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Pyro King:
Alright soooo.... How can I start this off... *scratches head a bit* Well I'm new to the forums so Hello everyone. Names Pyro King... And I kinda got a problem y'feel me? I'm a spriter of 10+ years and spriting is the easiest thing I've ever done and ever since I found MM8BDM when I was younger I've always wanted to create a skin for it but I'm not exactly used to using Slade or SlumpED. I was wondering a few things, is there like a pre-based skin file that users have with the codes already there and such and we just gotta edit it to finish because the first time I ever tried it didn't work at all. The game ran but didn't recognize my skin as a skin file I guess and idk what my skin was (but this was back then, I'm trying again now.) Or is it just follow the instructions? (Did that, still ****ed it up somehow) And maybe as a side note add on if you guys would like to give me some ideas for some skins once I get the hang of it I can start making more skins for everyone to enjoy. And don't be afraid to hit that email line of mine if you wanna request something.

Thank you to anyone who answers.

There aren't any pk3-based templates that you can insert sprites into. It's not a bad idea, but it would still require a lot of work after the fact, to the point where you may as well just start the skinning process from scratch yourself. Zandronum doesn't like when multiple sprites loaded into the game have the same name, for example. Skins using the same sprite names will be given a junk name instead, and can't be seen by other players.

By instructions, do you mean Pegg's Tutorial? If you haven't taken a look there yet, that's where I'd start.

If you've already looked there, maybe you could give us more of an idea as to what's wrong. I'm gonna ask some things as shots in the dark, feel free to diagnose at your own discretion.

Do you have sprites for all directions, and all poses? (X1, X8X2, X7X3, X6X4, X5 - where X is a letter from A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H)
Did you Modify their Gfx Offsets? (Monster)
Is your skin file placed inside the "skins" folder?
Is the skins folder in the same directory as your Zandronum .exe?
When you run MM8BDM, do you get any errors? (These would show up around the end of boot-up for a split second, so you might wanna have printscreen ready)

Hope we can help solve your problems!

Pyro King:
Didn't know this was a tutorial too I was looking at the old tutorial but that definitely answered my question. Thanks.


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