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Cutstuff Mapping Jam 8: Jamburger

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I'm sorry, I couldn't find the first Cutstuff Mapping Jam. What happened to it? :confused:

Found it, it's on the Brothers Collab. Thank you.


--- Quote from: Dr. Freeman on May 11, 2023, 10:35:12 PM ---It's been a hot minute. There was a lot of work to bring the (large amount of) older maps to v6b stuff and to just make things nicer while we're at it. But we're here!

Now the school season really kicked people's asses this go around, so I'm hoping to have an update to Burger after the summer is over if people who weren't able to finish a map are still interested in making one. I'll try to update it around that time.

Anyway, as for files...



There are a few updates besides the new maps, namely a completely remade PBJ10 and EGG32 plus a brand new MOM25 and MOM26 (with the old MOM25 being pushed to MOM27 cause I'm a loser who likes certain maps closing the pack)

As for the map list of Burger maps...

(click to show/hide)BUR01- "Wet n' Dry, Up in the Sky" by Dr. Freeman
BUR02- "Elden Dong: Ragnarok" by FTX6004
BUR03- "Frog Bop" by Caprice
BUR04- "What a Time to be Alive" by Pr. Gibus
BUR05- "Someone's Missing" by Mendez
BUR06- "Imaginaerum's Silent Regard" by Russel
BUR07- "There's a Cool Mushroom In This One" by Christmas Cultist
BUR08- "River Styx Industires" by Duora Super Gyro
BUR09- "Warehouse Passage" by Beed28
BUR10- "Asteroid Coaster" by LlamaHombre
BUR11- "Razor's Edge" by Galactan
BUR12- "Glistening Discoveries" by Derek / Watzup7856
BUR13- "Planetoid 24: Forging a Finale!" by Brendan87
BUR14- "Big Bog Boogie" by Korby & Pegg
BUR15- "Breach" by Thunderono
BUR16- "Another Life" by Yair
Anyway, thank you all for waiting and hope you all enjoy! Should hopefully see another post here in a few months assuming new maps come on in!
or sooner if some hidden bug is still lurking under the radar

--- End quote ---

Speaking of maps...I don't see no Falcon Pack bundled with it, what has happened?  :confused:

Dr. Freeman:
The Falcon pack (aka jam2 that's always missing) was a very different type of mappack than the rest of jam focused on a bunch of people making maps in an incredibly short period of time. As such the quality in the pack is super questionable, updating them outside of that time limit kinda defeats the purpose of the jam existing in the first place, and the maps that were decent were already taken out of the pack and put into people's respective map packs (LEG06 is from Falcon originally for example). So it's just not included nor will ever be included with the rest of jam.

So you're saying that some of these stages from that jam were remade for later packs?

Dr. Freeman:
This is not a new maps update or anything, there were just a few bugs I wanted to address and there's been enough time without hearing a new one that I went ahead and did it.
I'm sure something else that I missed will show up but those will be hit in the map update part.



I'll put the super short changelog here for those interested.

(click to show/hide)[PBJ]

-Made it so music persists during countdown in relevant modes.


-Fixed a missing hazard tag.


-Made it so music persists during countdown in relevant modes.


-Minor weapon layout changes.

-Fixed a bug where everyone would die violent deaths upon map reload in modes with a countdown in v6a.

-Made it so music persists during countdown in relevant modes.


-Fixed a broken pit.
-Changed sky in software mode to prevent desyncs.
(let the record show these were both fixed last time, Freeman just screwed up and overwrote the updated file with an older one.)

-Fixed the pits to play nice with classes.

-Minor weapon layout changes.

-Minor item layout changes.
-Minor spawn changes.

-Changed how the infinite portal works to avoid problems with classes.


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