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In Game Name: Chris or Kaiochris
Favorite game mode: Roboenza
Favorite weapon: Plug Ball and Metal Blade
prefered skin: Black Mage and Gilgamesh (custom) Sniper Joe and Duo (Default)
Favorite stage: MM2 Dr Wily Stage 1
Favorite class: OrigionalDuo
Greatest Rival: Crash man
Reputation: None
Its been a while since I last played MM8BDM and now that I heard that V6 is on its way I figured I'd get back into it.  :mrgreen:

In Game Name: Snakefire7
Favorite Game Mode: Deathmatch
Favorite Mod: Unholy Bosses
Favorite Weapon: Yamato Spear
Preferred Skin: Scrotoman
Favorite Stage: MM10DW1
Favorite Custom Stage: KNDM13
Favorite Classes: CCBM: Chargeman, King, Springman, Pumpman, and Sparkman. Unholy Bosses: Handyman, RedWarrior, HeavyGunner, Radier, and SteathSniper.
Greatest Rival: Coldman.
Reputation: Agent of Chaos

In Game Name: Supergamerguy
Favorite Game Mode: Team Based Deathmatch
Favorite Mod: It's a tie between Saxton Hale and Comhotel, really just depends on my mood
Favorite Weapon: Flash Bomb
Preferred Skin: Whispy Woods (because it's hilariously big)
Favorite Stage: Concrete Man's Stage
Favorite Custom Stage: That map that combines dozens of other stages into one, big stage (can't remember the name)
Favorite Classes: Napalm Man, King, Burner Man, Dive Man, Mars
Greatest Rival: Quint
Reputation: That one guy that plays Napalm Man all the time because it's fun


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