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Honestly, that's where all the stuff's going on. Lots of things you wouldn't see here on the forums, like Touhou.

I mean, if Discord didn't exist, it's likely we would all still be using the archaic combination of both Skype and the forums. It's also easier to just communicate over one medium instead of multiple ones. On the flip side, not everyone is either in or has interest in being in a discord group, so the forums still remain relevant.

Laggy Blazko:
Well we had plenty of touhou back in the day, too. =P

Random bump that has almost no real importance;
I've been in the process of getting ready to move back to my hometown (hopefully) next year. It's only been 2 years I've been here but it's nice to go back... to what little family I have left.

Anyway my 8th anniversary of being on this hellhole is on the 22nd and I'm honestly debating weather or not I should make something special for it :megashrug:

And here I poke my head in after many many years again in the forums. It's quite a treasure trove of ancient history here!

And now to insert another piece of history durin' the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully someday we could point and laugh or so. Hopefully...


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