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Depending on where you go, people are already pointing and laughing. Really though, there isn't much use to the forums since everything tends to be discussed on Discord these days

They serve as a nice archive, at least: A good look at our former selves, and how we've grown and matured since then.

Also, good for releasing things. It's much easier to put up descriptions, screenshots, and credits for a project on an MB post than a Discord pin.

(click to show/hide)and lastly, a place to hold my coveted knight man medal    :)

Laggy Blazko:
I have grown and/or matured nothing. >:V

holy crap i missed my 10 year anniversary
i genuinely thought it was this december. God, where does the time go?


--- Quote from: Turbodude on November 15, 2020, 04:18:01 PM ---archive

--- End quote ---

Not a very good archive while my avatar was broken :geek: , that file host I used went under a few years ago already and I never checked back here in the meantime.
But now all my posts are back to their original quality!


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