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Tournament Multi-Classes 2 -V6E- Master of 4 classes

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Ok i changed the rules......all the pack maps are allowed.

I didn't take part in the last one, so...

Name: Yellow Devil
Robotmasters: Snake Man, Pharaoh Man, Knight Man, Punk
Can I host: Yes, Europe/England
Available most of the time but be aware of GMT

Magnet Dood:
Oh, sweet, this again? That match on Top Man I had with you was a lot of fun, Stonefunk- sign me up.

Name: [Robot Master] Dood
Robot Masters: Charge Man, Crystal Man, Stone Man, Napalm Man
Can I host: No sir
Availability: Not very often, send me a message about a day beforehand on the week- I'll be available most weeknights. As for the weekends, those are fairly shaky, but I'll probably be on sometimes.

Name: DarkAura
Robot Masters: Skull Man, Oil Man, Quick Man, Dark Man 2
Can I host: Yes, but no one shows up.
Availability: Any time.

Name: Korby
The 4 robotmasters: Fireman, Pharaohman, Darkman 1, (To Be Determined)
Can you host?: No
Can you play often for the tourney?: Ask me for available times.


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