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[MM8BDM] Remembering the SGC Demo!

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T's Inventions:
Remembering the S.G.C. Demo

Wow... It's hard to believe... It has been not only almost 2 years sense MM8BDM-V1A first came out...
But almost 3 years sense the MM8BDM alpha first came out!
I don't know about you guys, but to me this is somewhat a big thing...
So I feel the need to set at least SOMETHING for the 2nd anniversary of the MM8BDM full release!

I have the perfect plan, on October 8th this year, lets all play the MM8BDM SGC Demo in sever(s)!
This will be just like a time capsule event, to give the veterans a blast of nostalgia,
and to show the newcomers what the game was like waayy back in the day.
On the day, I am going to be hosting my server with it, and I guess if anyone else also wants to host, they can.

For everyone who does not have the SGC demo, here is a link to download it:   Thanks to Super Bondman 64 for the better link!
This may not be a very good link, cause it's from the old WadHost archive which apparently has very low bandwidth,
however it's the only link that I know of so far. If anyone knows of a better link/mirror, please let me know!

Now, this day is still a good time away, about 30 days from now at the time of this writing. For the heck of it,
I decided to plan this ahead of time cause they say it's better to do that then blow it off until the last minute right?

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the up coming event.

This uses a different version of skulltag, I don't think this will work out.

You don't have to use the skulltag version theoretically, it should work with even Zandronum. But I haven't actually tested it to be 100% sure.

Hell yeah!  I remember that alpha those years back, I thought it was cool.  Then we skip ahead to the SGC demo announcement.  Man, I wanted to go soooo bad but for so many reasons (farm animals to attend to, ugh) I simply couldn't.  But I was still happy to get the demo afterwards, and damn if it wasn't fun.  This'll be fun reliving the demo, so I'm looking forward to it.

I want the mirrored maps together as an individual map pack :P


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