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Ghouls vs Humans v3b7 Beta (beta12)- some playtesting wanted

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I tested the latest beta online today and it seems to run smoothly. Though as Blazko stated, the Cyborg scanner could use some limit or drawback, so I suggest it having its own battery which does not recharge so that it isn't too broken.

Ah, guess those fixes helped (or the previous file got messed up for you during download, or something).
Hm, you may need to be more specific on what needs nerfing, with cyborg i'm kinda relying on the fact i can mark targets and focus-fire on them to keep them away, regardless of how messed-up the screen gets because of all the plasma, which isn't all that unfair in itself. If anything, it's my only hope of HITTING a Creeper coming at me. :P

I could, however, easily nerf some aspects of it, like say, through-wall detection of enemies next to you (or atleast do so on Creepers), or even reduce the range of it (for Creepers or everyone). And that's the primary function, the infinite-use scan for cyborg only. The secondary function (the area scan) already keeps him busy, but i could easily perform nerfs like reducing it's range, or make it ineffective against Creepers (or hidden Sjas).

If you think this is just too powerful against Creepers, i could always try reducing the detection range for Creepers (even more), or disrupt/turn off the scan when stunned.
Hm, maybe i'll just figure out a small nerf for it myself. Suppose it can be quite powerful against sneaky enemies.

Why is Hunter's lightning arrow railgun gone? I rather miss it.

Well, it was rather cheap, given how it does 50+ damage on hit, penetrates targets, can hit with incredible accuracy from any range, ignores/pierces armor, and being an instant attack, is completely undodgable. Doesn't help that the Ghouls can't do anything against it at long range, since they're melee classes, and typically lack any long-range attacks.

It's hard to make a proper replacement for it for long-range use but maybe that the current idea of it being an semi-guided arrow that hurts the further it's going will do the trick (it also can do more than 50 damage on long ranges). But it hasn't had much in the way of combat testing, though... (As well as being somewhat impractical to hit with, sometimes.)
Hm, i should probably update it again sooner or later, as it optimizes and fixes alot of things, as well as making some human projectiles go through human allies (like Lightning Arrows), adds much-needed impact effects from nails/saws/arrows, and even a few extra achievements (though they don't have their own graphic, i'm not an graphics artist or anything).


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