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Man, this feels really surreal; it's been quite a while. Definitely grown from my former self, and now in retrospect I question why I went with the "lol" gimmick/username in the first place :p

Either way, I hope everyone's been doing well. <3

Tails Zero:
Hello. You won't mind, if I'll talk here from time to time?  :)

 :cool: :ugeek:
I miss internet forums, Discord is wack, become luddites and disregard technological advancement. I feel like sharing memories but I only have this single screengrab

To be fair, a decade ago we frequently used IRC AOL Messenger Skype, albeit it was a lot clunkier than Discord.

I know for me personally, trying to remember my early forum days or a few things during Skype are uncomfortable or outright cringe to me, and that's putting it lightly. People grow up, advancements happen, and things change. It's fine to be nostalgic for the old days, but outright ignoring improvements or taking what we have now for granted is a little naive.

i cannot believe i hung out with yall for like the last 11 years

wild bro


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