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A Half-baked MM8BDM Theory: What is Maestro's Origin?

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In MM8BDM, though you may already know this, You play as a robot named Maestro.  However, It's never revealed as to who made him/her/them (i'm gonna call em a him for this theory).  However, I think I may already have the answer, though you may just get spoiled on a big twist, so I'm gonna put a spoiler here.

(click to show/hide)The answer? He's either from space, or a stardroid.

It may be a far-fetched conclusion to make, but let's take a moment to consider Maestro's abilities. For example, Maestro, albeit with a bit of assistance from Guts Man, can LIFT A FREAKING GUTS DOZER OVER HIS HEAD AND THROW IT DOWN SO HARD IT MAKES A HUGE CRATER.  That means he has to be at least as physically capable as Guts Man, A robot, who mind you, Can lift 2 tons.

Now let's discuss Weapon Capacity.  In the games, Mega Man could only hold up to 8 weapons, and 3 support units, as seen in Wily Tower.  The most weapons Maestro can collect, to my knowledge, is during the fight with Gamma.  If you've beaten Ballade in Knight Man's Stage, you'll get the Ballade Cracker, and you can get every weapon from MM1 to MM6, even including the ones from PU.  In total, that's 50 WEAPONS, also including the buster you start with.  Without cheating or through custom maps, that's his limit.  Not only that,but he an have a crapton of support units.  I don't know the specific amount, but I'd say MUCH more than 3.

Speaking of the fight with Gamma, Pre-V5B, Gamma could only be hurt by stuff like Atomic Fire, Ballade Cracker, Pharaoh Shot, and Hard Knuckle.  In V5B, Wily explicitly says that nothing was supposed to hurt Gamma, Pretty much.  However, in V5B, almost EVERY weapon can hurt Gamma.  Perhaps that's similar to Terra oneshotting Mega Man?  Or how about Mega Man not being able to do ANYTHING to Terra, pre-Mega Arm?

Speaking of THAT, let's talk about Durability.  In the MM4 Chapter, Maestro is knocked down a giant hole into the trash compactor, which is stated that no ordinary robot could survive landing in, and is just fine immediately afterwards, even if he apparently loses consciousness for a brief time.  The same happens with Gamma's fist pretty much leveling a building.  (By the way, I would have LOVED to have a final battle against Impostor Mega Man.)

So that's my theory regarding Maestro.  However, there may be holes in it  or things I missed, so feel free to point them out!

Dr. Freeman:
There's no real answer to Maestro. That's up for the player to decide. It's very unlikely that anything about him will ever be officially explained. It's all up to the players.

That said, because of that your theory can be completely true!

My personal favorite theory is that he's just an ordinary mass-produced robot who finds himself wrapped up in the campaign.

What buggs me is that he wasn't even created by Dr. Light, I always thought he was created by him.

Here's my own long-winded headcanon.

Maestro was designed to be the NormalNavi of MM8BDM. In Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge, there were ten different NormalNavi varieties that you'd see depending on the tournament you'd entered. Stat-wise, they were pretty well-rounded, with half of them wielding your garden-variety NormalBuster. However, there were also elemental NormalNavi varieties wielding FireCannons, AquaShots, ZapRings and Twisters, plus the elite NormalNavi X with his ChargeShot. Additionally, in Battle Network 4, NormalNavis could be seen using swords, cannons, and bombs. Taking this information into account, I like to think of Maestro as one unit of a mass-produced robot model comparable to Sniper Joe in simplistic design and modularity, but also very similar to the Robot Masters in terms of AI complexity.

Think of him like an empty teddy bear at your local Build-a-Bear Workshop. You'd walk into the hobby store at the New Metropolis Mega Mall, pick out a blank robot, designate a name, gender, and function, and customize him to your liking. Just like that, you've got your own personal robot pal. Like Battle Chip Challenge's NormalNavis, you could outfit him with all kinds of different tools and weapons. Want him to be just like Mega Man? Give him a chargeable buster and a few sidearms! Prefer the more gallant style? You can't go wrong with a sword and shield! If you wanted, you could just beef up your new robot and send him into battle with nothing but his bare hands, watching with satisfaction as he pummels his enemies into submission.

Then there's Maestro's creator whom Dr. Light alludes to occasionally. I like to think of him as your hardcore, D.I.Y. hobbyist, who took Maestro home and decided to improve upon him. With the right tools, this guy made his robot faster, stronger, and smarter. He even expanded upon Maestro's innate modularity and effectively replicated the Variable Weapon System utilized by Mega Man. These enhancements allowed him to rise above the common robot and keep pace with the Robot Masters as he fought in the tournament.

I really, really like Battle Chip Challenge.


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