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What do you like more???

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What game do you like most? I personally like Hexen, it's puzzling and gets you to think, the fights are fun too, ESPECIALLY the Heresiarch, he is the definition of cool. Also I like the class based stuff. (Fighter FTW!).

EDIT: I'm not going to put HacX in as it isn't as recognized as the listed few. I know CQ isn't near as popular as the other games, I just put it up there due to request. Oh and I'll put up 2 votes because a lot of people seem to be voting for 2.

Strife because Strife is awesome. An RPG and a FPS = Awesomeness.

What??? No Chex Quest?

Ultimate Doom. Though I really couldn't pick. I love them all. I only picked it due to being the one that started it all.

There's no doubt about it, Strife's the way to go.
I just wish there would be more FPS'es like Strife :(

Ohh, crap. Thought I forgot something. :lol:

EDIT: Alright, CQ is there now.


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