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Ghouls Forest 3D


This is still in beta stage but check it out please :D
You can find it here:

*clicks link*

This may be awesom-

*Ghouls Forest 3D is discontinued*


at least i still have the beta 1.3.0 lol

EDIT: Sooo i just played it and i gotta say... "IM STILL SHAKING AND SCARED!"

Let me compare both of the ghoul 3 games

-Less scary
-Is a bit hard
+move more freely

+Not hard as ghoul3.wad (because the jitterskull seems to be moving slow.)
- Move Less Freely (i keep getting stuck sometimes on a tree)

The best part is the creeper. just wow. he scared me so bad. every time i see him i run so fast. D:
I think i may of killed the jitterskull but im not so sure. and i never met the sjas yet! :D

So, this is awesome! i think you should keep working on this to make a game better then slender!

@eperezki I saw a video of a YouTuber named Yamimash play this game. You should check it out!

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