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Hey there, I have a question with the MM8BDM Roboenza. In chapter 12 the bots can get and obtain Roboenza while you cure it. The question that I have would be: How could the player get Roboenza?

A couple of friends and I did some tinkering and testing around with Roboenza, and figured out that Roboenza can get active in MM8BDM Multiplayer Servers. The only problem is that whoever ID 0 (as in slot number, viewable with the "playerinfo" command in console) will never get the virus, and if you force it onto ID 0, it gives all the Roboenza effects, and floods the screen with "(playername) has contracted Roboenza type: (roboenzatype)." [Video given by MegaVile: ]

So the question stands from now, How could the player ID 0 gain Roboenza? Feel free to add your own finding and workarounds to this post.

As someone working on making a fully fledged mod of the v6 Roboenza Online (dubbed Viral Roboenza), this would be very nice to solve.

:shock: Yikes :confused:

Or they could have added Roboenza Deathmatch and One-Life Marathon to this game.

*shivers* Roboenza effects... *shivers*


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