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Mega Man X Classes: Help wanted! Need decorators!


Lady Amauri:
Hello I'm Amauri and recently me and a few others.
Hitscan, Swarm9999, Cassie J, Fr3ak, Ec1p5e, ZDR, Frostblue, Sagis, Interessant, Trig, Greg.exe, Lutmer, Nightfly (a.k.a Pr.Gibus), A-chan, Slaim.exe, Vent, and 3Deluxe.
We have all came together to make a modification to MM8BDM to develop a class based mod similar to CBM/CCBM. Based on the Mega Man X series.
We are very short on coders for this project. And we need your help! If you have any experience in Decorate.
Please fill out this google form and either Me, Hitscan or Swarm will get to you shortly:

Here is our discord link:

Thank you! :mrgreen:


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