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Bad multiplayer?

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Can anyone name a game which is good/okay/not bad but the multiplayer mode is CRAP? Not because of the initial game being buggy/crap or net lag or whatever either. I mean like Mario Galaxy having player 2 shoot stars at the screen and Mario do everything else. I'm making a top 10 and currently have 9. Remind me of some shitty multiplayer modes QUICK! :P

Quake 4, Half-life 2 (Story rocks, but who plays hl2dm?), Serious Sam 2(Well i like the jokes :D. Especially the gay dragon-princess thing :P. dm is crap. coop is laggy and buggy.),

Demon's Soul. Yeah, I said it.


--- Quote from: "Frits" ---coop is laggy and buggy
--- End quote ---

laggy and buggy don't count on this list!

Captain Ventris:
I would totally mention Superman 64, but Single player blows, too.


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