter again.

May 24, 2020, 01:10:24 AM
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Re: Ghouls versus Humans Arcade - MM8BDM Stylized GvH
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2020, 01:10:24 AM »
I look forward to catching an active server!

May 24, 2020, 04:54:12 AM
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Re: Ghouls versus Humans Arcade - MM8BDM Stylized GvH
« Reply #3 on: May 24, 2020, 04:54:12 AM »
Thanks for Credit Me.