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Events / Re: Teamplay, Textures, Tango - A MM8BDM team mapping competition!
« on: November 02, 2021, 09:01:20 AM »
After over two months of mapping and almost two weeks of judging, the final scores for Teamplay Textures Tango are finally in! Again, I want to say that Im really happy with the maps that were submitted and enjoyed playing on them. The creativity, the themes, the distinct styles and layouts, all of it was very nice to go through. With all that said, its time to announce the winners
With 275/300 points given by the judges, the map that best represents teamplay, texturing, and tango is
TTT05 - Spectral Echo by LlamaHombre and Thunderono ! Congratulations to both mappers, I think this was a great map as always.
With 257/300 points , the silver medal of TTT goes to
TTT04 - Dagenet Dungeon by Razgriz-S  and Zeke! You two made a very fun and interesting map, so this prize is well deserved.
There are two maps that got 247/300 points, but only one map can get third prize. With a higher layout score (118 to 113), the bronze medal goes too
TTT01 - Cleaning Robot Bathwater by FTX6004 and OrangeMario! Im incredibly happy to see these two mappers getting recognition for their hard work, this was definitely a map deserving of a prize.
Once again, Id like to all TTT Mappers for submitting their maps. Id also like to thank the TTT Judges for taking the time play through these and provide excellent feedback. Im planning to release V1B of this map pack where all mappers will be given an extra month to polish their maps based on the feedback. Im proud of every mapper who had the  courage, determination, and perseverance to build the best maps they could. With V6B of MM8BDM expected to provide more modding tools, I hope that this enthusiasm for mapping continues into 2022. Until next time, this Mendez signing off for now.

Events / Re: Cutstuff Mapping Jam 7: Jamomma
« on: October 25, 2021, 07:59:48 PM »
If you've never made a map before, but would like to get started, here's a bunch of links to the programs/tutorials used by most MM8BDM mappers these days.

Ultimate Doom Builder (recommended map editor):
SLADE 3 (recommended wad editor):
V6 Resource pack:

[TUTOR] Doombuilder and You: Mapping Essentials 20XX:
[Tutorial] MAPINFO + Custom Music:
Mendez's mapping tutorials:

Slade 3 Wiki:
ZDoom ACS wiki:
ZDoom DECORATE reference:
ZDoom mapinfo reference:
ZDoom texture reference:
ZDoom SNDINFO reference:
ZDoom Sprite reference:

Teamplay Textures Tango V1A has been released!

I want to give a huge thanks to all 7 teams that submitted a map, I'm really happy with the amount of work and polish put into every map and think that everyone will enjoy it too. There should be a server up now where people can play vanilla TDM, I'll work on getting the classes servers up in a bit. Judges have been notified and will start working on judging the maps for both vanilla TDM and Classes TLMS, and we should expect scores to be submitted by October 31. In the meantime, please hop in and try the maps out for yourself, and don't be afraid to give your own honest feedback so that the mappers can continue to learn and grow.

TDM server name: [TSPG] MM8BDM Teamplay Textures Tango [TDM]
TDM server address:

Maps / MM6KNI - CTF Edition
« on: August 23, 2021, 08:57:22 PM »
TSPG link:
Dropbox link:
Imgur link (image gallery):

So once upon a time, Greg.exe had a dream of mirroring MM6KNI's layout and turning it into a CTF map.

I helped turn that dream into a reality.

I had to make tweaks to the weapon/item/map layout to fit the style of CTF, but this is essentially the same MM6KNI you know and love, just mirrored. You can host this in a vanilla server or in a classes server, I've made accommodations for both modes. I also added single-player spawns to the center of the map in case people want to play something like Another Mayday. Please enjoy.

Events / Teamplay, Textures, Tango - A MM8BDM team mapping competition!
« on: August 08, 2021, 10:38:38 PM »
I want maps for competitive teamplay because I think teamplay is fun and could use tailor-made maps. So, allow me to introduce the first-ever (and potentially Best-Ever) mapping competition for teamplay:
(Image graciously provided by myself)

TTT Discord:
TTT ruleset:
Please read the rules first. By signing up, you agree to all rules listed in the document.

This is basically a mapping competition where teams of 2 will make the best map possible for teamplay. Teamplay here means 2v2 vanilla TDM or 3v3 classes TLMS. The winning team will get a top prize of $100 each, while 2nd place will get $60 each and 3rd place will get $20 each. Please read the ruleset below before joining since it also contains information about how the map is supposed to be made and submitted.
TTT ruleset:

Sign-up template
Contact info:
Partner name:
Partner contact info:


Events / DUOS - A 2v2 Vanilla Team Deathmatch Tournament
« on: August 08, 2021, 03:34:49 AM »
Did you ever want to test your MM8BDM skills against other people? Well here's the perfect chance for you and a friend to take on the world. Introducing...
DUOS: A 2v2 Vanilla Team Deathmatch Tournament

(Image graciously provided by myself)

DUOS Discord server:
DUOS ruleset:

DUOS is a 2v2 vanilla TDM tournament where teams will play matches in several fan-favorite maps from MM8BDM. The matches have a fraglimit of 20 and a timelimit of 20, with sudden death enabled in case the match is still tied after 20 minutes. The duos will be split into groups for the group stage, and then the results of the group stage will set the seeding for the knockout stage. The knockout stage is a double-elimination bracket where teams have to play a best of 3 match. The winning duo will receive commissioned drawings of their favorite robot masters, while the runner-up duo will receive commissioned pixel art of their favorite RMs. If this sounds interesting to you, please read the ruleset and join the Discord to learn more.
DUOS ruleset:

Signup template (deadline is August 31, 2021 at 11:59:59 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST)):
Team name:
Team theme song:
Player 1 name:
Player 1 in-game name:
Player 1 availability:
Player 1 contact info:
Player 2 name:
Player 2 in-game name:
Player 2 availability:
Player 2 contact info:

I made an online tutorial that helps explain all of the steps for installing and setting up Doomseeker. If people want to learn even more about Doomseeker, the Zandronum Wiki has an article here:

Thank you to everyone who stopped by for Mapchella, I've uploaded a new version with several fixes for the boss music and map pits and other things. I'll put up another server with this pk3 instead.
TSPG link:
Dropbox link:

Here's a link to the map pack:
Dropbox link:
Server name: [TSPG] MAPCHELLA 2021 (MM8BDM Vanilla TDM)
Server address:

Hey everyone! With about 24 hours until Mapchella starts, I wanted to give people a chance to download the 82MB music pack that will come with Sweatpack. This file will be completely optional for server hosts who only want to host the maps, but it still comes with a bunch of amazing tracks originally used by the mappers. Please take the time to download this music pack while I finish working on the main map pack. I promise that the main map pack won't go above 9 MB (although I am cutting it really close).

TSPG link:
Dropbox link:

Events / MAPCHELLA 2021 - A vanilla TDM Event (5/28/2021 7PM EST)
« on: May 21, 2021, 11:12:50 PM »

It's the year 2021.
All of MM8BDM's old mappers are gone or inactive.
All of them, except for one.
There's just one problem.
He's too busy dancing with himself to notice.

Mapchella is a vanilla TDM event designed to highlight the history of mapping in MM8BDM by showcasing some of the game's best custom maps. Unlike other Mapchella events though, this event will also introduce a map compilation called SWEATPACK. The purpose of SWEATPACK is pretty simple: Take several of MM8BDM's older maps and preserve them for future generations. The map compilation will be released alongside Mapchella on May 28th, but if you wanted to see the maps included in SWEATPACK, I've got a gallery uploaded to Google Photos that you can view here . I hope to see you all there!

(click to show/hide)

Projects & Creative / Re: AMP map pack. FINISHED, SO SEXY!!
« on: May 16, 2021, 04:10:45 AM »
I finally got around to updating this map pack for V6. Nothing drastic, just several quality-of-life changes to keep the maps playable. Also, I added a preview map from AMP2.
TSPG link:
Dropbox link:

Changelog for AMP 1.7:
All maps - Converted to UDMF format to match MM8BDM map standard
All maps - Changed hud message to use the MM8BDM map cards instead
All maps - Added team spawns and single player spawns
All maps - Adjusted block monster linedefs to prevent bots falling into pits
All maps - Change music scripts to use the MM8BDM map card system instead
All maps - Added new 'Intense' track called track_I1
All maps - Adjusted several steps to require less jumping overall
All maps - Increased ladder speed on most ladders from 15 to 20
All maps - Did a passthrough in SW rendering mode to help squash visual bugs
All music - Balanced out sound levels
AMP03 - Changed water script to use 'Water sector' items instead
AMP07 - Added all weapons from MM8/MMB/MM9/MM10/MMV plus items
AMP17 - New map

Bugs/Suggestions / Map suggestion for MM10PUM
« on: May 11, 2021, 09:14:28 AM »
In the dev Q&A video, I remember Russel saying he would be open to suggestions for changing MM10PUM without entirely reworking the map. My suggestion is fairly simple: Raise the lowest points of the map to reduce the number of jumps. The reason for this is because I am a firm believer in the Obi-Wan Kenobi theory of vertical combat, which essentially means that people on low ground are at an inherent disadvantage when fighting. This disadvantage is compounded by the fact that once you're in the bottom part of the map, it becomes difficult to walk around since there's a brown ring that requires you to jump at least once before you can begin your ascent to the top of the map. By raising the low points of the map and giving the player more breathing room at the bottom, it becomes easier to have actual firefights and also becomes easier to use the jump pads to rise up to the top. This is because it's now easier for players to walk onto the brown ring and then walk onto the pads.
(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)
If you want to see my edits in action, here's the wad file:

Forum Games / I'm only here to vote for Air Man: Part V
« on: February 05, 2021, 06:34:04 AM »
Nitro Man
Knight Man
Strike Man

Air Man
Guts Man > Pharaoh Man > Shadow Man

Forum Games / I'm only here to vote for Air Man: Part IV
« on: February 02, 2021, 01:18:13 AM »
Nitro Man
Air Man
Punk > Hard Man > Blast Man

Solar Man
Turbo Man > Fire Man > Pharaoh Man

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