Napalm Man (Deathmatch)

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FACE43.png Napalm Man
I love the smell of Napalm Bombs in the morning.
Map creator(s) CutmanMike
Map code MM5NAP
Music Mega Man 5 - Napalm Man Stage
Music Code NAPMUS
Map size Medium
Based on Mega Man 5
Available Weapons NapalmBombWep.pngPharaohShotWep.pngBubbleLeadWep.pngScorchWheelWep.pngFlameBlastWep.pngPlantBarrierWep.pngTornadoHoldWep.pngSearchSnakeWep.png
Available Items Tangoroll.pngWeapontank.pngProtoupgrade.pngRushjet.png

Napalm Man's Stage is a secret underground base hidden in a tropical jungle. The map has two parts to it. An exterior jungle section is filled with tall palm trees like the ones from Ice Man's Stage, but defrosted of course. From the vegetation in this area's background, you can also see the Sumatran tigers from the original Mega Man 5 stage leering at you. Don't worry, they won't pounce!

The cave section in the other half of the map has a military base built right into it alongside the waterfall at its end. Multiple small tanks can be seen lined up along its walls!

Many Weapons here are fire-themed, although Napalm Man was never a fire-themed robot master. To match with the vegetation, some weapons are nature-themed as well.


Napalm Man's Stage consists of the aforementioned underground base area connected to a jungle area to the west by a series of tunnels. In this outdoor area you will find two Metal Blade weapons, Bubble Lead, and Scorch Wheel. There is also an E-Tank hidden in the centermost tree.

Going inside the cave from the center entrance you will find the Tornado Hold, On both sides of it in bunkers are two W-Tanks. Continuing further into the cave you will find another Metal Blade to your left and a Napalm Bomb in an aperture in front of you. In the room with the waterfall further forward, Bubble Lead is to your right and the Plant Barrier is in front of the falls.

Head to the right and you will find a ladder with a Tango Roll in front of it that leads up to the Proto Buster. Continue straight and you will find two hallways with the Rush Jet, the Pharaoh Shot and another W-Tank. These hallways, a route to the outside and a path crossing the cave above Napalm Bomb meet at a cross with Flame Blast. Going left instead leads to a ledge above the cave are with Search Snake, another route out and the walkway above the Napalm Bomb.

Napalmman's Yashichi is located above the underground waterfall


Napalm Man's Stage has one of the best open hallways in the game for rolling ground-based weapons down. Simply spam Scorch Wheel, Search Snake, or preferably Bubble Lead from the jungle area through the cave's main entrance to sweep the crowds within!

Otherwise, hang around the Search Snake ledge and fire at players that get hindered by the uneven terrain with Pharaoh Shot or Napalm Bomb. Remember to use Tornado Hold for a quick trip up here! Finally, the Metal Blade makes for a great defense when you're interrupted doing either of these.


V1 to V2

Replaced one Bubble Lead in the jungle area with Scorch Wheel.

V2 to V3

Tornado Hold was added to the cave, taking the place of Magnet Missile.