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[Saxton Hale]Neo's Saxton Hale Thanksgiving Event

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To celebrate this thanksgiving (sort of) im hosting a Saxton hale server, that includes...
-cscc(Cut Stuff Community Classes)
-cbc (Copy Bot Classes)
-me/my(not-me) class
-zards class,
-Duora's map pack
-EMP(eon's map pack)
-and various other underrated map packs, that you dont see hosted all that often!

the event will (hopefully) start later today around 3:00 pm-7:00 pm EST(where i live), now that i figured out what was causing all the issues the very few people who actually made it to my server witnessed (XP), plus the files only 9.09 MB, but this time around it only includes the files i changed so that this whole thing would work out w/o bugs or errors.

Heres your download link if you wanna get it early:
(DL link for just the SH file, since i missed a few damage types in cscc)
just extract the files from the zip.

why no YD/KY classes? heres your answer:
(click to show/hide)
*im not including YD/KY classes cause those are/where hosted alot more frequently then cscc, plus that would kind of defeat the purpose of this(I.E.Giving thanks to the community)*


--- Quote from: "Neo" ----cbc (Copy Bot Classes)

--- End quote ---

Count me out. You might be better off with vanilla content without classes at all.

--- Quote from: "Neo" --- (click to show/hide)
--- End quote ---

A+ Quality screenshot.


--- Quote from: "Neo" ----cbc (Copy Bot Classes)
-me/my(not-me) class
-zards class,
--- End quote ---
Please, just...

I think you'd see a lot more activity if you hosted vanilla Saxton Hale.


vanilla saxton hale isnt the point of this really =/

It's more so the selection of classes you added.


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