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Self-explanatory. Funny as hell, though. Post some funny names you got from it in this thread.
Here's some of mine...

(click to show/hide)Cthulhu's Juggalo Kids
Narcoleptic Spatula in the Bayou
Scandinavian Snowboard Slaughter
Donkey Kong's Whale Rider (sounds somewhat legit, actually)
Transvestite Monkey Academy (!)
The Six Million Dollar Dragon Smash (sounds more like a movie than a game, but still legit)
Helicopter Gopher from Hell
Rural Military Pimps
Morbidly Obese Hang Glider Scam
Disturbing Karaoke Shack
Catholic Janitor Orchestra
Super Sexy STD Inferno (I'm scared...)
Beautiful Buddhist Basketball
...I'm having way too much fun with this, aren't I?

Dr. Freeman:
Let's see here...

(click to show/hide)Duke Nukem: Bongo Camp
In Search of the Shark Dudes
Ninja Sex Gone Wild
3D Batman DJ
Barbie's Lacrosse on the Road
Shadow of the Platypus Dance Party
Presidential Breakdancing Rampage
Emo Fencing Heroes
I would play these games.

(click to show/hide)Big Bird's Cowboy Lord (lolwat)
Political Bandicoot Romance
Japanese Train Symphony
Android Mushroom Odyssey
Eternal Hardware Man

Johnny Turbo's Bedtime Empire
I would play this all day.
Big Bird's Chipmunk Plus

Orange juice :l:
Emo Kart Hell
A Mario Kart style racing game with main colors of red, gray, and black.

Irish Chase - Limited Edition
Another racing game, this version involves a special Drunk-O-Meter that makes driving more difficult. Limited edition comes with cars such as a Shopping cart and a Potato with wheels!

Corporate Beast Commando
When the nuclear reactor melts down and mutates the zoo, there is only one man able to subdue the creatures before they cause a lawsuit- THE CORPORATE BEAST COMMANDO!

The Care Bears' Vocabulary Commando
Same as above, but educational and less gory.

Dance Dance Valkyrie Desperadoes
A DDR spinoff with questionable content.

Cybernetic Bungie Takedown
A Super Smash Brothers style fighting game that takes place during freefalls in a futuristic cyber-world. Lightweight physics lead to interesting matchups!

Celtic Flatulence Orchestra
Self explanatory.

Everybody Hates the Fun Fight
Check Doomseeker for a deathmatch server.

Medieval Manlove Madness
Self Explanatory. Rated Adults Only.

Galactic Tennis Conflict
A tennis game involving war between worlds fought in the tennis court.

Invisible Balloon Fun
Think Balloon Fighter, but with the television off.


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