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GVHv3b6 - Released!

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Well this update took forever to create due to to not having all that many people to test it with, unfortunately. The first thing you'll probably notice is that the Hunter's lightning bow is changed to a projectile (which does more damage as it travels further), and some changes to the Engineer's saws. There's also an new button to show information about your current class (assuming i didnt implement that in the last version, i just dont remember), in the same style as the achievement list. And a big load of fixes and optimizing how some HUD messages and things look.

In the unlikely case this will pick up and see some action, i expect plenty of lightning arrow complaints, despite the fact one could use Ice arrows as well for massive damage (just requires more aim i guess).
But issues are to be expected at this rate due to the lack of testing and feedback in comparison to old times, so its back to the good ol formula of release version, get threats and complaints, change at next version. :P

See the changelog at the first post for all the other changes.

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