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Guys, if any of you know of the Source engine, maybe you could use it to make an HL2 mod of ghoul's forest to bring the series to 3d. i hope any of you are modders.

I know CutmanMike toyed with the idea on other game platforms, though im unaware if he's known with the Source Engine, though probaly not. Of all the ideas to port the games or alter the Source of Skulltag, this seems one of the more managable ideas however, as all you need is a couple of good models and fitting forest textures and the sounds can easily be ported i assume.

So yeah, who knows... I havent quite tried toying with the Source Engine myself though, perhaps there's others who did, maybe.

Well. I tried making ghoul's forest on game maker and i suceeded. I was planning on making the ghouls as npcs for gmod but sadly i dont know how to use source. I was also planning on adding gvh on roblox but i dont know lua. All i know is GML and i already made a 3d ghouls forest with it...

I created one with unity!
You can find it here:

Again, sorry to bump another old topic, but the forums have been dead for a long time.

Anyone ever heard of the game Garry's Mod? It uses the Source engine, and well, ive been working on some Ghoul NPC's. Ill post a few pics in a bit.


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