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Author Topic: The Role Masters (W.I.P)  (Read 1705 times)

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January 15, 2015, 08:01:24 PM
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The Role Masters (W.I.P)
« on: January 15, 2015, 08:01:24 PM »
Wanna play with your favorite role, or like to be stronger, support other players, intercept opponents scoring points in CTF faster, ect..?

Then this mod is for you.

New Update for v1h:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Added: Supporter Class, Hidden/Special Abilities to Other classes too
Removed: Multi Seeker Buster's charge rate affected by double ammo option
Buffed: Ripper's Main Fire Scale, Default Multi Seeker Buster's charge rate, Vector Buster Shot's speed
Nerfed: Vector Claw's rapid fire, Vector Buster Shot's damage dealing, Uncharged Pulse Buster's rapid fire, Interceptor's armor
Edited: Bot Seeker can now only fires seeker shots, Bot Defender can boost his speed if engaging combat (If using Main Fire only), Bot Interceptor can fly if engaging combat (If using Bounce or Homing Only)

However, this mod is still in Work in progress and only 6 classes and Few abilities are available. (More in later updates)

List of Classes:

Spoiler for Hiden:
This Class is average in battles and supporting, but can charge to deal powerful damage.

Weapon: Pulse Buster
This weapon fires Green colored Projectiles with is Based of Megaman?'s Boss Version Charge Buster from Powered Up Expansion, Aura is shown when either firing uncharged shot or charging, Altfire allows you to Auto Fire uncharged shots.

Item Abilities:
Insta-Charge Shot: Allows you to Fire a Fully Charged Shot without Charging. It can be Combined with Main Fire for Double Charge Shot. But can't releases Aura however.

Hidden Abilities:
Body Swap: Allows you to change your skin to your favorite skin with is activated by going to Player Setup menu and changing Skins.

Uncharged Shot: 15
Mid-charge shot: 30
Fully Charge Shot: >>40

Damage Type:
Mega Buster

Spoiler for Hiden:
This Class focuses for Ripping Damage, Faster, Jumps little Higher than Megaman, The Altfire allows you to Drain opponent's hp to zero faster at close range. Good at Battles.

Weapon: Pierce Buster
Fires projectiles that always deal ripping damage either long (main) or close (Alt)

Item Abilities: Rail Attack
Fast, Dangerous Ripping attack with causes serious Damage.

Hidden Abilities: Rail Payback
If having 30 or lower Health you can fire 2 rail shots (1 if bar is filled half)

Ranged Pierce: >>13
Melee Pierce: >>3
Rail Attack: >>200

Damage Type:
Mega Buster

Spoiler for Hiden:
Slow yet Powerful. Good for beating the fierce battle competition with crowds (especially with Vector Claw).

Weapon: Vector X Buster Claw
The Main Fire allows you to use Vector Claw, An upgrade version of Crash Bomb, Deals more Damage in several times and little longer explosion range. But if you overheat, you can't fire unless if you release a button or Use Alt Fire: Vector Buster with is rapid fires fast buster shots to cooldown.

Item Abilities: Jet Skate
Allows you to increase the speed but its only 100 uses per respawn. (For IsBot users, its give you speed boost for 1 seconds.)

Hidden Abilities: Anti-Status Blow
Damage Type Wind Storm won't thrust you upward, Damage Type Gravity Hold won't make you fall faster, You also cannot be burned/frozen by Damage type Wily Fire/Wily Ice

Vector Claw: <*>20*7=140
Buster Shot: 10

Damage Type:
Crash Bomb (Vector Claw), Mega Buster (Vector Buster)

Spoiler for Hiden:
The Fast class that can catch up others. Normal Power but not suitable for Hardest Battles With Weak Armor. Good For Supporting (Mainly with Capturing The Flag using Base Speed).

Weapon: Ultra Beam Class S
The Main Fire Fires Blue Colored Energy Ball with Bouncing Effects, can bounce 1 time before disappears in 2nd collison on other objects, while Alt Fire Fires Pink and White (Pink by Obituary) Colored Energy ball that have longer range version of Quick Boomerang.

Item Abilities: Green Ultra Beam
Fires Green Colored Energy Ball that Chases Opponents (And Take note Main and Alt Fire is disabled while rapid firing Greens, yet if firing Blues or Pinks it can disables green until stop firing, also can't fire greens if you overheat too).

Special Abilities: Thruster Item
Simply Thrusts you upward, but only 120 uses per respawn. (For IsBot users, it gives you Flight for 1 seconds.)

Blue Ultra Beam: //17
Pink and White Ultra Beam: 14
Green Ultra Beam: [+]17

Damage Type:
Quick Boomerang

Spoiler for Hiden:
This Class focuses for Homing Damage. Same Speed as Ripper but Same Jump As Defender.

Weapon: Model A Grey
The Main Fire uses Charge Buster with has Same Function as Powered Up Expansion's but Altfire allows you to Charge Multi Seeker to fire multi shots up to 5.

Item Abilities: Rail Spark Buster
Fires a Hitscan-like fast bullet with stuns on hit.

Hidden Abilities: Human Soul
Removes or Weakens Knockback effects when taking damage, but if you die you became npc projectile that OHKOs single target for limited time if target is not hit or fast.

uncharged buster: 10
mid-charge buster: 25
fully charged buster: >>35
seeker shot: [+]12
rail spark buster: >>20
ghost player: //[+]999999999999999

Damage Type:
Mega Buster (Buster Shot), Proto Buster (Seeker Shot), Spark Shock (Item Attack)

Spoiler for Hiden:
This Class sports with damaging and shield spells by default. The Combat-like Medic helps allies survive with item attack.

Weapon: Phoenix Feather Spear
Casting Stupefy Spell (Main Fire) at opponents deals damage, Can be charged to more damage or even Spead Shot. Casting Protego (Alt Fire) to protect self or allies but can't remove some different damage types, explosion or even homing, Can be charged to became unshootable object.

Item Attacks: Healing Spell
Fires a Green shot with healing effects only works if target is still moving.

Hidden Abilities: Magic Vision
Applies Blue colored vision with Light Amp Power, Can also eliminates Damage type Flash Stopper's blinding effects.

Yellow Stupefy: 10
Orange Stupefy: 20
Red Stupefy: 30
Protego: >>3
Charged Protego: >>3
Healing Spell: -20

Damage Types:
Mega Buster (Stupefy and Protego), None (Healing)

Download from MEGA:!K5AAUDCb!lV25Ye0sh ... e-oJyaF0Ww

I hope to enjoy it.  :)