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So I've been having a very weird issue lately where every time I try to install and then boot up any version of mega man 8 bit deathmatch, the game will constantly freeze unless I open up the pause menu or never stop wiggling my mouse. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with something in my computer like my graphics card, but I'm starting to believe it is because I got a new PC that runs significantly better than my old one, and yet I didn't have this issue on my old PC. So ever since I got this new PC, I couldn't play the game properly. If anyone has a possible answer to this please let me know.

Quick update on the situation, I just tested if this is a problem with my computer by installing mega man 8 bit deathmatch version 3a, and the game seems to work fine. I've run into no freezing issues, so I'm starting to believe this may not be an issue with my computer, but maybe the Zandronum build? Again, if anyone knows what's possibly happening please let me know.


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