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[BUG] v6A Singleplayer Bugs (+footage!)


Went ahead and recorded some storymode bugs to hopefully be fixed in v6b.
When being replayed, the cutscene before MM10DW1 is skipped. Similar entry scenes like MMBKIN are also missing upon replay, despite not being scenes that let you walk around in the main Light Labs hub section of the map ala MM8DUO.
King is set to face a specific direction every time he puts out his shield to protect. Since he never corrects for where the Golem's head is, there are certain positions he'll jump to guard that the bullets easily sneak around.
Duo normally is set to aim his energy fists at the capsule where Wily is. Upon the Golem's death (be it from him or the player), Duo will start targeting the neck instead.
When Sunst-ER is going to use Total Eclipse as his next attack, he preemptively faces the center. If Sunst-ER is between you and the center during this time, you'll be able to see the back tentacles move in front of his body as he fires off his three floor lines.
(click to show/hide)During the escape-pod cutscene, all visible NPCs turn to the window in concern, with the sole exception of Treble.


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