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Don't host ozx

For Greater justice.

And because i'm asking you too not host it.

Thanks for this event, Bluebrawl. I had a wonderful time.

Here's my obligatory "goofy event" compilation.

First off, here's some slightly fitting music for you to listen to:

Thanks to everyone who took part in Mapchella, whether it was enjoying yourself on the servers or just downloading the works of other mappers. It felt great to just mess around in some maps or really play on other maps. Thanks to Ken for hosting all 4 days and for choosing 7/8 of the tracks for Nexus Pack (I chose NEXMUS2), Messatsu for hosting a backup on day 1, Kapus for sending me demos, and HD for getting demos on the last day of playing. Thanks to all the map creators for taking the time to go into doombuilder and create what your imagination provokes you to build. Thanks to all the musicians who make good chiptune music, because Ken found some really good artists that I can check out.
The links will still stay on, and I'm not sure I'll update these links ever again, so make sure to look at the original topics for any sort of updates.
Oh, by the way, I'll be making a similar event in late August. The plan is to have a two-day event in which folks play on CTF maps from JC, Knux, or other mappers who were in the CTF competition. Just as well, folks might get a sneak peek at the improved versions of the CTF maps that got into the core, such as Capeside Clamor and Aeration Sun. I'll have to check with folks about that though, but I can guarantee a slightly newer version of Aeration Sun will be included in Capchella. Best case scenario is that I get all 8 folks who are getting into the core to improve their maps and have the whole community join in on this slight sneak peek into the MM8 expansion. Fingers crossed.
Mods, please lock this topic. It's been fun, folks. It really has. Now, if you excuse me, I have two covers to cash in.

Hey, guys. Kapus recorded some demos while playing in the Mapchella server each day. I uploaded them to mediafire in case you wanted to take a look. Just in case you missed out on the event or something!

=Day 1=

=Day 2=

=Day 3=

Good day.


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