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[MM8BDM] Father's Day Throwback LOCK PLEASE

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Event Date: June 17
Event Time: See poll.

So, since fathers are people that go before you (great description I know) let's play some old fashioned MM8BDM: v1d to be exact!

Download link as it is on the Cutstuff blog:

(Don't worry, it isn't broken, I checked)

I hope you missed v1d DM, because this throwback will be played in Deathmatch!

Now, for this event, we'll be holding a poll to see what time is best for most people, because figuring it out based on my time (on a weekend anyway) to be completely unfair. So yeah.


Honestly, I don't think this would be a very good idea...

We can't really have an event for every holiday as those are holidays, and there's no guarantee that people are free on holidays.

Not to mention I don't feel like redownloading v1d for one day of one of my personal least favorite game modes.

you forgot to mention that most of us will be spending the day with their fathers and stuff

it is not a good idea.

Orange juice :l:
V1D didn't even run on the same ST build. Why not just make a mod that replaces all changed maps, weapons, and weapon layouts with V1D versions?


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