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CTF with a twist (NOT similar to dayman's CTF)

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My thoughts right now at this time (not related to the topic, so you can ignore it if you want):
(click to show/hide)That was surprising, Lit. teacher was sick this to kill 3 hours til next class? Maybe I should go ahead and post my idea...
This is something that has been on my mind for a while. CTF really is not played all that much as it was in the past. So, to help dayman get some CTF matches going, I am doing my own competition, only this time, I'm going to introduce a twist to the games for the fun of it.

What's the twist, you say? Read on:
(click to show/hide)In this mode, every team member will decide before the match starts what two roles they each want to play during the match. A role is basically a specific kind of strategy the player will do throughout the game. These roles can be changed before each match, but the roles cannot change during a match. Also, with the exception of Defensive and Sniper roles, camping is prohibited. Here are the different roles that each player can decide to do:

Flag Carrier

Unlike the roles coming up, there must be at least one person that has this role. Just like it sounds, this person will go straight to the other team's base to grab their flag, then return it to the base.


+ You may go around the maps to add to your weapon selection or get that Eddie, for example.
+ Depending on the roles, you may have someone accompanying you as you focus on scoring for your team.


- You may not seek to kill players around the map unless they are directly in your way or are threatening you as you're trying to race back with their flag.
- ONLY the Flag Carrier can grab a flag. No other role is permitted to grab the flag. So if the flag carrier dies, any flags they were carrying will be sent back to the other base.
- Flag Carriers are not permitted to guard other Flag Carriers unless their other role is a Bodyguard.


Of all the roles, this one will likely be the hardest to do. This person must accompany the Flag Carrier at all times and defend for the Flag Carrier while he or she is trying to return to base with the other team's flag.


+ You are free to pick off anyone that stands in your's or the Flag Carrier's way.
+ If the Flag Carrier is heading to a part of the map that has some rare items or weapons, you are free to pick them up as well, as long as the Flag Carrier is still nearby.


- You must remain at the Flag Carrier's side for the entire match. If the Flag Carrier dies, you must retreat to your base, avoiding combat until you see the Flag Carrier. You cannot pick up the flag the Flag Carrier drops.
- This also means you cannot take a quick side route for a weapon or item, unless the Flag Carrier also takes that route. You must be with the Flag Carrier at all times.


Players with this role will go around the map killing players and collecting weapons and items. They are permitted to enter the enemy base, but not their own unless their team's flag has been stolen.


+ Just as long as it is NOT your own team's base, you may travel anywhere you like, even into the opposite team's base.
+ Although you cannot accompany the Flag Carrier, you may take out anyone that happens to be attacking your team's Flag Carrier if you happen to see him/her being attacked.


- You must step outside your team's base as soon as the match starts. If there is a weapon you want inside the base, grab it quickly before you leave. Once you are out, you cannot go back in unless the flag has been stolen.
- If the Flag Carrier is killed or you kill it, you cannot grab the flag they were carrying.


Just the opposite of Offensive, this player stays inside the base to guard the flag from the other team. They cannot leave the base unless the flag is stolen, though the team may agree you can be permitted to step outside temporarily to grab a weapon or item.


+ Defensive players are permitted to camp, since the definition of camping means to stay in one place. Since that one place is the base in this case, you may stand still or else just walk around the base. To avoid angering players, you may not camp at the flag stand, though.
+ You may shoot anyone that is not any of your teammates in the base, even if it is clear that player is not trying to get the flag. It could be an Offensive player, for example.


- You must stay in your base at all times. You are ONLY permitted to leave the base if the team's flag is stolen, or if the team agrees that you can be allowed to grab a weapon outside the base, but you MUST return once you do so.
- That also means that, although you can try to attack players outside the base, you cannot step outside of the base yourself.


This person will be spending most of his/her time perched somewhere, ready to shoot at anyone they see as a target. They will not be moving much unless they are trying to get to a better position or if they're being shot at.


+ You have the freedom to go anywhere you want to try to get a great spot for shooting players (even in a "blind spot" near your base's entrance), but try to avoid moving much if possible. Camping is permitted with this role.
+ If someone is shooting at you, you may run, or else try to kill the player trying to finish you off.


- You cannot chase players that run from you. If they're chasing you, though, it's also open season on that player for you.
- This role may sometimes be impossible to do, depending on the map. If you find you cannot do this role effectively on the map you are on, you are permitted to switch to an Offensive or Defensive player, but let your team know you are doing this. No other exceptions will be made.


This player is not permitted to shoot directly at players at all, though they may use weapons and items that allow them to escape if found, such as Flash Stopper, Scorch Wheel, or Item 1s. The purpose of this player is to report back via team say about the other team's activities, such as how heavily (or lightly) guarded the base is, or where the team's Flag Carrier is currently at.


+ You have the freedom to go anywhere on the map, even in either base.
+ The frequest use of team say is encouraged when reporting your findings.


- Because the spy is not allowed to shoot, you MUST run if you're shot at. You cannot fire back in self-defense, and you cannot seek other players to shoot them, only observe them.
- Unlike other roles, the use of camping is prohibited, so stay only as long as activity is still going on where you are, otherwise move to another area.
The rules for this competition:

1. You have to join if you want to play, of course. You can either choose to start a team or else sign up to be drafted by a team later (or you can also decide to make your own team if you change your mind). When you join a team, you will stay there unless the team feels you need to go, or you quit the team yourself. A team can agree to either be competitive (listed in the leaderboard), or casual (not listed in the leaderboard, but still in the teams list), and this status can be changed at any time. Here's an example template for joining:

--- Code: ---Ingame Name: (include clan tags and alts/alias if you use any)
Status: (either you are forming a team, in which you state your team's name here, or you will simply say that you are looking for a team to join) [also mention whether you or your team will be doing competitive matches or friendly matches at first, this can be changed later, or you can agree to do both]
Preferred Roles: (list the two you feel you would be the best at doing)
Availability: (list the days and times you are available)
Contact: (list your preferred methods of being contacted for a match)
--- End code ---

2. For a team to be able to be registered for a match, there must be at least two members. For any match, the number of players for each team must be equal (i.e., 2 VS 2 is fine, but NOT 2 VS 3). Teams may draft other players as long as they are not already in a team. Also, it can be agreed for multiple teams to be involved in the same match. There could, for example, be a Dr. Light team that consists of two members of Team A and three members of Team B, and the same for Dr. Wily team. Every team participating must have at least two members involved, so Dr. Wily team would be ok if Team A has three members and Team B has two.

3. Matches are one game at a time, unless agreed otherwise by both teams to do three games, for example. You may choose to do a Ranked Match (for the competitive people) or a Friendly Match. For Ranked Matches, your team's win/loss record will be updated, but it will not count in a Friendly Match. The options are the same for a multi-team match. At the end of each match (optional for Friendly), at least one player must take a screenshot of the results for the match to count (although more than one may feel free to do so).

4. Before a match begins, each player must choose two roles to perform during the entire game, and these CANNOT be changed (with the exception of the sniper in certain maps). If a player is found to be doing a role that was not agreed by the team, punishment is up to the team itself, but one form could be the person has to spectatate for a minute before they can come back in. Aside from the roles, everything else about CTF remains the same, score 5 points (typically, although the team can agree to the point and time amount and let the host know), to win. All weapons and items found in CTF are permitted to be used.

5. There may occasionally be tournaments for the competitive people, in which eight teams will be randomly arranged on a grid. Each match will be three games a piece, otherwise all rules in any Ranked Matches apply. The reward will be a tournament win listed in the leaderboard, and will be used to break any ties regarding win/loss records.

Any teams apparently breaking any of the rules on purpose will first be warned, then removed from the competition entirely if the problem persists. That's all for the rules. The rest of the topic is for team information and leaderboard/tournament information. Either send a PM or make a reply here to join/leave/update/challenge a team. I will make posts here to reply to comments/suggestions or to announce tournaments.

Lastly, I will fill out the template for myself to give you guys an idea of how to use it:

Ingame Name: TailsMK4, WarioMK4
Status: Draftee, will do either Competitive or Friendly.
Preferred Roles: Flag Carrier/Bodyguard
Availability: (Times in CST/CDT) Varies, but usually I'm available at night, starting around 5 PM on Monday and Wednesday until 9 PM, 2 PM on any other day until around 12 AM.
Contact: Cutstuff PM or Skype

Team Information:
(click to show/hide)1. ASIST (Leader: GENO (dayman) [Both], Empty)
Draftee Information:
(click to show/hide)1. TailsMK4 [Both]
2. Dood [Both]
(click to show/hide)N/A
Match Information (From the Past Week):
(click to show/hide)N/A

For information regarding matches older than a week, PM me for details, as I will have all match results saved.
EDIT: I forgot to mention that this is for vanilla CTF only, though the use of CTF maps in other mappacks are acceptable. No Classes or other mods, however (I would say Powered Up would be fine, but no maps exist that use Time Slow or Oil Slider). Also, a team may have as many members as desired, but that may be changed later. A team needs to have at least two members to begin, though.

EDIT2: Roles will need to be revised before matches can begin. I'll come up with some later, but any ideas are welcomed.

In-game Name: <ASIST> GENO
Status: Leader of the Action Specialized Implementation Support Team (ASIST). Open to matches of all kind. (Also, looking for members.)
Preferred Roles: Scout (Flag Carrier) and Def. I suck as Spy and and Sniper, but I also make a pretty decent Offensive player.
Availability: Around... 4, 4:30-9 PM (CDT) Mon-Fri and almost whenever Sat. and Sun. Just shout for me and I'll tell you if I can be there.
Contact: You can PM me here or Skype me (Skype: daymanlisdianinsix), the latter being more quick.

This sounds like something I'd join. It's too bad I'm only available on weekends though, and not all of them either. Ah well. If my pack gets hosted, feedback on the weapons would be great, as that's one area I could definitely use help in.


--- Quote from: "Knux" ---This sounds like something I'd join. It's too bad I'm only available on weekends though, and not all of them either. Ah well. If my pack gets hosted, feedback on the weapons would be great, as that's one area I could definitely use help in.
--- End quote ---

Where's your pack? I haven't seen it around and would like to download it and try it out.

King Dumb:
I would highly, highly suggest you overhaul the entire role system. There is not a single role that does not have some degree (for every role but the Spy, this degree is very high) of potential discrepancies in violations of your 'rules.' Even if you were intending to be present for every single match (which is not feasible if you want this league to be more active than a sloth), the amount of subjectivity required to keep the roles in line is, though I hate the term, ridiculous. If you'd like specifics I'd be happy to oblige, but in general, everywhere you've stated that a role must avoid actively chasing opponents, collecting out-of-the-way weapons, and combat in general under circumstances are the items to which I'm referring. Not to mention that such rigidity in the roles prevents the flexibility that makes CTF teams competitive (that is, good) and fun.

To be constructive, make the roles less rigid. Condense some of the roles (Sniper and Defensive, for example) together and offer a variety of strategies for every role. I could define the roles I believe would fit your framework, which you want to work for both casual and competitive play, but I don't want to do your job for you. You can still require applicants to specify their roles. Any team that would have been successful anyway will be able to organize itself into a cohesive system integrating the predefined roles. To aid this process, you can introduce team captains to your system (this, of course, is not necessary for 2 or probably 3 person teams).


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