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If Frostbite is weak to fire, Jitter ought to be weak to ice or something.

Only works on full HP, if its really that bad, it can be changed, but i'd rather test this first.

Edit: So far so good on the results in-game. Though there havent been any Lightning using Hunters around much who aim atleast half-decently. Neither any Hunter vs Jitter on top tier levels goin' on yet.
More feedback is always welcome if any change is wished at all, because i'll probaly leave it as is to some extent if no feedback gets provided!

Oh, and 2-hit kills on a Jitter with a railgun on any range just seems... Eh... Poor Jitterskull. Throwing in a ice or fire arrow to finish it off seems better, either that or have a teammate wound it. Its a team(work) game after all.

... I'm afraid of what GVH could become... I hope these changes help "balancing" the game... Really...
I'm afraid of Hunter/Jitterskull being so hard to use... since it seems like their attacks (the most I use: lightning) are hard to use now... I mean maybe they need more timing, which makes me suck with it cause I always have 1 sec delay...
So ping/hitscan > anything u.u But everything happens for good reasons (? Anyway I'm sure this will improve the gameplay :)

You need to do something about sjas and sr50. It's pretty op combined with sjas's massive damaging screams.

Also, about the maps some of them need to be removed or revamped. Namely GvH40 and the two maps you made. The thing wrong with GvH40 is that it's TOO GOD DAMN BIG. Like seriously, that map is a trolling creepers paradise. The things wrong with your two maps is that they look exactly the same, there's nothing unique about them. Except one of them has a messed up skybox. Overall, I think you should really consider removing some of the newer maps seeing as most of the playerbase don't like them.

Hmm... Yes couldnt think of much about Sjas without crippling him in the process. Though someone suggested a longer cooldown on his scream attack after use, kinda what i did on the Hunter's Lightning bow. Hm... Who knows, he needs all his qualities yet they can be too much.

As for the maps, meh, no idea about removing any, doesnt seem too needed. Though the skybox thing was probaly her doing long time ago, in a half-decent server there should be mapvotes possibily (unless of course they think people are going to abuse it).
I've never seen GVH40 be that much of a problematic map regarding Creepers, its just hard to navigate sometimes. Im not even sure if its entirely my business to remove maps other people voluntairly made for GVH, speaking of, i'll definetly need to fix the new White Out map with its crazy spawns.

Perhaps i should improve my older maps that she added someday, but currently im way too busy with these changes and whenever i find the time, to fix some new said to be tricky content.


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